True Facts: The Wacky Giraffe

  • Published on Mar 30, 2020
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    camel = giraffe (oops)
    David Flores captured the pump action of the giraffe drinking:
    Dr. William Perez shared the figure from his research paper on the structure of the giraffe mouth.
    I thank Magda Ehlers and all of the other people that make their videos freely available to use on Pexels and other sites.
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  • Nicole Abed
    Nicole Abed 2 years ago +2954

    "The tallest giraffe is taller than any other giraffe" is this a proven fact? 😂

    • Sindy J
      Sindy J 5 days ago

      Lmao had me dead

    • tornoutlaw
      tornoutlaw Month ago

      Kant would tell ya, it's true analytically a priori and cannot be proven by empirical examination.

    • The Camocampaindude
      The Camocampaindude Month ago

      Dumb, but still true

    • TheLoneGamr
      TheLoneGamr Month ago

      The sequel to “If silence were loudness they would be the loudest flying bird.”

    • Kevin Pope
      Kevin Pope 3 months ago

      Now you see all the data isn't in yet but it is looking like the tallest giraffe might just be slightly taller than the highest stacked of fresh spegetii and meatballs

  • Dave Winterbottom
    Dave Winterbottom Year ago +3438

    I'm a biology teacher and I will never stop pronouncing the word "babies" like True Facts does in my lessons 😂😂

    • Pegasus
      Pegasus Month ago

      I love the way he says honeydew also!

    • Jan Golub
      Jan Golub 5 months ago

      @Mr.SpaceAids that sure does deserve a salute 😒

    • Dank Torvosaurus
      Dank Torvosaurus 5 months ago

      That’s Behbeh

    • Lee Leaman
      Lee Leaman 5 months ago

      I’m a palaeontology student and I will never stop doing the same

    • Virjunior
      Virjunior 6 months ago


  • Chungus Humungus
    Chungus Humungus Year ago +811

    My favorite fact about giraffes is the fact that there are a bunch of species of them and nobody knew until they tested their DNA for fun.

    • Yasha
      Yasha Month ago +3

      @Chungus Humungus I'm not sure that's how the Schrodinger's cat analogy works.

    • Saulo Gómez
      Saulo Gómez 6 months ago +6

      @Chungus Humungus you even can imagine them fighting about it, drunks at 2am

    • Chungus Humungus
      Chungus Humungus 7 months ago +29

      @Hercules Balls No but i appreciate that there are biologists violently arguing on the amount of giraffes there are and cannot classify them. Shrodinger's Giraffe

    • Hercules Balls
      Hercules Balls 7 months ago +36

      The true fact is that nobody agrees how many species of giraffe there are. The International Union for Conservation of Nature insists that there is only one species and many sub-species. A 2007 genetic study suggests six species. A 2011 project cladistically identified eight species. A 2016 paper identified four groups which have not exchanged genetic information and therefore are distinct species. Just last year another analysis declared that there were from two to six species, depending on the method you used (as if we hadn't figured that out by now). This year a sequencing of the entire giraffe genome suggested four species and seven subspecies. Didn't know it was such a hot topic, did you?

  • I Thomas
    I Thomas Year ago +456

    "Especially the ox pecker because it looks like an ox -...that's not true" underrated line that caught me off guard

  • OtakuUnitedStudio
    OtakuUnitedStudio Year ago +923

    Interesting fact: because giraffes are even toed ungulates, they're technically kosher. That would make one heck of a Passover centerpiece.

    • Batya Livni
      Batya Livni 7 days ago

      I worked in a museum specifically dedicated to biblical zoology, and can tell you; yes, giraffes are absolutely kosher. There's a myth that they aren't eaten because we don't know where to slaughter them, but that's also incorrect; anywhere on the neck will do. The main reason is that it's not generally practiced, which means they're endangered, and according to firsthand testimony, they aren't that good anyway.

