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  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
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Comments • 92

  • adventureswithevan

    My hospital where I gave birth was a nightmare. They got so upset when I gave up on breast feeding. I tried and tried and it hurt so bad because he was latching on wrong. The nurses consistently harassed me including the lactation specialist. Worst experience ever! Til I went to my own doctors office and they had their own lactation specialist and I finally got it! By the time I figured it out I had barely any supply. I felt like the worst mom. Formula is a God send! It was such a nightmare because I literally was sneaking formula for my baby in the hospital. Please make more mommy videos! Hilarious, and so informative!

  • sheri ignacio
    sheri ignacio Year ago

    Just started watching your channel my mom is Filipino but my ex mom is Vietnamese she made me do all those traditions which I think it kinda cool haha

  • Amber Kamaile
    Amber Kamaile Year ago

    Not in Hawaii! Now they take down your information so people don’t get more than one registry bag.

  • Desiree Ebilane
    Desiree Ebilane Year ago

    Wat if I already gave birth?

  • Ivy Au
    Ivy Au Year ago

    No more Buy 1 get 1 free Bogo from Starbucks! Is a 50% off instead! Just went today and pick up the kit!! 😉

  • Jennbizzle
    Jennbizzle Year ago

    I went to Target for my gift bag this week and they made me sign into my registry to check and make sure I hadn't already received one. 😫

  • Natural Herr
    Natural Herr Year ago

    Omg!!! Mind blown!!! Thanks for this video I just had our bundle of joy January 25th and I’m a first time mom and when I tell you it’s crazy with the demand for breastfeeding and pumping and having enough milk it’s so stressful. Thanks for this video because I didn’t know about all the free bags you can get from the different places! Would definitely watch more videos like this. Thanks 😃✌🏽🌟

  • Foodie
    Foodie Year ago

    yay more collabs!

  • Sofia L Ibarra
    Sofia L Ibarra Year ago

    Where do you ask for the mom kit at target? Like in customer service or something?

    • Anna L
      Anna L Year ago

      Sofia L Ibarra create a target baby registry then go to customer service and ask for your welcome bag(:

  • slyvesterhamster
    slyvesterhamster Year ago

    Thank you for putting the effort to be put together, being beautiful and out and about with Preston, so that I know that I can be too as a new mom =)

  • Marcy Navarrete
    Marcy Navarrete Year ago

    Yaaas! Please make more vids. 👍

  • Vanessa Aguilar
    Vanessa Aguilar Year ago +2

    The clothing store Motherhood also do free gift bags!

  • Gianne Aure
    Gianne Aure Year ago +8

    Another great way for you to get a box of goodies is through Amazon!
    You sign up for a baby registry and complete the list, once you or someone orders $10 dollars worth of items off the registry you qualify for a baby welcome box!
    The box they sent me came with a muslin swaddle blanket, a Little Me onsie, huggies sample diapers, 3 samples of Dreft laundry detergent, Honest Company sample of lotion and body wash, a Seventh Generation box of samples (wipes, detergent, lotion), an Avent 4 oz bottle, also the Dove baby wash sample and the Aveeno baby lotion sample!
    They also give you 15% off for your registry completion if you are a Prime member (10% for regular members)

    • Gianne Aure
      Gianne Aure Year ago

      also Avent daytime breast pad and night time breast pad samples :)

  • Christina
    Christina Year ago

    Loved this!

  • einzgeisha
    einzgeisha Year ago

    Maybe you guys can do video next and help me understand more about the 1 month sitting at home. My mother in law Chinese but born and raised in Vietnam. When I had our son last year, OH MY GOSH...before my mother in law never involved, but all of a sudden....because I have son! She change when she met him 2 weeks later (I live in SF Bay Area and My in laws are in Reno, Nevada) and everything she say helpful tips while i was pregnant was complete opposite once baby is born. Before tell me yeah just make smoothies after my son born, no you cant mix hot with cold, can only eat soup. Said I should not leave, but then keep calling me to come out to meet my inlaws in Oakland California. such a confusing time when I just want to rest at home because I was working full time and over time on my main job and part time on my part time job and just want to rest at home once I had my baby. Instead, I decided to listen to my paternal aunt (my father is Filipino Asian mix from Philippines) and follow her advice like what to eat and do more and it was very helpful. Yeah...I also wish I took the breastfeeding classes. That time, I had appointments but my husband so late and slow all the time that we never made the appointment so I had to remember from my mom how she did with my younger siblings (I am eldest out of 4) and my maternal relatives I saw when visiting my mom home country in Germany. Anyhow, thankful you 2 did this video. I will see if I can still try a boppy. I feel they are super helpful. I got one for my sister when she was pregnant, but she never used it on m y baby niece even when I show her how helpful it can be! So I took it for me with m y son. Super helpful during breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

  • einzgeisha
    einzgeisha Year ago +1

    Feeling hella bummed! Wish I knew this before when I was pregnant last year to make the fun Target runs for free fun gifting!

