RazörFist Arcade: ALIEN vs. PREDATOR (1994)

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • The true story of Salma Hayek's first encounter with Harvey Weinstein.
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  • Brandon Jenner
    Brandon Jenner 4 months ago

    lol the predator eats hot dogs!

  • matt markowitz
    matt markowitz 5 months ago

    Hah I remember this. It was right next to the ninja turtles one 😆

  • Radkon Psygami
    Radkon Psygami 5 months ago

    While playing one of the predators:
    - If you jump up in the air and then attack while moving joystic DOWN-TOWARD-OPPONENT then you will do a special roll attack
    - If you do a Street Fighter style uppercut attack (similar to that of Ken or Ryu) then you will likewise do an uppercut attack

    While playing the colonial marine:
    - If you grab an opponent press jump followed by attack and you will do a pile driver attack similar to that of Hagar in Final Fight
    I haven't played this game in over 20 years. . .but I think the above moves were implemented from arcade to console - they're pretty fun to do in the right moment.

  • William Dirickson
    William Dirickson 6 months ago

    Man when I was a kid I wanted this game so bad

  • mherzog21
    mherzog21 6 months ago


  • voodoochild346
    voodoochild346 6 months ago

    "Only white women fuck dogs." - Eve

    Well she's not wrong...

  • Chris Sawyer
    Chris Sawyer 6 months ago

    Still can't believe that this beauty was planned for the 32X, of all systems.

  • frankcastle498
    frankcastle498 6 months ago

    Here in Tampa we got a pretty big fanbase for the Rays. Bucs not so much. Lightning has a massive fandom.

    • Dark Demonik
      Dark Demonik 6 months ago

      There is no fan base for the Rays stop lying 😂

  • MadVulcan
    MadVulcan 7 months ago +1

    47:28 Lefties clam to be a good people but can't be good in real life.

  • zanitzeuken
    zanitzeuken 7 months ago

    dat Jared Taylor impression tho

  • T.C. Filbin
    T.C. Filbin 7 months ago

    React to this

  • EpicJasonX9000
    EpicJasonX9000 7 months ago +2

    hey Capcom! here's a game that deserves to be re-released on modern consoles!
    same with Konami's Aliens Arcade.
    same with Sega's Alien 3 The Gun.
    and same with Alien Trilogy.

  • Skeptical Panda
    Skeptical Panda 7 months ago

    I hope you brought enough quarters for the machine.

  • Da Lime
    Da Lime 7 months ago

    This is at an arcade in my city

  • 3DMaster
    3DMaster 7 months ago

    Predator 2 review? There's a Predator 2 review?

    Or is that supposed to be some kind of in-joke I don't get?

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf 7 months ago

    I think the chic was a android synthetic in the game

  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche

    Where'd the other half of the stream wind up? Or are you uploading it separately?

  • Caitiff
    Caitiff 7 months ago

    2:45 Miss Eve proves that she's a good fit, for this channel and fan base.

  • Catthew
    Catthew 7 months ago +6

    Where is the silent hill 2 part of the stream? I was watching this stream while cleaning house and the missed large chunks of silent hill part please upload.

  • blastyfs2
    blastyfs2 7 months ago

    if I remember right it was 98 2000 and 2010, 2000 was by a dif developer than rebellion

    98 was okay, 2000 was my fav (good luck finding a modern pc that can play it though :() and 2010 was not so good

  • Garnu Rikta
    Garnu Rikta 7 months ago +7

    A Predator sequel with an Arnie arm cannon can still happen. Would work with an aging Arnie.
    Dutch is old and when another Predator attacks, he gets in the action
    Would take that over Dark Fate

    • jrny20
      jrny20 3 months ago

      @RipOffProductionsLLC No, he just disappeared. You can look on a Predator Wiki sight, and it will tell you.

    • RipOffProductionsLLC
      RipOffProductionsLLC 6 months ago

      I thought Predator 2 said Dutch died from radiation poisoning from the first Predator's self-destruct bomb.

  • Joe Musashi
    Joe Musashi 7 months ago

    The best Alien vs Predator game ever. Damn shame this game never got a home port version.

  • Faded Tiger
    Faded Tiger 7 months ago

    Razor, I think Kurosawa is the girl who joins the predators in the comics.

