Team Blake's Gracee Shriver Performs "American Honey" - The Voice Top 20 Live Playoffs 2019

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Gracee Shriver performs "American Honey" during The Voice Live Playoffs Top 20.
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    NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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    The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
    Team Blake's Gracee Shriver Performs "American Honey" - The Voice Top 20 Live Playoffs 2019
    The Voice
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Comments • 166

  • Bianca
    Bianca 4 days ago


  • For Liberty
    For Liberty 13 days ago

    Sorry, but this just wasn't good.

  • Rivky Diamant
    Rivky Diamant 20 days ago

    Thanks for the decent title

  • Kevin McMillion
    Kevin McMillion 29 days ago

    Blake messed up not keeping gracee she could have won this

    • G C
      G C 28 days ago

      Kevin McMillion He had no choice in the matter. Right now, the only thing the coaches can do is offer their thoughts after the performances.

  • Jane Yue
    Jane Yue Month ago

    And she is gone! What is going on?

  • wade shull
    wade shull Month ago

    Her hand gestures aside from her struggling tones made this a terrible performance

  • Hailee S
    Hailee S Month ago

    She’s so pretty!!!

  • MrsSavanna Marie Holsted

    I seriously loved this song so much Lady Antebellum will be so proud that Gracee is singing one of their songs that i`m obsessed with I am loving this so far Good Job Gracee sing your heart out,

  • Isaiah Miller
    Isaiah Miller Month ago

    We have too many of her already, she sounds like half the women of country right now. She has a beautiful voice though!

  • Melissa Grovijohn
    Melissa Grovijohn Month ago

    I think Blake was trying to keep her and Cali safe when he saved Cali and put Gracee in the mix to sing in the instant save. One time when something on the show didn't go Blake's way. I thought Gracee was great. I have heard good from Cali too but the arrangement of Toxic didn't work for me.

  • The Voice
    The Voice  Month ago

    Her twang. 😊😍

  • Lil Sabotor
    Lil Sabotor Month ago

    Oof...Jackie is not impressed...try again

  • Marinachica !
    Marinachica ! Month ago

    Unique voice I like it, great job

  • Jason D
    Jason D Month ago +1

    What a joke the top 13 has turned into. Mostly because ot the COACHES, not the voting. Cali, Myracle, and the guy Kelly picked were not even top 10 talent. Meanwhile Alex, Gracee, Jake are my #3, #4, #5. I think a lot of people have malfunctioning ears AND the coaches are terrible in making picks. Now I have to decide between Gracee and Alex.

  • Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith Month ago

    Rose and Katie my prediction Katie winner bets????

  • jayda huntley
    jayda huntley Month ago

    I don’t like country but she is good

  • Justmejayla
    Justmejayla Month ago +3

    I don’t really like this, I think she has a good voice but it’s pitchy and a bit to country for me

  • Henrik Jaeger
    Henrik Jaeger Month ago

    Brennan Lassiter should be there

  • Nahla Alaraby
    Nahla Alaraby Month ago

    She needs to sing ‘the joke’

  • sc1212able
    sc1212able Month ago +1

    I would like to see Gracee come out of her comfort zone and perform, " I'll be there" by Jess Glynne.......

  • Daniel Bienapfl
    Daniel Bienapfl Month ago

    She is good just needs to hit those high notes

  • Geo Faour
    Geo Faour Month ago

    i didn't like the song she deserves more

  • A2SION Y-Kidox
    A2SION Y-Kidox Month ago +4

    She just falls right in to the Right Hand..
    There u go Blake, you a have a winners quality with u..
    Team Blake all the way

  • A2SION Y-Kidox
    A2SION Y-Kidox Month ago +1

    Her best performance so far, looks like she enjoy performing this song n she rilly entertains the crowd JUST LIKE AN AMERICAN HONEY..

  • Jason D
    Jason D Month ago

    The coaches shouldn't get to ever pick the songs in any round, as they always do a worse job than the singers, which is a big reason why most of them sounded worse yesterday than in previous rounds.

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      This one was ok, I w as more speaking generally, although here still it wasn't as good of a selection as she should have been given.

  • Laurie Armstrong
    Laurie Armstrong Month ago +6

    Most of you probably missed that her guitar broke seconds before she started singing.

  • Ang y
    Ang y Month ago

    If you are looking for a female country singer, she got it. Just simply singing, no oversinging or overpushing the note.

