The Hobbit: Battle of Five Studios (Part 2/2)

  • Published on Apr 3, 2018
  • So we've looked into what the problems were with these movies, the question now is... why? What happened, Peter Jackson? WHAT HAPPENED?
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  • elie
    elie 19 hours ago

    at 1:16, is that the guy from folding ideas?

  • Connar Comstock
    Connar Comstock 2 days ago

    Regarding Aragorn's age, he'd be 27. In Two Towers he mentions he's 87, and The Hobbit takes place 60 years before then, so he'd be in his late 20s.

  • Lucas Steffen
    Lucas Steffen 5 days ago

    Lindsay with her face red due to the sun and white circles around her eyes, due to her sunglasses, it's kinda cute

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 6 days ago

    Those TBS commercials were great! It's a shame we can't have some heartfelt bro-love in a movie because studios can't handle a friendly jab from a cable channel.

  • Nic Laporte
    Nic Laporte 8 days ago +1

    Really great set of videos! I look forward to part 3/2

  • e v a n
    e v a n 9 days ago

    1:16 that man... is that Folding Ideas!?

  • Demoy Blake
    Demoy Blake 9 days ago

    I doubt focus groups would cut down on the "gay". Male to male affection and spending time together is always popular (since after the silent film era), unless something happened in the past couple years (I stop following movies)

  • GT Bortolotte
    GT Bortolotte 11 days ago


  • Taylor Wiseman
    Taylor Wiseman 11 days ago

    'Bunch of stuff about women and fantasy and patriarchal societies.' I'm just wondering - not to be an asshole, I'm honestly curious - if you've read the Wheel of Time books?

  • Tom Whitington
    Tom Whitington 13 days ago

    Was that a sneaky Dan in Hobbiton?

  • Lance
    Lance 13 days ago

    You did such a good job on this! earned my sub fo sho

    • Lance
      Lance 13 days ago

      The hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time, I enjoy the movies but still it's a bit heart breaking the way they turned out.

  • inkasrain
    inkasrain 14 days ago +3

    Sigh. I remember when the first trailer came out and the dwarves fell into melancholy song. I about lost my mind, it was so epic and lovely and on-tone for the story. And then the movies happened, and I just lost interest.

  • Sapphire Valley
    Sapphire Valley 14 days ago +1

    *rolls on the floor laughing at the ending*

    I see what you did there, Lindsay, and I love it!

  • AgentPedestrian
    AgentPedestrian 14 days ago +3

    But del Toro perfectly merges the whimsical childlike aspext kf stories with the dark nd suspenseful! I can't help but feel it would've been awesome

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott 15 days ago

    Tolkien’s benighted sexism? I hope that was a joke because nothing could be further from the truth.

  • RetepAdam
    RetepAdam 16 days ago

    1:16 Well, I just had my YTVEEU expanded by this cameo.

  • Hellcat Spangled Shalalalala

    1:16 isnt that the guy from folding ideas?

  • TriumphOverDeath
    TriumphOverDeath 17 days ago

    "Hurry up and wait" who runs that studio a veteran?

  • Blahblahblah Blahblahblah

    > At one point Tolkien described Éowyn as "a stern Amazon woman".[11] Later he wrote: "Though not a 'dry nurse' in temper, she was also not really a soldier or 'Amazon', but like many brave women was capable of great military gallantry at a crisis."[12]

  • Stephen Maher
    Stephen Maher 18 days ago +3

    Seriosly RIP... I bet a Del Toro duo of movies with a whimsical tone would have been amazing....

  • bedserver
    bedserver 19 days ago +2

    "Kili looks like your anime boyfriend" lol

  • Adamml321
    Adamml321 19 days ago +1

    Legolas's mom dying also is directly contrary to his character in Lord of the Rings. When Boromir and Gandalf die he looks confused and he struggles to process it, as if he's a sheltered elf prince who's never dealt with death before. Having the death of his mother now become an important part of his character makes no sense.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 19 days ago

    I always thought it would be funny if it's revealed that Fili is actually like 12-years-old, and that's why he only has stubble. He and Tauriel have a romantic moment, and Kili can crash it like "what the fuck, back off you pervert, HE IS A CHILD."

