Jalen Rose still thinks Nate Diaz will fight Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Oct 25, 2019
  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to Nate Diaz saying he is out of his UFC 244 fight vs. Jorge Masvidal, with Rose saying he still expects the fight to happen and Jacoby adding that he believes Diaz.
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Comments • 372

  • Lulzim Dehari
    Lulzim Dehari Month ago

    Can anyone tell me in what EU time will be the fight of nate diaz with masvidal

  • Louis Bocanegra
    Louis Bocanegra Month ago

    Well Mr. Rose I follow boxing the way you do but with Nate; well let’s just say he never would dare to cheat at that level period!

  • Dylan Mounsey
    Dylan Mounsey Month ago

    Why am I just getting a notification for this now...? Was about to say are y’all living under a rock??

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    Let Ariel handle this stuff ESPN

  • kimberly garcia
    kimberly garcia Month ago

    Stick to what you know

  • Progressive news
    Progressive news Month ago

    Love your basketball take stick to that my brother

  • Daunte Hodgins
    Daunte Hodgins Month ago

    What kind of message to young athletes is this?

  • Liu Kang
    Liu Kang Month ago

    Jalen so dumb he can barely cover bball and thinks the moon landing was fake... now we have him doing MMA? Please.

  • Leroy Green
    Leroy Green Month ago

    So you wanna be an MMA analyst?

  • killerdemo
    killerdemo Month ago

    This isn't ball sports Jalen, You take PED'S in MMA you are punching opponent in the head, Not hitting a fastball into the seats there is a BIG difference

  • Absolute
    Absolute Month ago

    It absolutely ruins reputations, clearly has no idea what he's talking about.

  • Jack JFM Birks
    Jack JFM Birks Month ago

    The thumbnail is messing with my eyes, I'm on mobile when I scroll past it it seems like its moving, please say this isnt just me

  • Bansot
    Bansot Month ago +1

    EY! Jalen was Right, bitches

  • Tomas Echevarria
    Tomas Echevarria Month ago

    What does Ja think at a time like this!!!

  • MrColdwatercanyon
    MrColdwatercanyon Month ago

    “ Natural Nathan Diaz !!! “

  • Harry HRC Chahal
    Harry HRC Chahal Month ago

    Ayo, you got a lot of other stuff to be wrong about. Stick to that my man!

  • Ryan Merryweather
    Ryan Merryweather Month ago

    Could of found better content down my local pub from people who know MMA through a friend of a friend who had a friend in MMA!

  • Gemini Jake
    Gemini Jake Month ago +1

    2:36 mmm? Negative ghost rider. These two guys are loved and respected because theyve never had controversy and they always just get down...youre trippin mr. rose

  • Chandra Prakash Bisht

    Is he 99.99% sure what he's talking about

  • theinvisibleman
    theinvisibleman Month ago

    PED IS WRONG! Wrong message


    This man can talk about anything he wants he’s a human like me n you

  • Hardstyle818
    Hardstyle818 Month ago


  • Micheál Gallagher
    Micheál Gallagher Month ago

    My mind is completely at ease now. Jalen Rose????????? thinks Nate will fight

  • Avinash Aditya
    Avinash Aditya Month ago

    Whoo da fook are these guys???

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich Month ago

    I'm all for it I love MMA so anytime anyone talks about it it's a win. We need more voices other than Ariel and his dumb self.

  • Adalberto Perez
    Adalberto Perez Month ago

    Oh Jalen Rose has something to say about MMA??? Everyone listen up!!!!

  • HaRy G-Unit
    HaRy G-Unit Month ago

    Talking about MMA fans no caring about PED use in a combat sport... Smh

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Month ago +2

    Does Jalen Rose know mma or the espn queers told him what to say?

  • Josh Benedict
    Josh Benedict Month ago

    Fake leftist delusional tool

  • Tsvet Tselev
    Tsvet Tselev Month ago

    I was thinking to say something myself.. but I'll just put a like on everyones comment

  • Irshad Zamir
    Irshad Zamir Month ago

    Unless Jorge or Diaz are playing basketball I don't want to to hear it.

  • LenDen UK
    LenDen UK Month ago

    US..a..d...a.....f off

  • Fais Jama
    Fais Jama Month ago

    Fake MMA Analysts

  • Dutyxion
    Dutyxion Month ago

    1:49 yes they do, what kind of statement was that, of course they care, it shows that the fighter is cheating

  • david lopez
    david lopez Month ago

    Fans are okay with the use of PEDs?!?!?! What an idiot.

