15 Most Memorable BTS and TWICE Interactions To Ever Happen

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • BTS and TWICE Team Together Several Times Over The Years.
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    It goes without saying that K-Pop idols are becoming a global phenomenon. But BTS (Beyond the Scene), and TWICE are two of the most popular groups in this musical phenom known as the Korean Wave. And boy, do they make waves whenever they interact! And it’s so cute whenever they bump into each other! It’s so refreshing to see them not being competitive or resentful towards one another in any kind of way! This explains why fanboys and fangirls, (for BTS their ARMY), totally cheer them on. The gush factor over these bands has skyrocketed in the past few years! Which is why every BTS and TWICE encounter deserves an honorable mention. From RM to Jungkook and Mina to Jihyo, we can’t get enough of all the members! But if you only support one of these two bands, that’s okay. Just don’t be salty! Do you think the bond between these music groups make them more appealing to fans? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from TheTalko.
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  • Sana 93
    Sana 93 6 months ago +1122


    • KimTaehanna ARMY
      KimTaehanna ARMY 6 days ago

      Sana 93 oof I don’t ship

    • Nichole Xu
      Nichole Xu 18 days ago

      Sana Nassif
      Please don't ship bts with Twice because bts SAID that they were uncomfortable being ship with other girl groups.....I'm a once and a army so I don't want any of them to be sad and uncomfortable. .......ty

    • Subscribe to pewdiepie
      Subscribe to pewdiepie 2 months ago

      Bangtan Sasswars lol stop being salty

    • I_purpul Bts
      I_purpul Bts 3 months ago

      You don't understand...idols feel uncomfortable for being shipped with other kpop groups...bangtwice that sound really wrong 😒

    • Soeklerehh Ehs
      Soeklerehh Ehs 4 months ago

      It jin not chin

  • Wolfysweet Sweetchu
    Wolfysweet Sweetchu 4 hours ago


  • 티티김
    티티김 Day ago

    BigHit and JYP we're friends

  • Im Aushana Kim
    Im Aushana Kim Day ago


  • Im Aushana Kim
    Im Aushana Kim Day ago

    9:37 that is not jungkook😂 jungkook is dancing on the side

  • Wrongplace Bae
    Wrongplace Bae Day ago


  • Akosua .A. Adu
    Akosua .A. Adu 2 days ago

    Am I the only one hearing how different she's pronouncing TWICE differently... almost like she's saying TWICEU but in a more " American" way?

  • Alexandra Magararu
    Alexandra Magararu 3 days ago

    omg armyonce!!!!!!!!

  • Kookies and Anime
    Kookies and Anime 3 days ago +3

    I'm an ArmyOnce and I love both group , but omg this was to much .

  • adnan sami
    adnan sami 3 days ago

    Honestly blackpink and bts are the most famous kpop groups can you please make a video on blackpink and bts

  • Xylene _Chou방탄
    Xylene _Chou방탄 4 days ago +2

    Is Sana Gay ? People ask that alot but did they ask if She's Okay? But *Sakook*

  • Kimberly Pingan
    Kimberly Pingan 6 days ago

    At a fanmeeting Tae stared at me does that mean were dating?

  • n e l y u
    n e l y u 6 days ago +1

    Lol You shouldnt ship idols. They might feel uncomfortable.

  • KimTaehanna ARMY
    KimTaehanna ARMY 6 days ago +4

    Um I’m an ARMY, but I don’t ship them. The pictures are just photoshopped :)

  • Marlene Mann
    Marlene Mann 6 days ago


    ARMY ONCE T.V 6 days ago

    "They loved their K-Pop Sisters" Okay thats better,i love that 😂❤️

  • anonymous bitch
    anonymous bitch 7 days ago


  • flower rose
    flower rose 8 days ago

    Twitter is tranding with "Omg armyones" between ones and army

  • XxxItzWolfie IcexxX
    XxxItzWolfie IcexxX 9 days ago

    When sana and jungkook are mc and they FRICKIN shake handseu! *DYINGGGGG*

  • Rin MyzT
    Rin MyzT 9 days ago

    I think this TheXvidr's bias is Sana.😂

  • Rin MyzT
    Rin MyzT 9 days ago

    Tzuyu and Jungkook ship is way more famous. TzuKook! Why is it not here???

  • super broccoli
    super broccoli 10 days ago

    kbuzz is quaking

  • Unni ChaeYoung
    Unni ChaeYoung 10 days ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about

  • ryza timbol
    ryza timbol 11 days ago


  • BlinkOnce
    BlinkOnce 11 days ago

    ah i hate it how you say twice
    twicE what the friggg

  • ii_YanaPlays YT
    ii_YanaPlays YT 11 days ago

    Sana and Jungkook is rumored to be dating 😍

  • 10,000 subscribers without videos.

