Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel Reaction

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel Reaction
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Comments • 112

  • Ryoko
    Ryoko Month ago

    I thought Captain Marvel was great.
    I have only ONE problem, for lack of a better word. Really, just something that bothers me is in Avengers, Fury says that Thor's battle with the Destroyer let us know that we are not only not alone, but we are outgunned.
    And this movie debunks that because apparently, we've had visitors -- very powerful visitors -- on earth decades before.

  • The Rival
    The Rival 4 months ago

    React to the Arrow final season trailer

  • CC
    CC 5 months ago

    Nick Fury removes his eye patch in the Winter Soldier and it's a scratched eyeball damaged.

  • Smitty Plays
    Smitty Plays 5 months ago

    And she’s not the strongest Thor is stronger then her by quite a bit

  • Smitty Plays
    Smitty Plays 5 months ago

    This movie sucked and was just stupid

  • J Law
    J Law 5 months ago

    Nope, the scratch was poisonous, thats what the said in the movie.

  • AW259
    AW259 5 months ago

    This movie sucked

  • Christopher Binder
    Christopher Binder 5 months ago

    Sorry Honest Trailers you got your secret invasion back in 2014.

  • alucard624
    alucard624 5 months ago +1

    This movie was just Green Lantern as a woman. Seriously, they're practically the same movie in so many ways.

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews 5 months ago

    Damn, dude is really enjoying himself!!!

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 5 months ago

    It did not make a billion dollars....more propaganda

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 5 months ago +1

    One of the reasons why Wonder Woman worked and Captain Marvel didn't was because Wonder Woman wasn't specifically tailored towards women. Captain Marvel was. Making something tailored towards one demographic is a terrible way to make film and television.

  • Digital Sigma
    Digital Sigma 5 months ago +5

    This chick has the acting range of Kristen Stewart lmao

  • Apofisu
    Apofisu 5 months ago +1

    The unemotional stuff was due to her brainwashing.

    • Lauren Brown
      Lauren Brown 5 months ago

      But they were implying that she was struggling with controling her emotions, yet she showed no signs of struggle.

  • Prince Knight
    Prince Knight 5 months ago

    Check this out

  • Likeicare usewe
    Likeicare usewe 5 months ago +1

    They were saying Samuel Jackson moves like an old man despite the de aging technology

  • Tyan Studios
    Tyan Studios 5 months ago +1

    Awesome video:D If you are interested in Marvel, you may also like our new "Captain Marvel" Trailer-Parody!

  • MR Dot1
    MR Dot1 5 months ago +1

    this movie sucked hard...

  • Avocado Jr.
    Avocado Jr. 5 months ago +5

    In the comics, Wolverine clawed his guts and eye out. He healed his guts quickly after Logan carried him to the hospital as he was the brother-in-arms in WWII. The reason why his guts were healed quickly was because he was being tested for the Super Soldier project called Project: Rebirth as we know beforehand and against his will by his captives we don't know why his eye didn't heal though but that is the reason why Nick Fury despite living since WWII is still young. If MCU had done something similar to that, everybody would've atleast loved the movie for Nick Fury.

    • A C
      A C 5 months ago +2

      Original Nick Fury: During his time with the CIA, Fury begins wearing his trademark eyepatch. Sgt. Fury #27 (Feb. 1966) revealed that he had taken shrapnel to one eye during World War II, which caused him to slowly lose sight in it over the course of years.
      According to the comic books, Nick Fury's aging has been slowed greatly by the Infinity Formula, a serum created by Dr. Berthold Sternberg. Fury was first inoculated with the serum in the 1940s. Fury took the serum annually for many years. Originally Fury had to take the formula annually or the effects would be reversed, allowing his body to reach its actual chronological age. Nick Fury is depicted as an active athletic man despite his advanced chronological age, though writers have sometimes portrayed Fury as being past his prime despite the Infinity Formula as in the Fury and Wolverine graphic novel. As of the "Original Sin" story arc, it is revealed that at some point the Infinity Formula stopped working for him and Fury has only pretended to stop aging by using LMDs.
      MCU Fury: Got scratched by an alien pretending to be/looking like a cat. However, in CA: TWS, Fury tells Cap “the last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye."
      Note to Fury: Get a dog.

