SE DONS vs BARNEHURST | KENT CUP | 'THAT BOY DINHO' | Sunday League Football

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Dons Take on Barnehurst in the next round of the Kent Cup.
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Comments • 530

  • Robert Hermosillo
    Robert Hermosillo 13 hours ago

    King would've got a hat trick as well but y'all didn't pass the ball

  • Brad Boulton
    Brad Boulton 2 days ago

    Rp7 unreal baller diniho deffo Brazilian watching the se Don's makes me erect

  • Matt Walters
    Matt Walters 3 days ago

    Swear it should of been a free kick because the ball hit the ref first

  • Eli James
    Eli James 4 days ago

    Everyone talking about big g but dihno is insane

  • Pre Gohil
    Pre Gohil 5 days ago

    That keepers teamtalks are mad. Love it

  • RubberLips
    RubberLips 15 days ago

    Don is so annoying

  • Riley Goodfellow
    Riley Goodfellow 20 days ago

    Did u see the half way line

  • Intoxination_ XxzilzioXx
    Intoxination_ XxzilzioXx 20 days ago +1

    Better than liverpool vs arsenal

  • Tyler Rolfe
    Tyler Rolfe 21 day ago

    Azz should be banned for the season. Disgrace

  • Kofi Broni
    Kofi Broni 22 days ago

    Where does dinho play

    BLXIII 24 days ago

    Melvin>Big G

  • Bradley Barnes
    Bradley Barnes 26 days ago

    Dinho deffo best footballer on TheXvid no doubt about it

  • Paul
    Paul 26 days ago

    #8 on barnehurst is a fucking sausage

  • El Machete
    El Machete 26 days ago

    Those tackles need to be removed from the game. Ref was terrible

  • Jaz Peacey
    Jaz Peacey 26 days ago +1

    2:52 what was big G doing w that yute

  • yellow goggles
    yellow goggles 27 days ago

    Azz is a real one idc

  • Joe Forde
    Joe Forde 28 days ago

    Dinho is something else.

  • Joe Forde
    Joe Forde 28 days ago

    Anyone else see “32:59” @10:29

  • HIITDON 86
    HIITDON 86 28 days ago

    Big G taking responsibility! Big lesson to all men! Take responsibility for yourself

  • Alfie Me
    Alfie Me 29 days ago

    I watched every single episode when you started

  • Kouyate Linehan
    Kouyate Linehan Month ago


  • Arsenal Farmer
    Arsenal Farmer Month ago

    Big Gs attitude in this stinks, man! Basically begs the boys at half time to dig him out of a poor half from him, Ryan is one of them who stepped up and did that and G takes the ball off him for the pen! Fuck off with that selfish shit!

  • Nate Carscadden
    Nate Carscadden Month ago

    Azz that’s what we like to see

  • MJ Music
    MJ Music Month ago

    That challenge was absolutely disgusting, ref, why are you a ref if you’re not sending him off there?

  • mr Burland
    mr Burland Month ago

    And that ref is so fat lool

  • mr Burland
    mr Burland Month ago

    Big g is a joke! Been saying this for a while he's all talk !

  • vieri864
    vieri864 Month ago

    Def need agy d starting cb when sk isn't playing.

  • Richard Richard Esq.

    My favourite game so far this season.
    Nobody puts Dinho in the corner.

  • ツHutcho
    ツHutcho Month ago

    I bought myself a mug now I watch se dons videos with my dons mug🤣‼️

  • StanleySGG
    StanleySGG Month ago

    Super disappointed in Big G... not good enough Captain ):

  • Swazza It's a mazza

    Big G that was some likkle man behaviour. Poor.

  • Tyler Hume
    Tyler Hume Month ago +1

    Then he scores a 4th 🙈😂

  • Tyler Hume
    Tyler Hume Month ago +2

    That boy dinho has that youngbuck to thank for that hat-trick 3 bangers 🔥🔥🔥

  • RMN
    RMN Month ago

    Fuck Barnehurst. Absolute dickhead team, fuck the fat cunt striker and the dick head cheating lino in particular.

  • JS
    JS Month ago

    @19:30 goal of the month, i was bloody gobsmacked

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion Month ago

    More goals than a night at the 5s

  • David Rath
    David Rath Month ago

    Mitch out

  • Frazer Cookson
    Frazer Cookson Month ago

    Where is J fly at now days

  • statman90
    statman90 Month ago

    DINHOOOOOOOOOO cant bench dinho the kid, on another note g shoulda let ryan have the pen, that pen was shocking, the ref was bullocks the consistency in cards was shocking how'd the first guy get a yellow!? Mad

  • GS17
    GS17 Month ago

    Pathetic from AZZ . Completely lost his head after that horror tackle. Challenge was terrible but could of ruined the cup run completely. Needs to sort his act out. Management should drop him

  • Arron Nevins
    Arron Nevins Month ago

    What an absolute bell your keeper is 🛎

  • Sam Barber
    Sam Barber Month ago

    Big g embarrassed himself

  • Poet & Vuj
    Poet & Vuj Month ago +1


  • armillz Prince
    armillz Prince Month ago

    Why dont the players celebrate like they used too? Everyone jus walks

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    Andy Ansah, you love to see the man

  • keyon10jerk
    keyon10jerk Month ago

    whats Charlene and Franksah snap
    or Insta #Donettes i am looking for a wife

  • aidxcarti
    aidxcarti Month ago

    Meant to be captain and leader and youre stepping up for a pen while your boy is on a hattrick. Don’t like to see that man🤕

  • Alex M
    Alex M Month ago

    yea exactly, you watch this game and watch dinho not even selected for 5’s. mitch is a fucking joke

  • Ali Utku
    Ali Utku Month ago +1

    Dont ever put dinho on the bench again

  • Tom Goulding
    Tom Goulding Month ago

    Not one of 100k viewers thought Big G was scoring that pen. Not one

  • 2double0BOI
    2double0BOI Month ago

    Done wag1 man you lot used to be good to watch but now I’m watching elite players play bags of shit every week and then you’re gassed when you win when over half your team is almost pro level and your opponents are average joes- you lot ain’t Sunday league no more how can you be representing when you’re whole journey is imitating pro clubs lmao strapzy been bullied in lewisham his whole life

  • Amardeep Bhatia
    Amardeep Bhatia Month ago

    Most interesting game in a long while. Red cards, dirty tackles, amazing goals, comebacks, had it all. Dinho is on another level. #Anything

  • Tariye Ekineh
    Tariye Ekineh Month ago

    lefty should always play

  • corps bbsp
    corps bbsp Month ago

    Big G is u p fpr a transfer for that half time speech

  • Sam Murphy
    Sam Murphy Month ago

    You Dons are absolute w*nkers. Always blaming their lino for doing his job, and complaining when he makes both right and wrong calls. You try win by using fear to beat your opponents its absolutely pathetic. As soon as other teams show some aggression you kick off and ruin the game. Shame on you.

  • IPkMnClan
    IPkMnClan Month ago

    shocking tackle from az well worse than their one your man has eyes on the ball

  • Papa Tjokke
    Papa Tjokke Month ago

    jr is ugly man

  • IPkMnClan
    IPkMnClan Month ago

    don you need to praise that goalfrom the big fella more

  • Simon Osomo
    Simon Osomo Month ago

    I woke up in the middle of the night and clocked I ain’t watched LONGEST 90 ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ollie Nash
    Ollie Nash Month ago

    First half goes to show when you’ve been spoon fed for too long you play a proper Sunday league team on a shit pitch you can get complacent.