  • Kirsten Jerome
    Kirsten Jerome Year ago +1

    I wish I knew this 6 months ago! Lol I even registered at target but online so I never got the gift bag.

  • MissRSoul
    MissRSoul Year ago

    I loved this video! Thanks so much! Need more of this! Because I’m going to be a first time mom so this video is so helpful!

  • Veanes Medrano
    Veanes Medrano Year ago

    Ok friends, I want to get the word out there for an app that actually works. It sends you free stuff even FREE shipping. All stuff from Amazon. I will give proof just simply ask me. It wont let me post somehow. Here are the steps:
    1. Download the app very dice one with the three green dots. Add my friend code if you want 1248809.
    2. You get 50 rolls to start with.
    3. Roll dice and earn tickets.
    4. There's many ways to earn rolls, easiest way is the daily spin that gives you 1 to 10 every day. There is also surveys, offers, watching short ad videos, completing game tasks etc. Another easy one is by referrals. You simply share your friend code and once used you get 30 rolls. Please read the rules for more tips and info.

  • Artist Adriana
    Artist Adriana Year ago

    I mom with a pre workout and b12 vitamins lol

  • Mim Xyooj
    Mim Xyooj Year ago

    Omg i didnt know about this. Sucks no baby now lol but will share with friends n family

  • Karen Laren
    Karen Laren Year ago +1

    Can you do a video on how you took care of yourself the first month you mentioned your mom didn’t let you out I would love to know and take precautions

  • Crystal Palacios
    Crystal Palacios Year ago

    Thanks for all the info! I’m 23 weeks and signing up for Amazon Mom now!

  • Megan Buckley
    Megan Buckley Year ago

    Omg I love you two together. Hilarious. Good hacks too !

  • Martha rueda
    Martha rueda Year ago +2

    I wish I knew this.. before.. and about the breastfeeding.. I struggle with breastfeeding.. and I want it too continue after stopping for 4 months but it's hard to relactate..

  • Anna Ly
    Anna Ly Year ago +1

    Omg yessss, I’m due in 3 weeks and I literally know NOTHING. Please do more mommy vids! 💖 I didn’t do a baby shower either.

    • Allie Roraback
      Allie Roraback Year ago

      Anna Jaelyn your not alone I’m due in 3 weeks too and have no idea what I’m doing lol

  • Shema Hang
    Shema Hang Year ago +3

    Do more Mom hacks! They are sooo informative. ❤️

  • Celena Laurelle
    Celena Laurelle Year ago

    I love this!

  • xeladoa
    xeladoa Year ago

    Cheers to you both (beer/wine and coffee)! Having kids is rewarding but hard and we need to be real about it. Love this! You definitely don't need a lot of the gadgets that a lot of baby and parenting magazines try to sell you. Especially the diaper genie.

  • juanita lum
    juanita lum Year ago

    Ang is canto! Hi Ang! Can you do a beauty video?

  • Erin Scott
    Erin Scott Year ago

    I’m going to Target to get my bag today! Thanks guys. Can’t wait to have a beer after this baby!

  • alohoaaa
    alohoaaa Year ago

    Can you ask Ang what her nail color is? Lol

  • K Taylor
    K Taylor Year ago +3

    I had 2 registries, Amazon and Target, my little one is 7 months old. Every Target in my area ran out of gift bags. I checked maybe once for 3 months, and none of the stores had one 😡. But I did get some cool freebies from the hospital. And I think Enfamil sent me a sample box through the hospital I gave birth at.

  • jackiewacky01
    jackiewacky01 Year ago

    wait, so we have to go to the official stores and register there to receive the bags? I registered Online to babies r us and didn't receive anything by mail. Also, Im having my first baby boy and I would appreciate if you do a video based on things you actually really really need, like baby must haves! I'm on a budget and don't want to over spend on unnecessary things ;)

  • Phon Wills
    Phon Wills Year ago +4

    Hi friends!!! Couple more tips and tricks, I usually stick (steal...same thing right) the dirty receiving blanket in my diaper bag, because they do not sell receiving blankets like the ones from the hospital. And, the diapers and formula they put in your little baby crib drawer at the hospital is donated (meaning they won't charge you for it) so if it's "empty" the nurse has to refill it. I had the best nurse on earth who told me that tip...And she saw that my drawer was "empty" a few times!

