Little Sister (Studio City Acoustic)

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • Little Sister is available on ONE STONE on iTunes.
    With Brandon James Gwinn.
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  • Aimee OBrien
    Aimee OBrien 2 days ago

    My heart just exploded.

  • Kira Soares
    Kira Soares 13 days ago

    I love you as a boy. I love you as a Queen. I just love you and you make me smile like I've never smiled before. Just do your thing. You're PERFECT!

  • Jay
    Jay 14 days ago

    100K! Congratulations my Queen!

  • Danny Draait
    Danny Draait 21 day ago

    37 'zeurpieten' don't like this.
    But my 'thumb up' ruled out at least one of them...

  • Maria davis
    Maria davis 23 days ago +1

    love it , music videos 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ismae Parker
    Ismae Parker 23 days ago +1

    Why is she so talented and just perfect?

    • Jay
      Jay 14 days ago +1

      Ismae Parker because the world is not a fair place. But the real question here is why the hell he's not in my bed right now?

  • Kathy Kartoffel
    Kathy Kartoffel 27 days ago

    As a little sister. This. Is. My. Jam.

  • EagerVip25
    EagerVip25 27 days ago

    I love trixe so much

  • The Power of Zen
    The Power of Zen Month ago

    Nice country vibe to it!

  • Adrianne Brookes
    Adrianne Brookes Month ago

    Such a beautiful song! my anxiety is making my mind run a mile a minute and listening to this has made me relax. Thankyou it's just what I needed. 🤗

  • Mattias Villasenor
    Mattias Villasenor Month ago

    She's a lil bit country

  • ImSophIGuess
    ImSophIGuess Month ago

    me: ugh i dont really like country music
    trixie: litt-
    me: YEE HAW Y'ALL

  • Elease Hall
    Elease Hall Month ago

    I've been OBSESSED with this song!!!

  • Zoe Shaw
    Zoe Shaw Month ago

    Unique :)

  • Teenie
    Teenie Month ago

    I love you sooo much i'm literally crying ew

  • Twiggy
    Twiggy 2 months ago

    Trixie continues to bless us with her fabulous talent and amazing beauty

  • Unicorn Dragon
    Unicorn Dragon 2 months ago

    theres just something about Trixie's music that really gets to me

  • Asahide Dawn
    Asahide Dawn 2 months ago

    Come TO KENTUCKY!!

  • Pitapow Wow
    Pitapow Wow 2 months ago +1

    This is fucking amazing u hoe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bec Up
    Bec Up 2 months ago

    I grew up in the middle of nowhere in a shithole in Queenslad and you fucking get it. Got a knot in my throat! Can't wait for my family to hear this and get another queen other than Priscilla hahaha!

  • Kody Wuz Here
    Kody Wuz Here 2 months ago +1

    How dare you make me like a country song

  • Bryan Zearfoss
    Bryan Zearfoss 2 months ago

    I think I just fell in love

  • tauresa ttauresa
    tauresa ttauresa 2 months ago +1

    What a talented human being :)

  • Julia Świstuniuk
    Julia Świstuniuk 2 months ago


  • shellmcc0414
    shellmcc0414 3 months ago

    Deceased by Trixie’s talent as a drag artist, but MUSICALLY too?? That’s just kicking my corpse 💕x

  • Elizath
    Elizath 3 months ago

    i need that red shirt


    Unrelated as fuck, but can we start a petition for Tracy to wear bathing suits again?

  • Obsydian Da'native
    Obsydian Da'native 3 months ago

    I usually hate country, but Trixie I will listen to, this is actually good

  • Penelope Antena
    Penelope Antena 3 months ago

    Love you

  • Better cow Daisy
    Better cow Daisy 3 months ago

    I've tried to do trixie's makeup, so if you're interested come on and check!
    Hope you enjoy, if you understand portuguese you probably will.

