Training Camp Vlog - 7 Weeks Out! ~ Anthony Joshua

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • I'm not the slickest, not the most technical but I'm well conditioned #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • Cae Jis
    Cae Jis 4 hours ago

    AJ is a beast man, and he's the most humble heavyweight I've ever seen

  • Pati jay iwolomo
    Pati jay iwolomo 2 days ago

    AJ and the Crew know what they are doing
    They are very intelligent people's 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  • Steve Mcgrath
    Steve Mcgrath 11 days ago

    Does he have a left arm injury ?

  • Steven Hickman
    Steven Hickman 14 days ago


  • Philm
    Philm 14 days ago +1

    Anybody know the song @ 00:40

  • No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator

    nice, I think it is great
    keep sharing them good job

  • Philm
    Philm 17 days ago

    AJ is the Goat

  • JustThatDude L
    JustThatDude L 19 days ago

    Do you think it’s this video that got miller to use those heavy drugs?! The boy looks lean, with the elbow guard making him look even more deadly!

  • Curtis Holley I
    Curtis Holley I 23 days ago +1


  • Soc MAN
    Soc MAN 24 days ago

    Can't understand what all the fuss is about AJ!! Rocky Balboa would have kicked his ass easily. I mean look what he did to Ivan Drago. He would have AJ for Breakfast.!!!

  • Bikes and Bud #1 B&B
    Bikes and Bud #1 B&B 24 days ago

    well see june 1st in Nyc

  • shantell arrindell
    shantell arrindell 25 days ago

    Hes sexy

  • Anew Start
    Anew Start 25 days ago

    Training for Andy Ruiz JR??....hahahahahahahahahahhaahhhahhahhahhahhahha coff coff...hahahahhahahajajajajajajajalololololololollahahhhahhahhahhahhhahha what a fuckin joke you are!

  • Gabriela Gabsambeli
    Gabriela Gabsambeli 25 days ago +2

    i like the editing of the training montage

  • Игорь Южный
    Игорь Южный 26 days ago +1

    Странно, что Джошуа нет в топ 10 Паунда. Очень странно...

  • Noah Hanfland
    Noah Hanfland 26 days ago

    The best Boxer at the world

  • Richard Ma
    Richard Ma 27 days ago

    How many weeks of camp ? How many days of training in a week ? How many hours total in a day ? What time u wake up in the morning?

  • MsDariel83
    MsDariel83 27 days ago

    Omg!!! Who is this guy?😻

  • BoxerShark
    BoxerShark 27 days ago

  • charles rogers
    charles rogers 27 days ago

    Aj has special kinda of steroids or bribes the testers as hes been on gear years its obvious just looking.

    • betty boop
      betty boop 27 days ago

      Still haven't spoke to met or know anything about this husband of mine

  • Orlaine Simpson
    Orlaine Simpson 27 days ago

    Time to Love me and my partner Anderson R Greene

  • Orlaine Simpson
    Orlaine Simpson 27 days ago

    Power of love and law

  • Orlaine Simpson
    Orlaine Simpson 27 days ago

    Looking forward to the flights paid for by The Barbados Police force and The Ministry of Education via Defence Force. Time to keep those old seniors who like to put you in the Daily nation to stop publishing nothing but drama! Death certificates marriage certificates and more love with food will reading with the judge me

  • Orlaine Simpson
    Orlaine Simpson 27 days ago

    Time for a boxing match in Kingsland District Barbados and St Thomas St Andrew? Join me Anthony Joshua

  • betty boop
    betty boop 27 days ago

    Fuck Dave he's a good boy total follower do as Ur told son I prefer AJ

  • Joey Koster
    Joey Koster 28 days ago

    Wtch song is he playing in the car first 0,03

  • Adam jd
    Adam jd 28 days ago +6

    That table flip tho, watched that back about 20 times 😂😂

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile 28 days ago

    forget Lennox Lewis do you bk ny 😎😎👋👋

  • Overall Ferret
    Overall Ferret 28 days ago

    I got a William hills add on ur vid.