  • I'mBatmanHI
    I'mBatmanHI 7 months ago +3

    Blackie lawless was turned down for the T-1000 because at 6ft he would look bigger than arnold fun T2 fact

  • Nicholas Glenn
    Nicholas Glenn 7 months ago

    I loved this game.

  • Chris Buchanan
    Chris Buchanan 7 months ago

    Miss these old 90s side-scroller. Avengers had a cool one but Spiderman was the shit. Fuck I miss the arcade.

  • The Morris Channel
    The Morris Channel 7 months ago +1

    Razorfist, you make me want to do something like this! shoe me the ways Razorfist!

  • Trenchcoat1Sword
    Trenchcoat1Sword 7 months ago +12

    Where tf is the rest of the stream?

    • Ashs2dust -
      Ashs2dust - 5 months ago +2

      Konami clamed it and TheXvid nuked it , its GONE gone

  • wingzero7X
    wingzero7X 7 months ago +1

    Everyone keeps talkng about the predator 2 review, but I can't find it, did the video get taken down?

    • Taylor West
      Taylor West 7 months ago +1

      Here it is:

    • Taylor West
      Taylor West 7 months ago +1

      I think he mentioned something about it being struck down for copyright infringement. I hope they let it through for "fair use" because I'd love to see it.

  • AvengerII
    AvengerII 7 months ago +2

    I love how Razor talks about Sarkeesian but then breaks back into the game and goes, "Kill him! Kill him!"
    He's right, though. She WAS inconsequential. People gave her WAY too much power.
    If the game companies are smart, they will not make the mistake of giving credit to cons like Sarkeesian and Quinn in the future.
    You can tell the game companies are run by some dummies to donate $$$ or give these two con artists time.
    DC Comics was stupid enough to give Quinn a gig, too, at Vertigo and they just shut down the Vertigo Comics label this past week!
    They didn't FIRE the head editor (Andy Khouri) at Vertigo who recruited all those NPC/SJWs to write Vertigo Comics this past year but the imprint is finished.

  • DT Scurvy
    DT Scurvy 7 months ago

    Why is the Predator 2 video private?

  • AvengerII
    AvengerII 7 months ago +1

    You can tell this is a Capcom game...
    It has the CPS-2 startup with the Q-Sound logo and the girl character looks like Chun Li's sister!
    I don't think they ever ported this to any system and I don't believe it's been re-released in any of Capcom's retro-releases. They'd have to pay a license to Fox/Disney just like they did when they re-released several old Capcom games in addition to the doing the more recent Marvel Vs Capcom games the last which was a solid bomb in the gaming community from what I've heard. I think I've played all the Capcom Marvel games except that last one because I don't have a PS4 and frankly the game looked like dog$h!t. Yeah, no desire to play a game with Carol Danvers as playable character...

  • rishnix
    rishnix 7 months ago

    One of the greatest beat 'em ups of all time.

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 7 months ago +3

    What is it with the faggy questions about Jameriquai?

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 7 months ago

    The cry of desperate women and gays everywhere: " We're headed for Penis."

  • Merlynn132
    Merlynn132 7 months ago +7

    Ok,I'm gonna explain how this works cause I've seen it a number of times now.
    Sarkeesian was going to be a thing because the media wanted to attack gaming. And she volunteered to be their poster girl for misogynist gamers attacking women. Feminism was beginning to creep into gaming in 2010. In early 2012,a Cross Assault team coach was held up by the media are a sexual harasser. And we started seeing several gaming sites and video makers join in on shaming "toxic masculinity in gaming" months before Sarkeesian dropped her kickstarter ad. She saw the writing on the wall and she stepped up to be the "oppressed woman" their narrative needed.
    So no,ignoring Anita wouldn't have changed a goddamn thing. Her series was dead by 2016 and she's still plying her trade now,3 years later. Because you need to understand what she is. A con artist. Con artists do not stop simply because the well went dry,they move on to other marks. And Sarkeesian's made a fuck load of money off gaming companies,feminists,and the media. She never intended to get money from gamers,she got it from the people who WANTED her bullshit. Or to be protected from it.
    And if you need any further proof this opinion is wrong,there's the fact Jim Sterling feels the same way. You need only look at her "threatening" comments to know her whole slanderous diatribe about "gamers overreacting" was complete fraud. They were making mountains out of holes. Most of the comments she held up as examples were written by one time use accounts and never used again. And it wouldn't be the first time someone's faked harassment to get attention and money. It's not even the first time on the internet. Long story short,if she didn't receive harassment,SHE MADE HER OWN!!!
    So no,ignoring her wouldn't have changed a goddamn thing. Except we'd have missed out on a great opportunity to use this moronic 2 bit con artist against the media that made her. Debunking Anita proved the media was a pile of lying shit. They pushed her and beat us over the head with her and all they got for the trouble was the complete loss of all their believability. Most of the gaming press are dead or dying. The SJW machine has stalled. And only the most braindead idiots,corporate CEOs,believe a word she says. They backed the wrong horse and now they have to eat it.
    Is that clear enough?

