100 EASY nail ideas! | HUGE nail art compilation

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Today I have a 100 easy nail ideas! So a few days ago I realized I did over 200 nail designs in 2018 which is crazy! I decided to make a huge nail art compilation so I can look back on the designs I made this year and also just in case you guys missed some of them!
    Enjoy this super long video lol and comment any videos you would like to see this year♡
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    Music I used:
    Joakim Karud
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  • juega con valentina vazques

    Hi, I love your ideas very creative

  • Jenny Swift
    Jenny Swift 2 hours ago +1

    Why it never work when I try to do???🤔

  • Diane Farris
    Diane Farris 16 hours ago +4

    What Matt top coat are you using in these? Its looks fantastic. Mine never come out that Matt looking :( maybe it's the brand I'm using.

  • Nail Art Factory


  • MarvelAgentDaisy

    Where do you get the tape?

  • Maria irene Duran

    Que elegantes

  • Chisomo Gomonda
    Chisomo Gomonda 2 days ago +1

    The nail art is so pretty and the process is soothing to look at.

  • Divya Phalak
    Divya Phalak 2 days ago

    Where do you get the tiny tapes to put on your nails?

  • martinluterking usa
    martinluterking usa 2 days ago

    Hello ,do you have it' course in portugues ? Im from brazil 😘

  • Eugenia Stay
    Eugenia Stay 2 days ago

    Es esmalte semipermanente?

  • Оксана Щедромиоская

    Рисунки от наивного дитя

  • MakeUp LaLuz
    MakeUp LaLuz 3 days ago

    Im in love with everything 😍

  • жизнь есть сила

    Обожаю в стиле спальных оттенков😍😍😍

    Tia BROOKES 5 days ago

    How did she not pass out from the smell

  • Shakeh's World
    Shakeh's World 6 days ago +3

    I love how they actually put the content in the video as in the thumbnail! 💛💛

  • Gacha Emiko
    Gacha Emiko 6 days ago

    Thanks for telling me these awsome ideas!!
    Cause you were helping me out of my CONFUSION!!

  • Guyana Soft Touch
    Guyana Soft Touch 6 days ago

    wow amazing please post more i love it its my my frist time

  • Aleesha Lee
    Aleesha Lee 7 days ago

    I’m thinking about buying the supplies to do gel manicures at home, and now I think I have an addiction. I’ve watched like, A LOT of nail design tutorials. Yours were my favorite though. I have a very simple style, and you appear to have a similar style to what I like.😂😂💕💕

  • Lasheka Cousins
    Lasheka Cousins 8 days ago +1

    Love this video 😍ur very talented 💅🏾🙌🏽

  • letícia siqueira
    letícia siqueira 8 days ago

    Por favorzinho rs
    Me seguem no Instagram, vou estar sempre ajudando vocês com dicas diárias e compartilhando bastante conhecimento sobre maquiagem e beleza ❤️
    Obrigada ...
    Instagram: always.beautiful2019

  • Caroline Wambua
    Caroline Wambua 9 days ago

    What's the name of the ribbon you use for sectioning

  • PhaiiRoz Mohammed
    PhaiiRoz Mohammed 9 days ago +2

    I'm not taking screen shots.. i download video 😂
    And i need to know what is brands of nail polish and especially matt top coat .. it is really impressive

  • Faye Abarquez
    Faye Abarquez 9 days ago +3

    haven't stood up till 4am for a while. o well, it was worth it.

  • LanaNicole channel
    LanaNicole channel 9 days ago

    Awesome! Try this thexvid.com/video/ZRkjot8K1fI/video.html

  • Btsfangirl 101
    Btsfangirl 101 10 days ago +2

    I took 100 screenshots.....😅😂

  • our world
    our world 11 days ago

    These are so cool

  • Jazmin Taisan
    Jazmin Taisan 11 days ago +3

    where did you get the gold jems?? (❤love your vids❤)

  • malaquita posos
    malaquita posos 12 days ago

    Nueva suscriptora👍😃
    Te quedan hermosas!😍

  • Roxy Hare
    Roxy Hare 12 days ago

    So perfect 💅😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Anjani Dian pratiwi
    Anjani Dian pratiwi 13 days ago

    So let's eating nails

  • Basmala Mahmoud
    Basmala Mahmoud 14 days ago

    ok..... to be honest with you guys, I'm (not) that perfect for nails but everyone learns a new thing once in a while *sighs, shrugs*

