The (Accidentally) Annual Q&A: Tiramisu | Decaf | Travel Gear & More!


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  • Seiche
    Seiche 8 months ago +2101

    If I ever run into James on the street I am definitely yelling “On no, not you!” before heading off in the opposite direction at a full sprint.

    • Tammi MacClellan Heupel
      Tammi MacClellan Heupel 6 months ago

      Perfection :)

    • Matt Brough
      Matt Brough 7 months ago +2

      I’m hoping to run into him while we are both camping, for just this reason.

    • Linda Yue Jin
      Linda Yue Jin 8 months ago


    • dreamervanroom
      dreamervanroom 8 months ago +5

      Not I. I would slow down to catch his eye, and then with my fingertips at my hairline, I would comb through my hair flicking it up, and smile yes. "Hello James, I'm Dreamervrouw."

    • Will Robinson
      Will Robinson 8 months ago +28

      I had an "oh no not you" moment with a known expert in my industry (bartending) and my strategy was to straight-facedly proceed to do everything correctly with the wrong tools (notably, stirring a drink with a pairing knife jerry-thomas style), I think that's how he knew I knew who he was - author, not youtube personality. we had a good laugh, I was still star-struck though.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 8 months ago +606

    How is the Bripe not a part of your ideal travel setup?!

    • Davis Bradford
      Davis Bradford 7 months ago +2

      Good hand grinder + 9barista = optimal travel set in my opinion for espresso. If I don't need espresso then aeropress all the way with any grinder and some good beans.

    • Matt Brough
      Matt Brough 7 months ago

      Probably too heavy; I’m eagerly awaiting a titanium edition!

    • Caleb Voisine-Addis
      Caleb Voisine-Addis 8 months ago +1

      It should be his whole ideal travel setup.

    • 404_pageNotFound
      404_pageNotFound 8 months ago +3

      @Siopao.Sauce i mean torches should be available anywhere around the world. Just go to a cigar shop or something and buy one

    • Poltak Edison Hutauruk
      Poltak Edison Hutauruk 8 months ago

      I want to asked that too

  • Raghav Chaudhary
    Raghav Chaudhary 8 months ago +505

    So happy to know that decaf is being addressed by someone like James. After being a barista in speciality coffee shops and then developing a sort of weird caffeine allergy, I have had to shift to decaf at least in warmer weathers. If the weather is cool enough, regular coffee doesn't hit me like a punch to the gut but warm or humid weather and even a mild cup sends my nerves for a toss. Excited about the decaf project, looking forward to it James, thanks for your efforts to make decaf great.

    • Konrad the Wizzard
      Konrad the Wizzard 16 days ago

      I know I'm a bit late to this topic, but there could be an explanation in blood pressure: temperature changes your blood pressure and the work being done by the heart significantly. Usually higher temperatures mean that the pressure goes down, because blood vessels widen to allow you to sweat. In turn this means that the heart pumps faster because it is less effort, which paradoxically can mean it expends more energy - at least once you crossed over your ideal pressure. Caffeine further raises the frequency of the heart, which then gets added to the already higher frequency. All of this combined makes the flow less efficient, which will make you feel dizzy.
      There is another thing you can do: never drink just coffee, drink plenty of (plain) water as well. This increases the blood volume and with that the pressure. It also provides more fluid to sweat, which cools you down.
      Disclaimer: don't believe the advice of a random stranger on the internet, even if he claims to be a "wizzard". If you often feel dizzy after a simple cup of coffee in summer, consult with your doctor and get some professional advice, especially if it happens outside of extreme heat waves.

    • Marie
      Marie 7 months ago

      This is a very interesting topic, this past summer I have some bad episodes and coffee is the only thing I can think about. Do you have any info or resources to know more about it? Thanks

    • carrotandfennel
      carrotandfennel 8 months ago

      Thanks to covid I had to go caffeine free for 8 was making me feel like im about to die. Even tea has this effect so I'm decaf tea and herbal tea person now. Thankfully its wearing off and I can drink one or two coffees..a week. No more and not every week. So decaf opinion from my favourite coffee authority will be very welcome ☺ since I can tolerate decaf but struggle to find a good one.

    • dreamervanroom
      dreamervanroom 8 months ago +2

      @SeJoHu Sonce I like dark roast, I have enjoyed Peet's Major Dickason's decaf. (I have found french roast decaf that does not have that decaf taste but is "empty".)

    • dreamervanroom
      dreamervanroom 8 months ago +2

      @Sherman Dorn I suggest Peet's decaf.