    • luv lols
      luv lols Month ago


    • Gewgulkan Suhckitt
      Gewgulkan Suhckitt 2 months ago

      @Jake Humm I read somewhere years ago that a group of rabbis ruled that giraffes and giraffe milk were kosher.

    • Miriam W.
      Miriam W. 5 months ago

      @ミタブ・ミフレフ what does halal say about eating meat and dairy together? I'm just curious. I know that a lot of kosher foods are halal, but some halal foods aren't kosher.

  • Ben Green
    Ben Green 2 years ago +5102

    Everyone listen to me. We NEED to start a petition for zefrank to get his own nature show on Netflix.

  • Rebecca Anne
    Rebecca Anne Year ago +1895

    “Don’t judge
    Okay you can judge the one in the back watching; he’s a perv”

    • Aviator Gamer
      Aviator Gamer 2 months ago

      Giraffes dabbling in voyerism

    • This Body
      This Body 3 months ago

      That was my favorite part too

    • InFiniTy UchiHa
      InFiniTy UchiHa 6 months ago +1

      @MikehMike01 Noooo really?! Dur dur dur dur duuuuuuuuur

    • Reaper X
      Reaper X 7 months ago +2

      @MikehMike01 wow really

    • MikehMike01
      MikehMike01 10 months ago +5

      We all watched the video

  • AM Games
    AM Games 11 months ago +162

    I learned something new today, giraffes are actually just lions using a dead sock puppets body that evolved giraffe-like appendages so it wouldn't look stupid. I think.

    • Gosia Kin
      Gosia Kin 6 months ago +4

      Don't forget, they come pre-stretched!

  • Brendan Jordaan
    Brendan Jordaan 6 months ago +10

    Okay, so with the males fighting, it looks all ‘drunken-bar like’, but the force is intense. The sound when they clash is spectacular. I have seen a few males fight, it really is humbling. Our giraffes are fairly tame (they are used to cars stopping and staring as I live on a shared private nature reserve, but they are not feeding tame), but when the males fight, it is terrifying.
    If you ever want to experience your own smallness, try ‘stalking’ a giraffe. I once was 5 meters away from one, looking at each other… I never felt so small. (For clarification, it was stalking in the observation sense, I don’t hunt and never will)

    • Stephan Steohan Larsen
      Stephan Steohan Larsen 12 days ago

      Saw a Doc... One giraffe 🦒 KO'd the other Tucson Arizona Sonoran desert 🏜️ Jah sisters Africa Ethiopia Addis Ababa Selassie I Jah rastafari

  • F3rn
    F3rn Year ago +32

    I love how nobody is talking about how Frank just flipped us off when explaining the horse and giraffe hooves

  • Stephen Lackey
    Stephen Lackey 2 years ago +4785

    The “sock puppet giraffe” analogy is easily the most beautiful surrealist morphological hypothesis I have ever heard of.

    • Stephen Lackey
      Stephen Lackey Month ago +1

      @Hlalakar indeed. He’s cornered the market.

    • Hlalakar
      Hlalakar Month ago +1

      How many other surrealist morphological hypotheses have you heard? Seems very niche.

    • Mary Crawley
      Mary Crawley 3 months ago +3

      The lion inside it, with the telescope... pure brilliance!!!

    • Stephen Lackey
      Stephen Lackey 3 months ago +3

      @Felis the unexpected juxtaposition of what should be a giraffe’s outsides next to its insides where the insides are instead a puppeteer which is also not rational… so… it’s surrealist.
      Also, it’s not for nothing that most of what Zefrank writes sounds like it is out of a drug-addled fever dream.

    • Felis
      Felis 3 months ago +1

      I’m sorry but what about any of this is surrealist to you people?!

  • iballisticbunny
    iballisticbunny 10 months ago +67

    The fact you can hear a slight chuckle in his timbre while trying to stay straight and say camouflage hits just the right spot for me. (6:21)

    GATORBUBS Year ago +250

    "This remarkable camouflage makes the giraffe virtually invisible" 😭

  • Shooby
    Shooby 7 months ago +26

    "The front part of the giraffe looks like the butt part of someone wearing leopard-print leggings walking backwards."
    I am never EVER going to be able to unsee that.

