Will This Make Magnetic Sand?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • In this video we're taking some neodymium magnets and blending them into dust. Will the dust be magnetic, and what can we do with it?
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Comments • 3 837

  • Peccavi Reboot
    Peccavi Reboot 7 minutes ago +1

    Mom:WHY IS MY BLENDER BROKEN!?!?!?!?!!?
    Me:I was just trying to make magnetic sand \_( • _ • )_/

  • Dominic Linarducci
    Dominic Linarducci 18 hours ago

    u should do a collab w/ Mark Rober

  • Kimberly Morrison

    What's the name of this blender??

  • Daniel nOah Maderazo

    Can magnets melt by a metak foundry and putted in a silicon mold an shape it

  • Learn and Fun with Rajveer

    Make wings that makes us fly

  • Levi K
    Levi K Day ago

    I wonder what Grants doing these days

  • Yuna Yuri
    Yuna Yuri 3 days ago

    One of the most dangerous addiction ever..
    Do you think the sparks amazing?
    Oh now you're addicted.

  • Tara Tricky
    Tara Tricky 3 days ago

    10:41 is that how those confetti Filters were made

  • Diamond Ventures 2
    Diamond Ventures 2 3 days ago

    He keeps saying maggots instead of magnets

  • Nintend0 Sw1tch
    Nintend0 Sw1tch 3 days ago

    Thanos snap

  • Luke Armstrong
    Luke Armstrong 3 days ago +1

    4:52 - Playback speed at 0.25
    Am I the only one who noticed that?

  • G. Tom
    G. Tom 3 days ago

    did you forget to blend all those magnet ?

  • Rainy
    Rainy 4 days ago

    Pause right on 4:52😂

    Like if you saw that logo covering the screen

  • imad eren
    imad eren 4 days ago

    can you try to put magnetic sand in the microwave ?

  • Joe Nuggets
    Joe Nuggets 4 days ago

    4:50 -4:55 in slowest speed is the logo

  • Alejandro Medina
    Alejandro Medina 4 days ago

    I keep hearing magets

  • Mahathi Sriji
    Mahathi Sriji 4 days ago +1

    10:41 is my new wallpaper

  • OblongDoucheBoy
    OblongDoucheBoy 4 days ago

    Magnet smoke, don't breath this

  • Jacob Barid
    Jacob Barid 5 days ago

    I genuinely made the confused Tom face during the video intro...

    VOID YT 5 days ago

    No blender was harmed in this video

  • nono
    nono 5 days ago +1

    2:04 soooo cool

  • Kane Mcvicar
    Kane Mcvicar 5 days ago

    Subliminal message at 4:52min ?

  • Ethan Cunningham
    Ethan Cunningham 5 days ago

    Letters popped up on screen in your amazing logo letters were ed

  • Ethan Cunningham
    Ethan Cunningham 5 days ago

    Thank you marc

  • Daily Dose of Anime
    Daily Dose of Anime 5 days ago

    ironside lol

  • Miss Mistique
    Miss Mistique 5 days ago +1

    It’s called kinetic sand, not magnetic sand

  • Everything Gaming
    Everything Gaming 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice TKOR logo in the blender when he was mixing the magnets?

  • Caleb Picone
    Caleb Picone 6 days ago +1

    8:14 was something u would see in venom

  • Canyoupernouncethisnameprobablynot Tryanyway

    Wouldn't the magnets stick to the blade of the blender

  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo 6 days ago

    should crush it with hydraulic press

    ZAYTEN 6 days ago

    Making magnetic shoes

  • ViscoseComb 24
    ViscoseComb 24 7 days ago +1

    I surely hope you didn’t breath in any of the dust.

  • Angel Demon
    Angel Demon 7 days ago

    BlendTech!!! Will it blend?! Yes!

  • Divit Dhir
    Divit Dhir 7 days ago

    When you manage to get magnetic sand but realise that your house is on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • emily arnall
    emily arnall 7 days ago

    did anyone realize the logo flash as the blender was blending the magnets?

  • AGAMING 165
    AGAMING 165 7 days ago


  • N ST
    N ST 8 days ago

    Put the residue or that magnet sand in cloth and hammer it , it will turn into more smaller part

  • shvleeden
    shvleeden 8 days ago +1

    How come you didn't use mortar and pestle

  • Lego Inventions
    Lego Inventions 9 days ago

    I think magnetic slime is just slime with iron powder

  • Nexus Neviera
    Nexus Neviera 9 days ago +1

    ... "this pretty cool! Alright!"
    Me: *cringing from phone expecting explosions*

  • InfernoPlayer
    InfernoPlayer 9 days ago

    I think the dust wont stick cuz the north and south poles r retracting at the same time

  • Ozzy ruby
    Ozzy ruby 9 days ago +1

    Who thought you know what I’m going to do today I’m going to blend magnets in my blender

  • GenRafi
    GenRafi 10 days ago

    Can you melt that sand now , and form a new magnet with it when it gets cold ?

  • Tor Ma Beyadob GAMING
    Tor Ma Beyadob GAMING 10 days ago

    Id You Need To Make A Firecrackers Then Use This Trick Nice And Cool Sparks

  • Joe Adams
    Joe Adams 10 days ago +1

    TKOR: We'Re GoNnA bLeNd MaGnEtS

  • Roxy Kennedy
    Roxy Kennedy 10 days ago


  • pfc
    pfc 10 days ago +1

    You made a blender light show

  • Star Wick.V
    Star Wick.V 10 days ago

    Where is calli

  • Gabrysiellaa Camerimage

    And where tf are ur gloves ? 😂

  • Joe Chandler
    Joe Chandler 11 days ago

    You should make like a metal eddie brock and get magnetiet slime and put it near him


  • Sierrebrarc
    Sierrebrarc 11 days ago

    Take your coarse sand, and use a mortar and pestle to powder it. THEN try it in the slime. =)

  • Skyfly Skyfly
    Skyfly Skyfly 12 days ago

    Can you do magnetic kinetic sand

  • Husk3ys Away
    Husk3ys Away 12 days ago

    Go to 4:52 and put it in the slowest speed you can see...