  • BioCapsule
    BioCapsule 5 months ago +2

    For me, its the problem with it being Captain Marvel, I never like any version of them. Their power set is too 'meh', there too many Marvel character with the same blaster power set and even Nova was more interesting, and her in the movie isn't just OP but ill-define. I always fins that the only thing that made them important was Marvel wanted to keep the name.

  • Dagenspear
    Dagenspear 5 months ago +2

    I'd have preferred a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel movie, with Zazie Beetz.

  • AP Girl
    AP Girl 5 months ago +1

    Kristin stewart all over again 💀

  • The Marvel/DC Fan
    The Marvel/DC Fan 5 months ago

    3:44 I thought my dog was howling again...

  • DrJayNation
    DrJayNation 5 months ago +40

    The most emotional part of Captain Marvel was the opening credits of Stan Lee.
    Also, we *did* see Fury's damaged eye, in Captain America Winter Soldier :)

  • Ladykyra101
    Ladykyra101 5 months ago +1

    OMG Aka! Where u been at baby?! 😱
    Sike, I know you lyk, hello, I hava life outside of my reactions. LOL. I know, I know, but I love me some Akasan's Honest Reactions. You always make me smile. ☺
    Hope things are going great! 👌🏽.
    - Luv from Philly! 🔔

  • Gilbert 5452
    Gilbert 5452 5 months ago +7

    I rather watch Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique than Captain Marvel.

    • Pascual Morales
      Pascual Morales 5 months ago +1

      Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress, but she was just not meant to be in a comic book movie..

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 months ago +1

      @Andree Tungcab Bullshit. Scott Pligrim, Room, Unicorn Storm and etc. Try again

    • Andree Tungcab
      Andree Tungcab 5 months ago

      @Pop Culture Inc. Hey, Watch Mother!, Far better than what Brie Larson could ever do.

    • Pop Culture Inc.
      Pop Culture Inc. 5 months ago +8

      Gilbert 5452 I wouldn't go that far, Jennifer Lawrence has not given a bit of effort in years

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada 5 months ago +1

    Doctor strange, winter soldier and black panther are my favorite marvel movies tbh

  • stefaniate
    stefaniate 5 months ago +19

    I heard that thing before and it pisses me off ! ''It was made for a different audience '' You mean the female audience ? The female audience wants good movies too! I'm a woman and I hate this movie ! It's the worst MCU movie by far, and I'm not the only woman to think that ! Be honest !

    • Ryoko
      Ryoko Month ago

      I'm a woman and I loved it. My husband and son loved it. What exactly is your point? I think Akasan meant that different people -- NOT GENDERS -- have different tastes.

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 months ago

      @Tee Bee Spiderman Homecoming deverts far from previous incarnations and even comics with tons of things and the fans are split between those who like it and those who don't. Civil War minus accords and assemble of heroes fighting each other is far far from its comics incarnaiton. Thanos is far from his comic incarnation motivation. The point is this isn't the first time marvel has done this and it won't be the last so saying that this movie suffered or is bad cause it went different from the original story and anyone who read won't like it is a bad argument to criticize this movie since mcu does it all the time and aren't given flak for it but this does ???

    • Tee Bee
      Tee Bee 5 months ago +1

      @Dimension Zone ok but imagine infinty war without thanos,black order,wakanda,doctor strange and guardians. This is atleast the second time they have pulled this.if you liked the movie that is fine,but if you're familiar with the story you feel short changed. I know they can't follow the comics down to every detail. But they served oatmeal and called it cake.you can get full but not satisfied.

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 months ago

      @alucard624 Yet Black Panther had a major agenda and wasn't worse than Thor 2 so that argument is weak. Secondly Brie Larson may have had one but the movie didn't even focus or throw woman agenda at our faces

    • alucard624
      alucard624 5 months ago +1

      @Dimension Zone Thor 2 didn't have an agenda. Enough said.

  • Hakiem Ray
    Hakiem Ray 5 months ago

    That laugh was so Fake!! 😂

  • Paragjyoti Saikia
    Paragjyoti Saikia 5 months ago +5

    The best parts of CAPTAIN MARVEL had nothing to do with CAPTAIN MARVEL. They should have just called it FURY AND HIS FLERKEN.