  • Tal Mazor
    Tal Mazor 8 months ago +387

    James answered my question about how he's doing! And he's good! I can't stop smiling!

    • jp katz
      jp katz 13 days ago

      Exhausted. Workaholic?

    • Quietly Discerning
      Quietly Discerning 8 months ago +1

      And now I'm smiling :-D

    • EU
      EU 8 months ago +2

      He's quite a humble guy, to be honest that's 50% of the reason why I watch his channel.

    • Jake Hebert
      Jake Hebert 8 months ago +4

      haha yes! This made me smile too! :D

    • 7amanito
      7amanito 8 months ago +4

      @Juan Rial smiles fest

  • Triple D
    Triple D 8 months ago +442

    I feel for the dude working at the Coffeeshop, imagine James comes in and orders. You want to deliver nothing less than perfect. And you hear boss music playing in the background.

    • Kevin J. Dildonik
      Kevin J. Dildonik 7 months ago +3

      I would bet the real worry was influencer culture. A lot of social media influencers, especially in America, will secretly record stuff like going to a coffee shop, and name and shame line workers at a restaurant. They make their money by selling outrage. So they'll post a video like "I went to Starbucks and THIS happened!!1!" and claim the person behind the line mumbled a racist insult while making the coffee.
      During the George Floyd protests I once personally saw two hipsters get out of a car, take a hammer out of the hand of a guy boarding up a storefront, pose for a picture as though they were lending a hand, then drive away. A lot of people are afraid of that kind of nonsense anytime someone they recognize like James shows up at their place of work.

    • Linda Yue Jin
      Linda Yue Jin 8 months ago +1

      I feel that too. But I think it would be nice to make that coffee and maybe have a conversation with James. Maybe laugh at myself first so it wouldn’t be that awkward.

    • NoZenith
      NoZenith 8 months ago

      @Matt Haw I was literally looking at those cups, of all things, that he kept on the shelf behind him thinking the same thing 😆

    • Matt Haw
      Matt Haw 8 months ago +18

      The dude drinks gross cold brew soda and old coffee on the reg. I wouldn't sweat it.

    • Matt Zechman
      Matt Zechman 8 months ago +5

      I’d definitely be too deep in a fan girl moment to be scared.

  • Jon5than
    Jon5than 8 months ago +224

    Can we just appreciate the Chemex in the background with the flowers in it? 😂

    • Amnesi Antoinette
      Amnesi Antoinette 7 months ago +4

      Yeah i could not stops staring at it and was thinking how to balance that backdrop. The dried flowers mimic the colors of the print and would bring such better balance if it were placed on the opposite side of the set, but the height doesn’t allow for it….still thinking how to make it work…lolz

    • a muslim
      a muslim 8 months ago +6

      Lovely! I can't believe that I didn't notice it until you mentioned it. Thanks.

  • Nicola Morel
    Nicola Morel 8 months ago +314

    I love how James has been able to build a community in which people are mostly respectul to one another and can actually discuss on different topics without necessarily agreeing on stuff. This is so rare and refreshing to see that in action on the Internet.

    • saab92513584
      saab92513584 7 months ago +6

      It’s odd that there’s people here who don’t even like coffee that much like myself. I never drink black coffee and I think espresso is way too harsh. But I enjoy coffee flavor in things and flavored coffee drinks. I just enjoy watching someone genuinely rambling on about something they’re deeply passionate about that I know almost nothing about.

    • Nicola Morel
      Nicola Morel 8 months ago

      @EU hahahahah!

    • EU
      EU 8 months ago +1

      Yeah, in the world of extreme snobbery this is an island of the adequacy.

  • Henry Blyth
    Henry Blyth 8 months ago +245

    I like imagining James' arms are individually controlled by puppeteers underneath the table, like Sesame Street, where one performer controls the head and one arm, and another performer controls the remaining arm. Quite fun to imagine that

    • Erika Busch
      Erika Busch 3 months ago

      I wonder how amused James is lolzzz

    • Mitchel Evans
      Mitchel Evans 4 months ago +1

      now, i can’t unsee this…

    • Isamu27298
      Isamu27298 6 months ago +8

      I cant unsee it now 🤣🤣

    • Caleb Hightower
      Caleb Hightower 7 months ago +6

      This comment should have thousands of likes

  • Johannes Laudi
    Johannes Laudi 8 months ago +669

    James : *goes to coffee shop*
    Barista : bye.