  • Adam L
    Adam L 28 days ago

    I wanna see aj fight hemi ahio now that miller's out

  • N AM
    N AM 28 days ago

    Training music. Source plz?

  • King Kong
    King Kong 28 days ago

    Super Boxing City Sheffield. England's 4th largest city. Swfc

  • Ben Ali Alfakhri
    Ben Ali Alfakhri 28 days ago

    I don't think anyone wants to see Hunter running around the ring against Joshua.
    Hunter would be a terrible fight but it's the one Hearn is trying to push most it seems. :|

  • betty boop
    betty boop 28 days ago

    Can I be in your corner x

  • betty boop
    betty boop 28 days ago


  • William Ellis
    William Ellis 29 days ago

    B roll in the gym was class

  • Adamou Issa
    Adamou Issa 29 days ago

    He kinda got that bubble gut which in my opinion is not good for aesthetic but for belly strngth so u can get hit and resist !

  • Gabriela Gabsambeli
    Gabriela Gabsambeli 29 days ago

    who does your editing Aj? great work!

  • birkaran gill
    birkaran gill 29 days ago

    Aj ur a pussy who tries to act tough , if u were a girl it would be cute , but being a man as jacked as u r it's ridiculous, I mean c'mon man!

    • Jeremy Minter
      Jeremy Minter 26 days ago

      retarded piece of shit

    • Bb370
      Bb370 28 days ago

      birkaran gill the only pussy here is you

  • Ryan Oros
    Ryan Oros 29 days ago

    Nobody really cared when you where going to fight Miler now when you pick your next cherry We The People will care even less what kind of American debut will this be.

    • Samuel Antwi
      Samuel Antwi 28 days ago

      Ryan Oros stupid ass mofo, you don't care but here you are on his videos

  • scopemaster295
    scopemaster295 29 days ago

    AJ plz show us Ur physio sessions in one of your vids and what type of stretches u do before and after a workout 🙏 thanks

  • Sirjean5
    Sirjean5 29 days ago

    Jheeze looking like a tank. He would hit his next fighter with a kitchen sink LOL. Wilder could possibly rock/knock down Joshua if he was able to hit him clean but I think Joshua could knock Wilder out ... It's who hits who first that's why it's a 50/50 fight to most on paper .... In my opinion I think AJ is a more complete fighter with Wilder being quite dangerous ...

  • Max
    Max 29 days ago +1

    music please!

  • Chris Herb
    Chris Herb 29 days ago

    Who is gonna be the next opponent? I personally would want to see this fair-boxer Fury down

  • Usman Akhtar
    Usman Akhtar 29 days ago +5

    Stay humble, stay hungry. AJ is the best boxer we'll see for a very, very long time.

  • Евгений Насонов

    @azzz55insaider- сливаю платные прогнозы каперов в телеграм

  • Nikola Vujačić
    Nikola Vujačić 29 days ago

    My G looks GOOD.

  • Stefan Frederick
    Stefan Frederick 29 days ago

    fight chisora give him a chance

  • Vic Mwansa
    Vic Mwansa 29 days ago


  • C D
    C D 29 days ago

    i'll fight ye Anton chap, for 50 quid and a fish supper, you've bn trainig for nobody..and well i'm nobody.

  • Baijid Ahmed
    Baijid Ahmed Month ago

    Such a nice guy, but such a savage in the ring. That's how it should be. Keep it professional outside the ring at all times and bring out the killer spirit in the ring. Love Joshua's positive attitude and the way he conducts business.