  • Leah Passler
    Leah Passler Year ago +8

    These videos have become a crucial part of my routine. Sometimes, it's for the tasty morsels of information, but often it's to make me laugh when reality is a bit too much. Thank you.

  • Grimbeard
    Grimbeard 2 years ago +12530

    The reason the giraffe's neck is so long is that otherwise its head would be floating, detached, about ten feet above the rest of its body and that would be silly.

    • Bawl Stars
      Bawl Stars 6 months ago

      ah, so basically roblox animal simulator but you have 3000 ping and you haven't fully loaded the assets yet

    • Mehrunes86
      Mehrunes86 7 months ago


    • Tommy Vercetti
      Tommy Vercetti 7 months ago

      The science is pretty clear on that

    • Nayan the cat
      Nayan the cat 8 months ago


    • Peer Gynt
      Peer Gynt 10 months ago +1

      😂😂 Absolutely correct!

  • MrRedstone
    MrRedstone Year ago +85

    "Because apparently to whoever named it first it looks like the product of a camel and a leopard... humping... *kill me."*
    That part got me good.

  • John davies
    John davies Year ago +12

    Seriously, you need an hour long time slot on the bbc. When sir dave becomes extinct ( the gods forbid ) you can step into his shoes and comfortably wear them. Just so entertaining, and brilliantly informative. Never stop.

  • Gareth Waughington
    Gareth Waughington Year ago +146

    “Even though it looks like a horse that’s been vacuumed, it’s not a horse” this guy lmao

  • Mark Demmin II
    Mark Demmin II 11 months ago +4

    Eating acacia leaves off of its thorny branch is like trying to enjoy a trail mix that someone added wood screws to. 😆 PRICELESS!

  • FlyingShazbot
    FlyingShazbot Year ago +667

    "Where are they? You don't know!"
    *I'm dead*

    • Astrobrant2
      Astrobrant2 5 months ago

      I was expecting something like, "There are actually ten of them in this picture. Pause the video and see if you can find even one."

    • GiWi Fruit
      GiWi Fruit Year ago +7

      @Darfish you know it kinda sad you are trying to provoke someone on the internet. Honestly I dont care

    • Darfish
      Darfish Year ago +6

      @GiWi Fruit Yeah straggot, DYEL?

    • GiWi Fruit
      GiWi Fruit Year ago +10

      @Darfish ah, I see your a muscle head too

    • Darfish
      Darfish Year ago +9

      @GiWi Fruit No? That sentence makes no sense, who is a knockout at parties? If you mean by knocking people out yes, I never lose fights

  • Buddy
    Buddy Year ago +1797

    "Unless you're a duck, then you get it don't you ;-)"
    Me, A duck: *sweats profusely*
    Edit: oh no i changed my profile picture to something that isn't a duck which means this joke no longer makes sense nooo

    • Gillian Hart
      Gillian Hart Year ago

      It does look oddly similar to a sock puppet though 🤓

    • sleepysmidge
      sleepysmidge Year ago

      but marissa pfp very appreciated :) also i just realised how often i watch this video because i remember your pfp being a duck literally not even a week ago. oops.

    • Buddy
      Buddy Year ago +1

      @Comrade Duck The only reason i _don't_ have Duck in my name is because of the stupid 3 username system that Google has, Tho may i clarify that i am still infact a duck

    • Comrade Duck
      Comrade Duck Year ago +1

      Ah, but you do not have duck in your name, I, however; do.

    • LilbohBeat
      LilbohBeat Year ago

      *Sees pfp*
      Yep. That checks out.

  • Brendan Jordaan
    Brendan Jordaan 6 months ago +3

    Watching a giraffe run always fascinates me. It is utterly surreal. They look like they are running in slow motion, but they MOVE!