  • Natticus89
    Natticus89 20 days ago

    Seems like this trilogy could benefit tremendously from a talented editor taking a machete to it and recutting it into a much leaner 5ish hours.

  • Gwynbleidd
    Gwynbleidd 20 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the talent that was wasted

  • Spookipooh
    Spookipooh 20 days ago

    Lets just all rejoice in the fact that they'll eventually re-do these movies to make...more money, maybe they'll get it right the next time.

  • BakedIntoBiggerPieces
    BakedIntoBiggerPieces 20 days ago +2

    Really thrilled I full-screened immediately and didn't see that Part 3/2 was queued up next.

  • Shipping Is Magic
    Shipping Is Magic 21 day ago +1

    I know these kinda comments are in the first video, but again, congratulations for that Hugo Award nomination, this is a really well made essay and really interesting.

  • Soter 96
    Soter 96 21 day ago +1

    This video makes me sad, especially in the end. We missed an opportunity watching an authentic relationship formed between Bilbo and the whole company of the dwarves as it was envisaged by that actor being interviewed. Of course we had the great development arc between Thorin and Bilbo which was essential, being the main protagonists (and that death scene always brings me to tears), but a lot of potential was missed due to corporate greed. The main message of the Hobbit is that greed is bad and corrupts you and that you should be focusing on forming genuine relationships with people and bettering yourself, however in the end the trilogy suffered from that exact greed the studios brought upon this story. Instead of a great adventure with a new fellowship all we got was bombastic and ridiculous CGI video game chase scenes, pointless battles, a forced and really cringeworthy love triangle that made no sense, an anticlimactic death of one of the main antagonists and a crappy editing leaving out all the important scenes about the Arkenstone and the Thorin/Dain arc because, hey you gotta buy the Extended Blue Ray Edition!

  • spoonlamp
    spoonlamp 21 day ago


  • lockjawjak
    lockjawjak 21 day ago +1

    What John says at 30:52 makes me sad, there was so much passion from the original core actors but the studios just shoved it out the window :(

  • John Gunnerek
    John Gunnerek 27 days ago +1

    Uh I knew it the Hobbit could be the worst greedy cash grab adaptation in movie history since the three movies amassed: The Hobbit - 1 billion, Desolation - 960 million. Battle - 950 million

    They played on our love of LOTR and Tolkien and won. I feel overcome with cynicism but great review !!

  • John Veitch
    John Veitch 29 days ago

    I might hazard a guess (but I'd be happy to be proven wrong) that the Kiliel romance was part of the original two-film version, but they only added the love triangle with Legolas in re-shoots.

  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan Month ago +3

    I so want to live in a world where delToro directed a two-part Hobbit movie. PLEASE! I'D ONLY NEED A DAY!

  • Aidenpons
    Aidenpons Month ago +4

    "These [New Zealanders] are a simple folk, trying to find their way through the global economy"
    As a New Zealander myself you have no clue how true this statement is!

  • Aidenpons
    Aidenpons Month ago

    "Hahaha Lindsay, The Battle of Five Studios. Nice pun there, I'm sure it was two or three- *oh* "

  • Devin Reiche
    Devin Reiche Month ago

    I still subscribe to RedLetterMedia's theory: that one day there's going to be a fan edit of the Hobbit trilogy that's going to cut about 60% of what ended up in the film, and it's going to be about 4 hours long from start to finish. THAT version is going to be fucking awesome.

    • Mayeur000Donz
      Mayeur000Donz 19 days ago

      There have been fan edits like that. 'First one I heard of was The Tolkien Edit.

