Mariah Carey Praises Women Overcoming a 'Misogynistic Society of Corporate Asses' - Power of Women

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • At Variety's Power of Women ceremony, Mariah Carey talked about the challenges she's faced in her career and how women have begun to triumph over the "misogynistic society of corporate asses" in the country.
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  • He loves you!
    He loves you! 6 days ago

    They created their own bogeyman to fight.

  • Taurino Ciumento
    Taurino Ciumento 9 days ago


  • Ima Tabb
    Ima Tabb 19 days ago +2

    Please stop using famous people to push agenda 2030. Hollywood is controlled and full of gays and transgender.

  • M Gil
    M Gil 20 days ago

    Never forget what it felt like to be a child!! Love You Mariah!

  • elton john
    elton john 24 days ago

    She is a strong and powerful woman

  • Lionel Kennedy
    Lionel Kennedy 24 days ago

    She is more beautiful now than ever before 😍

  • Lionel Kennedy
    Lionel Kennedy 24 days ago

    She is outstanding and really draws you in. What a captivating woman and so gorgeous.

  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis 26 days ago

    She should write a poetry book

  • Tania M
    Tania M 27 days ago +1

    Love her

  • Butterfly Rainbow
    Butterfly Rainbow 28 days ago

    Such a inspiring soul, keep shining butterfly

  • SpiritualLifeCoach43
    SpiritualLifeCoach43 28 days ago

    I love Mariah more with every moment ❤️ Lamb4Life since day 1 literally

  • averylazyhoe
    averylazyhoe 28 days ago +3

    She looks younger and healthier Idk what happened but she’s LIVING

  • Aal Liyah Amor
    Aal Liyah Amor 28 days ago +2


  • seerpou
    seerpou 29 days ago +1

    this speech is so powerful and this woman is so power. i have been brought to tears. what she has done for herself and WOMEN is incredible

  • seerpou
    seerpou 29 days ago +3


  • sarkazm69
    sarkazm69 Month ago


  • Bryan Navarro
    Bryan Navarro Month ago +1

    I screamed when she started reciting the lyrics to Close My Eyes

  • Robbie Solis
    Robbie Solis Month ago

    This why i love her so much

  • TheJ4RyD
    TheJ4RyD Month ago


  • Felipé Charming
    Felipé Charming Month ago

    Living legend 😭🙌🏾

  • Vikki Happy
    Vikki Happy Month ago

    Oh yeah! Corporate Asses- if they don't behave we will kick them out soon! ;)

  • cynthia porter
    cynthia porter Month ago +1

    She's not drunk here...go figure.

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 6 days ago

      @Cody Walsh That's not how reality works boomer.

    • Cody Walsh
      Cody Walsh 6 days ago

      @He loves you! again, it's a you problem

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 6 days ago

      @Cody Walsh Nope, I don't drink, but she does!

    • Cody Walsh
      Cody Walsh 6 days ago

      @He loves you! sounds like a you problem

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 6 days ago

      @Cody Walsh She's a drunk.

  • Angela Hamlett
    Angela Hamlett Month ago +1

    More #1 hits than the Beatles. She writes her own ish too!

  • Malik Louis
    Malik Louis Month ago

    Mariah shares the same birthday as my mother. They are very prideful and strong women.

  • annetsak
    annetsak Month ago

    funny this message comes from a man. WAKEUP she was born male. study some bone structure y'all.

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 4 days ago +1

      @annetsak Same to you friend, God bless.

    • annetsak
      annetsak 4 days ago +1

      ​@He loves you! thanks for your reply! I agree with you at the end of the day we cannot know some things for sure but for some celebrities it is pretty obvious..
      I feel kinda bad for them because we don't know under what conditions they are going through this. Whatever.. I have decided to stop carrying about these issues anymore as it doesn't serve my highest purposes. It was a shock though to find out. Best of vibes to you friend

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 6 days ago +1

      @Cody Walsh Not an argument.

    • He loves you!
      He loves you! 6 days ago

      Perhaps, I'm not into the whole "everyone in Hellyweird is a tranny" thing, but its possible that Mariah is, because she does seem to be a bit more masculine, although that could just be hormone and testosterone treatments she was put through as a child.

    • Cody Walsh
      Cody Walsh 28 days ago

      You were born sucky and it's showing

  • Jackie York
    Jackie York Month ago

    Shes so smart. I love the big word usage. Shes unparalleled. A real woman. No one is like her. At all. Good shes saying jennifer over a notion to recognize.

  • FateOfTheElephant
    FateOfTheElephant Month ago +1

    Love this woman. Talented, intelligent, funny and beautiful.

  • GiftedSince92 GiftedSince92

    Great video! I love Mariah Carey period!!! She's such an AMAZING human being! This woman paved the way for artists. She made a lot of sacrifices, hard work, dedication, and resilience. Mariah is a woman of grace, poise, intellect, and badass. I have her music in my collection and REALLY her music speaks to me. I always listen to her whenever I'm feeling not my best. Mariah will forever be a legend in music period!!! #TeamLambily

    GOLDRICE Month ago +1

    Powerful, impactful, inspirational.... Mariah Carey, the legend.

  • MrQuadarius
    MrQuadarius Month ago

    I really hope in her book she goes into deep detail about the tommy mottola era

  • globalcitizenn
    globalcitizenn Month ago

    Mariah Carey overcame a huge corporate ass like Tommy Mottola. She is a legend.