  • CocoSara
    CocoSara Year ago

    Great video but its not for foreign moms. We dont have target in Europe. I wish you will do a video with some advices for new mom/how To choose a stroller etc

  • Lily Lum
    Lily Lum Year ago +1

    Your guys look like sisters!

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen Year ago +3

    Fantastic video! More Mom collabs like this please... very informative, relaxed and non judgey!

  • Primrose Asher
    Primrose Asher Year ago

    Can you guys do a live of q&a mommy questions

  • Primrose Asher
    Primrose Asher Year ago

    I love you guys. I needed motivation as a new mom and a second one on the way. Thanks for the advice.

  • Emkae Lee
    Emkae Lee Year ago +1

    Similac does the same thing as well when you sign up for their strong mom program thing. They sent me 3 $10 coupons and 2 $2 coupons before the arrival of my baby in Jan. I just received 2 more $10 and a $15 coupon in the mail. Planning to use the $15 at target this week to take advantage of their buy 3 formula, get a $15 target gift card.

  • Amanda Raci
    Amanda Raci Year ago

    Omg!!! Thank youuuuu so much Ang and Liv... I love you guys so much! I have three kids already and going to have my fourth in August and this is going to help me tremendously!!!! Let me tell you my husband and I have always done everything on our own and exactly what you guys said No One Even Said Or Taught us Anything!!!!! And I'm only 28.. wish I could tell you my full story but I love you LIV your videos I love and help my Life!!!! 💘

  • madeleine carlsson

    ap many awesome tips and truths!! I felt like a “ beginner mom” for the longest time, and also like a failure because I couldn’t breastfeed properly. I actually discovered your channel when I was stuck in my house the first month. Hahah

  • Areli Durrani
    Areli Durrani Year ago

    Lolllll you guys are so funnyyyyy I love it

  • Wndy H
    Wndy H Year ago

    I love you two bitches. Wished you lived in the same state as Ange so you guys could have each other all the time !

  • Chantrea Sida
    Chantrea Sida Year ago

    Do you just register at the places and then ask about the baby bags?

      HAUSOFCOLOR  Year ago +1

      Chantrea Sida Yes babe! All you need to do is register and go there and grab your goodie bags! ♥️

  • Amy V
    Amy V Year ago

    Not a mom but this video is one of the best on TheXvid! Lol

  • April Chen
    April Chen Year ago +1

    surprise updated video one day early!

  • merriam cabidog
    merriam cabidog Year ago

    ‘‘Twas hard to find her channel. You should link it in the description box below 🤗🤗🤗 thanks for the video!

      HAUSOFCOLOR  Year ago +1

      merriam cabidog just linked babe! 🤗

  • The Blasian Family

    Yasss I wish I knew about the free stuff at target sooner! Thank you ladies!

  • Army Wifey
    Army Wifey Year ago

    I’m not a mom but I love your videos and I love seeing P! I always enjoy Ang as well and I just subscribed to her new channel. Sending love and prayers your way for the big day! ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  • gatsbygarbo1
    gatsbygarbo1 Year ago +27

    Latina moms are the same as asian moms. I didnt take my baby out for the first 40 days (except for the 2 week checkup of course)

    • Bella Falcone
      Bella Falcone Year ago +2

      Arabs do the same too ! Both mom and baby dont go out for the first 40 days this is crazy lool

    • Crissy Jimenez
      Crissy Jimenez Year ago +1

      gatsbygarbo1 lol that’s so true I was thinking my mom is crazy but I still listened to her 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Purl00
    Purl00 Year ago +1

    bff goals!!! 😍💕

  • Anna Chung
    Anna Chung Year ago +5

    My mom and mother in law both told me to wear socks, don’t eat anything cold, spicy, etc. I heard some mothers weren’t allowed to take a shower. 😱

  • M J
    M J Year ago +5

    Preston is diggin for gold up in there! 😂😂😂 #momlife

  • jordan hutchens
    jordan hutchens Year ago

    I swear by water wipes omg

  • Cat Nguyen
    Cat Nguyen Year ago +13

    that pause tho, when one of the babies woke up hah

    • JoshLisha Watts
      JoshLisha Watts Year ago

      Definitely a mom thing. That's me lol

    • Cat Nguyen
      Cat Nguyen Year ago

      definitely! love it ❤ good luck on your labour hun! cant wait to meet the little man.

      HAUSOFCOLOR  Year ago +2

      I mean.... is that a mom thing or what Cathy? lol

  • monday affair
    monday affair Year ago +3

    more collabs you two

  • Artist Adriana
    Artist Adriana Year ago

    Avent bottle are the best

  • Annie Tran-Nguyen
    Annie Tran-Nguyen Year ago +2

    Im not even pregnant but this is a great video!