Cheika resigns as Wallabies coach

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Wallabies coach Michael Cheika has announced he will not seek reappointment after the side was knocked out at the quarter final stage of the Rugby World Cup.
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  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 3 days ago

    The term 'drama queen' is the wrong term to use to describe this man.
    As a South African Springbok supporter, what we see objectively is a coach and a man who is extremely passionate and supportive of rugby and the Wallaby team.
    Regardless the results u can’t fault his efforts and passion and belief in his players, all the while battling against extreme negative rugby administration and challenges off the field that impact the harmony of the team, destroyed the cohesion and trust between player and management and Rugby Australia......
    he’s offered no excuses and ultimately take sThe responsibility of the results and has stamped down.
    Good stuff Coach.
    Ultimately - Hats off.
    And to the players, I think they a great bunch, extremely talented, and the best is to come - so keep going Wallabies 👍🏻

  • hey hey
    hey hey 21 day ago

    He should go to Scotland, thats about all his fit for. Poor coach. Townsend's had his day in the sun.

  • Lerroy King
    Lerroy King Month ago

    Raelene castle ruined the bulldogs when she was there and has now ruined the wallabies! I wonder what’s next for her haha

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz Month ago

    Come to the MLR!

  • M T
    M T Month ago

    what you been feeding the public that deserve better mabe now the All Blacks will have better competition from the Wallabies like the old days Campese style

  • Richie Skingley
    Richie Skingley Month ago

    Will miss him lol

  • Gerard McNamee
    Gerard McNamee Month ago

    As an AB him or loathe him there is no doubt the guy is passionate about making it work. I think he's a good coach....doesn't always get the results you'd like....but that's what happens in competition.

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill Month ago +2

    Bring Eddie Jones home after he wins the world cup for us poms

  • Gypzy Jack
    Gypzy Jack Month ago

    ...and yes, I knew what was going to be the outcome of the Wallaby 2019 RWC campaign the minute that I heard Castle had been appointed as CEO, but the 'softness' in Aussie rugby, best exampled by the dramas of Tuquiri, Beale, and O'Connor, the focus on buying 'leaguies' without the comprehensive skill-sets of of the natural rugby player--look how many times was Tuquiri caught out of position at the cost of points--the lack of focus on junior rugby development--I saw that firsthand as an off-field manager for the "Try Rugby Programme" preceding the 2003 RWC in SE Qld--and ultimately the treatment of Folau, all has its genesis in the days when the Wallabies would camp in Coffs Harbour, and it was decided by the ARU to allow wives & girlfriends to accompany them. You don't see oil-rig workers, or shearers, or mine-workers, or executives at the proverbial 'coal-face' with their wives in tow; this is time for focus on their 'work', not the beach bikini-induced sunburn of their spouses. The appointment of Castle was just the latest manifestation of this "softness" in Aussie rugby whereby the ARU has reacted to pressures from women/mothers about 'violence in sport' rather than respond with positive messages such as "Rugby, the game of life, encompassing every body-shape, a variety of skill-sets, and a culture that embraces tolerance, inclusion, fairness, and acceptance".
    Remember, that rugby is like any corporate culture, top-down, not bottom-up!

  • Gypzy Jack
    Gypzy Jack Month ago

    Thorn & Larkham!
    The pigs remain the platform, and the hand-bag carriers have to have the creativity to work off that platform.
    There's no doubt that Oz has at the least 30 players of world standard rugby, but they have to be toughened up physically and mentally--I don't just mean being able to bench press a gazillion kgs, and the best example of that was Capt Moore who would 'flinch and look at his opponent' defending his own line as seen many times but most recollective against England at Suncorp in 2012, and yes he did step up for 3 years until he 'failed' again at the RWC 2015 and I don't mean any slight to his character--and be imbued with the confidence to play what's in front of them on the day. The Blacks failed because England denied them the game they usually play, and coach or not, they have to be able to adjust their game plan on the run to counter the opposition tactics that they are confronted with in the moment.
    My view is that Australian teams are 'over-coached'. The Blacks play the game to their inherent strengths, which are usually successful, but which were denied them on the day. The Wallabies don't have those same inherent strengths due to hard-ground rugby played up through the age divisions--hell, local councils shut down grounds if they are too wet these days--so coaching has to be aimed at countering those strengths inherent to NZ and the UK, and building on our own natural running rugby abilities which boils down to ball-handling skills on the fly, and which proved so devastating with the Ellas. For how many years did we hear in Aussie rugby, "pigs can't pass"?

