Timothée Chalamet - Men, Women & Children (2014) [Deleted Scenes]


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  • carolina
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  • Ahmed Ghazalla
    Ahmed Ghazalla 4 days ago

    what's the name of the film

  • Halil Konak
    Halil Konak 6 days ago

    Bu filmin adi ne ?

  • omar khteeb
    omar khteeb 6 days ago

    pleas whit is name movies ?

    MIX DROID 8 days ago

    Chinguen su puta madre

  • Naya Waltz
    Naya Waltz 14 days ago

    I understand why most of his scenes were deleted because it would have slowed down the film. But if they were in the final cut he probably would have made it big sooner than later. Oh well doesn’t matter now.

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  • Dany LuCo
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  • Mars
    Mars Month ago

    Can someone tell me why the fuck each high school guy in this movie is so hot?

  • imprenoor
    imprenoor Month ago

    tim sounds like alex from 13 reasons why tfff

  • Staffenburg Wilhelm
    Staffenburg Wilhelm 2 months ago +2

    Btich face 0:47

    YOLA RESA 2 months ago

    The Scene where Ansel picks him up isn't even deleted. Cut it out. neither is the football field scene and all this other stuff that was deleted didn't push the story, so they aren't really needed.

  • Valquiria Ximenes
    Valquiria Ximenes 3 months ago +2

    Muito lindo e talentoso❤ Timmy😘😘

  • flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse 3 months ago

    The movie was boring af now i know why.

  • Миша Василий

    Как называется это фильмы

  • Serena Potter
    Serena Potter 3 months ago

    Yooooo the way he picked him up

  • myaukat
    myaukat 3 months ago +3

    Destiny has a funny way of making a point..
    Really love how things turn out for Chalamet. Hopefully his future will be so much brighter..

  • noodles
    noodles 4 months ago

    wait to timothee chalamet and kaitlyn dever in one scene

  • Wilson Cardenas
    Wilson Cardenas 4 months ago

    Was his character gay? I'll admit I haven't read the book and the deleted scenes don't make much sense.

  • Julie
    Julie 4 months ago

    0:30 hahahhahaha he weighs like 10 pounds 😂

  • Phancy
    Phancy 5 months ago +4

    Timothée wearing a vest

  • Rocío Amaya
    Rocío Amaya 5 months ago

    Oh my god. I didn't know! Thanks for this

  • Em
    Em 5 months ago

    Umm I see why these where deleted....

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza 5 months ago

    I want to be lifted

  • toomuchtime
    toomuchtime 5 months ago +4

    Is his character gay?

  • Douriaa xox
    Douriaa xox 5 months ago +2

    That look 2:15 omgggg charming face wallah

  • T roll
    T roll 5 months ago +5

    How come in most movies he’s always with older women pretending to be young but they look way older like this movie call me by your name hot summer nights and love the coopers Find him a young pretty actor to work with him so it looks better if ya know what I mean 🤣⭐️

  • Luek Savage
    Luek Savage 5 months ago +3

    You just had myyyy in you mouthhhhh... mmmmm yeasssss

  • Kayla Kosatka
    Kayla Kosatka 5 months ago +22

    Yeah timothee CHALAMET, football star...... all 92 pounds of him

  • Lailah Syanne
    Lailah Syanne 6 months ago +3

    literally only watched the film for timothée and then he wasn't even really in it😢

  • A
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  • spreadtruth
    spreadtruth 6 months ago

    I never even realized that was Tim 👀

  • Ilona Porter
    Ilona Porter 7 months ago +8

    This movie was so bad and ansel didn't even do a good job as lead, they shouldn't have cut timmys scenes out these scenes are literally the only thing that would have saved the movie.

  • SOweil
    SOweil 7 months ago +15

    DAMN, ya boy got lifted!!

  • Samantha Hart
    Samantha Hart 7 months ago

    Why is he so attractive I just fucking CANNOT

  • Jade Demas
    Jade Demas 7 months ago +73

    I nearly died laughing when Ansel just lifted Timmy like he wasn't shit XD!!!

