• Published on Jan 31, 2013

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  • Professor Paradox
    Professor Paradox 4 hours ago

    The waitress is gonna give me nightmares today 😰

  • Pete Alder
    Pete Alder 20 hours ago

    "God that was knarley"

  • Pete Alder
    Pete Alder 20 hours ago

    What is it with this ridiculous dramatic music whilst the family argue!!! Fucks sake. It's so unnecessary. Can't the twat if an editor know realise that the heated conversation in itself holds enough dramatic stimulating weight (?)

  • Merigold
    Merigold Day ago

    Why is Gordon wearing his seatbelt like this? This is a recipe for catastrophic injury in the event of an accident. And the other guy is dead.

  • Nik G
    Nik G Day ago

    Adrea σε ερωτευτικα!

  • Gunzee
    Gunzee 2 days ago

    He's losing 7/8k a month let's say 7.5, 30k a month, 360k a year? BS, he's been open for 6 years? Let's just say 4 that's close to 1.5 million.

  • ompuia 777
    ompuia 777 3 days ago

    Like where did he go off after he silently walk off after the shot at the end xD

  • Inactive
    Inactive 3 days ago

    If Toms say
    NO you to me this is my response
    No you
    He says it again
    I say
    No you
    He says it again
    I say
    No you He says it again
    I say
    No you He says it again
    I say
    No you He says it again
    I say
    No you

  • The Islanders
    The Islanders 3 days ago

    made me cry😘

  • DJStrangeAl
    DJStrangeAl 3 days ago

    Can somebody knock on the dad's head please, for the universe

  • Bhagyashree Karmarkar

    Nobody's gonna comment on how Ramsay's wearing the seatbelt?
    Wait I just did....😑

  • Arjun V Kumar
    Arjun V Kumar 3 days ago +1

    Andrea is so beautiful that I saw this video just for her 😂

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 4 days ago +1

    lmao when the 10min in, it look like a family counseling... and gordon was their therapist

  • Amirul Hakim
    Amirul Hakim 7 days ago

    I can't unsee that Tom looks like Dr. Dorian from Scrubs

  • Cannishen Lye
    Cannishen Lye 8 days ago

    The girl looks like a younger version of Isabell Lightwoods actress in Shadowhunters.

  • Pimp Almanza
    Pimp Almanza 8 days ago

    Doooont teeeell meeee thaaaaat I'm deaaaaaad 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Nhat Hoang
    Nhat Hoang 8 days ago

    these fcking-lying-son-of-bitch-psychopaths of owners should be jailed for trying to poison their customers

  • Jon Robinson
    Jon Robinson 8 days ago

    Tom is an arrogant asshole

  • Hocka Gaming
    Hocka Gaming 8 days ago

    I Have *more balls*
    Mine are *bigger* and *stronger* lol.

  • bozombiesftw1
    bozombiesftw1 8 days ago

    27:31 just lay him off bro his hopeless

  • BeerCan35
    BeerCan35 8 days ago

    I would bend andrea over in that kitchen

  • jisthaloveofmylife
    jisthaloveofmylife 8 days ago

    Omg when he finally gave her the restaurant 😭😭😭 so sweet 💕💕💕

  • jisthaloveofmylife
    jisthaloveofmylife 9 days ago

    Why is the server lying to Ramsey 😒😒

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 9 days ago

    Such a good show

  • miakhalifaa
    miakhalifaa 9 days ago +2

    why does the manager look like she wants to talk to the manager

  • John O'Rosby
    John O'Rosby 9 days ago

    39:54 gordon's peeking.

  • Eefje Crüts
    Eefje Crüts 9 days ago

    This guy reminds me of the princess bride. I'm just waiting for him to start saying 'inconceivable'

  • Ricardo Padilla
    Ricardo Padilla 9 days ago

    This bitch's teeth god damn i mean fuck shit fucking bugg's bunny up in here

  • Ron Yu
    Ron Yu 9 days ago

    13:13 gets me everytime

  • Robert Cullen
    Robert Cullen 9 days ago

    Tom is going in the “weirdo” category.

  • Elizabeth Heard
    Elizabeth Heard 10 days ago +1

    “On-a-topa-da-world” 😂

  • I am a potato
    I am a potato 10 days ago

    Chef: I dare u to show this to your customers.
    Tom:No I’m no going to do that
    Chef:u don’t have the balls .
    Tom:... I do and there bigger and stronger .
    Me: and still doesn’t have the courage to do that.

  • grande the pope
    grande the pope 10 days ago

    Holy shit, it's the landlord from spiderman 2&3

  • D Chicas
    D Chicas 10 days ago

    If she wants a restaurant she should buy it her self.... Huuum🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
    Mumbo Jumbo De Runter 11 days ago +3

    In most episodes i'am not impressed by the redecoration stylists.
    A bunch of window shutters behind the reception desk? Really?