  • Kris Lewis
    Kris Lewis Month ago

    That bald,kiwi tranny rae castle needs to walk too. "It" has damaged the game hugely here with "its" disgraceful decisions at a board level.

  • Greg Hallanan
    Greg Hallanan Month ago

    Definitely a step in the right direction for the Wallabies.

  • Gerry McGuire
    Gerry McGuire Month ago

    Cheika you fucked the Wallabies you asshole and it should never have been given to you sold Israel and that was your downfall you wanker

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK Month ago +1

    Best news for Australia. He must be judged on his performance. Clearly the worst and most incompetent coach to ever coach Australia. He had nothing to offer his players. No game plan no strategy. Just a rabble. He had the support of the players because he was the selector. He had no idea who to pick nor did he have the ability to further a players career. A dark shadow has been removed hanging over Australian Rugby.

  • Finley de Q
    Finley de Q Month ago +1

    I am a kiwi and i will miss him, it is soo funny watching the clowns reactions and conferences:)

  • nev123123123
    nev123123123 Month ago +1

    Hope the wallabies return to world beaters ,rugby needs them like France

  • Sene M
    Sene M Month ago

    Pfffft...... hahahaha!🤭😂🤣🤣🤣💩

  • Ngati Pana
    Ngati Pana Month ago

    I thot he was the one of the best for the job. Very sorry to see him go. I think he was handicapped with the quality of players available to him........not his fault entirely.

  • Tu3 AA
    Tu3 AA Month ago

    From a rugby point of view and the sake of rugby in Australia, I think that Steven Larkham is the right person that can fix the coaching dilemma

  • acme181169
    acme181169 Month ago +1

    Contrite Aussie, wow! Another century or two we might hear a humble one!!!!!

  • paul rangi
    paul rangi Month ago

    All the best Mick 👍
    AB’s fan

  • eli H
    eli H Month ago +1

    Never mind 'my way or the highway' it's highway and then highway. What a turd.

  • Dermot O'Sullivan
    Dermot O'Sullivan Month ago

    Team Qantas got what they deserved after the Folau fiasco

  • T_Double
    T_Double Month ago +1

    And people crapped on Robbie Dean's reign!! at least Dean's left the Wallabies ranked 3rd in the world and brought through alot of young players....Another coach no Bledisloe🤣🤙 Cheikas algud, entertaining guy!! I liked Ewen McKenzie he gave us alot of close wins and losses, I thought he was on a roll it's too bad. GO THE ALL BLACKS 🍻💪 🤙🍺

  • Rotia Hikawai
    Rotia Hikawai Month ago

    Thats all one can ask. Do ur best. Happy days to you Cheikz

  • Yourak Hunt
    Yourak Hunt Month ago

    Coach? I thought he was one of the water boys?

  • LittleJohn
    LittleJohn Month ago +1

    ...and the whole of Australia's rugby population breath a huge sigh of relief.

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn Month ago +1


  • Dru Gilbert
    Dru Gilbert Month ago +1

    After finding out he couldn't stand Castle either I like him a lot more.

  • islander7363
    islander7363 Month ago

    Robbie Deans needs to come back. He is a tactical guy that didn't have the full Aussie support when he last was there!

  • G P
    G P Month ago +1

    Good Riddance. Arrogant Twat.