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher 5 months ago +5

    They did mention a lot of issues that people, including myself, had with the movie. But one thing they didn't touch upon is how they changed the sex of Mar-Vell from a man to a woman. I'm surprised they didn't mention that. Then again Screen Junkies could've cut it out for time sake.

    • Ryoko
      Ryoko Month ago

      I was shocked, but in a good way, that people weren't bitching about that.
      I mean, the people were losing their shit when they thought there might a black stormtrooper, so this was a really nice surprise.

    • John Gallagher
      John Gallagher 5 months ago

      @GatzMaximus Yeah I'm more curious as to why they didn't mention it.

    • GatzMaximus
      GatzMaximus 5 months ago +3

      I was annoyed when they didn't mention that

  • Sekhar Raja
    Sekhar Raja 5 months ago

    I always thought Captain Marvel will be as good as Black panther but earns as much as Antman and wasp, But it turned out it's as forgettable as antman 2 and earned as much as Black panther. Hope the sequel is as good and earns as much as Black panther.

  • Soul Fist
    Soul Fist 5 months ago +6

    Its the worst solo movie objectively. The level of action and stunt choreography doesnt come close to the others. not to mention it literally does not have a villain or a final fight. This is a superhero movie, we want to see Heroes fight villains.

    • Johannes Mäkilä
      Johannes Mäkilä 5 months ago

      @Tiago Cardoso I would say that those two movies are lot worse.

    • Andree Tungcab
      Andree Tungcab 5 months ago +1

      @Tiago Cardoso Yeah.

    • Tiago Cardoso
      Tiago Cardoso 5 months ago +1

      Really? It's worse than Thor? Worse than The Incredible Hulk?

    • Nova Masterspark
      Nova Masterspark 5 months ago

      I'd argue there's more to it than that but even then that basic premise should've been kept intact instead of throwing everyone for a loop as stupid as the one here. No amount of 'very sweet' moments can justify that.

  • Kwars
    Kwars 5 months ago +1

    I found the movie to be very boring. She was a very blaned character Even in endgame. And through the entire movie she keeps this same look on her face like is this the only face you are capable of making. And I think they made her too powerful or the villains to weak cause having a hero that can do one blast from her fist and the fight is over just leads to a boring movie. If I had to rank this movie I'd put it in the same teir as Thor the dark world.

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 months ago

      She had no time to flesh out more character in Endgame due to not being in it really and keep in mind she filmed Endgame before Captian Marvel.

  • Xlover NewmanPro
    Xlover NewmanPro 5 months ago +12

    Nick fury losing his eye to the cat is such Akira Toriyama comedy writing lol

    • Razaril 93
      Razaril 93 5 months ago +5

      I wanna get mad but damn that's so true lol

  • JamCal-X
    JamCal-X 5 months ago +30

    TO BE FAIR, that was only one group of Skrulls so another group could easily be radicalized invaders.

  • Asari
    Asari 5 months ago +50

    fake coulson could have just stabbed fury in the eye while fury was talking to real coulson

    • BioCapsule
      BioCapsule 5 months ago

      That would be a bit too much, but I do find it possible that he embellishes the things that happens to him just to make a point, it's not like he is the kind of character that tell you about himself.

    • J-tallica 1
      J-tallica 1 5 months ago +2

      THANK YOU!

  • DCF
    DCF 5 months ago +8

    I agree with you and Screen Junkies on most of the things, the movie was what it was depending on how you see it, I personally liked it, more because Nick Fury and Goose than anything 😂, and also as a guy who doesn't like FORCED and I emphasize the word "forced" PC propaganda in films, this film didn't bothered me that much compared to many other films, like, except for the "first avenger" and Mar-Vell things most of this "feminist" references flew over my head (like the "you are so emotional" thing, I really didn't catched that one 😂😂). So all in all, it is a good to very good movie in my opinion and I hope that for the eventual sequel they can improve on some things here and there but be the same and NOT fall into this mindset that it was a such success because it was a female lead, and then focuse more on that and double down on the references, cause that will probably ruin the sequel for me. 😂

  • Zulamun
    Zulamun 5 months ago +21

    Damn, havent seen you laugh so hard.. ever xD

  • Xlover NewmanPro
    Xlover NewmanPro 5 months ago

    My notification just said "Akasan: Captain Marvel" so for a sec i thought i was in the past and he was reacting to the captain marvel trailer, lol yea i've seen endgame too much..or it could be the ganja...great reaction as usual

  • Content & Comments
    Content & Comments 5 months ago +7

    I love how the movie showed how Fury lost his eye. It also backs up and stays in continuity of how he uses manipulation and lies.
    Any other "badass" way just seems forced and boring to me.