  • Jake Macdonald
    Jake Macdonald Month ago

    The AO3 comment XD

  • Purple Burples
    Purple Burples Month ago

    um... they wanted to avoid gay jokes about bilbo and thorin so they directly mirror their scenes with the only romantic couple in the movie? ok queen

  • MrTonyBarzini
    MrTonyBarzini Month ago


  • Jacob Cuthbert
    Jacob Cuthbert Month ago +1

    "Noah I'm going alone...just me and my cameraman"

  • Krinh
    Krinh Month ago

    i friggin love nella so much. does she have her own channel?

  • Aidan Maxwell
    Aidan Maxwell Month ago

    Personally, I don't care what anyone says. For what lay before him, I give Peter Jackson credit, and The Hobbit is not only one of my favourite books, hell my FAVOURITE book, but I love the Hobbit movies. The casting was great, and I understand the changes that had to be made. I am old enough to understand that when it comes to cinema certain changes have to be made for certain reasons. And after obtaining the Special Edition directors cut of the Hobbit Trilogy and watching all of the interviews, I have to say that any problems I did have, were soothed. While I may not always agree with all changes, I can accept those that were made. Because I have the magic of the book and the movies to go back too, whichever I'm in the mood for.
    I don't waste my time shitting on the hard work that was done by these people. And for what we could have gotten? I say Hobbit deserves a much kinder view. I've decided to look on the brighter side of things and realise that for the work and effort that was put in, we got an amazing movie. And the book? Well I own multiple copies from multiple copyright years. I can go back whenever I want.
    To me, personally, it's a waste of time to nitpick at the movies. Why can't someone just sit back and enjoy both for what they are? For what we could have gotten, I'd expect most of you to just be fucking grateful.

  • Benjamin Nolan
    Benjamin Nolan Month ago

    "I'm Tom Augustine"

    Oooh, he's cute.

    …totally not what this was meant to say o.o

  • Eric Nash
    Eric Nash Month ago

    It's been almost a year since you uploaded this, and I *just now* got the gag about it suddenly being a 3-part series.

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    20:57, 27:55 - Lindsay's new ASMR channel, coming soon?

  • Bort Simpson
    Bort Simpson Month ago

    I think that you like drinking while editing because of the mariachi music... Am I wrong?

  • Connor Scanlan
    Connor Scanlan Month ago

    I love Nella.

  • Kombinatsiya
    Kombinatsiya Month ago

    So, another promising movie(s) ruined by a studio. Someone should do a series about these movies that were destroyed by dumb and short-sighted studio execs.

  • Robbie Gunn
    Robbie Gunn Month ago

    It's such a shame when I look back on the Hobbit, I first watched it when I was 12, having not seen the Lord of the Rings. Despite this I loved it and it was one of my favourite movies that I watched 10+ times, I still look back on it with fond memories however, scenes like the dwarves around the fire place singing, that make me realise how much I really loved it.

  • ValueOfNothing
    ValueOfNothing Month ago

    I was wondering why I hated this movie so much.

  • Wolf of the West
    Wolf of the West Month ago

    At 21:03 you say, in reference to the representation issue, that the changes made are "not to make it more politically correct," but rather that it's "a cynical move on the part of the studio." The problem here is that you don't seem to understand what is meant by "politically correct." "Politically correct" does not mean "in line with progressive values," which is how progressive defensively interpret it, but rather political correctness is the *cynical feigning* of progressive values in order to appeal to or appease a mass audience. So yes, this is the very definition of a move done for political correctness. Its "see? we embrace your values! give us money!"

  • SukiNoKoe
    SukiNoKoe Month ago

    Eowyen (sp?) is a WAY better character than Arwen and Aragorn should've chosen differently-anyone wanna fight me? xD I honestly thought TaurielxKili was kinda cute though. I definitely would have gone to see the movies (love story or no love story) but it was one of the few things I really liked about the Hobbit trilogy, tbh. Basically, I like parts of the first movie, a lot of the second and....never want to watch the third one again.

  • Ziggy Zigan
    Ziggy Zigan Month ago

    Aragorn is 26 or 27 during the battle of five armies not 10

  • Maxime Kitza
    Maxime Kitza Month ago

    Was that FoldingIdeas Dan on the porch of that hobbit hole?

