Will This Make Magnetic Sand?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • In this video we're taking some neodymium magnets and blending them into dust. Will the dust be magnetic, and what can we do with it?
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Comments • 3 822

  • MrChaser 21
    MrChaser 21 10 hours ago

    When your smart but decide to make bad decisions

  • Cat Person
    Cat Person 10 hours ago

    4:13 for the actual blending of the magnets

  • Esmeralda Cazares
    Esmeralda Cazares 10 hours ago

    It looks like fireworks in a container but in a blender nice ☺️😀

  • Mr. magic man
    Mr. magic man 11 hours ago

    Why was there 1 frame of the logo at 4:51?

  • Jean Pierre Herrera
    Jean Pierre Herrera 12 hours ago

    Magnetic magnetic magnetic sand!

  • ThatGuySonny
    ThatGuySonny 12 hours ago

    4:52 a flash of the logo. HMMMM

  • Inferno Clips
    Inferno Clips 13 hours ago

    Try freezing the magnets with liquid nitrogen and the smash it.

  • TaKeyla Lane
    TaKeyla Lane 14 hours ago +1

    "We're going to try and recreate that" uses completely different sizes, shape and density type of magnets. 🤣🤣👏👏👏👏

  • Matthew Peschel
    Matthew Peschel 14 hours ago +1

    you should melt the magnet dust and cast it int an ingot, see if it still has it's magnetism.

  • Overseer Thomas
    Overseer Thomas 15 hours ago

    So they pull together with a planets force?

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 16 hours ago

    Why are there random frames on every video where the TKOR logo appears? Is that some kind of watermark?

  • daniel olsen
    daniel olsen 16 hours ago

    What was the king of random logo when you blended the magnets

  • Frank
    Frank 16 hours ago


  • Niamh Rabbette
    Niamh Rabbette 17 hours ago

    Do you think that by flattening it, you're not only increasing the surface area but somewhat readjusting the polarities of each of the individual magnetic pieces' magnetic fields? Just an idea

  • Patrick Connolly
    Patrick Connolly 17 hours ago

    what do you do with all of your left over projects

  • Random Cuber
    Random Cuber 18 hours ago

    Caution:may harm people’s minds

    Many blenders were harmed

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 18 hours ago

    before: make magnetic sand!
    now: lets see if it goes to slime :others: BOOOOOOOOOO WE WANT SAND NOT SLIME!

  • Mr. bossmajor
    Mr. bossmajor 19 hours ago


  • Ultimate Orange Gamer
    Ultimate Orange Gamer 21 hour ago

    *D O N T B R E A T H E T H I S S T U F F*

  • TheAlphaDubstep
    TheAlphaDubstep 21 hour ago

    Particles: Ludicrous
    Who gets it ;)

  • TheClearwall
    TheClearwall 23 hours ago +1

    I'd like to see you put the magnets through a true pulverizer and make legitimate magnetic powder. THEN try to mix it into slime and see how that reacts.

  • TacticalBacon56
    TacticalBacon56 Day ago

    Inhales magnetic dust

  • Aiden Mcclintic
    Aiden Mcclintic Day ago

    4:52 is when the king of random logo pops up

  • Jifalos JM
    Jifalos JM Day ago

    Can you put magnets into the smelting furnace. And se if you can make a giant magnet?😇

  • Bablo Sahagun
    Bablo Sahagun Day ago

    4:52 Easter egg king of random logo

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan Day ago

    You should blend them in a vac chamber

  • Pyro Inc.
    Pyro Inc. Day ago

    Can you create your own neodymium magnet?

  • Dysastus 21
    Dysastus 21 Day ago

    when you're hoping he's wearing the white lab coat and glasses... disappointment levels at maximum

  • Gen B
    Gen B Day ago

    4:51 the chanol logo apers

  • Lucas Flanagan
    Lucas Flanagan Day ago

    Don’t. Breathe.

  • Atlazuko
    Atlazuko Day ago

    would it would better with a magnetic mono pole? would you be able to even make the magnet dust monopole after blending and if you could would it work better?

  • Skylar Jackson
    Skylar Jackson Day ago

    Can you make molten magnets

  • b0r3d
    b0r3d Day ago


  • Carson Ray
    Carson Ray Day ago

    Hey @TKOR can you show us how to make a can crushed without crushing our wallet??

  • test channel
    test channel Day ago

    Try to forge something with the powdered magnet

  • Braden Eisele
    Braden Eisele Day ago +1

    4:52 his logo pops up

  • Madman2105
    Madman2105 Day ago

    You also forgot magnets also Lose there magnetism when you put in I’m fire for two long

  • BroadcastPs4
    BroadcastPs4 Day ago

    Who saw the logo during the blending at 4:51

  • dominic dito
    dominic dito Day ago

    Does anybody know why the logo flashes randomly

  • Dora Da Best Explora

    *”Homemade Fire Works In A Can”*

  • ナッシングさび

    looks like soil -_-

  • marc stenssen
    marc stenssen Day ago +3

    at 4:52min the TKOR logo was shown in the middle of the screen for half a second while the blender was blending the magnets WHY??😂

  • Fergus Young
    Fergus Young Day ago +6

    Will it blend? That is the Question...
    Magnet smoke, Don't Breathe This

  • Boris Schwarz
    Boris Schwarz Day ago

    Could you re-magnetize the powder?

  • Jay West
    Jay West Day ago

    you should try to warm up the magnets then blend them so they have a lower magnets effect and blend smoother.