  • Sonny Blanco
    Sonny Blanco Year ago +339

    "The giraffe is taller than all other giraffes"
    I was born at a very young age

    • Papie
      Papie Year ago

      so, you're a former child..

    • Darfish
      Darfish Year ago

      @Dru Andrews no I was

    • Dru Andrews
      Dru Andrews Year ago +3

      @Clay LaCosse when I was born I was the youngest person on earth

    • Clay LaCosse
      Clay LaCosse Year ago +6

      I was born at a younger age than you were 😤😤

  • Ninmue
    Ninmue 2 years ago +3628

    That human giraffe baby is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
    Give us more human giraffe baby.

  • LaLaLewLew
    LaLaLewLew Year ago +4

    Just donated to ACT Wildlife-thanks for all your informative (and hilarious) videos, Ze!!

  • Gridell
    Gridell 3 months ago +6

    They are wacky monsters if I've ever seen one. Change a giraffe's coloration and it'd fit nicely in any Star Wars background, I don't know how we just accept it as a normal animal that lives on this planet

  • John Lame Elk
    John Lame Elk Year ago +2

    Dude, you're humor made me subscribe. After the empty giraffe line, it was inevitable.
    Thanks. I needed that in this first week of October,2020, the year that keeps on giving.

  • phapnui
    phapnui Year ago +14

    A man walks into a bar with his pet giraffe.
    He orders himself and his giraffe a drink, but after finishing his drink the giraffe drops dead on the floor.
    The man gets up to leave but the bartender says to him, “Hey! You can’t leave that lying there!”
    The man turns to him and says, “That’s not a lion, that’s a giraffe!”

  • ControllerTape
    ControllerTape 2 years ago +1393

    "The tallest giraffe is taller than all other giraffes" was the hardest I've laughed in a while, thank you

    • Pebo ThaDon
      Pebo ThaDon 2 years ago +1

      ControllerTape right! Take that shit to Fb or instagram lmao 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

    • J Plata
      J Plata 2 years ago

      Ok course

    • Weezy Bean
      Weezy Bean 2 years ago

      Awakened Fur Missile wtf is that! Thank you for encouraging me to see that.

    • ControllerTape
      ControllerTape 2 years ago

      @Awakened Fur Missile *nervous clicking* oh wtf

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark Henderson Year ago +3

    This might be my favorite one yet. Informative and laugh-out-loud funny. Well done!

  • Coinholio
    Coinholio Year ago +90

    I will never not say "Meet Blubbery" when I see a giraffe...for the rest of my life.

  • Kefka
    Kefka Month ago +1

    I don't know why, but his delivery of the line "I'm saying the thorns are big" kills me every time. Right up there with "So the difference between a teddy bear and a mantis is...everything".

  • Reclusively Social
    Reclusively Social 9 months ago +4

    Oh goodness I cannot contain my laughter! I just discovered you today and have been binge watching your videos. They are all sooooo good man! Awesome narration and story telling!

  • Henry Lei
    Henry Lei 2 years ago +2065

    “When the giraffe is thirsty, it assumes the position of a drunk person trying to pickup a quarter” that’s is hilarious and original. Nice job.

    • wob wobby
      wob wobby Year ago +1

      Hey don’t laugh at my kind >:(

    • QuitePoggers
      QuitePoggers Year ago +3

      "It is a very *vulnerable* position" I died when he said that lol

    • Gum Gum
      Gum Gum 2 years ago +8

      Henry Lei literally died

  • Unlimited Duck
    Unlimited Duck 11 months ago +63

    "Unless youre a duck, then you get it dont you"
    Oh shit he's on to us

  • AdderTude
    AdderTude Year ago +26

    "Other long-necked animals like _bjerds_ achieve their longness by the addition of cervical vertebrae."
    Because that's how bjerds do. :D

  • Just Another Random Crit

    “Yes that’s right. I’m saying the dog is to the duck as the duck is to the giraffe.”