  • Darby Pea
    Darby Pea Month ago +3

    Wow that interview was incredible. Really tugged at my heart

  • Alison TheRohirrimWillAnswer

    But the gay memes were the best!

  • Jason Richards
    Jason Richards Month ago

    This in the first time I've heard someone say that Aragorn would be so young. That's wrong. Aragorn is 87 at the time of the fellowship. The Hobbit takes place 60 years before. Aragorn would of been 27 years old. Though I do agree it's a pretty stupid way to try and bring about their friendship.

  • Shoobie
    Shoobie Month ago

    Why do Legolas' eyes look so weird in the Hobbit? They looked normal in LOTR.

    • Sage Ninja
      Sage Ninja Month ago

      LOTR: contacts Hobbit: CGI 😔

  • Alex Oakley
    Alex Oakley Month ago

    Anyone wanna get together and cut the films up a bit to try and make a coherent two or long single film?

  • Pedro Bressane
    Pedro Bressane Month ago

    No HoMO !!

  • mendali
    mendali Month ago

    1:15 folding ideas?????

  • Stuart Taylor
    Stuart Taylor Month ago +8

    God damn, there are so many layers to how fucking insulting that question at 19:30 was. For Evangeline Lilly, who loved the Hobbit and was so excited to be in the film, to have something so condescending said that just cements her character as being a goal between these two characters where the one romance element she had is joked about. It must hurt that she didn't get to be this deep complex, mythological Tolkein figure she'd hoped for.

  • Kurtis Polishinski
    Kurtis Polishinski Month ago

    Wow, the interview in particular makes me sad and angry about what this movie could have been...

  • Beau Ferret
    Beau Ferret Month ago +3

    Thankfully, there's a great fan-edit by Maple films that edited the entire Hobbit trilogy into one film. And the focus (if not most of it) is now on Bilbo, the Dwarves and their journey.

  • Jommy Salami
    Jommy Salami Month ago

    Aragorn isn't a kid at the end of the hobbit. Don't pretend like you didn't know he's 82 in the two towers for the sake of a joke

    • Jommy Salami
      Jommy Salami 21 day ago

      +J DMC this is true, but also aragorn isn't mentioned at the end of the hobbit in the book

    • J DMC
      J DMC 21 day ago

      You're not factoring in the 19-year gap between Bilbo's 111th birthday party and Frodo leaving the Shire. At least that's what happens in the book.

  • Jommy Salami
    Jommy Salami Month ago

    I'm mean... at least Del Toro gave us pacific rim right?

  • C. D. Dailey
    C. D. Dailey Month ago

    Wow. The development hell was so bad. As an artist, I know that art takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. If one tries to rush through, they'll shoot themself in the foot. The end product is sloppy and inferior. I admit that I have never done a movie before. Still with all the work that goes into it, I imagine the time aspect still applies. I feel sorry for Peter Jackson, because he was rushed by the studio. I hate being rushed with a passion. Being rushed in an art peice must be gosh awful. I recommend that he get ample time for preproduction. Then the movie wouldn't have been so messy. I also reccomend that the filmakers watch Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and take notes. That movie is like the Hobbit in that there are a bunch of dwarves alongside a main character. The movie is about an hour and a half, and it could still flesh out the dwarves well enough for them to be distinct characters. Grumpy even has a bit of an arc to him. The Hobbit Trilogy has twice as many dwarves and about six times as much screen time. I think it was possible to flesh out the dwarves in the same way. Bilbo is like Snow White in that he is the main character that hands out with dwarves. I feel sorry for the actress who plauyed Tauriel. When will studios learn that love triangles won't work anymore? People are sick of them. Personally I am Team Legolas. Nobody is as good as an elf, especially not Legolas. Kili is handsome and charming for a dwarf, but he is outclassed. The movie has a predicament in that it is based on an old story, and it is not PC. So there is a tradeoff with being accurate and being PC. Maybe having Galadriel and Tauriel being the only female characters was an attempt to strike a balence. Maybe Hollywood struggles with writing women. I do have a tip. Make a fleshed out character first, and then selet a female gender afterward. Changes in gender doesn't affect the character very much. It can be justified by the fact that half the human population is female. I think there are ways to add more females in the story. Some of the dwarves can be female. That would be an interesting addition. Beladonna Took could become the mother of Bilbo. They can have some bonding scenes in the Hobbiton parts. Belladonna can inspire Biblo to go on adventures. She can also house sit while he is gone.

