[SUB] Steamed Custard Buns :: Soft & fluffy :: Easy Recipe

  • Published on Nov 22, 2020
  • A cold winter has come in Korea. So I want to eat warm steamed bread.
    It's easy to make and tastes very good. Let's make it together~

    [8 pieces]
    Custard (measured with rice spoon)
    -200ml milk
    -20 g butter
    -30 g sugar
    -20g starch powder (flour is also possible, but it needs to be boiled longer)
    -2 yolks, 32g (replaceable with 100g boiled sweet potatoes)
    -3~4 drops of vanilla essence (can be omitted)

    ✤ Dough (measure with rice spoon)
    -260 g of all-purpose flour
    -26 g sugar
    -4g salt
    -160ml of warm milk
    -3g yeast
    -4g baking powder
    -10g cooking oil

    ✤ Decoration
    -Chocolate pen
    -Paper foil

    ✤ TIP
    -When making a shape with chocolate, cool the bread before drawing.
    -You can also bake it in the oven. (180/20 minutes)
    -When baking in the oven, it takes two fermentation processes to double it.
    -When baking in the oven, apply eggs on the bread before baking.

    Custard Buns
    Steamed Bread

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  • Hannah 15
    Hannah 15 Year ago +3

    This worked sooo well for me, the buns were fluffy and full of flavor and the custard was creamy and not too sweet. I baked 4 and steamed 4 and I have to say I prefer the steamed ones, although the baked ones were still incredibly delicious.

  • Gilliahn P.

    Made these last night and they were amazing. I was a little intimidated because I've never made anything this advanced but it turned out to be a lot easier than I was expecting!

  • CheckerDuck
    CheckerDuck Year ago +3

    "If you can't eat eggs, add sweet potato" THANK YOU! ♥

  • M o o n c h i l d

    AMIGOS, LOS HICE POR PRIMERA VEZ EN MI VIDA VIENDO QUE TENÍA TODOS LOS INGREDIENTES EN MI CASA (la levadura la sustituí por polvo para hornear, la misma cantidad de ambas levaduras, es decir 7g) Y JALAROOOON. Me salieron tan decentes y bonitos que por primera vez toda mi familia estuvo de acuerdo en que quedaron ricos. Se llevan súper poquito tiempo de cocción (me preocupaba por el gas en casa XD), y el relleno siempre puede ser sustituible por chocolate, frijol dulce, nata, incluso se pueden hacer salados omitiendo el azucar en la masa. Amé mucho la receta y el video tan bonito y bien explicado. Es útil si apenas tienes conocimientos básicos de cocina, o eres estúpido como yo. <3

  • ellen chen
    ellen chen  +623

    heres the full recipe written out !

  • Zendifu
    Zendifu  +1


  • Snuggle Dash
    Snuggle Dash Year ago +2

    She: rips and tears the bear buns

  • Archita Bhaduri

    I am Indian ,and I cant cook like you..the way you cook is so relaxing and peacful. I really love to watch your cooking video. 이 음식 마시는 것 같아요. 배 고파요,먹고 싶어요,파이팅

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H  +34

    I love the tip of freezing the filling! When I make red bean buns, the filling always squishes out. Thank you so much!

  • maggie
    maggie  +41

    receita em português para nós brasileiros fazer também! 🇧🇷💅✨

  • Alana Le

    I made these tonight and even though I adjusted the recipe, it still worked really well! I didn't use any baking powder or vanilla essence and I also didn't wait for the egg custard to freeze (just firm in the fridge enough to hold it's shape). The buns still came out fluffy and delicious :)

  • Tamara Marie

    I just made these and they were amazing! We finished them all while they were still nice and warm. Thank you so much for the lovely recipe 💕💕💕💕

  • Guan Yu
    Guan Yu Year ago +7

    They tore open the little bears to reveal their delicious, succulent innards.

  • buniうん

    (notes to myself)

  • Pretty Mustard

    Hoy intenté hacer estoy panes y debo decir que me quedaron mamalones 🤠 Se cocieron muy bien (y en poco tiempo) y también el sabor del relleno estuvo muy bueno. Ahora cada que tenga oportunidad los haré :)

  • Alpha Luna Blue

    This looks like so much fun! I definitely wanna try this with my nieces and nephews some day!

  • kuku88
    kuku88  +1

    Ahh thank you for the (adorable) recipe!!

  • ᴍᴇʟɪᴏʀᴀ

    This looks so good! It reminds me of the hum bao my mom used to always bring home after work. I would like to try this and maybe a savory version😊

  • Drishya Kumari Singh
    Drishya Kumari Singh Year ago +14

    I never thought that custard buns could be steamed...

  • leitedestiny

    I made these yesterday and they turned out great! They're the perfect balance of not too sweet, but fluffy and sweet enough to enjoy without feeling bad. I'd like to make more than 8 at once though; is there a way to double the recipe without getting the measurements all wrong?