10 Disney Princess Connections That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • Could Moana and The Little Mermaid actually be connected? 10 Disney Princess Connections You Wouldn't Expect! Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant
    We all know that Disney likes to give us connections to their other films, and when watching them we like to look to for them, so today at Screen Rant, we’re taking a look at ten Disney Princess connections that you wouldn’t expect.
    We take a look at how Disney re-used idea’s that had been in the initial drafts of Snow White in Sleeping Beauty almost a decade later, such as the prince having to face off against the witch. And on the subject of Snow White, we take a look at the theory that Tangled’s Mother Gothel is actually the Evil Queen.
    Disney also like connecting their films via storybooks, with both Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog using storybooks to show what film was coming next, which were Aladdin and Tangled, and how Tangled features a few past gems in the books on the floor.
    As well as books, other objects are used to make connections. The Magic Carpet from Aladdin is found in a few other films, including The Princess and the Frog, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Moana. Also, had you ever noticed that the only princesses to wear gloves are those who married into royalty.
    We also get into the big one, about how Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna are actually cousins, and about how their parents died on the way to Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding, and we extend it a little into how the shipwreck explored by Ariel, was actually that of their parents.
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  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  Year ago +286

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  • Kemora Stephenson
    Kemora Stephenson 3 hours ago +1

    Tarzan and Anna are brother and sister. When the ship had sunken the king and queen got on a boat and went to another island and the queen gave birth to a boy named Tarzan but eventually got killed by a leapord saving their sons life

  • Kemora Stephenson
    Kemora Stephenson 3 hours ago

    Rapuzels mother was sick when she was pregnant because she was pregnant with twins. And when she drank the magic solution she gave birth to twins. When mother gothel stole rapunzel the did not want the same thing to happen to Elsa so they shipped her off to arendel. That explains elsa’s white hair.

  • Kemora Stephenson
    Kemora Stephenson 3 hours ago

    Elsa and rapuzel are twin sisters and also Anna and Tarzan are brother and sister

  • Jammin’ in The basement

    Everyone knows that Elsa and Anna’s parents didn’t actually die. People say they were stranded on an island and had Tarzan. Although there is no proof, many say that’s the case.

  • Amélie Jocelyn
    Amélie Jocelyn 5 hours ago

    Tarzan is Elza and Anna little bro cause the firsts personnes that we see in Tarzan is Elza and Anna parents

  • Mary Nicola Flores
    Mary Nicola Flores 5 hours ago

    I watched another video like this one and Tarzan might be related to Elsa and Anna

  • Sheila Summer
    Sheila Summer 13 hours ago

    This was helpful,thx.❤

  • Bryan Usery
    Bryan Usery Day ago

    When you we’re talking about mother Gothel right after the beginning of the segment you said snow whot instead of Snow White

  • Jennifer Kao
    Jennifer Kao Day ago

    for the books part in the frog thing, there's a book there called "Rapunzel" so there are 2 books there that are about the princesses "stories"

  • b cash basketball

    Did y'all see the little mermaid book


    Y'all say corona fake?? Umm my town is called corona 👀 im basically tangled

  • Lachlan Thompson
    Lachlan Thompson 2 days ago

    The anna, elsa and rapunzel thing makes sense now. Thanks :)

  • Camaryn Chrisman Robbins

    there is a rumor that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother. people think their parent's ship landed in the jungle and they gave birth to Tarzan before getting eaten by the jaguar.

  • Isabelle Hutchinson
    Isabelle Hutchinson 2 days ago

    12:11 its Elsa's sister!

  • SassberrySnap
    SassberrySnap 3 days ago +1

    Elsa with her hair down looks so much like Repunzel I-

  • Trini Tech
    Trini Tech 3 days ago

    these are great connections lol i love it XD sorry for late comment XD

  • Mackerel Swatted
    Mackerel Swatted 3 days ago

    Cat trumpet😂

  • Taryn Thompson
    Taryn Thompson 3 days ago

    Also in the scene at 1:12 has Belle in it

  • Taryn Thompson
    Taryn Thompson 3 days ago

    When you show the scene from the Princess and the frog with the books another book on the shelf was about the Little Mermaid

  • Shafie Jaffar
    Shafie Jaffar 3 days ago

    i think

  • Shafie Jaffar
    Shafie Jaffar 3 days ago

    actually ana and elsa s mom died and ana s dad did not die and become tarzand

  • LDSMommy73
    LDSMommy73 4 days ago

    I saw the little mermaid book to

  • LDSMommy73
    LDSMommy73 4 days ago

    You missed Anna Elsa and Tarzan are brothers and sisters

  • Daisy Alonzo
    Daisy Alonzo 4 days ago

    hwo is the real daghter of mother gothel

  • Eden Likes Cats
    Eden Likes Cats 4 days ago

    i saw the frozen raindeer in moana

  • warizoh
    warizoh 4 days ago

    Honestly I wouldn't mind mash ups like Herc + Little Mermaid or Frozen + Tangled

  • Shaun Smithson
    Shaun Smithson 4 days ago


  • David Maligec
    David Maligec 4 days ago +8

    Disney confirmed that when elsa parents shipwrecked they survived and then it starts tarzan so tarzan is elsa and annas brother.