  • Manitoba Storm Chasers

    If this comment gets 1000👍 TKOR has to come on a storm chasing tour! 😋

  • Bubble Buck
    Bubble Buck Day ago

    King of random logo 4:51

  • play warframe NOW

    Lets have a look at it.....

    Ultra instinct

  • layna lacy
    layna lacy Day ago

    a blender??? how???

  • Boddypen
    Boddypen Day ago

    kinetic sand 2.0

  • liam O'sirideain
    liam O'sirideain Day ago +6

    *life hack to get 1,000,000 metal sprinters on one touch
    Me:wear Gloves or you will get metal splinters

    TAZMANBVGS Day ago

    Use a ball mill to pulverize the magnets.

  • shinobi dragon 12
    shinobi dragon 12 Day ago +1

    They snuck in a king of random logo while they were blending the magnets around 4:50 ish

  • Loud Bass Release

    You should try to melt the magnets and try to make a big magnet like if u agree

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff Day ago

    4:52 u missed it u really gotta pay attention to those sparks :p

  • JulianL
    JulianL Day ago

    4:52 why do you cut in your logo while blending the magnets

    • Tabitha Higgins
      Tabitha Higgins 13 hours ago

      Probably to keep someone else from stealing the footage for their own use.

  • naren sundar
    naren sundar Day ago

    is the blades become magnetized?

  • RekerPlayz
    RekerPlayz Day ago

    What if you grind up sand

  • Cristian Pillinger

    8:26 melted rolo!

  • Miles Remmel
    Miles Remmel Day ago

    Did you catch the flash of TKOR logo at 4:52?

  • Adi's Tech Aditya

    How do You Make Those Animated Videos?

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez Day ago

    He said maggots

  • Captain Neon
    Captain Neon Day ago

    At 4:52 the king of random logo showed up

  • Best Experiments
    Best Experiments 2 days ago +1

    20 000 000 magnets RIP

  • Error 101
    Error 101 2 days ago

    Kenetic Kenetic Kenetic magnets

  • Turtlemurderer Dude
    Turtlemurderer Dude 2 days ago

    I like that you think it is cool trying to burn down your house😂

  • Guacharos Tha best
    Guacharos Tha best 2 days ago +1

    why don't you try rubbing a magnet together had to make fire?

  • Dru Blaauw
    Dru Blaauw 2 days ago

    Can you please make a magnet give away

  • PotatoPieGaming
    PotatoPieGaming 2 days ago

    Why is there a TKOR logo on 4:52

  • olivia grieve
    olivia grieve 2 days ago


  • da boss
    da boss 2 days ago

    exactly 4:52 theres some sort of easter egg or somemthing with the logo

  • little devil child sea-monster

    can you guys try melting, freeze drying, casting iron in and putting a needable eraser in a vacuum chamber? *plz like lmao I really wanna see what happens in the cause chamber

  • Jaeden Quiles
    Jaeden Quiles 2 days ago

    They should take the magnets that are heated and make a way to throw spark balls

  • Ice.
    Ice. 2 days ago

    Make a magnetic sword?

  • spike snipes
    spike snipes 2 days ago +4

    You need a diamond tip blender lol

  • AK-47 boi
    AK-47 boi 2 days ago


  • Charles Bilek
    Charles Bilek 2 days ago


  • Lucas264
    Lucas264 2 days ago

    Magnets underwater!

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer 2 days ago

    At 4:52 there’s a flash of a broken crown sign

  • Sebastian Pritchard
    Sebastian Pritchard 2 days ago

    What about magnetic glass?

  • Adriana González
    Adriana González 2 days ago

    Will it blend? That is the question

  • Russ Gordon
    Russ Gordon 2 days ago

    magnet smoothie

  • gamersquad
    gamersquad 2 days ago

    They should make magnet sand like there’s no mess, and it’s more fun!

  • c Bass
    c Bass 2 days ago

    1:40 to 1:47 thats what he said

  • Andrew Porter
    Andrew Porter 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw their logo while they blended

  • Russell Ragland
    Russell Ragland 2 days ago

    4:52 I thought I saw something... interesting

  • aDdy bOy
    aDdy bOy 2 days ago

    What happens when you try to melt a magnet

  • Shadow Killz
    Shadow Killz 2 days ago

    6:37 that what I was just about to point out

  • urbanws1234
    urbanws1234 2 days ago

    I did not see you taste any of the magnet sand

    DARE DUDE26 2 days ago

    Why not just use magnetic powder

  • Lin Tina
    Lin Tina 2 days ago

    How did the plastic from the blender not break

  • Leonard Cavaretta
    Leonard Cavaretta 2 days ago

    Put the slime and magnet dust in the blender together.

  • Justine Flett
    Justine Flett 2 days ago

    8 3 n d what are these letters that are popping up?

  • Matthew Arnold
    Matthew Arnold 2 days ago

    magnetic slime wrapping magnet is like venom symbiote

  • xXYellow NinjaXx
    xXYellow NinjaXx 2 days ago

    You should freeze the magnets 🧲

  • Joe Consiglio
    Joe Consiglio 2 days ago

    Try making a magnet's Park bom

  • P0tat07
    P0tat07 2 days ago

    Try melting a bunch of magnets together in your foundry

  • jessica m
    jessica m 2 days ago

    Maybe try mixing the slime and the magnetic sand together in the blender?

  • Zander Chaos
    Zander Chaos 2 days ago

    what happens if you blend the magnetic putty

  • Hector Leyva
    Hector Leyva 2 days ago

    What happens if put some neodymium magnets in a furnace will they still be magnetic afterwards?