    • Merlynn132
      Merlynn132 7 months ago

      @TheAlphaIncel Too bad Razor didn't see it. In his new video,he still says Sarkeesian should've been ignored.

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 7 months ago

      Well said.

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 7 months ago

    Or, you forgot the other extreme, Razor: The barely comprehensible hire from Bangalore, India that you can't understand because of the thick accent.

  • some white male
    some white male 7 months ago

    Best side scrolling beat them up in my veiw.

    EYE DESTROY EVERYTHING 7 months ago +2

    Hey Razor would you ever do a video on old 80s heavy metal horror movies like trick or treat ?
    The one with ozzy about the fictional singer Sammy kur.
    There are others but I can’t remember them all 😂
    Anyways , thanks for all the content especially the king diamond mythos.
    The king doesn’t get enough respect ✊
    Thanks dude

  • Tactical_Assault_Popsicle
    Tactical_Assault_Popsicle 7 months ago +6

    The Rebellions AVP was a thousand times better than Colonial Marines.

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 7 months ago

    YOU'RE BACK! Everything ok, guy!

  • THE Smith.
    THE Smith. 7 months ago +1

    3 times? What'd ya do, speak yer mind? Tsk, tsk.


  • Ryann Von Doom
    Ryann Von Doom 7 months ago

    Why the fuck doesnt anyone use the plasmacaster or dutch's gun when you get a super? anyone who streams this never does that shit lol.

  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche

    If I can speak to Bone Tomahawk's defense, I think the biggest reason they kept the cave people as racially ambiguous as they did was to avoid backlash from 1/16 Cherokee crybabies who think that all Native tribes were peace loving hippies and that none of them were brutal, sadistic bastards.
    *cough* Apache *cough* Iriquois *cough*

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 7 months ago

      You think so? I don't see why they would get offended cause I recall it was stressed that tribe was ostracized by all the other tribes for their actions. Ah well, still a good film.

  • Lou B
    Lou B 7 months ago

    Major Schaefer's robot arm changes from right to left.

    • Alex
      Alex 7 months ago +1

      That's just sprite mirroring or the Ambidextrous Sprite, which is normal for 2D video games.

  • The Thought Criminal
    The Thought Criminal 7 months ago +14

    The chick character is named Machiko Noguchi. She is from the Aliens vs Predator comic series by Dark Horse comics. She is the first Mary Sue, SJW character I encountered all the way back in 1989. All the men are misoginists and she is a fung fu, executive leader, who uses guns and pistals, and has a katana and goes hunting aliens with the Predators at the end of the story, because she was marked by a dying leader of one of the Predator trides. This shit was misandric before we knew what progresivism was. At one point, one of the male characters comes on to her aggressively and she puts him through the wall. And she later accuses the Predators of acting "macho," while one of the Predators is trying to kill her and the other is trying to protect her as she runs away. One of my friends was disterbed by the misandry in the comic, to the point, that he pointed it out to me....while it went right over my head. Women have been openly hostile and cruel toward men for a very long time, and men are not even aware of it when it is happening to them. I've always liked strong female characters, but this comic is the earliest example in my life where the female character is raised up, but putting her foot on the throats of the men.

