Star Wars: The Last Jedi In-Home Trailer (Official)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
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Comments • 3 824

  • SocratesGalileo
    SocratesGalileo 4 months ago

    Best part 1:47

  • Noah Adams
    Noah Adams 4 months ago +1

    Can’t believe this was a year ago. Time flies...

  • aleksandar miletic
    aleksandar miletic 4 months ago

    Copy cool original fake

  • Hermione Skywalker
    Hermione Skywalker 5 months ago

    I looked fast and thought this was the episode 9 trailer

  • ItsJustAWaterMelon
    ItsJustAWaterMelon 8 months ago

    Where’s rose and cantobite

  • ᅵᅡᅳjust jojoᅴᅥJiji Sowa

    Sadly, it looks better than the actual movie

  • نادر الی راحمان

    What about DVD?

  • Cristian Hinojosa

    La peor película de todos los tiempos

  • Mauricio Sanchez
    Mauricio Sanchez Year ago

    La peor pelicula de star wars, una porqueria, Disney mato la franquicia

  • João Thiago Carvalho

    This movie a big piece of garbage. Star War is over.

  • Alfonso J.
    Alfonso J. Year ago +1


  • fez
    fez Year ago +2

    No clips of Rose on Canto Bight? It's as if you acknowledge that that part sucked. b

  • The Common Gamer
    The Common Gamer Year ago +5

    I freaking loved this movie!! I really hope I can buy the blu-ray edition and get to see all the extra stuff; that would be awesome. Even if no one else loves it, I love it Rian Johnson!

  • Hector Mclector
    Hector Mclector Year ago

    The trailer pretends to be the film you want to see trust me it’s not avoid at all cost

  • Luke Flowers
    Luke Flowers Year ago +5

    The best Star Wars movie I've ever seen, since The Force Awakens. In fact, I like all Star Wars movies, even the standalone movie, Rogue One, the animated movie and series. I can't wait for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Episode IX to come out.

    • Smashball Face
      Smashball Face Year ago

      Luke Flowers yes. Someone who agrees with me on the movie!

  • Mce 1863
    Mce 1863 Year ago

    Everything I want and an entirely new movie that isn’t complete dookie.

  • Imlaor25
    Imlaor25 Year ago +1

    Hey Disney. Where's Rose? Canto Bight space horses? Luke milking a sea cow? Mary Poppins Leia? Why don't you admit it sucked?

  • Ben V
    Ben V Year ago

    This spoils the whole movie pretty much

  • Luke Green
    Luke Green Year ago

    May The Force Be With You. X

  • Jesse Heisenberg
    Jesse Heisenberg Year ago

    LOL no Rose Shito or Canto Bite scene

  • smily monkey
    smily monkey Year ago

    This makes it look like Luke is the main character and not Rey. Also they took out all the crappy parts and made the movie look flippen awesome.

  • Nyan Jonny poop
    Nyan Jonny poop Year ago

    So does that mean it's on DVD

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch Year ago

    Can people actually explain WHY they didn’t like the movie rather than complaining left and right with no explanations?!

  • MSR_24
    MSR_24 Year ago

    I wish they could remaster all episodes to make them 4K.

  • acetvr6
    acetvr6 Year ago

    I'll pass. This Rian Johnson guy ruined what could have been an epic film.. Rose, that aweful casino scene.. I really hope JJ Abrahams can somehow undo the damage.

  • Alejandro Mostajo

    No casino plot in the trailer....? No wonder why Disney...

  • Jackson Pavlich
    Jackson Pavlich Year ago


  • redroversk
    redroversk Year ago

    NuStar Wars suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

  • Murtala Muhammed-Ighile

    So today my brother offered to buy the last Jedi on blu day for my birthday but I declined because I don’t want this travesty of a movie to be in my collection.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    And we don't need Rose Tico.

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Year ago

    Brilliant trailer!👏
    Such a pity that movie wasn't as good.👎

  • dewoomygames013
    dewoomygames013 Year ago +1

    1:18 *its ya boi luke with a hair cut*

  • Tom Kazutara
    Tom Kazutara Year ago

    time to burn the sports almanac

  • Cbird
    Cbird Year ago +2

    Isn't it convenient that Rose and Canto Bight just both so happen to not be shown even once in the trailer?

  • Celeste Gauthier
    Celeste Gauthier Year ago +1

    The movie that made me hate Disney. So sad.

  • ParaGila
    ParaGila Year ago


  • Vanya Gurachevsky

    0:20 if it was a cheap move then why did it make me come close to tears.

  • Devon Russell
    Devon Russell Year ago +1

    The sequel trilogy sucks but the trailers are awesome better than the movies

  • Maestro Yoda
    Maestro Yoda Year ago


  • Mike Mc
    Mike Mc Year ago +1

    This movie is trash. This video is misleading, Luke doesn't do anything in this movie.