  • Jpsoda78
    Jpsoda78 12 days ago

    Honestly think you should have mixed the Elmer's glue with the sand before adding the borax to see if it would have been more thoroughly distributed

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 13 days ago


  • I’m Awesome
    I’m Awesome 13 days ago

    What happens if you heat up magnet

  • I’m Awesome
    I’m Awesome 13 days ago

    Can you melt magnet ?

  • Spike Spike
    Spike Spike 13 days ago

    Where did you get your magnets

  • Spike Spike
    Spike Spike 13 days ago

    And my mom says don’t put a fork in an outlet meanwhile they do this

  • Emis fors
    Emis fors 13 days ago


  • StarCatAura666
    StarCatAura666 13 days ago +1

    Fire Hazard I wouldn't do that

  • Linda Thrush
    Linda Thrush 13 days ago

    You said maggots you mean magnets

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes 13 days ago

    There was a kind of random logo/sign I don’t know if it was purposeful but it was there lol 4:54

  • clarissa tr
    clarissa tr 14 days ago

    Wouldn't using a food processor rather than a blender have better results? Because food processors are usually better at blending solid things and turning them into powder.

  • Eevee
    Eevee 14 days ago

    They also lose their magnetism from heat as well

  • Elijah Billings
    Elijah Billings 14 days ago

    4:52 I want a prize 😂

  • rachman3339
    rachman3339 14 days ago

    Bro, you've got ET fingers!!!

  • Oscar The FunnyDoggo
    Oscar The FunnyDoggo 14 days ago +1

    Normal slime, every kid loves it. But *MAGNETIC SLIME* ??? Every kids dream!

  • Charlie Ritzman
    Charlie Ritzman 14 days ago +1

    5:15 fireworks in a jar...

    Try this at home kids!

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 14 days ago

    Imagine if your mom saw you doing this

  • Kevo Swavo
    Kevo Swavo 15 days ago

    I didnt see a comment on this yet so here i go with full awkwardness

    • Meggie O'dare
      Meggie O'dare 12 days ago

      I mean, the sand thing did look pretty ATTRACTIVE

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 15 days ago

    You guys should make a shirt if your black glove! Because every video you have black gloves on

  • Kiera Rose
    Kiera Rose 15 days ago


  • Tyrell Liddell
    Tyrell Liddell 15 days ago

    Kinetic Sand

  • PepperMin
    PepperMin 15 days ago +1

    i can smell the fumes through the video

  • blowmebitemepleaseme
    blowmebitemepleaseme 15 days ago

    If you were to drop a magnet on the ground, would it still have the same results as two magnets slamming into each other?

  • Kiing Killer7582YT
    Kiing Killer7582YT 15 days ago

    Could you that as a fire starter

  • nevajno nevajnova
    nevajno nevajnova 16 days ago


  • Krizteffe Marie Nieves
    Krizteffe Marie Nieves 16 days ago +3

    Me: blends oreos to crush them, then black outs
    Him: blands magnets, still has light

    This is based in real life

  • Kumbi Mandigora
    Kumbi Mandigora 16 days ago

    Put it all in a blender

  • Azeef Da Ninja
    Azeef Da Ninja 16 days ago

    8:24 I guess Venom found his new host 😂

  • DJ Binx 2.0
    DJ Binx 2.0 16 days ago

    4:52 why do i keep seeing a flashing TKOR logo?

  • Harley Kreis
    Harley Kreis 16 days ago +6

    Wouldn't that destroy the magnetic flow if they are turned to powder?

  • Carl Green
    Carl Green 16 days ago

    3:22 that is where it is going to start

    Your welcome

  • large father Christian
    large father Christian 16 days ago +1

    4:51 your logo

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa 16 days ago

    I found stuff like 2:05 once and never knew what it was other than some magnet.

  • im just a person 158
    im just a person 158 16 days ago

    I heard him say magets

  • Gacha_pup06 X.
    Gacha_pup06 X. 16 days ago +2

    What happens if you put magnets in a vacuum chamber or melt them??

    • Prose and Tea
      Prose and Tea 15 days ago

      Gacha_pup06 X. If you heat magnets they lose their magnetism

  • Jäger
    Jäger 16 days ago

    New type of clay has been invented.

  • oheyycat
    oheyycat 16 days ago


  • Frits Gamer
    Frits Gamer 17 days ago +3

    Am I the only one seeing a tkor logo at 4:51/4:52

  • Wraithe
    Wraithe 17 days ago

    So pretty

  • Miguel Elento
    Miguel Elento 17 days ago

    Use ferrite magnets.

  • Marcus Anselmo
    Marcus Anselmo 17 days ago

    I see like your logo bro

  • Lily_ Hazel
    Lily_ Hazel 17 days ago

    It is literally magnetic sand

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry 17 days ago +1

    The magnet sand slime reminded me of Calvin from Life and that was not okay

  • Jacob Branton
    Jacob Branton 17 days ago

    I could smell this video ( magnets powder)

  • Typist Kid
    Typist Kid 18 days ago

    Redo this with liquid nitrogen. Like if you want to see this.

  • dead channel
    dead channel 18 days ago

    10:06 Shazam guy slams the staff