  • Lopel
    Lopel Month ago +2

    I made a video of all the times Michael Cheika has acted like the drama queen he says he's not. Video on my channel

  • JEAN CLAUDE Bertoni

    Aus and Ireland. Both dinosaur teams that didnt change tactics to meet each specific team.

  • Unbiased Opinion
    Unbiased Opinion Month ago

    I hope the Aussies bounce back 👍 I'm an England fan but I've always admired Australian Rugby. 🇦🇺

    LIFEADDICT! Month ago

    Bet you guys miss Folau now....

  • Siyabonga Dube
    Siyabonga Dube Month ago

    This is good news he was ass

  • PureStrike
    PureStrike Month ago

    And they call us whinging Poms..ffs Cheika was an embarrassment in his press conferences, go home and grow up you big baby..

  • Trevor SMITH
    Trevor SMITH Month ago

    He is the man that got Irish rugby moving in the right direction good man to go for a beer with too

  • Richard G
    Richard G Month ago

    Shame you guys didn’t get Warren Gatland when he leaves Wales!

  • Benn Daniel Vai
    Benn Daniel Vai Month ago

    Boost grassroots. Do it like rugby league. Regions. Cut the Shute Shield and Subbies. Grow the game making each regional competitive. Then make it State Champs. Then National Champs. Surely it would create competition. NZ do it like this. Lol

  • Chezwick Cheese
    Chezwick Cheese Month ago

    Gotta respect his passion for the game and the team but it wasn't working.

  • Tony Wadsworth
    Tony Wadsworth Month ago +1

    Cheika is a bad losing twat.

  • Greg Parker
    Greg Parker Month ago

    Ah look

  • Mahulad
    Mahulad Month ago

    Good god you lot lighten up build a bridge, he was just trying his best to do good by his team and country.

  • Jacques De la Harpe

    Castle the Goth Kiwi must be kicked out

  • pokers112
    pokers112 Month ago

    All the best Micheal Cheika

  • hetthe
    hetthe Month ago

    love ya cheika

  • Super Stanaway
    Super Stanaway Month ago +1

    I like the guy but I think he lives in denial and finds it hard to accept reality. Denying there has been any emotional toll the way he did. I know a guy that has this kinda personality and it effects him badly. Sometimes it’s best to just be up front and don’t worry what people think of you

  • Breen Walshe
    Breen Walshe Month ago

    Heard his half time speech........calling the players cunts..........sorry Michael but the only Cunt in the room was you...........

    MARTIN A1 Month ago

    he has NOT resigned......he is seeing out his contract to the end date thus to ensure he receives his contract remuneration in full.....

  • N Daly
    N Daly Month ago

    Take that idiot with the LEGO hair wig and the anal beads she wears around her neck too.

  • tomf1dublin1
    tomf1dublin1 Month ago

    From a Leinster supporter - wishing Michael all the best in whatever he does in future

  • Ian Hussain
    Ian Hussain Month ago +5

    If you had Falou in your team the result would have been different.
    I don’t think you supported the right side by being neutral.

    • Brem
      Brem Month ago +1

      Yeah, they would have lost by slightly less.

  • is it ? was it ?
    is it ? was it ? Month ago

    Best thing for the Aussie players .. that game plan he gave to his players against eng was rugby suicide..

  • jb 927
    jb 927 Month ago

    Australia need to put all their efforts into finding a proper goal kicker and a 9 and 10 who can kick out of hand. There has got to be emphasis on goal kicking with their Super 15 teams. Their results will change dramatically if they find a reliable kicker off the tee.

  • mickey taker
    mickey taker Month ago


  • WINDZUP 1700
    WINDZUP 1700 Month ago +1

    Should have gone 2 years ago

  • Nick Horton
    Nick Horton Month ago

    Probably best to move on. Now Castle.

  • William Fell
    William Fell Month ago

    Good luck in future Michael. U been given loads of crap in past but when your in a good mood u talk n work well

  • leegee
    leegee Month ago

    I always wonder why people feel the need to kick a person when he is down! MC did his best and wish him all the best from the UK.