    • Anh Son Ta
      Anh Son Ta 8 months ago +3

      If that were me, I would defo make a cup of coffee and bring it directly to him. I will also ask the shop owner to have five min off if it's not busy, so I can have a sit and talk to James about, well, pretty much anything I can learn from him. It will be extremely wonderful

    • Dave Lowis
      Dave Lowis 8 months ago +14

      James: goes to coffee shop
      Barista: do it yourself

    • thedarb
      thedarb 8 months ago +13

      You can handle this if one is properly prepared. How so?
      1. Clue in the staff. Give them a primer on who James is, why we like him, and why he is (as a customer) a safe space.
      2. Plan a grand (or at least a little extra polite and nice) welcome routine, should he ever happen by.
      3. Everyone should be trained to toss their shoulder cloth on the counter, bow, with hands up, repeating twice, "We're not worthy."
      4. Have a small gift ready on the shelf, blanketed in a slight layer of dust, to show your shop has awaited this day for a long time. It could be a shot glass, a specialty spoon, or possibly a mug... but that's getting large to expect him to carry around.
      5. Lastly the staff should be prepared to comically and dramatically wipe their brown in unison, all saying "fweuu!" as soon as he steps out, but makes his casual look back in your shop's window.
      Oh, and be sure to give him the punch / stamp card for your establishment! Who knows, he may return some day to take you on a treacherous adventure to toss a cursed mug into a volcano or something.

    • Bunny in the Box
      Bunny in the Box 8 months ago +5

      Barista:**Jaws zoom** “He’s about to end my whole career”😳
      *Runs out the room**
      James:”wait...where you going?”

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul 8 months ago +2

      @Cyber TonTo72 "What is the most wrong thing I did?"

  • Dyfrig Hughes
    Dyfrig Hughes 8 months ago +217

    "Cut out all the bits where we make mistakes, or spill coffee, or my hair looks wrong" tells you most of what anyone needs to know about James’ channel.

    • davidevoid
      davidevoid 8 months ago +1

      So does that mean his hair always looks right?? I'm not convinced haha!

    • Lewis Ransom
      Lewis Ransom 8 months ago +4

      Make this his Bio

  • unreliableemployee
    unreliableemployee 8 months ago +136

    James Hoffman made my coffee game on point. I have countless times been told by people I've made them the best cup of coffee ever.

    • Pavel Berezovskiy
      Pavel Berezovskiy 8 months ago +12

      Actually, I can relate to that too - I've had the same happen to me. And I think I would not have started enjoying coffee at all were it not for the moka pot video on Chefsteps many years ago, an accidental discovery of James's channel a while back and ending up getting myself a Comandante after having come across the ultimate hand grinder showdown video. Some 3-4-5 years ago I would have never thought of myself as a coffee person and now I pretty much cannot imagine my morning without a pourover.

  • Daniel Jaramillo
    Daniel Jaramillo 8 months ago +119

    The ultimate travel setup 100% is the bripe

    • Matt Brough
      Matt Brough 7 months ago

      The bripe, the whole bripe, and nothing but the bripe. Amen. 🙏

  • Oliver Winton
    Oliver Winton 8 months ago +198

    Excited that the Tom Scott video will be (at least partially) about Decaf, and for more about Decaf generally!

    • Kai Xin Soh
      Kai Xin Soh 8 months ago +2

      The collaboration we didn't know we needed. 😄

    • Steven Rayer
      Steven Rayer 8 months ago +1

      @Ma Ba hey, who knows what Tom has in the pipeline for his new channel!

    • Ma Ba
      Ma Ba 8 months ago +1

      @Steven Rayer "random video" is so high concept!! Love it.

    • Steven Rayer
      Steven Rayer 8 months ago +2

      I discovered I have a neighbour by the name of Tom Scott.
      I recently had something of his delivered here by mistake, addressed to Tom Scott, and briefly considered the possibility I was in on some random video he was working on.
      Sadly I was not.

    • Ma Ba
      Ma Ba 8 months ago +1

      @Juan Rial Exactly! Joke is on me because I was brewing teas when coffee got too complicated sometimes. I wound up finding tea people videos akin to James. I liked Mei Leaf videos. I wish I could heat my apartment with a samovar boiler! Hahah.

  • Gutti
    Gutti 8 months ago +85

    and tagging on to the "Coffee Culture becoming too similar" question, any chances you will dedicate some time to the "Turkish Coffee" style brewing? I think it has been unfairly discarded as a Third Wave/specialty coffee option.