  • waterguyroks
    waterguyroks Month ago

    Is that Folding Pictures at 1:17? Lol

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG Month ago

    They will actually tell you that rendering 2 frames that are 'in focus' due to 48 FPS vs rendering 1 frame that is 'blurry' due to 24 FPS is actually easier. They would rather render multiple 'in focus' frames than 1 single frame where they have to incorporate the 'blur'

  • Malaki Quest
    Malaki Quest Month ago

    It's a shame they can't just let creative people take risks. I mean, look at Depp's first performance as Jack Sparrow, which the director of that movie didn't like. I feel like Del Toro's would have been a masterpiece, but instead they chose something that would bring in money and be forgotten by time. Can't rush art.

  • maddy johnson
    maddy johnson Month ago

    if I went to hobbiton I would be sobbing from the time I get on the bus until I'm on the flight home. I'm jealous so start smiling more lmao

  • Luc O
    Luc O Month ago

    I have never seen so much of my own country in a youtube video

  • Vazgen Ghazaryan
    Vazgen Ghazaryan Month ago

    Thanks for your brilliant videos.

  • Paul Brennan
    Paul Brennan Month ago

    Lol, the subtitles at 29:10.

  • The House of Phancycondo

    This video made me feel really bad for Guillermo Del Toro, Evangeline Lilly, and especially John Callen, all of whom went in with passion and enthusiasm, and got the short end of the stick so the studios could get what [they thought] they wanted.

  • deefsound
    deefsound Month ago

    Well, part one was blissfully free

  • Zaxxson Nation
    Zaxxson Nation Month ago

    19:02 "Pre-du-di-ces"

  • Arcsector
    Arcsector Month ago +2

    You gotta post the full interview with the John Callen

  • Tristan Tries
    Tristan Tries Month ago

    I was super hype for these when i saw the misty mountain song trailer. But honestly i was bored to tears by the third one. When they were hopping around on terrible cgi goats in battle eyes rolled so hard i think i lost some vision permanently. Its a real shame all these studios had their fingers in the pot completely spoiling the meal
    I mean the first 2 were boring as well but the third was really bad

  • Lantern of Diogenes
    Lantern of Diogenes Month ago +24

    I was robbed of a beautiful Hobbit themed Guillermo fairytale

  • Safari Haakon
    Safari Haakon Month ago

    hahaha!! Nella!!

  • sanch Sanchayan
    sanch Sanchayan Month ago

    John Callen told a wonderful and an heart breaking tale.

  • DayofToast
    DayofToast 2 months ago

    Good post op

  • May04bwu
    May04bwu 2 months ago

    I get what the actor's saying and I think he's right. The problem is that the original The Hobbit story isn't what a studio would aim for. It's not a blockbuster material. They wanted LOTR 2.0 but that's not what the story it... and that's where it failed.

  • Jonah Eriksen
    Jonah Eriksen 2 months ago +1

    Aragorn is a decendent of the numenoreans. He is vlessed with a longer lifespan. When the events of the hobbit takes place he is 50 years old since the hobbit is 40 years before LOTR.

  • Avidman42
    Avidman42 2 months ago

    Aragorn would have been 27. Just sayin.

  • Théo Goltzman
    Théo Goltzman 2 months ago

    I mean, the ending of the Hobbit was a brutal literary mess in the book too. Thorin dies and the battle ends, and Bilbo leaves, having said farewell to the dwarves real quick, and then there's the bit back in Hobbiton with the auction and the hobbit-hole.