  • Frankie Ross
    Frankie Ross Month ago +2

    Mariah is so smart, beautiful and she is such a talented singer. Her songs have helped me through so many difficult times in my life. She is one friend that I can always count on. Congratulations!!!

  • By Planet Design
    By Planet Design Month ago

    #closemyeyes is still current on my playlist 💛MC=♈🌕♏🌑

  • Russel Furtado
    Russel Furtado Month ago

    Wowwww!! Show them all!!! ❤️

  • Peytonfan
    Peytonfan Month ago


  • Andres Foster
    Andres Foster Month ago

    Class act #lambly

  • Nathalie Prudencio
    Nathalie Prudencio Month ago +2

    Mariah: “you got me feeling emotions!” 😏😊
    Well done beautiful.

  • msbond700
    msbond700 Month ago

    Forever Mariah

  • Michael Vaughn
    Michael Vaughn Month ago

    Such a dramatic diva and I love it ❤️🤣🤣

  • Wendy Kay
    Wendy Kay Month ago


  • Lord Night Villain
    Lord Night Villain Month ago +8

    Mariah is Easily the most bold, experienced, and successful person in that room.

    • Nwa
      Nwa 27 days ago

      Lord Night Villain your admiration of her is beautiful, but don’t knock any other person’s hustle.

  • Lola mo
    Lola mo Month ago

    I saw the title of this video and it doesn't show the whole title. You'll have to click the video to see the full video. I thought the title was a misogynistic society of corporate assholes lol

    CHRISTINA Month ago

    Such a beautiful speech! love you mariah!

  • Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    Indeed, Queen Mariah Carey is a Great Writer. She delivered the greatest speech that night. We Love You So Much Queen Mariah Carey You're The Angel Of Songs And Music. 💖💖💖🙏👼.

  • Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    Oh Wow! Oh my she told us a lot of stories we never knew about her. And she even played the role of Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof. We Love You So Much Queen Mariah Carey The Angel Of Songs And Music. 💖💖💖🙏👼.

  • Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    From 1:08 she really did make me cry as I "Close My Eyes" while listening to her. And I'm still crying until now. O Love You So Much Queen Mariah Carey The Angel Of Music. 💖💖💖🙏👼.

  • Christopher Horne
    Christopher Horne Month ago +2

    Mariah Carey spoke well. She looks amazing as well.

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
    Rodrigo Gutierrez Month ago +1

    But she always has been trying to destroy Jlo, she is a fake person, she looks to her women parnerts like a underrated persons, I can't with her.

    • Cody Walsh
      Cody Walsh 28 days ago

      Gurl piss off with your messy ass self, come back when you can actually make sense hoe.

  • Monika Sm
    Monika Sm Month ago

    know the lyrics by heart ♥🤗

  • Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin

    like what this fat cow did to JLo?

    • Cody Walsh
      Cody Walsh 28 days ago

      Fat? When and where? She's not even close to fat 🤦‍♀️ let's talk about all the shady ass shit JLo did, like stealing songs, vocals etc, not giving credit where it's due and she didn't just do this to Mariah, there's a a whole lot of people out there JLO done dirty too 🙄 do some research hoe

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 Month ago

    Yet she kept on throwing shades here and there against women.... Pitiful hazbin. It's a shame, her earlier music is phenomenal. Now she's just a bitter diva who's been passed on.

    • Yant Slovieky
      Yant Slovieky Month ago +3

      What shades ? Your negativity will never outshine her accomplishments 🤪

  • Natalia Dukich
    Natalia Dukich Month ago +1

    Wow, you are amazing

  • Matthew Harjo
    Matthew Harjo Month ago +5

    When my day comes to meet My Lord, i will thank him for three things... 1. My Faith, 2. My family, 3. MARIAH CAREY

  • Nora G
    Nora G Month ago


  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez Month ago +13

    I can’t believe I am reading comments doubting if she wrote this, or not, WTF?
    Do you not know who MC is? Educated queen, beautiful and intelligent

  • DLohan Sedillo
    DLohan Sedillo Month ago +2

    Classy, comical queen!

  • Jamie Ryan Storey
    Jamie Ryan Storey Month ago

    I love her sultry, deep speaking voice. 😍

  • Vivs Leigh
    Vivs Leigh Month ago +1

    Her behavior toward other women is not of uplifting and supporting other women. It’s always a “me me me me and me again” . Was a fan for decades but after seeing her bs of pushing that woman at the carpet who was taking a selfie I’ve had enough. MariAhs behavior is disgusting. She could’ve made it bigger and higher but her behavior has been her own enemy. She went from being a Michael Jackson and prince and Whitney to bring just another nicki Minaj.

    • Riastrad
      Riastrad Month ago +3

      "She went from being a Michael Jackson amd prince and Whitney to just another Nicki Minac"
      Hate to break it to you, but Michael Jackson was a child rapist who died of a drug overdose, Prince was a homosexual narcissist who died of a drug overdose, and Whitney was a crack addict who died of a drug overdose. Hardly shining beacons of dignity and integrity.

    • svdorme
      svdorme Month ago +4

      that woman? That was her friend Diane Warren. They were joking around.

  • BaxterVon
    BaxterVon Month ago +1


  • 9,999damage
    9,999damage Month ago +1

    Queen of women😭