How I Make Money On YouTube - Q&A!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  6 months ago +135

    Hey friends! I wanted to do a Q&A in honor of us hitting 1 million subscribers!! I have been wanting to open up more with you guys and share more of my life, and this is a step in that direction. I hope this helps explain what I've been up to and how the channel is changing and improving for you all.

    • Camille Toubol
      Camille Toubol 5 months ago

      Hi Michelle! Thank you for all your videos(:
      Have you thought about doing a challenge in which you (try to) learn a musical instrument?

    • Kaylee Tucker
      Kaylee Tucker 5 months ago

      Michelle Khare I think our fan base name should be the challengers

    • S0dap0pb0ttle
      S0dap0pb0ttle 6 months ago +1

      Hey, I have a fitness video idea!
      I was wondering if the next time you do a transformation, can you focus on measurents that have nothing to do with weight/appearance? Like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, energy levels, blood sugar levels, hours sleeping, etc. I feel like too often we couple weghtloss with being healthy when that's not always true and there are so many other factors.
      Here is an article I got some of this from:
      Thanks for reading!

    • lex youmans
      lex youmans 6 months ago please watch it it's important for you where you can lose your career if nothing is done about it. Article 13

    • Taylor Scott
      Taylor Scott 6 months ago

      Michelle Khare ❤️👍

  • Whizz! Bang! Boom!
    Whizz! Bang! Boom! 21 day ago

    In 8 months sub count has changed to be 150% of when this video came out

  • Lorenna
    Lorenna 28 days ago

    I love you & your energy 🤗 you are such a lovely soul.

  • Alexis Dupont
    Alexis Dupont 29 days ago +1

    If your a youtuber, do you technically work for Google?

  • Izbizboo112 64
    Izbizboo112 64 Month ago

    love you so much

  • Kaylee Dodson
    Kaylee Dodson Month ago +1

    thank you for your work ethic, honesty, and quality. I do have one request... please do not become a vlogger. Every time someone starts vlogging, after a month or two after that their content turns into crap. keep doing what you're doin!!!

  • Tori's Stories
    Tori's Stories 2 months ago

    The music is alittle too loud in this video....

  • Tsar Nicholas II
    Tsar Nicholas II 2 months ago

    at 4:42 you said there where 2 videos that were the hardest to make, but you only named one.

  • 연극Myntsu Gacha 민트

    You’re the only person I don’t get bored of watching all the time

  • Jolie Madonia
    Jolie Madonia 3 months ago

    how does she not already have 2 million subscribers?

  • Sorcerersupreme007
    Sorcerersupreme007 3 months ago

    Missed the chance to submit a question but I am curious about this since I’ve never heard you touch on it before. Are you religious, and if so how does that affect what you do on the show and off?

  • Kefi
    Kefi 3 months ago

    You are awesome! You inspire me. Thank you for keeping it real. For being so relatable.

  • fibreoptik
    fibreoptik 4 months ago

    « Ripped out from under the rug » 😂

  • David Richards
    David Richards 4 months ago

    Reach out to Ava Gordy.

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson 4 months ago

    MKhaters was what I was thinking you could call all the haters out there. Congrats on 1 million!

  • Patricia O'Flynn
    Patricia O'Flynn 5 months ago

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers! Your videos are very inspirational to me. I have been on a fitness journey for the last 6 months to build muscle, strengthen my back and put on weight. I'm petite, I've always been under weight and never been sporty. I joined a gym with a personal trainer. I love it, I have put on 8 pounds of muscle and I feel strong for the first time in my life 💪

  • Marffetka Marffetka
    Marffetka Marffetka 5 months ago

    1 question that hasn't been answered is how were you able to afford to start financing things that required money if you weren't working. And if you were working how were you able to find time to still do the videos...?

  • kristen
    kristen 5 months ago

    Your videos are incredible.

  • Kat Bon
    Kat Bon 5 months ago

    Would you ever consider a video training like a crossfitter?

  • butterfly sailor
    butterfly sailor 5 months ago

    Totally would love to work with you one day! Soak up some of that awesomeness!!