    Stop using BANGTAN and TWICE for views

  • Jaehwa Mo
    Jaehwa Mo 13 days ago +1

    FACT: RM and Nayeon were highschool schoolmates

  • natashia miyel
    natashia miyel 14 days ago

    But now blinks and other army know that lizkook is real😊I'm not hating this I'm just saying😂BTS jungkook talk about his sadness in vlive that he want to say but it cannot😍BC jungkook jelouse after Lisa and that guy😊😊
    And it seems that when jungkook go in us ,he is happy the big smile,BC Lisa is in us too their world tour, good people will understand this

  • Nisha Malhotra
    Nisha Malhotra 16 days ago

    Dude, K-POP idols are not allowed to date, stop predicting all this!

  • Amisha Sunar
    Amisha Sunar 16 days ago

    Teatzukook always

  • No Gacha No life
    No Gacha No life 16 days ago +5

    Fancy fake love
    Boy with fancy love or fancy boy with luv
    Fancy idol
    Fancy dna
    All together

  • No Gacha No life
    No Gacha No life 16 days ago

    Why is taesana so underrated and taetzu so overrated like really but love sakook

  • taehyung blu haired once

    A lot of haters here. Bish get out of your not a bangtwice supporter.

  • Janelle R.
    Janelle R. 18 days ago


  • Nichole Xu
    Nichole Xu 18 days ago

    Bts said that they are uncomfortable if you ship them with other girl groups......so please don't do it......aka......bangtwice......so don't ship them bc they said they don't like it when you once and army's do that.....I'm I army and once so I don't want them to feel sad or uncomfortable.......ty

  • JB C
    JB C 18 days ago


  • Ansharah Abbas
    Ansharah Abbas 18 days ago

    Okay whenever in korea any boyband and girlband smile at each other and respect eachother or be friendly to eachother. THE THIRSTY FANS STARTS RUMOUR THAT THEY ARE DATING!! like wth they can be good friends or they are supporting because bangtan is the one band who literally explored the whole kpop in STATES AND WORLDWIDE!!!

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 19 days ago

    um wait when you said that when they saw a picture of sana and jungkok why was "jungkook" face blurried out and not sanas

  • Angel Campos
    Angel Campos 20 days ago

    Jung kook str8 up is melting for Lisa at the moment

  • Angel Campos
    Angel Campos 20 days ago

    Bro they beefing lmfao

  • Chayoungiee babe
    Chayoungiee babe 21 day ago

    It should be TaeSana:'(

  • Amanda Arias
    Amanda Arias 22 days ago +1

    IU is jungkook’ s type not sana!❤️

  • bts4 ever
    bts4 ever 22 days ago +1

    I ship jin sana bangtwice ♡

  • Laiba Imran
    Laiba Imran 22 days ago

    plz make a video on junkook and lisa lizkook

  • Noona ARMY
    Noona ARMY 22 days ago +1

    SAKOOK is real

  • Rhian Gawat
    Rhian Gawat 23 days ago +1

    Twice tzuyu will be jealous to sana

  • yonnie11594
    yonnie11594 23 days ago

    I can’t believe I just watched the whole video.😩
    Who the hell is chin?

  • yonnie11594
    yonnie11594 23 days ago

    Are they trying to say twice with a Korea accent.

  • yonnie11594
    yonnie11594 23 days ago

    This channel is delulu.

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 24 days ago

    The Talko is thristy for views

  • Dipsika Gurung
    Dipsika Gurung 24 days ago +1

    Jungkook and Sana belongs to Tae and Tzuyu so No!! We'll talk about later if it happens for real but not now! let's stop being delelu without an actual fact!

  • Llian BorahaeRM143
    Llian BorahaeRM143 25 days ago

    I didn't ship them but I really love their interactions 💜

  • Mubeena N S
    Mubeena N S 25 days ago

    Jungkook has a crush on IU❤️❤️

  • blink/army/once/reveluv/igot7 /exo-l/nctzen

    I still ship bts and blackpink

  • Janella Thea Gregorio
    Janella Thea Gregorio 27 days ago

    evidence: they both like eevee

  • jin love jin
    jin love jin 29 days ago

    Please stop it. I really hate it when you create false rumors and use K-pop stars to gain views. It's annoying.

  • Kpop Scenario
    Kpop Scenario Month ago +1

    You Mean *BangTwice* ?

  • Kyla Hurst
    Kyla Hurst Month ago

    I don't understand why is it just BTS. Why not GOT7 or idk Stray Kids

  • Rospin Sirait
    Rospin Sirait Month ago

    You no BTS . Good BTS and blackpink

  • ruz Manalac
    ruz Manalac Month ago

    The kpop shippers should start hoping

  • Lucy Rodriguez
    Lucy Rodriguez Month ago

    Twice.. Not Twicu

  • Eve Plummer
    Eve Plummer Month ago

    Nooo taekook forever

  • rose ates rode ates

    JungKook is had crush to IU

  • penguin gaming
    penguin gaming Month ago +5

    Jin and Nayeon
    Jungkook and Sana
    V and Tzuyu

  • Teudoongi Nayeon
    Teudoongi Nayeon Month ago

    Nayeon belongs to me hmp💕💕💕

  • Teudoongi Nayeon
    Teudoongi Nayeon Month ago

    Sana is so beautiful 💗

  • EVE Equilibrium
    EVE Equilibrium Month ago

    They just randomized and did NOT show some facts.Yes,they are supportive of each other,but BTS is supportive of other groups too.They are in the same industry,they respect each other so of course they should support each other.Gahd,standing to clap for someone who has an award is standard and typical because it is to show RESPECT.And even if the dating ban for Twice was lifted,you should NOT link them with other artists because it may ruin their and the artists reputation.I cannot stand how you are just like DISPATCH who are always making up rumors about K-POP idols when they don't have facts OR ACTUAL statements from the respective Artists.Please be careful of what you post next time because you may or may not destroy an artists career/passion.PLEASE UNDERSTAND.