  • Leanne Goodall
    Leanne Goodall Month ago +1

    If only zefrank's docos were around when I was in high school studying biology, not boring and definitely more highly entertaining than the crap we had to watch! 🦒🦒🦒

  • Miki Crespo
    Miki Crespo Year ago +34

    “Horse be flippin’ you off...4 times” I’m dyin’ 😂

  • TiefseeToaster
    TiefseeToaster Year ago +1

    Damn, this is so far your absolute most amazing episode. I have not laughed that uncontrollably at any other of your videos. Though some others are far more educational, of course

  • x_x
    x_x 11 months ago +2

    I never would've imagined in my wildest dreams, that a channel like this would exist! It's magnificent!

  • Meag
    Meag Year ago +2

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you

  • Edelisa Episcope
    Edelisa Episcope 2 years ago +2338

    "The giraffe has a prehensile tongue, meaning that its tongue is not quite hensile, just a little before that."
    I cannot 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Q A
      Q A 20 days ago

      A bit before that bit about the tongue, he describes the giraffe's mouth as "the camel's mouth", talking about the teeth placement.

    • crAZNimal
      crAZNimal Year ago +1

      i had to Google that definition 🥴

    • deprofundis
      deprofundis Year ago +1

      @TheLuftwaffle - nice one, lol

    • D1g1beast Pr1me
      D1g1beast Pr1me Year ago +1

      Whats so special about a prehensile tiunge?! Tapirs are much more interesting

    • wob wobby
      wob wobby Year ago +1


  • Jac Bisgood
    Jac Bisgood Year ago +17

    It all makes sense now, like Ace Ventura inside a Rhino. I'm interested in more wildlife style conspiracy theories, its a good angle. You should also do more charity/good cause plugs at the end, personally I'm more susceptible to charitable giving if i'm stifling a giggling.

  • VideoGameDolphin
    VideoGameDolphin Year ago +1

    The sock puppet giraffe got a genuine laugh out of me. Thank you I really needed that today.

  • Rune
    Rune Year ago +1

    This is even funnier after working around giraffes at the zoo for a couple months.
    Btw you can definitely see when food goes back up to re-chew. Kinda fascinating. And gross.

  • Isca S
    Isca S 10 months ago

    I wish I had this guy for my biology teacher. You learn more with humor then with dry facts! Got it?

  • Spazzie Bunnie
    Spazzie Bunnie 2 years ago +4491

    People: This quarantine is boring.
    ZeFrank with giraffe knowledge: I gotchu homie.

    • D Waggs
      D Waggs Year ago

      Only, they don't do the front flip, and end up on their backs, like the drunk guy.

    • J. Joshua
      J. Joshua 2 years ago

      I bet everyone read that in Zefrank's voice.

    • Maahroo Reekee
      Maahroo Reekee 2 years ago +1

      I'm not your homie, bro

    • Robyn V
      Robyn V 2 years ago +2

      ZeFrank word Platypus 🙃Just saying

    • Prateek Poddar
      Prateek Poddar 2 years ago +7

      some men just want to watch the world learn

  • The Bearded
    The Bearded Year ago +1

    I always thought Giraffes were animals! Little did i know they are actually a part of an underground lions association on a mission by Kermit to uncover the hidden gold that was stolen by the Acorn worm in places we dont want to think about! All this happened in a narration far, far away.

  • Mi Bro
    Mi Bro Year ago +7

    "You realize that in a herd of zebras you will appear as a floating steak?" That one killed me

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Year ago

    Really loving your videos. The funny parts are funny but you go into some great details. Didn't realise you also covered mega-fauna.

  • Jamie Halajian
    Jamie Halajian 10 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE the way he pronounces bee-yurds! From time to time he will say it correctly which bums me out a little bit but that's just because of how weirdly entertaining I find it being said like bee-yurds 🤷‍♀️😅

  • Cracked Emerald
    Cracked Emerald 2 years ago +8406

    "the tallest giraffe is taller than all other giraffes"
    Every 60 seconds in Africa, one minute passes.

