Don't Stick Knives in Toasters

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • It's one of those things we've all heard to never do, but what actually does happen when you stick a knife in a toaster? Today we're finding out!
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Comments • 5 794

  • Hamilton and pigs for life

    Don't gesture with the knife hand!!
    Thumbs up if you got that reference from gmm

  • Anthony Redmond
    Anthony Redmond Day ago

    What happens when you put 9000volts in a microwave.

  • Gorgon Gorbon
    Gorgon Gorbon Day ago

    Next episode: Leave gas on and spark the house

  • lin hong
    lin hong Day ago

    I have done it

  • emokid 506
    emokid 506 2 days ago

    Wait why would you wear the glove if it doesn’t even help??

  • stupiddude 1009
    stupiddude 1009 4 days ago

    I sticks a knife in my toaster at home and our Jutes electric went off also I got badly electrocuted on my thumb

  • KingBugz
    KingBugz 4 days ago +1

    Every time i stuck a knife in a toaster i just got sparks, never got shocked.

  • Jax Ophone
    Jax Ophone 5 days ago

    There goes my plans for today

  • Mirabela Carabuste Bob De Soya Cur de Muste

    At least there is not an Adam in a bathtub with a toaster.....

    ALEXANDER WHITING 5 days ago

    Something you don't hear ever day, look a spark

    DONKEY LOPEZ 6 days ago

    Next jump of building

  • gLiTcH
    gLiTcH 6 days ago

    “Don’t stick knives in toasters”
    *sticks knife in toaster*

  • Oof Person
    Oof Person 7 days ago +1

    I will never use a toaster ever again - [REDACTED] 2019

  • Cringeyboi03
    Cringeyboi03 8 days ago +1

    I see you got flex tape, you a fan of Phil Swift?

  • arterialtribal
    arterialtribal 8 days ago +2

    07:41: "By connecting our hot dog to a circuit" - The King of Random in a nutshell XD

  • GamerRunerrabits [GD]
    GamerRunerrabits [GD] 10 days ago

    *so baby get the toaster, fill the bathtub with some water, stick a kitchen fork in an wall outlet or turn on your Ford Focus when the garage door closes*

  • Zx4257xZ -
    Zx4257xZ - 11 days ago

    I have a custom built toaster I can put anything in it nothing will happen

  • PrototypeXP7 •
    PrototypeXP7 • 12 days ago +1

    TKOR: Don't stick knifes in toasters
    Also TKOR:hOW 'BouT i dO It aNyWAyS

  • cardboard box
    cardboard box 12 days ago

    It should be the kings of random

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones 12 days ago

    That poor plug's terrified

  • CreativeCandy
    CreativeCandy 13 days ago +7

    1900- Man I hope there’s flying cars in the future

  • Ewan Zinchuk
    Ewan Zinchuk 14 days ago

    Cooking a hotdog with a toaster: Outstanding move

  • Hayley's Life
    Hayley's Life 17 days ago

    K fine. I won't stick a knife in a toaster.

    I will put my toaster in my knife. Srry I won >:P HAHA

  • Theotherguy
    Theotherguy 17 days ago

    Put toaster in a bath tub

  • Alix Sowle
    Alix Sowle 20 days ago

    RackaRacka did it first 😂

  • Cameron Ercolani
    Cameron Ercolani 20 days ago

    From toaster bath to toaster knife... What has TheXvid become?

  • Luis Balladolid
    Luis Balladolid 20 days ago


  • RageJoseff Yeet
    RageJoseff Yeet 21 day ago +1

    You sound like the safest person on Earth.

  • Dollicia Baugh
    Dollicia Baugh 22 days ago

    Boy, is you dense?!....😭😭😭

    MICAH KIRBY 23 days ago

    You could have not put the protective gear and just not make the video

  • Feanatic II
    Feanatic II 23 days ago

    Dont Try This At Home!

  • Spongey_Exploits
    Spongey_Exploits 23 days ago +2

    He has so many protection 😂

  • the nuke62
    the nuke62 24 days ago

    The recipe for suicide👍🏼

  • Michael Patten
    Michael Patten 24 days ago

    love the new intro in this one!