  • Epul Saepullah
    Epul Saepullah Month ago

    The next mohammad ali

  • idantfearbro
    idantfearbro Month ago

    im 5 2 120 pounds 29 years old lemi fight AJ give me 2 rounds

  • KiNG jAWBo
    KiNG jAWBo Month ago

    Anthony your my inspiration bruv, I'm American and all gotta say in my years of watching boxing I've never been more taken by a boxer then yourself, you give me hope dude and your absolutely terrifying lol, God bless you Joshua I'm so happy that your living your best life!

  • No Waves Media Group

    All this training for nothing

  • ILos Merlin
    ILos Merlin Month ago

    Looks like he has reached final form.

  • katib Taqdeer
    katib Taqdeer Month ago

    I come from afghanistan but i love AJ very mutch

  • Fatih Kücük
    Fatih Kücük Month ago

    The King...

  • sam martlew
    sam martlew Month ago

    Anti my mum sed you a sort lol that mean fit

  • Bargn
    Bargn Month ago +7

    AJ I do feel you are the current best heavyweight in the world, to keep it up and keep improving you must fight the best

  • Иван Лаптев

    Ого футболист накаченный.

  • Gelo Sartillo
    Gelo Sartillo Month ago

    hi idol

  • filoflin
    filoflin Month ago

    how tf is he so huuuge

  • 2 1
    2 1 Month ago

    Living Legend... nuff respect...

  • Clyde Ayobami Williams

    3:10..' i gona beat Miller?' and his chests answer 'Indeed' 😂😂😂👍🏾funny guy

  • That Boy
    That Boy Month ago

    "every fight is hard, you train to get lucky" - Anthony Joshua

  • ike9
    ike9 Month ago

    im sorry bro. best luck on the next opponent.

  • Suga Sweets
    Suga Sweets Month ago

    Who you gonna fight now AJ?

  • Young og
    Young og Month ago


  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    AJ s on riods just hasn't gotten caught $$$ look a fool can see if they know anything about physical fitness. It's apparent. Look at the viens popping 8n his arms . I've been lifting weights for 30 years man . You can be foolish but I'm not fooled. AJ be caught Soon. 1 day mark my words .

    • TheScottishDan
      TheScottishDan Month ago

      30 years and you don't have any veins popping yet? Godamn you must be fatass.

    • Adonysius Rexinis
      Adonysius Rexinis Month ago

      you been lifting weights wrong and you're not intelligent. that's another thing lmao. I train people who went from 290 pounds of fat to 240 pounds of muscle.

  • 希慢活冀
    希慢活冀 Month ago +1

    讚, 看起來很強壯

  • Devon Green
    Devon Green Month ago

    Stay hungry AJ Good stuff

  • Newark Brickcity
    Newark Brickcity Month ago

    You need to play in the nfl

  • Justin Ford
    Justin Ford Month ago

    Looking mean ! Shame about that twat Miller...hopefully whyte or ortiz

  • femi badejo
    femi badejo Month ago

    Big baby getting popped left right and centre , he's been popped three times. He said so many immature stuff bout Champ AJ. You are really a big baby aka very immature. Big baby and all the rest of them are not cut from the same cloth as AJ . Remember what AJ did to Molina and later heard the news that Molina was on PED . With all the PED in you big baby, AJ will still batter you and knock you out. Big baby popping and counting. Like AJ said cut him eight pieces the disease will linger.

    • J H
      J H Month ago

      Not anymore, he got tested positive for drugs. AJ will be fighting someone else now.

  • Abdul Majeeth
    Abdul Majeeth Month ago

    Aj love from india 🇮🇳

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago

    bring on the gypsy king

  • T Kelly
    T Kelly Month ago +25

    AJ said miller is a cancer in boxing .
    AJ got it spot on 100% .
    Dirty drug taking miller .
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Rahim LaQuica
      Rahim LaQuica 7 days ago

      axiom these folks are naive

    • axiom
      axiom 28 days ago +1

      if you think AJ natty, you uneducated

  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp100 Month ago +1

    fights off lol

  • Irene Sinclair
    Irene Sinclair Month ago

    Really enjoying this new content on your channel. Very insightful 😁

  • Eric Turner
    Eric Turner Month ago

    Well well this is wat happens when u disrespectful 😂 Crybaby Miller dun threw his career away! God don't like ugly!That wat his ass get! Hey Champ we gotta move on to the next✍.. it's ur number#1 American fan saying wat up AJ👊bump

  • Ray William
    Ray William Month ago

    A decent human. At least the human race has a champion in AJ.