    • Dank Torvosaurus
      Dank Torvosaurus 5 months ago

      Let us use logical thinking to think logically

    • InFiniTy UchiHa
      InFiniTy UchiHa 6 months ago

      Hmm yes. The floor is made out of floor. 🤔

    • ba doem
      ba doem 10 months ago

      @Killkor about one second per second to be exact

    • Mason 2
      Mason 2 10 months ago

      Ah yes fish will suffocate if they are out of water.

    • billyyank
      billyyank 11 months ago

      The most liked comment is liked more than all the other comments.

  • Mary Crawley
    Mary Crawley 3 months ago +1

    Between the perfectly camouflaged giraffes at 6:25 (honestly, I can't see them - can you?), the freeze-dried donkey I absolutely lost it.... and then came the sock puppet... My poor neighbours...

  • originalscottfree
    originalscottfree Year ago +3

    Me and my kids have learned more from these videos during this "lock down" than all of their "virtual school" combined. I just wanted to say thank you and please keep up he good work. Oh. ALSO, could you add a "no drinking" warning to your videos? I have had more than enough Mountain Dew spew from my nose thanks to your diatribe catching me off guard. Thanks again. :)

  • Kyle Reblitz
    Kyle Reblitz Year ago +1

    The tallest giraffe is taller than any other giraffe! Also, love the occasional dad jokes.

  • Hippo The Hippo
    Hippo The Hippo 3 months ago +1

    The comparison at 4:45 was super surprising and very helpful but I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at an image for a long while

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 2 years ago +5074

    “The tallest giraffe is indeed taller than all other giraffes”
    *HMMM Yes, the floor here is made of floor*

    • Crazymster
      Crazymster Year ago +1

      Yes I am taller then some one shorter then me

    • Jimmy Bellmon
      Jimmy Bellmon Year ago

      @Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet ofcourse, pie tastes like pie lol

    • Anthony Rodriguez
      Anthony Rodriguez Year ago

      Why must TheXvid comments be si cringey?

    • Foxman
      Foxman Year ago

      @Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet so air can't be Dry?

    • Ben Jammin
      Ben Jammin Year ago

      It doesn't make water "wetter", just groovy to disco better. Dig?

  • Gien Bot
    Gien Bot Year ago +1

    I love these videos simply because you get a better class of comments. You all make my day easier. How this got 1k thumbs down is beyond me.

  • Jamie Barrington
    Jamie Barrington Year ago +18

    "Although the face of the giraffe can resemble a horse that's been vacuumed sealed, it is not a horse..." 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Zacathustra
    Zacathustra Year ago

    I've watched this multiple times and I just now noticed that the last slide of the lions eating the giraffe is labeled the sixth page of "Happy Giraffe, Sad Giraffe". Beautiful attention to detail.

  • K.H. Raider
    K.H. Raider Year ago +15

    "This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none...and that's it, that's the whole rhyme for them. Sort of a bummer..."
    Not sure why that is as funny as it is, but bravo!

  • Knight Owl
    Knight Owl 2 years ago +1655

    “Don’t judge.”
    “I mean you can judge the one in the background just watching, that guy’s a perve.” 😂

  • Schielman
    Schielman Year ago +111

    "Freeze-dried donkey"
    Send help, I'm dying.

  • Martha Clausen
    Martha Clausen Year ago

    Thank you for being perfectly twisted. I adore your channel.

  • Magmafrost13
    Magmafrost13 Year ago

    This has become one of my favorite True Facts videos, just for the two fantastic jokes right at the start.