  • VAFA
    VAFA 5 months ago

    Whatch this thexvid.com/video/LSwtSmadSLs/video.html and this thexvid.com/video/ENSvuyS_kHw/video.html if you have time .they both so funny

  • Taisen's Cool Stuff
    Taisen's Cool Stuff 5 months ago +6

    The Captain Marvel movie was ok

  • Internite Land
    Internite Land 5 months ago


    At least it wasn't Iron Man 2.

  • Ninja StrongHeart
    Ninja StrongHeart 5 months ago +1

    Dang I wanted secret invasions bc I thought we might be hinting at it. She’s better in Endgame than her own movie & I have her leather jacket 😂

    • Ninja StrongHeart
      Ninja StrongHeart 5 months ago +1

      TheFallofTheEleventh oh really that’s cool. I hope so & Miss Marvel is confirmed to be joining the MCU. I bet it’ll probably be in Inhumans

    • TheFallofTheEleventh
      TheFallofTheEleventh 5 months ago +1

      Ninja StrongHeart fun fact, the Russo Brother recently said that they would actually return to Marvel if they got the chance to make the Secret Invasion storyline

  • Timothy Swindell
    Timothy Swindell 5 months ago +13

    I don’t know why Antman gets so much flack. You would have to pay me to rewatch Captain Marvel. I would pay you to rewatch Antman. Thor, all of the Captain America films were like a billion times better than Captain Marvel. The movie was so boring, and you’d be better off just watching the after credit scene.

  • Aidan Van Hammee
    Aidan Van Hammee 5 months ago +22

    Says movie is ok
    *proceeds to say "I didn't like that" throughout the whole video* XD

  • DireBox 9990
    DireBox 9990 5 months ago +10

    3:43 😂😂

  • Susano'o steel samurai smite

    Well see if her second movie can reach a billion dollars with out a giant movie like endgame backing her up.

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 months ago

      @Levi Clement Present facts on this and don't base it on your political view or things you hear everyday on the internet about "sjw s only going to see" there are literally reactions of audience cheering for her when she shows up in endgame and it's not all woman screams before you use that excuse too. Right now her blu ray sells are looking high to so again where's you evidence on this. Cause she said choice words that whether good or bad still doesn't define who goes or refused to go

    • Levi Clement
      Levi Clement 5 months ago +1

      @Content & Comments nah just all the sjw people even those who dont watch marvel movies went to see it bc brie was the lead

    • Content & Comments
      Content & Comments 5 months ago +2

      @Susano'o steel samurai smite Conspiracy theory BS. There is no hard evidence only evidence that can be manufactured.
      The big question would be why wait until Captain Marvel? Why wait ten years for the movie that comes out just before the ten year culmination movie does. There is nothing to gain.
      If anyone was going to fake anything they would do it when it counts and that is in phase one.
      Disney has had flops before. They know that one flop after 10 years of hits is not going to damage the brand.
      Anyone who thinks Disney fakes it is, at the very least, having a glitch in common sense and intelligence.

    • Susano'o steel samurai smite
      Susano'o steel samurai smite 5 months ago +2

      @Content & Comments there's also evidence that Marvel bought movie tickets to boost the sales, that's why there was a trend going around of people going to the movie theaters too see Captain marvel but the seats in the theaters were completely empty. Even managers of the theaters thought it was weird that people bought tickets online selling the theater out bought nobody was showing up to watch the movie. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Content & Comments
      Content & Comments 5 months ago +2

      A movie doe not make a billion dollars without repeat viewings. Even if a lot of people went to see it because of IW and Ensgame, the film still needs people to go see it multiple times in order for it to reach that high of a number.
      Also Ant man and The Wasp came out right after IW and that didnt help that movie.