  • TwoCat Side
    TwoCat Side 11 days ago

    25:32 frozen food is fresh

    Wow just wow

  • Maine Hussle
    Maine Hussle 11 days ago +1

    Watching these make me not want to eat at a restaurant no more

  • Ratnesh Jain
    Ratnesh Jain 12 days ago +1

    Most of the Stubborn owners always have beautiful daughters. 😊😊

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 12 days ago +1

    After watching a handful of this show, even though I love gordon it always functions on the same principle:
    Gordon comes, tastes the food, has at least One delusional close minded and stubborn owner who thinks the food is great. Then, gordon slams his hand makes the owner pissed, owner doesnt care. Second day gordon makes different dishes showing how the food they can make is better, starts the redemption of the owner who now knows he/She was in the wrong and now they are Nice people. Gordon remodels the menu and restaurant they have trouble in the begining and then they comit to be better. Add: view of people not liking the food then liking. Here you go. Thats most of the vids, besides the ones where gordon doesnt help them and leaves

  • Charlie 00
    Charlie 00 13 days ago

    6:06 that dude needs a seatbelt. Also gordan needs to wear his seatbelt properly.

  • Agnes Zapanta
    Agnes Zapanta 13 days ago

    Lol 9:34 thats a good come back

  • Agnes Zapanta
    Agnes Zapanta 13 days ago

    Ive watched this for a few minutes 3 to be exact and i bet he will nevere change or if not gordon will try and it did nothing

  • Vintage Feels
    Vintage Feels 13 days ago

    Tom need to shave the rest his head

  • Shraya Rajbhandary
    Shraya Rajbhandary 13 days ago

    How do I get Ramsey's palette...I want to go to a restaurant and's soggy, disgusting...

  • damian ferguson
    damian ferguson 13 days ago

    Why did you stop uploading

  • Aneesh Cherukuri
    Aneesh Cherukuri 14 days ago +1

    When Tom finally realized, I was in denial that he changed

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 14 days ago

    The bob ross of food

  • David Keyser
    David Keyser 15 days ago +1

    Andrea is so cute

  • no way
    no way 15 days ago +2

    The owners are always mentally ill 100% of the time

  • digitalbb
    digitalbb 15 days ago

    if that was my dad, i'd always have the urge to punch him in the face no kidding

  • César Andrade
    César Andrade 15 days ago


  • Rabbit Snare
    Rabbit Snare 15 days ago

    I think this is the only place - post KN - that is still up and running. Most of the shops shut down despite the efforts of Ramsay.

  • Mr Toad
    Mr Toad 15 days ago

    Gordon can fillet a whole salmon with his eyes closed but can't put on a seatbelt properly.

  • Androidmaster
    Androidmaster 16 days ago +1

    Best line of the episode " One day or 24 hours" lol I feel ocean fresh after hearing that guy.

  • Garrett L
    Garrett L 16 days ago

    excuse me did he just say he has more balls than chef ramsay and that he has a dozen more? not only does that make him sound stupid and 'cocky' but also thats a little odd to have 12 balls

  • Helix Phoenix
    Helix Phoenix 16 days ago

    Parker forgot to pay rent

  • Michael D
    Michael D 16 days ago

    Andrea is really pretty. Yum

  • john smith
    john smith 17 days ago

    Andrea is sticking her fingers into the salmon at 38.38 … Really ? hope she washes her hands after wiping her ass etc etc !

  • CD Smith
    CD Smith 17 days ago

    Dan: "People here love it. People come from far away for these dishes"
    Gordon: "Dan, you just finished telling me your restaurant is losing 30 thousand dollars a month. Newsflash Dan, no one's coming from anywhere to eat your storebought frozen SHIT."
    Okay I wish he would have said that.

  • CD Smith
    CD Smith 17 days ago

    When Gordon Ramsay is in the kitchen, he becomes one of only three humans in all of humanity that Chuck Norris walks around with his head down.
    The other two being Clint Eastwood,
    And Arthur Fonzarelli.

  • WorstEVER oh
    WorstEVER oh 17 days ago

    What a thrill when chef Gordon eats nasty food and the truth is revealed

  • Harry Narayan
    Harry Narayan 18 days ago

    Andrea is a total wife

  • Snow White
    Snow White 18 days ago

    Ramsey should do show for all the big franchise outlets

  • Novius8
    Novius8 19 days ago

    At 34:26 there's a shaky phantom plate on the wall.

  • Introman 101
    Introman 101 20 days ago +1

    Andrea is Gorgeous

  • Chris Rosado
    Chris Rosado 20 days ago

    "My a way issa de only way."

  • Massive Studios
    Massive Studios 20 days ago

    13:10 LOL

  • Paul
    Paul 20 days ago

    Tom, you earned my respect at the end! You also made me sneak into my six year old daughters bedroom and gaze upon her with a proud tear in my eye. Good luck to you and your family mate.