  • Victoria smith
    Victoria smith Year ago +1

    Every time I feel low this guy cheers me up .and makes me smile

    • Seppia
      Seppia Year ago

      I've posted these vids on facebook saying to my friends 'if you're EVER in a bad mood and need something that is guaranteed to make you laugh... try THIS'

  • dave swinfield
    dave swinfield 2 years ago +294

    If I was taught like this in school, I'd know much more about how things do.

    • Batwom
      Batwom 2 years ago

      dave swinfield honestly though!

    • Joe Waters
      Joe Waters 2 years ago +1

      @WeaponizedLizardMen he might

    • WeaponizedLizardMen
      WeaponizedLizardMen 2 years ago +4

      @MrJre4491 yes he would

    • Barbarian3386
      Barbarian3386 2 years ago +15

      MrJre4491 well I’d definitely pay more attention

  • Nerdy_Lion
    Nerdy_Lion Year ago

    I like how convoluted a lot of his explanations get, it absolutely destroys me 😂

  • Safiya Mukhamadova

    My dad once had a giraffe at a zoo whisper telepathically to him that it was very lonely and wanted a hug, so he broke into the zoo that night to give it a hug.
    Coincidentally, this WAS around the same time that those crackpot psychiatrists told him he had schizophrenia but the voices insist that he doesn't, so he's fine.

  • isgravybaby
    isgravybaby Year ago

    I love you! You are hilarious! I never knew you had your own channel!! Great job guy! Great voice over work!

  • Catherine Morris
    Catherine Morris Year ago

    I love your channel. Very informative and funny at the same time.

  • MrDontCare
    MrDontCare Year ago

    This guy makes me laugh like hell every time 🤣

  • Leo Gama
    Leo Gama 11 months ago +5

    This is a masterpiece!

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh Year ago

    I love these videos so hilarious and educational.

  • Khanh Hua
    Khanh Hua Year ago +4

    1:04 Thank you Frank for flipping us in a very subtle manner.

  • jubeidamasta
    jubeidamasta 2 years ago +4810

    "36 giraffe tongues long." Americans once again using anything but the metric system.

    • Crazy Dave
      Crazy Dave 3 months ago

      You can’t make us!

    • Chandler Bryant
      Chandler Bryant 9 months ago

      all hail freedom units

    • extendoduck
      extendoduck 11 months ago

      @altareggo14553 cubic inches. Apparently.

    • Carol Ann Ferguson
      Carol Ann Ferguson 11 months ago

      42, hogsheads can’t fly, no wait, that’s doghouses...and it was pancakes 🥞

  • Dr. Robert Johnson
    Dr. Robert Johnson 10 months ago

    I just can't get enough of this... " a pack a zebras, you will appear as a floating steak" Made my morning!

  • bpate82285
    bpate82285 Year ago

    I love your quirky weirdness. Never stop doing what you do. If you did, then you wouldn't and that makes my head hurt to think about.

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ 11 months ago +1

    Nice presentation! Comedy along with facts. You didn't mention that the recurrent laryngeal nerve of a giraffe (which connects its brain to its larynx) goes from the brain all the way down its neck to the heart where it goes around the aorta and all the way back up its neck to its larynx. Which makes sense in evolution because that's the path it takes in everything all the way back to ancient fish. But if they were intelligently designed it makes no sense at all.

  • Lisa Roy
    Lisa Roy 10 months ago

    I never laugh-cried so much while actually learning something before.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 2 years ago +604

    What I learned from this: ducks are dogs in disguise, and giraffe are lion periscopes... And I'm terrified of sock puppets. Thank for clearing that up!

    • Cameron Don
      Cameron Don Year ago

      @Viktor Birkeland I'm sure I will use it with pride, but still I don't know how.

    • Cameron Don
      Cameron Don 2 years ago +10

      And what I learned was that a giraffe's tongue is 1/36 the length of a human digestive tract. How do I use this knowledge?

    • Lots of Hair but No Money
      Lots of Hair but No Money 2 years ago +6

      The wonders of the universe

  • Sweet Sarah
    Sweet Sarah Year ago

    I love this channel! I'm learning ang laughing at the same time! 😄

  • ThePhluff
    ThePhluff 10 months ago

    This is probably the most ridiculous episode yet and I loved it. The sock puppet and lion parts really caught me off gaurd.