  • Theo Gate
    Theo Gate Month ago +1

    Where’s Luke Thomas when u need him these guys are reading a script getting caught in mma is worse thing possible look at crack head bones jones

  • Theo Gate
    Theo Gate Month ago

    Keep talking about football that was as cringe

  • alpineda7
    alpineda7 Month ago

    Please stop trying to make basketball analysts pretend they know or care about mma. Stephen A Smith on whatever broadcast he was on was awful.

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco Tacotington Month ago

    I think its awesome yall are getting into the UFC!

  • Robb Montez
    Robb Montez Month ago

    Nate Diaz just got cleared by usada the fight is still on....

  • Samuel Ornela
    Samuel Ornela Month ago

    It only matters when fighters pop tf that's dangerous

  • R Conn
    R Conn Month ago

    It's a 3 min stint, fellas, relax...it's not far fetched for a sports show to cover, you know...sports!

  • E *
    E * Month ago

    What was that?

  • hung so low
    hung so low Month ago

    Nate will eat him like a surf n turf dinner. Another words start off lite, then kill and punish this guy. Look both guys are amazing, but nate will definitely have the win. Either way, both are BMF in my book. I'm going for nate, but who knows????

  • Z T
    Z T Month ago

    Who gives a fucx what this guy thinks

  • Addicted YouTube Watcher

    Jesus, please don't have these guys talk about MMA. They're not martial artists. They never cared about the martial arts growing up. They weren't there when MMA was underground. So how can they speak on this sport?

  • Chris Aiello
    Chris Aiello Month ago +2

    Entire mma community: USADA
    Jacoby: U-S-A-D-A

  • Damon Harrison
    Damon Harrison Month ago +1

    Jalen Rose on UFC?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 Y'all need to stop hating like some bitches, I'm all for MMA getting more exposure. Duhh.

  • HuRRKaDeAeRpDUHhUrkk

    good lord

  • Yo Mamma
    Yo Mamma Month ago

    I think it’s fair if Chael Sonnen does a segment on the NBA. I mean if we’re cross-analyzing sports, why not?

  • Joshua Sean Colon
    Joshua Sean Colon Month ago

    Ummm. What?

  • Sun432
    Sun432 Month ago

    Came here just to dislike. Bye!

  • p1antn
    p1antn Month ago

    1:36 this is EXACTLY why Nate Diaz is a BMF. Because he's real, he doesn't care what the public thinks

  • 11goku22
    11goku22 Month ago

    who the fook is this guy???

  • Kenny Kenny
    Kenny Kenny Month ago

    Jalen mane go back to ball

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard Month ago +1

    We let casuals report now?

  • Huzefa Chaudhary
    Huzefa Chaudhary Month ago

    As soon as he spelled out USADA, he lost his credibility.......

  • Arnold Fernbladst
    Arnold Fernbladst Month ago

    That's right - it's all about your weekend and party in Miami! Mr. Rogers says "Can you narcissist? I knew you could"

    • Arnold Fernbladst
      Arnold Fernbladst Month ago

      Great ending though - I actually believe Nate Diaz as well! He's true to his word - the BMF belt would mean nothing without reputation, respect and honor.

  • Observer101
    Observer101 Month ago

    This segment should have been about how disgusting USADA is. If Nate Diaz has a positive sample, that tells me something fishy is going on at USADA. Who's watching the watchmen? It wouldn't be the first time an anti-doping agency has corruptly rigged testing results for some nefarious reason. This is a red flag for USADA, either there's serious flaws with their testing, or they have corrupt officials rigging the test. If you had a gambling problem and worked at ASADA, what better way to help yourself win bets than to tell a fighter you bet against a week out from their fight that they have a positive test hanging over their heads. Something stinks, real bad and this segment should have been attacking USADA for daring to question Nate's integrity and trying to use a "false positive" as a form of blackmail. Anyone who thinks USADA is in no way corrupt and wouldn't do something like this is kidding themselves, I guarantee USADA is corrupt, how do I know? They just tried to claim that Nate Diaz is dirty. No way in the world Nate is dirty, shame on everyone involved in this BS, take the names of the people involved and investigate them, I know where the dirt is actually coming from and it ain't from Nate Diaz.

  • Mr. Husky
    Mr. Husky Month ago

    Lol these boys getting roasted for attempting to talk MMA. Not near as cringe as Stephen A tryin to spit the lingo