  • Paul
    Paul 20 days ago

    Those poor honest decent staff! That chef looked gutted he couldn't cook Gordon fresh food. It would be like an artist has to paint a masterpiece in front of da Vinci and is only allowed to use his own shit and piss. All the time Leonardo thinks the artist has the very best paints and brushes!

  • James Cole
    James Cole 20 days ago

    No tanks you and he give her a restaurant lolll .Is father is so stupid.And so alcoholic lolllll

    CjANE VINZX 20 days ago +1

    Welcome to my life 🤣😁✌

  • Sherri Johnson
    Sherri Johnson 20 days ago

    Thats why I rarely go out to eat. It has to be better than what I can make at home.

  • Timothy Farrand
    Timothy Farrand 21 day ago

    I never complain at a restaurant. I don't want them to spit in my food. I just never go back

  • joanna freedom
    joanna freedom 21 day ago

    What I've learned from kitchen nightmares...there's a lot of sociopaths owning restaurants that WILL fail because of their own ego. God bless Ramsey for trying.

  • Jason Marley
    Jason Marley 23 days ago

    19:22 to every kitchen nightmare owner

  • Tyler Burleson
    Tyler Burleson 23 days ago

    This was probably the only time I wasn't a fan of the remodel of the restaurant. Wooden chairs aren't comfortable and it kinda just looked boring

  • Jacked Box
    Jacked Box 23 days ago

    Goku ramsay hit the table for better roasts

  • Jacked Box
    Jacked Box 23 days ago

    Every starting of kitchen nightmare My food is da best middle WAKE UP YOU FUKIN IDIOT THIS IS FROZENNNNNN WHERES THE LAMB SAUCEEEE ending FUK this IMM GONA FUKING LEAVE

  • karma tam
    karma tam 23 days ago

    Your not ready to take cover

  • CyanFlake
    CyanFlake 24 days ago

    can someone tell the waitress to stop smiling?

  • Eric Huckaby
    Eric Huckaby 24 days ago

    I'm sorry, but that shutter wall is actually horrendous.

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh 24 days ago

    Andrea pretty sexy
    19:44 ass

  • ars001
    ars001 24 days ago

    all shit restaurants have only one issue... shit owners

  • Bruce Fang
    Bruce Fang 25 days ago

    Like every episode you'd hear him say to the owner 'you should not be anywhere near the kitchen'

  • Louis Frost
    Louis Frost 25 days ago

    I just dropped a grilled cheese sandwich on the floor & now I'm going to eat while I judge these philistines very harshly

  • Kreich Gaming
    Kreich Gaming 25 days ago

    Imagine Chef Ramsay said 'The only thing that can count as fresh in this kitchen is your daughter!'

  • Carniez
    Carniez 25 days ago

    Why am I addicted to these? I'm not a chef. I'm not that picky of an eater. I don't like conflict. But I'm addicted. lol

    • Louis Frost
      Louis Frost 25 days ago

      It's like when the class bully gets absolutely ragdolled by a tough teacher. The owners are usually horrible people & it's nice to see Gordon give them the business

  • troy Ladouceur
    troy Ladouceur 26 days ago

    Wow that part where he handed it over o her and hen jut sat back watched and cheered laterally got me tear y

  • CarmeloEnt
    CarmeloEnt 26 days ago +5

    Andrea is gorgeous no cap!

    • Asmodues
      Asmodues 21 day ago

      would wife her 🤭

  • christian ngalaka
    christian ngalaka 26 days ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by the way Ramsey has his seat belt tht correct?

  • Jennifer Pauls
    Jennifer Pauls 26 days ago

    If the food is so good and everybody loves it...then why the hell do these delusional owners ask for his help

  • Mr. cat
    Mr. cat 27 days ago

    These episodes can be weirdly touching at times

  • Sekiro
    Sekiro 27 days ago

    How Gordon hasn't gotten food poison is unbelievable, he has some balls to put that shit in his mouth honestly I dont know how he stomachs it.

    • Pantsalonis
      Pantsalonis 12 days ago

      Well he probably did visit a doctor to get shots

  • Mountain Girl
    Mountain Girl 27 days ago

    C’mon, give the guy a break! He’s never had “NOT A ONE COMPLAINT”, since they’ve been open!

  • Un Known
    Un Known 27 days ago +1

    Andrea can get the D

  • David  Brandt
    David Brandt 27 days ago

    I tear up on so many of these episodes.

  • Karen Romero
    Karen Romero 27 days ago

    My pregnant ass cried at the end when he sat her down and gave over the restaurant and the way he picked her up off the chair water works went off 😭😭😭😭

  • Oofer Gang
    Oofer Gang 27 days ago

    They prob throw it away when they get home 15:20

  • Hector Tio Salamanca
    Hector Tio Salamanca 28 days ago


  • James Richie
    James Richie 28 days ago

    Dogtooth (2009) dir. Lanthimos