  • Hulfe
    Hulfe Year ago

    Never did I think a documentation on giraffes would be so interesting.

  • Queen Carter
    Queen Carter Year ago

    "Billy ballsack chin" lmao this guy is great. Super funny and educational! Love it

  • Visage
    Visage 2 years ago +416

    Zefrank is funnier than anyone on cable. This man should be selling out The Hollywood Improv with his animal jokes.

    • Visage
      Visage 2 years ago +1

      @V S The Hollywood Improv is not actually improv only, that's just the name of the venue. It's ridiculously famous so they're not going to change the name now.

    • Philip Yates
      Philip Yates 2 years ago +1

      @V S So improv then?

    • V S
      V S 2 years ago +2

      It’s not improv, it’s very scripted and takes many takes to get it right.

    • Valorhammer
      Valorhammer 2 years ago +3

      I meeeaaaan he was the VP of content in BuzzFeed's golden days.

    • Ladyhawk's Lair
      Ladyhawk's Lair 2 years ago +13

      Well, to be fair, he goes for quality over quantity, so he can be a perfectionist.

  • 4drian 4ver
    4drian 4ver 3 months ago

    "It's face looks like a horse that's been vacuum-sealed."
    !! 😂 Made me lol so hard I almost shat myself

  • doc72774
    doc72774 Year ago +1

    I wish I could construct a sentence like this guy does

  • That Guy Again
    That Guy Again Year ago

    As you can see, the Giraffe's skull structure has evolved to help express how disappointed it is with existence any time they look straight forward.

  • Estela Maria
    Estela Maria 11 months ago +1

    The final lion/giraffe reasoning was a piece of art.
    I dont know what to say.

  • Pauo
    Pauo Year ago

    I've watched this MANY times, and just noticed the number 6 in the corner of the empty giraffe clip - so THAT'S the page six of "happy giraffe, sad giraffe"! 🤯

  • intrestedinallthings

    Okay but like can you imagine how weird these things would look to us if we didn't learn about them as kids and see them a lot, but rather saw them rendered by like a paleontologist?
    Like if we didn't know they were real, would you believe this thing was real?

  • Gabriel Krut
    Gabriel Krut Year ago

    The jokes are one thing, but I'm just here for the full-circle callback to the pg. 4/6 "Happy Giraffe, Sad Giraffe" that we get at 9:20. Subtle, planned, comedy *gold*

  • Terrance Fisher
    Terrance Fisher Year ago +1

    This dude creates comedy gold with true facts in between

  • David McCoul
    David McCoul 2 years ago +1049

    “It assumes the position of a very drunk person trying to pick up a quarter.” LMAO

    • Bradford Hale
      Bradford Hale 2 years ago +4

      That broke me more than any other part of the video. XD

    • Johnny 5
      Johnny 5 2 years ago +6

      It's true, I can confirm lol

  • Gaskinmoo79
    Gaskinmoo79 Year ago +1

    My favourite sentence of all time.... "The tallest giraffe is taller than any other giraffe"

  • Talaveras
    Talaveras 6 months ago

    Truly one of the more bizarre works of nature engineering

  • Konstantina Papaioannou
    Konstantina Papaioannou 3 months ago +1

    The name camilopardalis is greek, it comes from the greek word for camel and the word "pardalis", which means colourful or patterned. So, basically camilopardalis (greek word for giraffe) means "the colourful, patterned camel". To be fair, their face does look like a camel. Leopard, similarly, literally means "the colourful patterned lion". Kinda accurate me thinks 😂 fun fact, even today greeks use the word "pardali" for colourful clothes, animals and, even, colourful characters. If you are called pardalos by a greek it could be a playful tease or a backhanded compliment or an offense depending on how it's used.