    • DIEGhostfish
      DIEGhostfish 3 months ago

      I am pretty sure this isn't the same gal
      Also, I only remember one dude maybe two acting sexist towards her and I'm 90% sure at one point she goes off on a guy for being sexist when he wasn't and feeling really damn ashamed. But I read the novel by Steve Perry (Shadows of the Empire) and his daughter first and that fleshed her out a lot more given the extra pagecount. Also can you really say the Predator youfs in that comic WEREN'T a bunch of exceptionally dumb meatheads with no fucking impulse control the minute their tardwrangling elders died? That training ship musta been the space alien shortbus.

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 7 months ago

      The Thought Criminal God damn, was this every where then? I know the comic Requiem Chevalier Vampire mocked pc nonsense way back and I cant believe it goes even further.

    • Scowler
      Scowler 7 months ago +1

      The joke is on misandrists. Because womens' only alternative to men are mediocre imitators. Twice as violent, twice as lazy.

  • Diana Barnett
    Diana Barnett 7 months ago +23

    A Predator wielding an m41a pulse rifle. This is excellent.

  • Poison
    Poison 7 months ago

    Razor...How does one become as beautiful as you are?

    • OfficialTeddyBeale
      OfficialTeddyBeale 7 months ago +1

      Poison you get a best friend who looks like T Boogie and a goddess like Eve.

  • Aleric
    Aleric 7 months ago +5

    The Critical Drinker managed to get his review of Wonder Woman back up and it was hit was the same BS you experienced.

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner 7 months ago +8

    What's changing in Iran is they are going bankrupt if im remember what I read right they are suffering through 6%-9% inflation a quarter and Iran is in Syria atm the Revolutionary guard has been losing men like crazy estimates are anything from 2,700k to 10k hell of a swing I know but a lot of the troops are random Militia that Iran doesn't really care if they die a few years ago ISIS oer ran a Rev guard position and captured some of the men ... poor bastards and the remainder of ISIS in syria keep attacking Iranian Positions in the east of the nation.

    I think Trump would be wise to just let sanctions and the Iranian involvement in syria take its toll Attacking Iran would only serve to unite the Iranian people with the Gov/Mullas

  • Cartoonman154
    Cartoonman154 7 months ago

    Childhood memories.

  • TrainerRED Charizard
    TrainerRED Charizard 7 months ago

    Oh More razorfist arcade..injustice play some day?

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden 7 months ago

    3:09 Technically, "Dutch" Schaefer's actual first name was "Alan."

    • Bearded Bjorn
      Bearded Bjorn 7 months ago +1

      No way. This badasses name is Alan?! LMAO 😂 😂

  • Shaggy Rogers’ political ramblings

    I meant Gina Gershon Razor, but hey I’ll take a shot in the chili ring for 20 bucks.

  • Western Man
    Western Man 7 months ago +3

    Double Dragon but with Predators..
    You guys remember the original X-Men Arcade? It was 4-wide and you could be; Wolverine, Colossus(Raaawr), Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and I think Rogue? ..That was my fave.

    • Western Man
      Western Man 7 months ago +1

      @lightspeedlegato Ok so maybe Im not insane..Right on.

    • lightspeedlegato
      lightspeedlegato 7 months ago +1

      They had 2 versions, a 4 player cabinet and a 6 player.

    • Western Man
      Western Man 7 months ago

      @Bearded Bjorn nice ill have to check it out Im surprised I missed it.
      My god how I miss firing quarters into that thing. Worth every penny.

    • Bearded Bjorn
      Bearded Bjorn 7 months ago

      Razor has a stream of him and Terran playing that a few months back

    • Western Man
      Western Man 7 months ago

      Both you guys could very well be right..In fact now that I think about it..Maybe my brain just would not process the fact that we had 6x arcade games 30 years ago..Now we get no such thing.

  • Interfacer
    Interfacer 7 months ago

    Sick game I have it running on my PS Vita in Retroarch mame

  • greg wishart
    greg wishart 7 months ago +18

    capcom arcade beat em ups in the late 80s ans early 90s were legit

  • FeanorBR
    FeanorBR 7 months ago +3

    The golden years of Beat Em Up. This + the DnD ones were tge best arcade games I ever playes.

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner 7 months ago

    You should play Mother Russia bleeds

  • CyphaBorg
    CyphaBorg 7 months ago +1

    Predator in the city was stupid,Terminator 2 was a better deal.