  • anyadarlingg
    anyadarlingg 5 months ago

    You are doing so awesome and making amazing content. Idk why you havent blown up by now. But you will soon, I know it :)

  • Heather Cash Art
    Heather Cash Art 5 months ago

    I use Function of Beauty and I love it! I have the pistachio scent

  • Legendofthe_dark
    Legendofthe_dark 5 months ago

    Some people actually don't mean it when they say "omg your my favorite TheXvidr! " But you, you are so different. I actually looked up your name on TheXvid so I can watch you again. I NEVER do that. It usually just pops onto my feed. You are so caring and humble and I haven't been here for long but all night can say is thank you for being you. Thank you for all your troubles thank you for all your hard work. And thank you for caring for your fans. You are my favorite TheXvidr and you've given me motivation to say that I'm going to try hard this year. I love you have a good life and goodbye

  • Lit Lions
    Lit Lions 5 months ago +7

    The whole time I was looking at that blue chair because the angle made it look like the Twitter bird 😂😂😂

  • Beauty By KatiaVB
    Beauty By KatiaVB 5 months ago

    love your channel and videos , keep it going Michelle

  • FerNyan2468
    FerNyan2468 5 months ago +1

    I've just found your channel and I love your content in youtube. You're inspiring and every video is GOLD. Keep going. Love from Chile

  • JinaSolo
    JinaSolo 5 months ago

    Are you still doing your MK Ultra 'fighting' videos?

    I want to see you as Selene from the Underworld movies. Though you would have to train and live in latex catsuits for at least a month...

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller 5 months ago

    *u should call your fan base "The Khare Shares"* u know … cuz we all share content with 1 another :D

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller 5 months ago

    *Favorite QUOTES?!* Dude, quotes r MY thing :P ne thing iv come up with, on my own, ill tag it with a " #LelynnQuotes " (follow me on FaceBook, if ur interested in seeing most of them) - Lelynn originals that iv created, weather itsa drawing, or sumthin from my sewing machine, or sum other craft. but mostly if its a poem, or a "QUOTE" . I have been known to come up with shit that's already done been quoted already, but if its sumthin I STRONGLY agree with, YEAH, its getting quoted the fuk out, like a muuug ;) (example; "hope for the best, but prepared for the worst". that's 1 I live my life by) I try to twist it til its worded MY way tho. 1 I came up with like 20 yrs ago is "find a solution b4 theres a problem", that1s DEFINITELY 1 I live my life by #Lelynnosophy #LelynnQuotes

  • Ana Morello
    Ana Morello 5 months ago +1

    OMGGGGGGG you and Garrett YAYYYYYY happy for you guys!

  • Sydney Nicole
    Sydney Nicole 5 months ago

    If you weren't a youtuber I feel like you'd be a stunt double for a progressive TV show where all the women are badasses

  • veipunii lana
    veipunii lana 5 months ago

    Congratulation for your one million sub
    You really deserve it🇮🇳
    You earn a new subscriber 😀

  • cancerrai
    cancerrai 6 months ago

    Your smile is unique. It gives me chills.. In a good way though..

  • Taylor Macko
    Taylor Macko 6 months ago +1

    OMG! I thought you and Garrett were already a thing!
    (Am i clairvoyant or what?! 0.0)

  • Melanie D
    Melanie D 6 months ago +1

    You're the ex-buzzfeed employee whose content in the best imo. congrats on the depth of your channel love it

  • milica659
    milica659 6 months ago

    I think your channel is so original, and i am so happy that i found you. You inspired me to go back to what i love doing - training

  • Kyra McClelland
    Kyra McClelland 6 months ago

    please do a pole dancing video!!

  • Janika
    Janika 6 months ago

    Michett? Gachelle? Kharett? Michenell? So many options!

  • hema divya
    hema divya 6 months ago

    Oh God! I am addicted to you. Please save me.