  • Witch
    Witch 7 months ago +11

    I had a dream where Timmy was showing me places in New York and the streets were empty it was just as two, I had so much fun pretending not to know that he is famous... then I woke up :3

  • Saed Ddd2
    Saed Ddd2 7 months ago +3

    عرب موجودين👍

  • it's val!
    it's val! 7 months ago +15

    they literally cut all the scenes out wtf i am mad

  • May Ibrahim
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    • dommanique lalone
      dommanique lalone 4 days ago

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    • Catalina OTEGUI
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    • RRisBackBitcheZz
      RRisBackBitcheZz 6 months ago +6

      May Ibrahim lololol favourite comment on the fuckin Internet 🤗😩😭😂😍

  • Matthea Friggieri
    Matthea Friggieri 7 months ago +3

    so like.... what are deleted scenes exactly? xD why are they recorded with they become deleted?

  • ForsakenBlade 5
    ForsakenBlade 5 7 months ago +2

    0:07 my favorite scene

  • SELU947
    SELU947 7 months ago

    I need the cut scenes and the 4h of CMBYN as wellㅠㅠ

  • bored kid
    bored kid 8 months ago

    what’s the song at 0:00

    • ALIX79
      ALIX79  8 months ago

      Black Marble - A Great Design

  • Paul Guimond
    Paul Guimond 8 months ago

    What an insufferable movie. Made the mistake of going to see it when it was playing, and had to leave half way through. A real misfire; reeks of phoniness throughout. Poor Timmy.

  • Obliterate SGM
    Obliterate SGM 8 months ago +38

    he’s sexy even when he’s getting his ass beat.. who?

  • Melissa
    Melissa 8 months ago +3

    They shouldn’t have cut his scenes :/

  • toomuchtime
    toomuchtime 8 months ago +48

    Isn’t Timothy way more cuter with short hair

  • gaby
    gaby 8 months ago


  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe 8 months ago +15

    I bet now they wished they had kept more of these in. That movie was so monotonously undited - they might as well have kept in all the scenes.

  • Enas M
    Enas M 8 months ago +7

    Timothee u are the best and I am sorry to watched this movie and after i finished I started looking for you like what the hell where are you timothe ???
    Then I saw this and I am really sorry.

  • juliansecnat730
    juliansecnat730 8 months ago +12

    I had this one in my list of Timmy's movies to be watched later, I now regret to include this, a bunch of scenes from him were removed. The hell with that? As far as now I know, this movie's a FLOP. Earning only $2.2 Million against a production budget of $16 Million. Ouch!

    • juliansecnat730
      juliansecnat730 8 months ago

      ALIX79 Yah I know that fact. That's pretty normal in film making. That's why deleted scenes are included in dvd copies, I think.

    • juliansecnat730
      juliansecnat730 8 months ago

      ALIX79 oh, I see. Sorry myself to unfortunately... I haven't watched Juno and Up In The Air (Looking forward to watch it). I have seen the trailer of Tully. Well, I kinda like the concept and yah, maybe that one's good as the other great movies he'd made. I'll probably watch that than this one here. Thanks for the opinion.

    • ALIX79
      ALIX79  8 months ago +1

      also its not unusual for actors to be cut out (à la jessica chastain) in the editing room when the film is having problems with length or pacing and etc.

    • ALIX79
      ALIX79  8 months ago +1

      to be fair no director's filmography is spotless and jason reitman has actually made some really good movies in the past (juno and up in the air comes to mind). hoping for his sake his new film TULLY starring charlize theron is a hit and reviews already look promising.

  • fresh Hell
    fresh Hell 9 months ago +96

    Girl: we’ve been together for a year now-
    Me: a YEAR???? And you’re still so awkward around each other??

    • Sweet Tea
      Sweet Tea 2 months ago

      i mean it's understandable. I've been friends with a group of people for 4 or 5 years but i'm still PRETTY awkward with them...

    • ALIX79
      ALIX79  8 months ago +20

      omg yes they do look really awkward but the book from which the movie was based on describes that brooke was always pressuring danny to have sex with her but he was hesitant or something so that kinda explains their dynamic in that particular scene

  • V's annoying main hoe
    V's annoying main hoe 9 months ago +23

    CMBYN really let his talent shine. I bet he's already scheduled for upcoming projects the next two years. He's a natural actor.