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith 14 days ago

    If only I had longer nails

    SURVHI KHATNANI 14 days ago +3

    What are those thin strips you use?
    I appreciate u
    U and your designs r amazing

  • BeccaG
    BeccaG 15 days ago

    bold of you to assume i have long nails

  • mary ruth johnson
    mary ruth johnson 15 days ago

    Love all desighns u make

  • mary ruth johnson
    mary ruth johnson 15 days ago

    Where do you buy all your nAil supplies

  • vfufj jfhdgxh
    vfufj jfhdgxh 15 days ago


  • Mildred Culberson
    Mildred Culberson 16 days ago +5

    Dnt get me wrong but it was nice I learned something from it but they kept using the same pattern and colors....

  • Dashulik Cernyshova
    Dashulik Cernyshova 16 days ago

    Это не профессионалы делали
    При начале отрезают кутикулу

  • Grace Liu
    Grace Liu 16 days ago

    Where did you get that thin tape thing?

  • pretty nails
    pretty nails 17 days ago

    soo beautiful😍😍😍
    new youtuber here, pls watch my channel too and subscribe😘😘 thexvid.com/video/TKXxRpoca_s/video.html

  • Sejal Mehra
    Sejal Mehra 17 days ago


  • دلوعة ماما
    دلوعة ماما 18 days ago +1


  • K.I.L.E E
    K.I.L.E E 18 days ago

    Wow great💅 video so many ideas and beautiful nail art!! Great job❗❗.R u using a mattifier top coat? Cause they all look like it unless its my tablet? Whats the brand-name of the small detail nail brush r u using in the vid?

  • Nadia Bhaiwala
    Nadia Bhaiwala 19 days ago +6

    I could probably manage to do some of these on my left hand, but... MY RIGHT HAND (im right handed). I can’t even paint my right hand regularly sometimes😅

    • snowy wolf
      snowy wolf Day ago


    • K.I.L.E E
      K.I.L.E E 18 days ago +1

      Nadia Bhaiwala I agree. My left hand looks OK but my right hand looks like a 2yr old💅painted it😂

  • Safdar Askari
    Safdar Askari 19 days ago

    What is the name of this small tapes??

  • Giovana Brito
    Giovana Brito 20 days ago +1

    Uma mais perfeita q a outra

  • 10000 subs with no videos :D

    8:30 NAILPOX, Jk I love the design all of them are amazing!
    I litterly made a album for nail art bc of this!
    Something else I’m wondering about is how did you get 100 nails?

  • Just lailah
    Just lailah 23 days ago

    Why is her finger red 0:20

  • chou aka 414
    chou aka 414 23 days ago

    Where do you by vernis

  • aisha hoque nisat aisha hoque nisat

    So nice I am from bangladesh

  • Doll Baby
    Doll Baby 25 days ago

    Very good for the designs

  • sniper quiet
    sniper quiet 25 days ago

    Perfect ;-)

  • Alejandra Vallejos C.
    Alejandra Vallejos C. 25 days ago

    Demasiado lindos los diseños. Qué difícil elegir. ¡Gracias!

  • DontKnowLimits
    DontKnowLimits 26 days ago

    Но топом можно было бы и сделать выравнивание, неровный блик в итоге портит общую картину. Но в целом интересные идеи.

  • Amfa Payel
    Amfa Payel 27 days ago

    What you are using base coat , top coat or gel polish . Can I know?

  • Michelle Swift
    Michelle Swift 27 days ago +1

    the color is amazing!💖

  • trang tran
    trang tran 27 days ago

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  • Michael Mulingtapang
    Michael Mulingtapang 28 days ago

    I like gabby morrisses nail polish tutorials

  • Muthi raju chintappali


  • Vaishnavi Gupta
    Vaishnavi Gupta 29 days ago

    Very very very bad

  • Anayiah Stone
    Anayiah Stone 29 days ago +1

    These nails are pretty cool...love what your doing keep up the good work (^_^)

  • Mahak Longwani
    Mahak Longwani Month ago

    What is that pink thing after nail

  • Diana Contreras
    Diana Contreras Month ago

    Omayt and the other one is not a good idea for me but I'm not sure what to

  • Denise Segura
    Denise Segura Month ago +1


  • Helen Evans
    Helen Evans Month ago

    Your amazing loved them all you make it look so easy enjoying your videos xxx

  • Maria jose Rodriguez

    I came here to figure out what nails do I do today and I just watched more than 6:00 because it’s satisfying 😅