  • Leo Davidson
    Leo Davidson Month ago

    I’m a huge wilder fan but I still like AJ his a good fighter I just wish he could treat his “brother” with the same love wilder is showing him 50/50... btw not to be a dick but wilders popularity is growing crazy...keep up the good work can’t wait till you both fight it out may the better man win 🙏🏾

  • sunny sambo
    sunny sambo Month ago

    Great champion

  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius Month ago +1

    Much healthy,power,and energy I wish you,and very funny is when the table return 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shaun Jack Beaver
    Shaun Jack Beaver Month ago

    Shame theres no fight

  • jed davies
    jed davies Month ago

    Its tough on AJ but why is no one talking about Wilder?. He's in camp right now, AJ is camp right now, and Brezeale can be paid step aside money and get Wilder's next fight. What's all this crap about Ortiz who's in his mid 40s and on medication for a heart condition.
    Michael Hunter has already been stopped by Usyk. But Wilder, who's ready willing an able is not being spoken of . Typical British crap. if Showtime and HBO got together for Mayweather and Paquiao, don't tell me the fight can't be made. Eddie Hearn is a shifty fuck and he is protecting AJ , actually himself. AJ would fight Wilder. Its on Hearn.

    • MustLearnDjango&Python
      MustLearnDjango&Python Month ago

      You still can't see the WBC, Wilder & co for what they are. Americans it's like the info you Americans are fed is just immensely biased leading you to type dumb shit like this, SMH.

  • C B
    C B Month ago

    Welp, now that the fight with that fat cheat MIller is off, I hope they can find someone who will at least make it an interesting fight..

  • Elshan Sapharov
    Elshan Sapharov Month ago

  • Reuben Fevrier
    Reuben Fevrier Month ago

    Big Baby has let AJ, Boxing and sport down.

  • Aceofaceskicks
    Aceofaceskicks Month ago

    Too bad the cheater fat baby miller got caught. I wanted to see you knock him out.

  • Frontend
    Frontend Month ago

    Such a shame Miller failed the VADA test

  • Nyamkhuu Bayasgalan
    Nyamkhuu Bayasgalan Month ago +1

    Champion, love the videos 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ from mongolia

  • Kelvin Christian
    Kelvin Christian Month ago

    fuck i hope you lose

  • Kenw KLS
    Kenw KLS Month ago

    meanwhile in ny....CHEESEBURGERS!!

  • Atiqur Rahman
    Atiqur Rahman Month ago

    Hes not fighting the baby anymore. Miller just failed a drugs test.

  • Bobby Jungleman
    Bobby Jungleman Month ago

    Love AJ the champ

  • sun ny
    sun ny Month ago

    Fury running around letting off the fire alarm

  • Mr S
    Mr S Month ago

    Does anybody get annoyed at the fact that he trains so hard and his dedication is impeccable, with all the attributes skills and strength of a heavyweight only to fight bums. This guy is so boring he needs to fight wilder and fury point blank.

    • MustLearnDjango&Python
      MustLearnDjango&Python Month ago

      Parker a bum? Whyte a bum? Vlad a bum? What on earth are you talking about. You don't get all those belts by fighting bums mate stop your bias.

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer Month ago

    This is why i carnt help but think why isnt this guy A.J isnt fighting a real CONTENDER his MANDATORY and No1 is Dillion WHYTE and Alexander USYK so WHY WOULD ANTONY JHOSHUA not be Fighting these two there BOTH better tha this filler MILLER