  • Khora Faust
    Khora Faust 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for your work on the perspective of the Hobbit. I have a really similiar feeling, as the LOTR came out in a very important time of my life (finishing school, starting university etc.) and I made alot of friends and had wonderful times on the german RingCon conventions I never ever wanna miss out. So my emotional attachment was big and I wondered, as well as you did, if it was that emotional attachment that made me ... well... be kinda disappointed by the Hobbit movies, although I really really wanted to like them. Thanks for showing the backgrounds, especially the interviews with John Callen were very enlightening and also made me sad and melancholic a bit, in the way of what the Hobbit *could have been* and that there had been something real and passionate in the cast. It made me very said as he described the feeling of being "highly paid extras" even though they should have been the main characters of the movies.
    So I guess behind the Hobbit movies lie two alternative (perhaps Del Toro) Hobbit movies that could have been something different and really great.
    That's the thing about the Hobbit movies - it's not that they were all trashy, then I could have discarded them easily, but that there were beautiful elements, like the beginning, the riddle scenes, Bilbo's talk with Smaug, that were somehow wasted in the CGI and money interests of it all.
    I have to slightly disagree with you concerning the relationship between Bilbo and Thorin, though, because I find Thorin's behaviour sometimes a bit... I don't know... huffy on Thorin's side?! He claims that Bilbo is hindering them in their journey when he has to be rescued after the attack of the stone giants, although he himself has to be rescued too by his comrades. And also later when Bilbo tells him there's a big angry dragon of the same name in Smaug's lair he demands Bilbo to return for the Arkenstone instead of offering to help him which sounds alot like a suicide mission (that may be also due to the introduction of the awful awful white Ork character in the movies) . It makes Thorin somehow seem like a petty dictator that does not acknowledge his own faults, that's why I didn't really like him in the movies after those scenes.
    My favorite added scene with him is actually in the 3rd movie when we get a glimpse of Thorin madness which perhaps would make his behaviour more believable in hindsight (and Bálin's praise of him seem a bit more untruthful..) while also letting Richard Armitage finally show what a good theatre actor he is.
    Okay, enough babbled, thanks alot for the good work and now I'm off for the 3rd video. (great ending btw :))

  • bamannpiderman
    bamannpiderman 2 months ago +2

    Mom shaped angst is the title of my polka-centric, Nirvana cover album.

  • Indiee ASMR
    Indiee ASMR 2 months ago

    Would Aragorn have really been 10 when this story happens? I thought he was actually around 60 or something in the Lord of the Rings. I’m also unsure of the timeline so maybe he really was that young.

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers 2 months ago

    Truly fantastic, from beginning to end. Well done, guys!

  • Jarald the Pale
    Jarald the Pale 2 months ago

    Horrible Misinterpretations of GREAT Books.

  • tailog
    tailog 2 months ago

    Legolas wig was so much better in LotR

  • Olga
    Olga 2 months ago

    seriously this is some of your best work!!! i hope youre proud of this series cause you should be!!!!

  • Throku
    Throku 2 months ago

    Gah... del toro was the genius behind Pan's Labyrinth? Oh...why oh why did Jackson be allowed to take over from him...

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 2 months ago

    Omg I love that ending xD

  • Christopher Gillette
    Christopher Gillette 2 months ago

    Wait... so all the horrific studio interference... wasn't the whole story? I am actually terrified of part 3 now...

  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath 2 months ago

    My top 5 good things (ie the ONLY good things) about The Hobbit trilogy:
    1. Freeman as Bilbo
    2. Cumberbatch as Smaug
    3. the scene when the dwarves arrive at Bag End
    4. Smaug (yes, so awesome he's on this short-ass list twice)
    5. Thranduil being very pretty to look at
    Oh, alright, I'll put Thorin in at a respectable #6.

  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall 2 months ago

    The absolute cheek in this video is palpable. I love it!