  • Hannah Kochman
    Hannah Kochman 4 days ago

    Now we know the secret to marrying Royalty! 😂

  • MyNameIsNat
    MyNameIsNat 4 days ago

    Y’all totally stole the Tangles and Frozen connection form Film Theory. Sorry, the theory’s ate just so similar

  • Mc flurrygamer1
    Mc flurrygamer1 5 days ago

    If u slow the vid down right in the beginning u see Maui shape shifting and one of the animals is a reindeer which was the reindeer sven from frozen

  • KeliyahTOYS
    KeliyahTOYS 5 days ago

    Who else do that seagull from the little mermaid

  • Mc flurrygamer1
    Mc flurrygamer1 5 days ago

    8:01 do u guys see the bear in the ballroom??

  • Pian Mandal
    Pian Mandal 5 days ago

    All the Disney Princesses are connected in Sophia the First by the magical amulet

  • Weedad Roslan
    Weedad Roslan 5 days ago

    One of the Creator of disney said that Anna and Elsa's parents survived the shipwreck..and stranded on an island.They both had a son on the island then were killed by a panther. The Tarzan was storied that the gorilla rescued him when he was a baby attacked by a panther. Coincidence?

  • Princess Azl
    Princess Azl 6 days ago

    Guys in did you see that when the boy in moana who can morph he morph into the kriston pet deer Like if you argee

  • Zavispugs
    Zavispugs 6 days ago

    Rapunzel and Elsa are twin sister because no one really knows how Elsa got powers but it could be connected to the flower the parents just kept it a sercet

  • Welsen Huang
    Welsen Huang 6 days ago

    So that is why rapunzel's mom eat the flower. Coz her mom may have power. If her mom is Queen Iduna sister, this will make sense.

  • Baylie Hughes
    Baylie Hughes 7 days ago

    Anyone else sad that Anna and Elsa aren't twins like the title said?

  • Silver Things
    Silver Things 7 days ago

    something u didnt see: in tianas room, by da copy of rapunzel, theres a copy of the little mermaid
    edit: what if the shark at the end of the vid is bruce from findin nemo? just an idea

  • Ivan Phyo Lwin
    Ivan Phyo Lwin 8 days ago

    Frozen needs better names.

  • Linda Dawson
    Linda Dawson 9 days ago

    And you have throughly debunked the Agnar and Iduna being Tarzan's parents. I thank you.

  • Rachel Hernandez
    Rachel Hernandez 9 days ago

    I did not drop my jaw

  • Kalaika Allin
    Kalaika Allin 9 days ago +6

    Anna and Elsas parents survived, had a son on a deserted island, then was killed by a panther. Look it up this was said by one of the creators. It was either a leopard or panther that killed them

  • Amanda Merrick
    Amanda Merrick 9 days ago

    Well what about Elsa and Anna's parents being the parents of Tarzan? They were shipped wrecked and Elsa and Anna's were lost at sea...

  • Danika Cynor
    Danika Cynor 10 days ago

    Ursula is tomatoa's grandma
    There both purple
    Both are after something very valuable
    In the movie tomatoa says he ate his grandma and it took a week cause she was humongous. Ursula is huge. Just think about it for a bit ;)

  • Slay_Thuñdr
    Slay_Thuñdr 10 days ago

    Look closely at 1:14 if you look hard enough you can see Belle with her book right next to the man and the carpet

  • Sandra Rizzo
    Sandra Rizzo 10 days ago

    my mom watched all the disney movies even descendants

    MAGGOT VOMIT 10 days ago

    @ 2:21 Character far right in the Mauve Dress is wearing a Dunce Hat and got it caught on someones Handkerchief.
    *Wanna see a Hanky, dance?..............Put a lil Boogey in it.*

  • That one crazy Girl!!!!

    Oh Elsa, Anna, and Tarzan are siblings.

  • Serenidy Hutson
    Serenidy Hutson 11 days ago

    The Alley Cats

  • David Thornberry
    David Thornberry 11 days ago

    You are smart

  • Valerie Coates
    Valerie Coates 11 days ago

    The movie emoiji is the Aristocats

  • Kody Antesberger
    Kody Antesberger 11 days ago

    Ariel’s sister is Merida

  • Melissa Barnhart
    Melissa Barnhart 11 days ago

    Rapunzel and Elsa are sister because they both have magical powers

  • Bernice A.N.L
    Bernice A.N.L 11 days ago

    Hmmm I wanna know what is the wrong thing to do with the rest of the day I wanna know how it is to be a blessed day and

  • Mayanka Gupta
    Mayanka Gupta 12 days ago

    King agnor and idona were saved the gave birth too Tarzan and only there ship sank they were eaten by the tiger.

  • kedecia stephenson
    kedecia stephenson 12 days ago +4

    I saw that the reason why Elsa has magic is because her mother was Jack frost little sister

  • Jelly Beans
    Jelly Beans 12 days ago

    4:44 The Little Mermaid too
    Sorry if this comment was already done