  • turnupthesun81
    turnupthesun81 24 days ago

    What would happen if you microwave foil? 🤔

  • Tao Tao Liu
    Tao Tao Liu 24 days ago

    Who else thought "get your toast out with a fork".

  • Toxinical Games
    Toxinical Games 24 days ago +1

    I have that exact toaster model......

    I'm traumatized

  • Diane Newell
    Diane Newell 25 days ago

    Too scary

  • 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge

    can i stuck a fork in the toasther though

  • R A F A E L
    R A F A E L 26 days ago

    That’s shocking!

  • Bean Butters
    Bean Butters 27 days ago


  • crazy stuffs
    crazy stuffs 27 days ago

    Seen in win lose or fail

  • Shelton Snyder
    Shelton Snyder 27 days ago

    U needed a welding hood for that puss boi

  • Comic Nine
    Comic Nine 28 days ago

    Dang Nate’s blinged our from head to toe

  • Void D' Gaming
    Void D' Gaming 28 days ago +1

    Haha! Who hasn't!\

  • Evan RO
    Evan RO 29 days ago +3

    make a welder from a toaster and a knife

  • aliyah Alou
    aliyah Alou Month ago

    Dude you do this experiments in your house you don't even think .if it can spark then you should know it can start a fire

    Bruh I am shook you are okay after all the dangerous experiments you do 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Ryley Saarela
    Ryley Saarela Month ago

    But of course nothing on the chest

  • Calvin Burton
    Calvin Burton Month ago +1

    Stick scissors in an outlet

  • Super Mario Noah
    Super Mario Noah Month ago

    Put a toaster in a bathtub

  • Tonya Henrikson
    Tonya Henrikson Month ago +2

    And I thought a 9 volt battery Hurt to get shocked by 😦

    XXX TENTACION Month ago +1


  • R. Agostinho
    R. Agostinho Month ago +2

    I dit this só many Times didnt get shocked and the fuse box blow up

  • Kennedy perales
    Kennedy perales Month ago

    Ohhh I saw a spark 3:28

  • Myles Reid
    Myles Reid Month ago +2

    Put metal in the microwave

  • Jackson Novak
    Jackson Novak Month ago

    How about a fork.

  • Sean Cleary
    Sean Cleary Month ago +11

    You're really afraid of that electricity I can see

    • Asian Mouse
      Asian Mouse 3 days ago

      Dude I got shocked once, I luckily didn’t die since I let go of it quickly. My arm was shaking when I got shocked so imagine that with more electricity.

    • Bro oke
      Bro oke Month ago +6

      Sean Cleary he’s traumatized don’t judge

  • Movo Lazzzer
    Movo Lazzzer Month ago

    That’s the toaster I use lol

  • AJ TC 2007
    AJ TC 2007 Month ago

    Fork in outlet

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue Month ago


  • Danush Kumar
    Danush Kumar Month ago

    stick ur finger

  • Gareth Baus
    Gareth Baus Month ago

    My life has probably been saved more than once by a GFI (always install one in your portable sink)

  • Davey B
    Davey B Month ago

    I know Im being a stickler here but...voltage doesn’t “run through” anything, thats the wrong terminology. Voltage is always ACROSS two points. So when you were talking about that hotdog you should have said that the hotdog had 109 Volts ACROSS it. Current on the other hand, does “run through” circuits. If you were talking to someone with any electrical knowledge they might look at you a little funny if you said that, so Im just trying to save you from that.

  • VINCE 2000
    VINCE 2000 Month ago

    Is it just me or this looks like a fortnite pick axe

  • Kerv Dom
    Kerv Dom Month ago +1

    When he said that the hot dog is my finger, then I've been eating my finger all this time and also this guy is CRAZY!!!

  • The Ethan Channel
    The Ethan Channel Month ago

    You should make a mini version of your house with silicone.Then,copy it

  • J.R. Bruce
    J.R. Bruce Month ago

    Its did it get to this....

  • Raymon Fain Jr.
    Raymon Fain Jr. Month ago

    I've stuck a fork in a toaster..... Wasn't the best idea.