    • SpookyFM
      SpookyFM 8 months ago +9

      @Tommy Patton My favourite coffee shop in all the world (well, so far, I guess...) is Ben Rahim in Berlin. They make *amazing* Cezve/Ibrik coffee which certainly doesn't taste cooked at all. And as another commenter said, the particles sink to the bottom and you'd have to be really trying to have much of it end up in your mouth. I'd say it's basically an espresso with even more body and it can be astonishingly fruity. They serve these amazing dates with it and I go there as often as I can when we visit my in-laws there. (They also have the "usual" specialty coffee menu as well as very good Arabian/Tunisian pastries. I'm not paid for this, it's just a special place IMHO.) But all I really wanted to say is that I think that neither "bits" nor tasting "cooked" have to be an issue in so called Turkish coffee.

    • Snarnok
      Snarnok 8 months ago +3

      @Tommy Patton He is not aware that if the coffee is ground up fine enough, then the particles absorb the water and sink and stay on the bottom within a few seconds.

    • Tommy Patton
      Tommy Patton 8 months ago +2

      I feel like he just personally wouldn't like it because of the "bits" and the "cooked" aspect. It'd be hard to make a video about something you just didn't like without criticizing it or at least coming across like you're criticizing it. I'd like to see a Turkish coffee video from him though, if nothing else than to see him suffer the "bits" 😆

  • Badcrow
    Badcrow 8 months ago +12

    If I had to make coffee for James Hoffman as a barista, I would talk about Squarespace the whole time he was at the counter

  • Michał Guzik
    Michał Guzik 7 months ago +8

    11:30 - your answer on upgrading your setup is sooo good and so universally true, can apply to basically every upgrade in our lives. It is a pleasure to watch your videos James!

  • Linda Yue Jin
    Linda Yue Jin 8 months ago +5

    I’m not a professional coffee person or even crazy about making coffee at home, but I enjoy your videos so much. So informative and interesting. And definitely love your humor!

  • BleuShifted
    BleuShifted 8 months ago +33

    The best travel setup is obviously the bripe. James just didn't want to admit it

  • Iulian Gutu
    Iulian Gutu 8 months ago +77

    I swear there's no way you can predict what the next video is going to be about, and that's what I love about this channel!

    • Alex Hill
      Alex Hill 8 months ago

      And for his next video, the Aeropress x Bripe combo..

  • Karina Gray
    Karina Gray 8 months ago +44

    So glad someone asked how you are doing James. The Pandemic has been hard on us all and like you say some people are rested, whereas others, myself included, have been working non stop which I don’t mind as I like to stay busy. I know what you mean about being tired. I’m glad you’re ok, and that you are looking after yourself. Well-being and health is so important. But I hear you about wanting a holiday! 😫 After having 4 holidays cancelled since last July the nearest I’m getting to a break at the minute is a weekend at the London Coffee Festival this month! 😂

  • Maccano
    Maccano 8 months ago +26

    As a med student, I've found an excellent travel set on placement to just be a humble Moka pot! I'm often on placement in an area with local coffee roasteries, so I can buy ground coffee or bring a hand grinder along!

    • Uni
      Uni 8 months ago

      same but with the brikka moka pot.

    • Maccano
      Maccano 8 months ago +1

      @Juan Rial You're right, I'm always near a kitchen, but just often on the move to different hospitals. Often I'm not even bringing a grinder, and I can enjoy (in a different way) just buying vacuum-sealed ground coffee 😁
      I know freshly ground is the ideal way to go - but travel isn't always about ideal, rather it's about a balance between flavour and convenience.

    • Juan Rial
      Juan Rial 8 months ago +1

      @Sherman Dorn The way I read Maccano's situation, he's not camping, but staying in places where a kitchen is available.
      In my case, the situation is simple: I usually go camping with the same group, and there are always at least two stoves available. If it were a survival trip, which is not something I've ever tried, I'd simply make a fire, like everyone else. Since it's a Bialetti Venus (stainless steel) it doesn't mind sitting atop some hot charcoal for a while.

    • Sherman Dorn
      Sherman Dorn 8 months ago

      So I have to ask: what do you do with your Moka if you don’t have a gas stove?
      My travel kit is pretty bulky: Aeropress plus foldable silicone kettle. But it makes absolutely perfect breakfast brew. I’ll be very curious what James uses to boil water…

    • Juan Rial
      Juan Rial 8 months ago +1

      Yup. Moka pot, fresh beans and a hand grinder is also my coffee set when camping.

