100 EASY nail ideas! | HUGE nail art compilation

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Today I have a 100 easy nail ideas! So a few days ago I realized I did over 200 nail designs in 2018 which is crazy! I decided to make a huge nail art compilation so I can look back on the designs I made this year and also just in case you guys missed some of them!
    Enjoy this super long video lol and comment any videos you would like to see this year♡
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    Music I used:
    Joakim Karud
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  • Sandeep gill Sandeep gill
    Sandeep gill Sandeep gill 11 hours ago +1

    very nice

  • Natural Beauty
    Natural Beauty 20 hours ago

    Omg I needed this

  • ulhas sonar
    ulhas sonar Day ago +1

    Comment me

  • ulhas sonar
    ulhas sonar Day ago +1

    How you doing nails very dry please tell

  • karina benitez
    karina benitez Day ago

    Buenas noches,consulta.. Intento realizar éstos diseños de cintas con esmaltado semipermanente pero al despegar las tiras se me filtra producto? En q estoy fallando? Se despegan antes o despues de curar el producto?

  • Sweet Shenanigans
    Sweet Shenanigans 2 days ago

    Is it just me or in one of the songs is there a clicking that doesn't fit in? Clicks aside, beautiful nail art!

  • Noor Khan
    Noor Khan 2 days ago

    Nice job 😘😘😘😘😘💟💟❣

    MISSMAYDAY 2 days ago

    ugh i need more fingers on my hands!

  • Magic and space With a snowy

    Who else could do this other than me?

  • PiedraDeErin
    PiedraDeErin 3 days ago

    Beautiful nail shape. Mine is not nice 😭

  • Jamie Elizabeth
    Jamie Elizabeth 3 days ago +6

    It’s all fun and games until it’s time to do your left hand (or non dominant hand)

  • arkayla rogers
    arkayla rogers 3 days ago

    Hi I have a question for you what type green is that you use in the video
    Also I just watched your do's and don'ts video loved it thank you gabby

  • Karla Garcia
    Karla Garcia 4 days ago

    Play better music

  • Hesen Sahibov
    Hesen Sahibov 6 days ago +1

    Hər şey əladır baxıb öyrənirik.

  • Love Art Party
    Love Art Party 6 days ago

    The best video ever 👸👍😘

  • Arianna Araujo
    Arianna Araujo 10 days ago +1

    where did you get the tape and brushes from?

  • ريم ريم
    ريم ريم 10 days ago

    ممكن اسم نوعيت الصبغ

  • pik cHAN
    pik cHAN 11 days ago


  • Rêllana Leite
    Rêllana Leite 12 days ago

    Onde eu posso colocar comprar essa fita?

  • Einsteinz Vice
    Einsteinz Vice 14 days ago

    #MyManiMadness drives me mad, but like "Norman Bates" said: "
    We all go a little mad sometimes." ;-P
    #LassOfLacquer TY ;-)

  • kEiLa
    kEiLa 15 days ago

    ugh this gives me lifeeee, and thank God it has lofi and not some obnoxious electro song, I mean i like edm, but i got a headache and that's not finna work rn.

  • Cecilia Hayes
    Cecilia Hayes 16 days ago

    does anyone know a hack that actually works to turn your nails matte without matt polish? please comment

  • Jason Booker
    Jason Booker 17 days ago +1

    O ll o

  • Татьяна Бродава

    Очень понравилось видео!

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin 17 days ago +1

    Where do you get these paper something that you put on your nails? xd

  • Julie R.
    Julie R. 19 days ago +2

    Firstly: Is it a hybrid lacquer or nail polish lacquer? Secondly: You've done a great job!!

  • Kathleen Terry
    Kathleen Terry 20 days ago

    I wish you could do my nails they need help

  • Paloma Alves
    Paloma Alves 23 days ago


  • Joy Gillman
    Joy Gillman 24 days ago +5

    Which do you like more
    Natural=like :D

  • Brown Bread
    Brown Bread 24 days ago

    Are Those Your Natural Nails?!

  • Maria Cordeiro
    Maria Cordeiro 25 days ago

    alguém do brasil 🇧🇷?????????

  • Jirina Merhoutova
    Jirina Merhoutova 25 days ago +1

    Omq thats good super 👌 ⛳

  • Claudia Daza
    Claudia Daza 26 days ago +1

    Like si buscas comentarios en español :v

  • Norah Bintalib
    Norah Bintalib 27 days ago

    Are you allowed these at school!?!?

  • Tatiana Nail
    Tatiana Nail 28 days ago

    Hi, I also posted the ideas of manicure. Support me please thexvid.com/video/LpvEZE4xsU4/video.html

  • Crimson Rose
    Crimson Rose 29 days ago

    what is the tape called?

  • Ella Kansanaho
    Ella Kansanaho 29 days ago

    With which you attach the decorations to the nails. I'm sorry for my bad english

  • مرتضى باسم
    مرتضى باسم 29 days ago

    كويت 😍

  • rübab MirzeyevA
    rübab MirzeyevA Month ago

    Azerbaycanli neceneferik

  • Liv March
    Liv March Month ago +1

    What is the thing you put around ur nail and then peal it off xx

  • Sofia Marinette Agrester

    hola , agradeceria mucho si alguien me dijera por lo menos cuanto tiempo dejar secar la pintura para pasar la otra capa

  • Monica Krista Nitoi

    Wow.I love

  • Eugen M.
    Eugen M. Month ago


  • Unicorn Illness
    Unicorn Illness Month ago +1

    When you watch it but save it to watch later so you can watch it again later

  • Evat nial art
    Evat nial art Month ago


  • Rofayda Ali
    Rofayda Ali Month ago

    After you finish your design and you apply the clear nail polish what happens to your nails it change and how do you do it
    Edit:your nails are soo beautiful and also your channel keep going and never stop and I’m one of your biggest fans love you soo much😘😘

  • Mehmet Yavuz
    Mehmet Yavuz Month ago +1

    Turkler nerde

  • Mehmet Yavuz
    Mehmet Yavuz Month ago +1


  • Mehmet Yavuz
    Mehmet Yavuz Month ago +1


  • Mehmet Yavuz
    Mehmet Yavuz Month ago +1


  • Gacha Gamer26
    Gacha Gamer26 Month ago

    I'll just keep them the way they are thanks.

  • Ariana Martinez
    Ariana Martinez Month ago +1

    Who knows kyler and mad that's there song when the video starts

  • Sabine Gray
    Sabine Gray Month ago

    Where do I get the matte top polish?

  • Sabine Gray
    Sabine Gray Month ago

    Hey y’all pro tip if you wanna grow your nails out get a square sns manicure and leave it for over a month then remove them and you’ll have long healthy nails!

  • Creationsbyc Sweden

    Great tutorials! 😍

  • Olivia Hatcher
    Olivia Hatcher Month ago

    Like if this made you stop biting your nails so you could do this!

  • Samantha Michaud
    Samantha Michaud Month ago

    what is that red stuff on the outside of your nails and where do do get them from

  • Sang Trinhsang
    Sang Trinhsang Month ago +1