  • Adam Culver
    Adam Culver Month ago +1

    But why

  • Lourdes Zamudio
    Lourdes Zamudio Month ago +2

    What happens when you mix fire and dry ice

    • Avery Chicken
      Avery Chicken 26 days ago

      Bye bye fire (Co2 takes over the fire and removes all oxygen and puts out the fire. “SO UM, YA” :)

  • Rowan Deichmann
    Rowan Deichmann Month ago

    In the next video toaster is bathtub

  • Gatcha officialTM
    Gatcha officialTM Month ago

    Can you light a bulb with a toaster

  • Ivy Martin
    Ivy Martin Month ago +3

    So, when sliced bread was created, would people say, ‘This is the best thing since the toaster!'

  • Ivy Martin
    Ivy Martin Month ago +2

    This should be called:

    Fastest ways to burn your house down!

  • JoshAndWhatNot
    JoshAndWhatNot Month ago


  • Rico van Rensburg
    Rico van Rensburg Month ago +1

    I dit dat and the power went of 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • Francisco Franco - Chan

    *Wears all that equipment not to get shocked, has his torso and arms completely exposed*

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago

    Sweet memories of almost dying as a kid..

  • youtuber music
    youtuber music Month ago

    How about I stick my toaster in my sink faucet

  • matt 35
    matt 35 Month ago

    Me to

  • Jodi Fiori
    Jodi Fiori Month ago

    I didn't know hotdogs were conductive... Don't stick a hotdog in the toaster kids

  • PyroFreaqz
    PyroFreaqz Month ago +2

    I actually did this at home and there was an immediate
    electrical short circuit, I think it really saved my life

  • Brian Pippin
    Brian Pippin Month ago

    Nah don’t be fooled, he’s just recharging his knife. It explodes because the battery can take that much energy

  • SuperLordpig
    SuperLordpig Month ago

    Is like Myth busters but for retards ?

  • That1SuperMon
    That1SuperMon Month ago

    I stick My knife in My bread (thats in the toaster) to get it out

  • chris hammond
    chris hammond Month ago

    I actually did that as a kid I was trying to get out my toast. all it did to me gave me a shock and a numbing feeling in my arm for a couple of minutes and from that day on I never did it again

  • Nano
    Nano Month ago

    Why am I in this video

  • Martin Vlogs
    Martin Vlogs Month ago

    So if I can't stick a knife in a toaster...

    Mom where are the forks

  • Polkadots ;-/
    Polkadots ;-/ Month ago

    But what if it's a plastic one

  • Carson Knott
    Carson Knott Month ago +1

    U r no fun. Saftey saftey saftey 😂🙄 it should only be in the top 5 not top priority

  • Saxutin !
    Saxutin ! Month ago

    I stuck my finger in the toaster... it was great experience

  • David J. Martin
    David J. Martin Month ago

    The outlet will only put out around 120 volts. What you need to check is current.

  • nightfox289
    nightfox289 Month ago

    King of random: I did this when I was younger cause I was never told not to and got shocked.
    Me: OHHHHHH thats what wrong you.

  • UwU •w•
    UwU •w• Month ago

    *sticks a knife in a toaster*
    Me: HRMMMM *sticks a fork in a electrical socket*

  • pubg pelailua
    pubg pelailua Month ago

    I stick sharp knife into powerbank it did something fire things and heated

  • So_Relatable 15
    So_Relatable 15 Month ago

    Sooo... I thought the toaster would exploded lol... Just me?

  • Morgan Gammon
    Morgan Gammon Month ago

    I asked someone in my class to stick a paper clip in the outlet I wasn’t going to let him do it and when he went to do it it made sparks ⚡️ and he backed up staying y didn’t you tell me when I was saying it 😂

  • kulička808
    kulička808 Month ago

    LOL i get shock from mobile so dont use mobile

  • Sj Rohan
    Sj Rohan Month ago

    Don't stick knives in a toaster ....
    🖒🖒🖒let's do it..🖒🖒🖒

    in heaven ...yes we must not stick knives in toaster..
    200 views...only....😂😂😂😋

  • Smell Like Ham
    Smell Like Ham Month ago

    Can’t wait to try this at home! 😎