    • MasterMike 000
      MasterMike 000 Year ago +1

      Mike Mc
      Ummm didn't he save the last remaining Resistance group including Leia?

  • Patrick McHale
    Patrick McHale Year ago

    Can't wait for its DVD release. Maybe some cool making of stuff to watch on it.

  • the king of the fat

    before the movie came out i did expect luke to refuse rey's calling to return and fight for the resistance but i didn't expect him to denounce the jedi order comepletly i still liked the movie though hell my history teacher who is probably the biggest star wars fan i know liked it he said it had some flaws but he still liked it.

  • AceTechHD
    AceTechHD Year ago +2

    Rose doesn't even show up in this trailer, lol.

  • Luke Starkiller.
    Luke Starkiller. Year ago

    Good trailer. Bad movie.

  • Vedant Patel
    Vedant Patel Year ago +1

    Top 10 Anime betrayals

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam Year ago

    Oh look, 3.1k people are salty idiots

  • Aquilina Cordero
    Aquilina Cordero Year ago +1

    Why are all of you criticizing Star Wars the last Jedi?. First of all,, mr. Rian Johnson worked so hard on this Star Wars film. After all of you watched it, everyone is criticizing this film. I love you, in the comment section, you guys need to grow up, because there is nothing you guys can’t do about that anymore because the film is already out, and it didn’t make much money as Star Wars the force awakens did I personally like this movie. To close this, may the force be with you always

  • SpeedSle
    SpeedSle Year ago

    This is what the Prequel trailers were like

  • Ramsay Sanders
    Ramsay Sanders Year ago


  • SkyGaruda
    SkyGaruda Year ago +1

    0:44 The Best part of the movie

  • 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑--為啥能把這麽

    like even the new trailers are trying to troll fans into buying it who havent seen it who are they trying to fool

  • Nostalgia dude 0101
    Nostalgia dude 0101 Year ago +2

    Cannot wait to buy it😃

  • Scott Will
    Scott Will Year ago

    I just love how the packaging for this Blu-ray release has been avoiding two annoying women That pretty much ruined the movie

  • Lisa Kirmsse
    Lisa Kirmsse Year ago +1

    Ohhhh I cannot wait :D

  • kobretti88
    kobretti88 Year ago

    Just watched the documentaries and the wonderful audiocommentary of Rian Johnson. I love this film even more :)

  • Wayne Bose
    Wayne Bose Year ago +1

    I really don't understand the negativity towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Can anybody tell me why they dislike this movie? Honestly I thought it was pretty good. Not the greatest to watch but still pretty good.

  • Pascetti
    Pascetti Year ago

    Dont buy it

    • Jamie Whyte
      Jamie Whyte Year ago

      We don't want your opinion you know. People can buy it if they want too.

  • Ian Herreros
    Ian Herreros Year ago

    12 Days Until Blu-ray & Digital HD Release

  • Lady Moon
    Lady Moon Year ago +1

    How long did it take to get all the explosions to match the music?

  • Magnus Sura
    Magnus Sura Year ago +1

    If you are not a SJW or left radical or Disney corporate shill, i like to know why you actually like this movie. I am curious to know if there is normal people who loves this movie.

  • Josh Keating
    Josh Keating Year ago

    I fell asleep during the midnight screening, like about half the theater, so I will give it one more watch

  • Rich B
    Rich B Year ago +1

    Great great film, sure it upset a lot of people, threw a lot of unexpected moments, but in its entirety a complex and a beautiful looking film, Rian did an incredible job as well as his entire team on this one

  • steve earley
    steve earley Year ago

    Whys Daisy Ridley's name not in the Credits at the end of this?

  • Jayden C
    Jayden C Year ago +2

    man this comment section is just people whining it's a great film get over it your the one who set your own expectations don't blame the film for not being made for you mainly I knew this movie would be different anyway a while ago I heard when it was still jus called episode 8 rian Johnson said this movie may be different and a little weird compared to other star wars films....oh by the way...didn't ackbar just appear in return of the jedi anyway?yeah people who say rey is a mery sue don't even know what a mery sue even's sad just how stubborn these "fans"can be and they say Disney is insulting them there kinda acting like the thing they feel is running star wars STW seriously Disney isn't the jerk it's you guys...there just impossible...

  • Valdimir
    Valdimir Year ago

    Only retweet if you fellow Russian bot
    Not retweet if you capitalist swine
    Comrades, we made it #HuxLive

  • thor25521
    thor25521 Year ago

    A Sith Lord you are Kathleen Kennedy my money you are not getting yes

  • Ger Rdrigz
    Ger Rdrigz Year ago

    wow here looks a good movie

  • railerswim
    railerswim Year ago

    Laura Dern was awful in this movie.

  • Life and Gaming
    Life and Gaming Year ago

    Spoilerific! Glad I’ve seen it already

  • hound badger
    hound badger Year ago

    No way can I sit though this again...thank God we got the original trilogy