  • fiore flower
    fiore flower 9 months ago +11

    What does Timmy says at 4:29?

    • fiore flower
      fiore flower 9 months ago +4

      Daphne Paulino this was exactly what I understood, but since English is not my native language I wasn't 100% sure... Thanks!

  • Birdie Kawaii
    Birdie Kawaii 9 months ago +53

    Wait... Are you telling me that there is a movie that exsists with both Timmy and Ansel?? 🤤🤤🤤

  • Limey Figdet
    Limey Figdet 9 months ago

    That guy was a pussy for throwing the orange at the girl's head instead of the ex footballer's.

  • Angelface247〈3
    Angelface247〈3 9 months ago +19

    Wishing I was that girl lmao

  • Alexi Dolan5SOS
    Alexi Dolan5SOS 9 months ago +8

    Ansel picking him up effortlessly and then slamming him onto the table😂😂fuckkk

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 9 months ago

    Friggin love Timothée

  • maria almeida
    maria almeida 9 months ago +5

    why arent these in the actual movie

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 9 months ago +8

    is there a plot

  • mahamad azrubreeterw
    mahamad azrubreeterw 9 months ago +26

    who's the name director ? i hope timothee dont work with this director again in the future

  • mahamad azrubreeterw
    mahamad azrubreeterw 9 months ago +89

    the director cut timothee scene.......but now Timothee Chalamet is Oscar Nominee and A-List Actor in Hollywood

  • David
    David 9 months ago +153

    What the hell is Timmy doing playing football ??? not buying it .. no way in hell

    • David
      David 8 months ago +3

      He is like 6-0 and 130 pounds...I guess he would play long gun receiver lol

    • HickoryDickory86
      HickoryDickory86 8 months ago +3

      I've seen plenty of boys with his same small build playing high school football, so it's not unrealistic.

  • David
    David 9 months ago +75

    Who the hell would want to beat Chalamet up. He is too small to even defend himself.

    • MissMiia
      MissMiia 4 months ago +1

      David 5'11 and a half or so they say.

    • David
      David 7 months ago +1

      More like 5-10 tops

    • doh B
      doh B 7 months ago +2

      David he's 6'1 that's not small

    • David
      David 8 months ago +3

      I would not be pleased , that is for sure !!!! Man the kid cannot even fight back for gods sake. Too much time spent on Piano and dancing

    • Joffery Baratheon
      Joffery Baratheon 8 months ago +12

      He threw a fruit at her what do you expect would happen dumbass. He deserve to get beaten for doing that. My god just because his roles changed you automatically assume he sweet. What if someone threw a fruit at you huh what would you do

  • Grace
    Grace 9 months ago +392

    Timmy was lifted like a baby

  • PassinBy
    PassinBy 9 months ago +44

    I cant believe that most of timmy scenes was deleted! 😩

  • Gyubler
    Gyubler 9 months ago +112

    The editor of this movie must be regretting now that they cut so much of his scenes. Timmy must have been so disappointed. He mentioned a lot of his past projects in his interviews but never this one. I guess now we know why.

  • Ms. Phalange
    Ms. Phalange 9 months ago +576

    The director must be regretting cutting his scenes now that he is an Oscar nominee

    • Oliver4 Elio
      Oliver4 Elio 5 months ago +6

      He actually steal the movie from the lead with his performance. Infact, he should have played the lead role cos he looks a teenager unlike Ansel.

    • it's val!
      it's val! 7 months ago +1

      lmao yes

    • David
      David 9 months ago +46

      He is one of the best actors on the planet and the dumb director deleted him lol

  • The Mavericks
    The Mavericks 9 months ago +3

    Timmy got his ass beat

    • David
      David 7 months ago

      That is what happens when you are more interested in your cloths and hair and weigh 120 pounds. I am not saying you need to be super Chuck Norris alpha male but you must have a medium in between.

  • JonnorRemix
    JonnorRemix 9 months ago

    Best line: “ I’m gonna cheer the shit out of you!”

  • Sukhmani Kaur
    Sukhmani Kaur 9 months ago +32

    They shouldnt have cut his scenes

  • X Z
    X Z 9 months ago +189

    Man, Timmy is so natural. He’s a great actor regardless how much they cut his scenes.