  • Crysha Covers
    Crysha Covers 3 months ago

    I love Trixie

  • Anna S
    Anna S 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who cries a little bit at this song?
    I’m the oldest of three and am living in a relatively small city that’s very conservative and homophobic and this perfectly captures how I feel towards my little brother and sister. My brother is gay and my little sister is very religious and I want so badly to show them that there’s a whole huge world out there outside of our small minded town. I know I can’t make choices for them, so I try to lead by example and always be ready to talk if they want to.
    Anyway I love this song!!! 💗💗

  • Shonticka Breytenbach
    Shonticka Breytenbach 3 months ago

    Living for this Joanne Era realness

  • jelly donut
    jelly donut 4 months ago

    This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's so honest and caring.

  • Ana Bia Tavares
    Ana Bia Tavares 4 months ago

    I am brazilian and at home and this song is making me homesick.
    Btw, i didn't even like country music until Trixie introduced me to Dolly Parton and i cried for an hour watching one live of hers. 💖

  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi 4 months ago

    I’m not a big country fan but I A M S N A T C H ED MAMA

  • Ashera Mcauley
    Ashera Mcauley 4 months ago

    i'm in love

  • Eliza Pii
    Eliza Pii 4 months ago

    I saw you on the tour! Loved it so much made me laugh out loud.

  • Robyn, Just Robyn
    Robyn, Just Robyn 4 months ago

    You put the cunt in country hunty! I'm living for it!

  • Nika Nepovem
    Nika Nepovem 4 months ago

    Looove this song and I don't even like country otherwise.

  • abusive nebula
    abusive nebula 4 months ago

    That talent tho 😍

  • Luis Galdamez
    Luis Galdamez 4 months ago

    Great track ❤️

  • Sky Gravity
    Sky Gravity 4 months ago

    I love your auto harp songs especially

  • Sketchy Ginger
    Sketchy Ginger 4 months ago +1

    family from Spooner Wisconsin, its my moms dreams put into song

  • Angelika Okotokro
    Angelika Okotokro 4 months ago

    Great album - keep up the good work! ♡♡♡♡

  • Miep Aurora
    Miep Aurora 4 months ago

    I love all your songs, but particularly this one, and moving parts ❤️ but actually they are all so amazing

  • Emilie Ebbesen
    Emilie Ebbesen 4 months ago

    Love this so much 😍❤️

  • Ella Carmel
    Ella Carmel 4 months ago

    I love this on a whole other level

  • carla
    carla 4 months ago

    This is beautiful tbh

  • Eleonora
    Eleonora 4 months ago


  • Shelby Elizabeth
    Shelby Elizabeth 4 months ago

    I want this entire song tattooed on my body ughhhhh

  • Marihaha
    Marihaha 5 months ago

    I’m studying for finals and listening to this and now I’m crying

  • xlemjed x
    xlemjed x 5 months ago

    I live his voice so much

  • lilbobaggins
    lilbobaggins 5 months ago


  • Gregory Mullins
    Gregory Mullins 5 months ago

    Brandon James Gwinn can definitely rock my world. Le sigh

  • screamforicecream3
    screamforicecream3 5 months ago

    Drag queen with a beautiful voice that's not 90% auto tune. She's just so talented.

    THE DOCTOR 5 months ago

    This is the closest ill ever to get to contry music

  • farewell my love
    farewell my love 5 months ago

    i was literally looking for another song and i just stopped and saw trixie mattel ;-;

  • KrunkTina
    KrunkTina 5 months ago

    = ) I am realllyenjoying this type of music

  • Rae-Ann Gammon
    Rae-Ann Gammon 5 months ago +1

    Shady bitch making me like country music....

  • Constance Kreese
    Constance Kreese 5 months ago

    Could you do I've got a name by Jim Croce just for fun lol

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y 5 months ago

    Lady Marmalade by The Heathers is quaking in flames

  • Neteru Tarot
    Neteru Tarot 5 months ago

    Beautiful! Your success makes me happy.

  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell 5 months ago

    What a great song, can’t wait to play that on public radio station on remote in Pilbara region of Western Australia 🇦🇺, Port Hedland 101.3fm

  • Susan Chappell
    Susan Chappell 5 months ago

    Love It!!