  • Stuart Carden
    Stuart Carden 8 months ago +43

    I've always preferred bitter flavours to to acidic flavours, so I'm on the darker roast side of the fence but I'm going to give the bicarbonate thing a try. Thanks for the tip!

    • Stuart Carden
      Stuart Carden 8 months ago

      @Dave Lowis I remember my first time ordering an espresso from a speciality coffee shop, before I knew anything about roasts etc. I almost cried! It was so zingy and the last thing I expected or wanted. I'm careful now only to order my espresso from old Italians with old school views on coffee

    • Dave Lowis
      Dave Lowis 8 months ago +1

      Me too. Wife and I tried a lighter roast, she hated it, I could put up with it only as an espresso (normally dark roast cappuccino)

    • Sherman Dorn
      Sherman Dorn 8 months ago +4

      I’m in a mixed marriage - I like light roasts, and my wife does not. So I can tell you from experience, try some things to increase extraction as well as buffering - a little longer brewing, or slightly finer grind than your current driver. When I can buy a lighter roast, and my wife likes what I’ve brewed, that’s a huge win. No bicarbonate (though I may try that as well…).

  • ondank
    ondank 8 months ago +47

    "am i suppose to briefcase it through the airport" - Well, James, if you don't feel comfortable with that, then there is no chance whatsoever that the rest of us could.

    • Bro Ccoli
      Bro Ccoli 8 months ago +2

      Verbs are curious grammatical components

  • wolfetrax
    wolfetrax 8 months ago +11

    Decaf sounds like a good project. I'd also like to ask, and add to the discussion, as a home roaster, if roasting decaf is 100% identical to roasting normal coffee?

  • Bunuggets17
    Bunuggets17 8 months ago +27

    Love these causual QAs, we get a little bit of your opinions on a variety of stuff, updates on cool projects, and most importantly an update on how you're doing. Glad things are going good mate. Also glad things are still a good busy for you.

  • Delta Victor
    Delta Victor 8 months ago +14

    Ooh, yes, please do a blending video. I do (very simple) blends all the time, and it's not especially difficult to really elevate otherwise "average" beans. I wish I had some guidelines to share, but it's mostly gut instinct after trying various coffees.

  • Jon Fink
    Jon Fink 8 months ago +12

    There's a Yemen coffee shop outside my hometown and everyone knows each other and you're welcomed in if you take the time to slow down. Coffee is strong and flavorful and the pastries are unforgettable. I love exploring places for different coffee shops too.

  • Ian GP
    Ian GP 8 months ago +28

    I'm a coffee person. Typically for light roasts, I prefer washed, and naturals for medium roasts. But I'll take a honey as well! Don't see why I have to limit myself when I can just have more coffee.

  • Nick Greene
    Nick Greene 8 months ago +8

    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'd love to see a "day in the life" type vlog from you James, it would be fascinating to see what a given day looks like for you

  • Erin A
    Erin A 8 months ago +13

    Very excited about the decaf project! It’s been many years now that I cannot have much caffeine. But I love the taste of coffee. Can’t wait to hear more about the project!

    • a muslim
      a muslim 8 months ago

      @sketchur Any recommendations on major brands? I usually get my beans from local roasters buy would be willing to try a major brand.

    • sketchur
      sketchur 8 months ago +3

      I feel the same. I only stopped regular coffee about a month ago, but I still love coffee. I only like a couple decaf coffees so far, and only whole bean. It's a journey.

    • a muslim
      a muslim 8 months ago +1

      I'm looking forward to it too!

  • Mike Caverhill
    Mike Caverhill 8 months ago +7

    Combining the vacation and coffee culture questions, we need a James Hoffmann No Reservations-style travel series. ("No Ristretto"? "The Pour-Over"? Open to workshopping the title.)

  • TinySounds
    TinySounds 4 months ago +1

    Timemore expecting James to walk around the airport with the travel-coffee-luggage-thingy as his only carry-on is pretty ambitious haha!

  • Cinema OCD
    Cinema OCD 8 months ago +19

    Re: vacations: "Anything would be good." I went from demanding at least one ten day plane trip vacation per year to being really grateful to drive somewhere and go camping for a long week-end in the pandemic...The advice about only upgrading to equipment that will fix a specific problem, is just sound life advice for almost any purchasing decision.

  • igottmituns
    igottmituns 8 months ago +3

    Always a sincere pleasure to watch your videos, James. You inspire me to be more and do more!