  • A. Zhang
    A. Zhang 6 months ago

    Wow. You're so smart and work so hard even when the outcome is not so clear (or very clear at all). I respect you so much and I look up to you so much. I appreciate how you're opening up about your personal life and I have always wanted to know more about one of my favorite youtubers and I'm so glad that you feel comfortable and that you're happy (looks like the ship has sailed). Also, I'd love a boyfriend tag! ;)

  • A. Zhang
    A. Zhang 6 months ago

    I've been watching you for a while, and I have to say I'm so proud! You've worked so hard and you truly deserve this. Being the CEO of a completely new channel could not have been easy and I know there were a lot of risks you had to take. Congratulations and I hope to be with you through your next million! Love ya!

  • Liann Living Life
    Liann Living Life 6 months ago

    You are truely amazing and by far my favorite TheXvidr. You're so different and unique and that is what I love most about your channel. I wish you all the best for your future ❤️❤️❤️

  • sarahghutch
    sarahghutch 6 months ago +1

    Hey gal! what you do is incredible and different from anyone else on youtube, and it's always inspiring, educational and thought-provoking content. So even though you only just reached a million (super congrats to you!!!) you shouldn't compare yourself to other TheXvidrs cause you really have created a new sphere for this community! You have such a big heart, you're so brave and your work ethic is beyond incredible! You deserve everything good that comes your way, and can't wait to see what comes next :)

  • Heather Rasmussen
    Heather Rasmussen 6 months ago

    Can’t wait for the ballet video!! Not for the faint hearted though

  • turtle sweets
    turtle sweets 6 months ago

    Honestly, you deserve more

  • Diana Howick
    Diana Howick 6 months ago

    you should collaborate with YES theory

  • ChLoRiNe DrInKeR
    ChLoRiNe DrInKeR 6 months ago

    How did you only hit 1 million you deserve 20x that!

  • Keri McCaffrey
    Keri McCaffrey 6 months ago

    #ultrafans or #mkultrafans!

  • Tatianna HHaili
    Tatianna HHaili 6 months ago

    This is a good video. Helped inspire me. Not everything goes right, but you picked yourself up.

  • Ocean Lover
    Ocean Lover 6 months ago

    I wish I had a million subs!!!!

  • MegaLoveArashi
    MegaLoveArashi 6 months ago

    What happened to Matt ?

  • Serwena1212
    Serwena1212 6 months ago

    You look amazing

  • Jacob Pajer
    Jacob Pajer 6 months ago

    OMG you're my friends cousin!

  • nick ghodke
    nick ghodke 6 months ago

    Can you speak '#MARATHI' ???

  • fa fantastic
    fa fantastic 6 months ago

    You are so inspiring 💜 I purple you 💜

  • Alissia Juravlev
    Alissia Juravlev 6 months ago

    Can you make a video about your fitness journey?

  • Mar Guerite
    Mar Guerite 6 months ago +10

    *You don't HAVE to tell us about your private/romantic life !*

  • l1233799
    l1233799 6 months ago

    How about, Train and qualify as a sky diver in 30 days?

  • Naomi - Pop
    Naomi - Pop 6 months ago +1

    Hey Michelle, can you do a video about doing paleo diet for a week please 😊😊

  • Vignesh .D
    Vignesh .D 6 months ago

    love from india

  • Vignesh .D
    Vignesh .D 6 months ago

    love you so much khare.

  • Romy Hudson
    Romy Hudson 6 months ago

    Your videos don't come up on my subscription feed anymore ! :(

  • Schokoladenmotorboot
    Schokoladenmotorboot 6 months ago

    Congrats on 1Million subcribers!! I really love your videos where try out different things, like the beauty peagent, which was really fascinating. Maybe you could try to train like a figure skater for a few months, that would be crazy too :D Anyway, keep up the great work! :)

  • Empathetic joy
    Empathetic joy 6 months ago

    Congrats, Michelle! You worked hard, you deserved this succes!

  • Foo Lessig
    Foo Lessig 6 months ago

    Dang girl your short compared to you team

  • Caroline B.
    Caroline B. 6 months ago

    garrett is great! please don't let gabbie convince you she needs to go out on a date with him too

  • Zombeanie49
    Zombeanie49 6 months ago

    Your followers should definitely be called the Ultra's

  • Tracie Irene
    Tracie Irene 6 months ago

    I vote Ultras.