  • Jade
    Jade 5 months ago

    As a Texan with roots from South Carolina to Mississippi I love this. You are the truth! Such talent and you've tapped into something very real, can't wait to hear more!

    DOGE IS LIFE 5 months ago

    I've never cried at a song before... this song is so powerful

  • john Dingo-Fox & Silver

    Two thumbs up awesome track

  • Genaro1998
    Genaro1998 5 months ago

    I think i'm in love with Trixie! jajaja

  • kaninz
    kaninz 5 months ago

    Country music just got interesting for me again! Trixie, you GO gurl!

  • Pharmercy
    Pharmercy 5 months ago

    this gave me a boner

  • Soph !
    Soph ! 5 months ago

    Is this about a small town? Anyway, I love it

  • Heather Angell
    Heather Angell 5 months ago

    I can't stop listening to this song❤

  • jodie
    jodie 5 months ago

    One of the most precious things I think I have ever seen in my life

  • slash vs world
    slash vs world 5 months ago

    I'm so in love with you!!! Ugh your music kills me Everytime. You have to come to Medford Oregon. We need you Trixie Mattel!!!

  • 777Tomo777
    777Tomo777 5 months ago

    Honey.....oh honey...ooooohhhhhh huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuney

  • MeanJean McCormack
    MeanJean McCormack 5 months ago

    I absolutely loved this!

  • Dimitri Lagos
    Dimitri Lagos 5 months ago

    I love Trixie already but I was so incredibly surprised by this. Omg this song is beautiful.

  • vai82
    vai82 5 months ago

    I love you Trixie

  • Dropped Lasagna
    Dropped Lasagna 5 months ago


  • memes ._.
    memes ._. 5 months ago

    The 30 or so dislikes are all from Shangela

  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker 5 months ago

    Amazing. This song gives me the feels and it's my new favourite. You're great singer and artist. Love ya so much xxxx

  • Yo Whaddup
    Yo Whaddup 5 months ago

    “I know that you think you’re growing but you’re just tall” one of my favorite lyrics!

  • hidden away
    hidden away 5 months ago

    That awkward trixie in the corner is me at parties.

  • Gisele Medice
    Gisele Medice 5 months ago

    Country boy I love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Alteripseity Resident
    Alteripseity Resident 5 months ago

    Love it! Been singing it all day.

  • Michelle Pamela
    Michelle Pamela 5 months ago

    I genuinely like his music, not because he's one of my favorite drag queen, but I think he's one talented musician/singer, drag queen or not. This version is awesome, hope you do this to Red Side of The Moon

  • madison lento
    madison lento 5 months ago

    Oh honeyyyy I’m obsessed 😍

  • Alina Marr
    Alina Marr 5 months ago

    Im SO into yodelling right now

  • Yona Hair
    Yona Hair 5 months ago +1

    This made me American

  • RottenLove Kat
    RottenLove Kat 5 months ago

    I don't even like country and I want to listen to more!!! ♡♡♡

  • Pirilu 23
    Pirilu 23 5 months ago

    sooo! BeUA

  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 5 months ago +2

    Tracy giving us poetry student masturbating to a cutout of Ted Bundy in the school bathroom realness

  • Brine~Breath
    Brine~Breath 5 months ago

    I love your music. It touches my heart in the most profound way. You have some of my absolute favourite songs.

  • Yves Tobon
    Yves Tobon 5 months ago +2

    I came looking for Little Sister by Queens Of The Stone Age. But instead I found this. And you know what? I'm not mad at this. I quite like this❤❤

  • Helena Drake
    Helena Drake 5 months ago

    this is fuckin lovely I'm weepin

  • Ari Serventy
    Ari Serventy 5 months ago

    Are they dating? That beautiful leg rub, and at 0:06 it sounds like Brian says "I'm sorry... (inaudible) I love you so much"

  • - Abigail G -
    - Abigail G - 5 months ago

    I love how in all of the videos we've gotten so far Trixie is always snooping on Brian.

  • Mitch Ming
    Mitch Ming 5 months ago

    I have no words, it's so fantastic Trixie so proud of you!!!!

  • Caroline Ferreira Vilanova

    Eu te amo