  • TheBeauty
    TheBeauty Month ago


  • tal da Heleninha
    tal da Heleninha Month ago

    Alguem do brasil

  • duaa lodhi
    duaa lodhi Month ago +1

    nice yar😉

  • Meghan Arnold
    Meghan Arnold Month ago +1

    One of the best nail videos I’ve seen in a while


    Hermosos modelos para decorar las uñas quiero aprender para hacerme las yo misma

  • Chiani Wijaya
    Chiani Wijaya Month ago +4

    which one do u prefer?
    matte nails - like
    glossy nails - comment

    • Lauren Davey
      Lauren Davey Month ago

      Chiani Wijaya gloss queen! Glitter is ALLWAYS glossy!

  • Thảo Juna
    Thảo Juna Month ago


  • Blossem's Slime Corner


  • Julia van Dorp
    Julia van Dorp Month ago

    you are soooo good at nails!

  • Rinjlesh Prasad
    Rinjlesh Prasad Month ago

    I like all your nail art , it is nice and I feel to keep watching

  • Monica Jorgensen
    Monica Jorgensen Month ago

    Watch Simply Nailogical to learn how to make glitter more dense without needing to pack on the glitter polish

  • Kim Abele
    Kim Abele Month ago

    What makes nail polish 'matte finish'? I need your answer :(


    Cok quzel cekmişsin ellerine salik

  • •Clover Playz•
    •Clover Playz• Month ago

    Step 1: grow your nail as big as possible

  • Fashion Nails 21 Press On Nails

    Hi, thank you great ideas. Just one question how long after do you rip the tape off right away or 5 minutes later ?

    • KD22054
      KD22054 Month ago +1

      Fashion Nails 21 Press On Nails you rip it of immediately while the polish is still wet. If you leave it on for too long and the polish dries then the line won’t come out Straight. Also before you place the striping tape on your nail it’s important to put on a quick dry top coat on first and letting it dries for at least 30 mins

  • Love Rosé
    Love Rosé Month ago

    6:10 Blackpink I love😍

  • Luna Cat
    Luna Cat Month ago +2

    100 screenshots mades today ;-; rip my picture taker app xD

  • Rony Roy
    Rony Roy Month ago +1


  • Rifat bin maruf
    Rifat bin maruf Month ago

    Am i the only guy watching this?

  • sugar queen
    sugar queen Month ago

    My favorite was the pink camouflage one 😍

  • Millie Ortiz
    Millie Ortiz Month ago

    Love these! Thank you for sharing...🥰

  • Aaratrika M
    Aaratrika M Month ago +3

    Im in love with them. They are so cool and unique designs!💥

  • Kasia Szypulska
    Kasia Szypulska Month ago

    Jesteś fantastyczna w tym co robisz :-)

  • Clarissa Pelaez
    Clarissa Pelaez Month ago

    What are those thin blue paper lines she uses to leave lines on the nails?

  • Elizabeth Vallely
    Elizabeth Vallely Month ago

    They are all so pretty! Thank you!

  • Sue Gresalfi
    Sue Gresalfi Month ago

    This just made me order a matte top coat, wouldn't even think about that before this video

  • Мари А
    Мари А Month ago

    Очень крутое бесконечное видео. Техника понятна до мелочей. Спасибо за такую красоту.

  • Grazyna Witczak
    Grazyna Witczak Month ago +1

    Ładne paznokcie 😍👏

  • Heart of Stone
    Heart of Stone Month ago

    So simple, yet.... SO CHIC

  • Rilly Lia
    Rilly Lia Month ago +33

    My question is, where do you get the fricki'n tape from😂😂 hahah love those ideas💝

    • DragonArts
      DragonArts 9 days ago

      Twinkled T is good

    • Jazmin Taisan
      Jazmin Taisan 11 days ago

      They also have some on wish

    • Sue Gresalfi
      Sue Gresalfi Month ago +2

      I got my striping tape on Amazon, has lots of different colors

  • Erika Flores
    Erika Flores Month ago +10

    What is mate top coat brand , you use.?

    • Marie Johnson
      Marie Johnson Month ago

      I'm not sure what she is using but Hard Candy has a really good affordable one.

  • sofia 2000
    sofia 2000 Month ago

    Que lindo que sepas hacer tan bien las uñas me encantan tus vídeos : )