  • Frozen Thorn
    Frozen Thorn 6 months ago

    Khare bears obviously, i know its probably mentioned 100 times already but that's because it is perfect.

  • marc Leong
    marc Leong 6 months ago

    New fitness series booyeah!!!

  • ArualBlack
    ArualBlack 6 months ago

    The Khare Bears 😂😄

  • Nelly campbell reeves
    Nelly campbell reeves 6 months ago

    Michelle, there is one channel called Yes Theory and its all about putting yourself out of you comfort zone and I think it would be AWESOME if you collabed with them! Lysm

  • Workout Routines with Duke Pung

    I will Subcribe and interact with those who sub & like videos in my channel. Leave your comt on my videos guys. We support each other :D

  • ernesto carmona
    ernesto carmona 6 months ago

    Omg so proud of you Michelle, love your content. Been here since before 300,000

  • Olivia Marie MUA
    Olivia Marie MUA 6 months ago


  • Suyash Nowbut
    Suyash Nowbut 6 months ago

    The fan base should be named the kharees or michellelovers

  • Johanna Rauha
    Johanna Rauha 6 months ago

    Congratulations for a million subscribers and for your relationship! ❤️

  • Suyash Nowbut
    Suyash Nowbut 6 months ago


    TOP SECRET STUDIOS 6 months ago

    You are probably one of the most attractive girls I've ever seen.

  • Lauren Ricard
    Lauren Ricard 6 months ago

    You should play a character in a Marvel movie!

  • Chris Strickland
    Chris Strickland 6 months ago

    Sorry your view counts aren't that high sometimes. You got a new fan today though!

    JOSE BODON 6 months ago

    Congrats michelle.

  • Laurs Lifestyle
    Laurs Lifestyle 6 months ago +4

    You definitely deserve the one million and so much more!

  • Sonia Chavan
    Sonia Chavan 6 months ago +2

    Woah.. That juicy q and a intro tho

  • MLVL17
    MLVL17 6 months ago

    Hey Michelle! If you ever wanted to do a series about different diets people have to follow based on health. Diabetes, gluten free, low cholesterol, ect. One that is a rare disorder, but it is gastroparesis. It's a crazy diet because part of/most of the stomach is paralyzed. Love watching your channel!

  • Nontalie Morrow
    Nontalie Morrow 6 months ago

    MKUltrons or MKUltras

  • Becca Fuller
    Becca Fuller 6 months ago +2

    Swimming is such a hard workout! I would love to see you do a month of training like an Olympic swimmer! I like the Khare Bear idea that others have suggested

  • Athena Maia
    Athena Maia 6 months ago


  • K.M.M. Healy
    K.M.M. Healy 6 months ago

    You’re my favorite of the ex-buzzfeed TheXvidrs because of your in depth content. Congrats on 1M!

  • larma banana
    larma banana 6 months ago +1

    not that you havnt always been beautiful but over the last couple of months your face lights up with how happy you are. its lovely to see x

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 6 months ago

    Congrats girl I followed your channel the day you made it , I'm so happy for you ❤

  • Tatiana C
    Tatiana C 6 months ago +1

    uwu congrats 🅱

  • oksunshine18
    oksunshine18 6 months ago +3

    Aww im so excited to meet garrett and all your close friends. Can you and safiya collab please!

  • Lily Blyn
    Lily Blyn 6 months ago +3

    You are one of the only TheXvidrs I’ve found where I want to watch every single video they create. Thanks for all your hard work towards great content

  • Sara Fischer
    Sara Fischer 6 months ago

    That whole question bit around 7:00 just made me so sad. You deserve the best, MK. Don’t change what you do. It’s perfect. ❤️

  • Jessica Ruth
    Jessica Ruth 6 months ago +1

    Marvel all the way!

  • Jessica Ruth
    Jessica Ruth 6 months ago +1

    Well done! *huggies*

  • Claire
    Claire 6 months ago +2

    Holy shit, she used my comment!

  • Kit Darwin
    Kit Darwin 6 months ago

    Team MK! I think the name should be a reference to sports in any way!

  • TipsyEibsee
    TipsyEibsee 6 months ago