    • crowe bobby
      crowe bobby 8 months ago +1

      Maybe they'll release a Director's Cut now that he's famous.

  • Lana is my queen
    Lana is my queen 9 months ago +289

    WTH..You might as well not cast him at all

    • Oliver4 Elio
      Oliver4 Elio 8 months ago +6

      Şiir Gibi exactly.the director should have cast him the lead role instead. It would have did a better job.

    • Lana is my queen
      Lana is my queen 9 months ago +9

      Clarissa. Soeiro I know right, poor Timmy must've been disappointed

    • Clarissa. Soeiro
      Clarissa. Soeiro 9 months ago +8

      Şiir Gibi Ikr... the movie would've been so much better with these scenes...

  • STeF 43
    STeF 43 9 months ago +121


  • love akira
    love akira 9 months ago +34

    Why he seems don't like her?

    • xDoc Havoc
      xDoc Havoc 5 months ago +1

      Jessica Luis of couse, I'm just saying he didn't seem to enjoy it, like it wasn't right or something you know.

    • Jessica Luis
      Jessica Luis 5 months ago +28

      Yeah, or it could be that he just wasn't ready for sex. Doesn't have to be gay. It could be either one, but if a guy isn't ready for sex, the first assumption shouldn't be that he is gay.

    • xDoc Havoc
      xDoc Havoc 5 months ago

      Oliver4 Elio indeed

    • Oliver4 Elio
      Oliver4 Elio 5 months ago +1

      Lions xGaming Thats another possibility.

    • xDoc Havoc
      xDoc Havoc 5 months ago +3

      I don't want to break this to you but he could be gay, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Oliver4 Elio
    Oliver4 Elio 9 months ago +106

    It's a travesty that majority of his scenes were cut from this movie. It would have been interested to see his character change to a more nicer person. Also,Ansel looks quite mature to be in High School.

    • HotMessMemories1
      HotMessMemories1 2 months ago

      Oliver4 Elio “travesty” is a pretty strong word. Drama Queen. 👸

  • Love진드기
    Love진드기 9 months ago +193

    Ansel and Timothee are from the same high school

    • dommanique lalone
      dommanique lalone 4 days ago

      Love me to the same time In th was a little girl I

    • Oliver4 Elio
      Oliver4 Elio 9 months ago +16

      Love진드기 They're best buds in real life.

  • Emma Kaplan
    Emma Kaplan 9 months ago +315

    It pisses me off that so many of his scenes didn't make it into the movie cuz I think they show his character in a slightly more sympathetic light.

    • MissMiia
      MissMiia 4 months ago

      9razzler9 Bet you they regretted that so much now that he's a nominee.

    • Furkan Kaplan
      Furkan Kaplan 5 months ago

      Emma Kaplan ne dedin anlamadım ama lik TR

    • Emma Kaplan
      Emma Kaplan 9 months ago +8

      9razzler9 Still though. It just didn't make sense to scrap that much of the story.

    • 9razzler9
      9razzler9 9 months ago +6

      he wasnt big then. they didnt think twice about it.

  • Tara M
    Tara M 9 months ago +548

    He must have been so disappointed when he saw he'd been cut from most of the film.

    • Admire
      Admire 9 months ago +3

      I see you everywhere

    • greer
      greer 9 months ago +74

      True!! Even I was annoyed af because his character Danny is honestly one of the main characters in the book, it feels like they shifted the protagonism to Tim just because of Ansel lol

  • luxusmode111
    luxusmode111 9 months ago +159

    Timmy getting manhandled is something I never knew I needed till I saw this.

    • neermala n.
      neermala n. 5 months ago


    • David
      David 8 months ago

      The kid has millions of dollars and lives in NYC- there is no excuse to be that skinny. I mean a girl would have to defend him

    • David
      David 9 months ago

      Sorry !!!

    • David
      David 9 months ago +12

      The kid literally picks him up like a 20 pound baby lol

    • miraal.b
      miraal.b 9 months ago +11

      if you mean manhandled in another way😉 just watch call me by your name😂😂