  • Annie the BookTuber
    Annie the BookTuber Month ago +1

    So much talent for such a young age! ❤

    TRUDY RUDII Month ago

    Kinda boring

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago

    Gracee has a amazing voice

  • Diego Cruz
    Diego Cruz Month ago +1

    Nice performance Ke$ha

  • michael schutz
    michael schutz Month ago

    she real be the winner this seasion she real win it i kown it yay gracee instanit save you night save her night yeah yalll

  • michael schutz
    michael schutz Month ago

    she real be the winner this yay garacee

  • Johnny Dundulis
    Johnny Dundulis Month ago

    Grace's Shriver did a great job on the this song it was beautiful

  • Bruce Carey
    Bruce Carey Month ago

    Sounds and looks like the winner to me! Country to the core. yep, love it.

  • Melissa Bass
    Melissa Bass Month ago +2

    I love her tone so much that I was ok with the shaky parts. I think she does better on slower songs that don't involve a lot of lows or belting, her tone is really the strongest quality of her voice. With that said, I still really enjoy her.

  • Tah Trah
    Tah Trah Month ago

    She's a good country singer but this performance didn't do her any favors, it was dull and forgettable.

  • Funky' Furballs
    Funky' Furballs Month ago +1

    We need a duet with Hoot!

  • Jahym Franklyn
    Jahym Franklyn Month ago

    She should've sung in her upper register halfway through the second time she sang the chorus or do some kind of modulation..........

  • BB
    BB Month ago +2

    Why is the sound always so bad during the lives ? 😩

  • Joe Aguadera
    Joe Aguadera Month ago +37

    Jackie Verna singing this and the smile Adam gave him was while singing it was a memory to me.

  • Ralph James Dungog
    Ralph James Dungog Month ago

    Jackie Verna's version's better than her. But she still nailed it. Thumbs up to Gracee

  • Zandrix Funesto
    Zandrix Funesto Month ago +20

    The version of Jackie Verna was still better than this one.

    • MrsSavanna Marie Holsted
      MrsSavanna Marie Holsted Month ago

      @Zandrix Funesto True I think She`s very good and you have a point there,

    • Zandrix Funesto
      Zandrix Funesto Month ago

      @MrsSavanna Marie Holsted it's your opinion, we have our own opinion. The same also with you, you can't sing just like them!

    • MrsSavanna Marie Holsted
      MrsSavanna Marie Holsted Month ago

      Zandrix Funesto nope Jackie Verna sucks I think Gracee did very good job you`re just jealous that she can sing unlike you,

  • Loren Hooper
    Loren Hooper Month ago

    Feels like shes tryna imitate some one else's sound.. ?

  • Jose Mari Manrique
    Jose Mari Manrique Month ago +1

    Brennan Lassiter was really robbed. This performance was mediocre.

  • Deviyah Jakanathan
    Deviyah Jakanathan Month ago +1

    What happened to Brian Hartmetz TheXvid channel? Where can I watch The Voice online again?

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young Month ago

    I loved the song choice and this was a very difficult song to sing and she seemed very nervous but other than that she did a great job. I loved that she made the song her own.

  • Lisa Spink
    Lisa Spink Month ago

    Her voice reminds me a little of Miranda Lambert way back. She should sing "More Like Her" or "Me and Charlie Talking"

  • Chioma Ubani
    Chioma Ubani Month ago

    She has a very beautiful voice

  • David Blake
    David Blake Month ago

    Top 12 for me
    Team Blake :
    - Ricky Duran
    - Ricky Braddy
    - Kat Hammock
    Team Kelly :
    - Max Boyle
    - Damali
    - Jake Hoot
    Team Legend :
    - Will Breman
    - Marybeth
    - Katie Kadan
    Team Gwen :
    - Kyndall Inskeep
    - Joana Martinez
    - Myracle Holloway
    Wild Card :
    - Hello Sunday
    - Rose Short
    - Gracee Shiver
    - Khalea Lynee

  • Ri Khasi
    Ri Khasi Month ago

    she need a better song

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    Love the lady, hate the outfit.

  • Sena Akyüz
    Sena Akyüz Month ago

    She remind me miley cyrus

  • Amanda Cribb
    Amanda Cribb Month ago

    if she makes it to the finals she should sing with little big town i used to live in miami oklahoma which is about 40 minutes north from where she is from

  • Linda Tallongen
    Linda Tallongen Month ago

    nice one 👏👏👏

  • Louis Cozzolino
    Louis Cozzolino Month ago +1

    Decent/only female country artist ✅
    Finale ✅

  • ted evans
    ted evans Month ago

    Song choice should have been better , who is choosing the songs at this stage ? I cant picture her picking that lackluster song , she is better than this performance .

  • john collins
    john collins Month ago

    Nice voice but she didnt lift up the song.

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine Month ago +1

    I like short shorts

  • Gabriele Francioni
    Gabriele Francioni Month ago

    Too many uncertainties 😢