  • Brindha Manojkumar
    Brindha Manojkumar Month ago

    Ahh kill me .. Where is BTS and TWICE now? As if kardashians were not enough for u guys.. Jeez..

  • Anandi Kulkarni
    Anandi Kulkarni Month ago +1

    Not really

  • Marie Angeline Quintero

    I don't hate TWICE but I hate shipping any girl groups to Bangtan

  • Wonder Twice
    Wonder Twice Month ago

    this is so cringy what is this lol

  • Amrita Manoharan
    Amrita Manoharan Month ago

    I like duck meat, can make instant noodles and can bark. Does that make me jungkook’s ideal one?

  • Mezceville Gabrillas

    You forgot the Stolen Glances of Jimin to Dahyun during ISAC 2017 & Award shows...
    Also the Jimin x Jeongyeon beef...

  • adnan sami
    adnan sami Month ago

    I think blackpink lisa and jungkook should date

    • adnan sami
      adnan sami 3 days ago +1

      +Kookies and Anime I totally agree

    • Kookies and Anime
      Kookies and Anime 10 days ago +1

      I THINK That should never happen when VKook is a way better ship .

  • S m o l
    S m o l Month ago

    Can I give a correction? Tzuyu’s name is not pronounced as “Zuyu”, it’s pronounced as “chewy”. Weird right? But it’s the right pronunciation.

  • tiffa park
    tiffa park Month ago

    Doesn't jungkook like IU

  • Shire 707
    Shire 707 Month ago

    U guys forgot V and Tzuyu!!

  • Shire 707
    Shire 707 Month ago

    5:25 nice pic!!

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne Month ago

    Blackpink or twice

  • Jane Marie
    Jane Marie Month ago


  • Bts _oneinamillion
    Bts _oneinamillion Month ago

    I love Jungkook and Sana. My two bias wreckers❤️ But my ultimate favourite is Dahyun and Jimin.❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for creating videos on kpop

  • Faith Pam
    Faith Pam Month ago

    Tzukook duhhh

  • jungkook jeon
    jungkook jeon Month ago

    Yehey there's nothing between bts and twice....!

  • ᴍ ᴏ ᴍ ᴏ ʀ ɪ ɴ ɢ


  • Roach Lean
    Roach Lean Month ago


  • Stiffi LYSE ILYSE
    Stiffi LYSE ILYSE 2 months ago


  • Melted Ice Cream
    Melted Ice Cream 2 months ago +1

    Twisay? ...it's Twice

  • 권희은
    권희은 2 months ago +1


  • Rudy Jun
    Rudy Jun 2 months ago


  • Judy Kim
    Judy Kim 2 months ago

    Sana has taken 2 bangtan boys’ hearts 💕

  • Art by Gracia
    Art by Gracia 2 months ago +1

    RM 💜 nayeon
    Jhope 💜 chaeyeon
    Jimin💜 jungyeon
    Jungkook 💜sana

    I'm sorry to jihyo and tzuyu 😅😭😣

    • EVE Equilibrium
      EVE Equilibrium Month ago

      More like:

      These are some of my Fav ships in BangTwice
      P.S. Don't get me wrong,I totally respect Yoongi's wish that A.R.M.Y.s don't ship them to GirlGroups but I just love some Wattpad FanFics about these particular ships

  • Art by Gracia
    Art by Gracia 2 months ago +1

    I don't like BTS and blackpink I like this better not better but amazing

  • fathima hiba
    fathima hiba 2 months ago

    Am i the only person who ships v and sana and tzuyu and jungkook

  • ꕥ StrawberryMilk ꕥ
    ꕥ StrawberryMilk ꕥ 2 months ago +1

    I guess I'm dating Namjoon since we both breathe the same air 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Marinel Magat
    Marinel Magat 2 months ago +1

    please do another one

  • BULLI baby
    BULLI baby 2 months ago

    Jin who ?
    I only know chen

  • Scor pio
    Scor pio 2 months ago +1


  • RUN귀여워요
    RUN귀여워요 2 months ago

    I dont ship anyone with bts tho.... i choose to love who they want i dont think talko did the right thing to assume that they like each others

  • marlyn tolejano
    marlyn tolejano 2 months ago +1

    Lmao😂, they are highkey shipping Jungkook and Sana😥