• Published on Nov 30, 2021
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Comments • 171

  • Chris
    Chris  +100

    Doc and Tim are the most entertaining duo within the streamer community 👍

  • Dark
    Dark  +1

    Tim's stream is fantastic.

  • Omae wa mō Shinde iru

    I could've listened to Tim and doc talk all day about random topics.

  • ItzKamoYT

    Great stream from Tim&Doc as always on TOP !

  • Kumar
    Kumar  +5

    Tim and doc Podcast starts

  • Colin Smith

    To the dono nick my condolences just keep the good memories in your mind and the love you have for her in your heart and her spirit will live on with you

  • Richard Powell

    Tim you joke but I'd totally listen to a 2-3 hour podcast of just you and Doc chatting about random stuff. No cap

  • FatsquanchGlizzygoblin

    Tim good for you man we proud of you as a whole good shit man

  • cnmmd qiuoo

    Tim gets more than one kill in a row."Something's wrong i can feel it."

  • Andrew Jessee

    Tim, I know you probably won’t see this, but I fall asleep to your streams every night. I cannot express to you the amount of joy you’ve brought to my life. Thank you. I sincerely mean that.❤️

  • Salted Bagel

    Amazing content today. Just hanging out talking about random stuff. Such a groovy time

  • Victor Sutton

    M4A1 has always been my favorite gun, no matter the meta M4 is always a good option for the casual player

  • shay laf

    Can we bring back Twitch roast’s please. But also bring on Doc. The one with Tim was hilarious. 👌😂

  • Kumar
    Kumar  +16

    Doc and tim podcast will be lit...🤣

  • Chronicmk Mk

    Tim gets more than one kill in a row."Something's wrong i can feel it."

  • Russell

    Great stream Tim

  • Bloodwrth

    Was any other console players getting pissed off when Tim finally realized how much of a hinderance FOV is 😂 Atleast he was honest and finally understands how much of an advantage PC players have!! Love the man and Doc together too.

  • 悪魔AKU

    From experience that variable zoom he's using is probably so he can unlock blue dot :)

  • isaiah smith

    dude i’m telling you tim, doc, Z and whoever else on a podcast would break the internet bro..,. God i haven’t asked you for anything, can you make this one thing happen 🙏

  • misolou fout

    Love the shit out of the M4A1. My go to gun