  • John Harris
    John Harris 4 months ago +1

    I just returned my “spiny spiny” tool. It seems like it would be great, but all it does is distribute the top. I prefer a cheap wire whisk kinda thing. It declimps better before I tamp. I really like the self-leveling tamps. I think level is even more important than distributing (but distributing is important).

  • MDT
    MDT 8 months ago +13

    Ah… the golden “Wait Time:Excellent Coffee” ratio. More important than coffee:water ratio.

  • Varunprasad Athi
    Varunprasad Athi 8 months ago +53

    Every single time I think "Hmm why hasn't James posted lately", he does it that same evening. Respect, James!

    • Andy T
      Andy T 8 months ago +3

      You need to think about James more often!

  • smorg12
    smorg12 8 months ago +1

    I always take my Handpresso with me when I'm on holiday, I'll usually take my own grounds in a vacuum sealed pack too.

  • Urm Hello
    Urm Hello 8 months ago +7

    Very excited for the decaf content. I’ve had to come off caffeine due to my medication and whilst I can tolerate a few cups a week, I find myself consuming instant decaf to get me through the day. I certainly feel better from drinking decaf but miss the specialty brewing. I haven’t found a specialty roaster that makes decaf that is to my taste so for now enjoy saving money purchasing instant but if there’s a way to enjoy quality decaf I’m all for it 🙂

    • Urm Hello
      Urm Hello 7 months ago

      @Jenny Caneen that’s a great shout thanks 🙂 will have to see what UK shipping costs are like though!

    • Jenny Caneen
      Jenny Caneen 8 months ago

      I’ve found some good decaf beans from a co called Prestogeorge. Based in Pittsburgh and shipping is very fast.

  • evilcanofdrpepper
    evilcanofdrpepper 8 months ago +1

    Has James ever reviewed the Piamo, "the first microwave espresso maker." I would like to hear what he thinks of it though I already have an idea that he would tear it to shreds.

  • L V
    L V 8 months ago +13

    Nobody’s gonna read, but I’m so excited I have to share! Today I brewed my first cup of "proper” coffee! I used to drink instant coffee only, but after doing lots of research and also watching James’s channel, I bought a moka pot, a burr grinder and some coffee. And I legit had tears in my eyes, that’s how good the coffee was. So rich, so flavourful, very creamy with notes of chocolate and nuts. It wasn’t perfect, as I used my old blade grinder (still waiting for the new one to get delivered, but I just couldn’t wait any longer). But after years of drinking the worst instant "coffee” possible….that one cup of arabica just took my breath away. I’m so excited to learn more and continue my coffee journey.

    • P F
      P F 13 days ago +1

      Welcome to the coffee world. You can start exploring, or enjoy where you are

    • Andrew Millsom
      Andrew Millsom 3 months ago +1

      BM you're pretty much where I am coffee-wise! Glad to hear from a fellow traveller.

    • Alan Swanson
      Alan Swanson 4 months ago +1


  • Paul Placeway
    Paul Placeway 8 months ago +2

    "Do not upgrade to the thing everyone is talking about for the sake of upgrading; do not upgrade because you can or can afford it; upgrade to buy a thing that fixes a specific problem that you are having."
    So true. Of coffee things. And pretty much all other aspects of life generally.

  • SimonQish
    SimonQish 8 months ago +1

    I recently got myself a taste box from a local roastery here in Poland. There were 2 coffees that I didn't particularly enjoy. Thanks to this video, this morning I tried a blend of these two... And I absolutely loved it! Thank you, James! 😁

  • Snarnok
    Snarnok 8 months ago +19

    My questions would have been: why do you never talk about and experiment with Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee or cowboy coffee? Are these taboo subjects? Do you have a secret stash of Mellow Birds instant coffee?

    • Adam Griss
      Adam Griss 8 months ago

      A video on Saudi style Qahwa would really be interesting.

    • Carol Alajnabiya
      Carol Alajnabiya 8 months ago +3

      And there was a video with a guest talking about Turkish coffee.

    • Carol Alajnabiya
      Carol Alajnabiya 8 months ago +3

      I think he's said before that he doesn't much like "fines" in his coffee, and Turkish coffee is all "fines!" I like my Arabic/Turkish coffee, but I'd love to try all the interesting coffees he talks about.

  • jadoei13
    jadoei13 8 months ago +3

    left over coffee: I use it for seasoning my grouphead after cleaning it, gets rid of the any chemical tastes that might be left over if you only flushed some water through it

  • Nikolay Stoyanov
    Nikolay Stoyanov 7 months ago

    I really like colors & lighting here (and the Chemex vase!), and I also got inspired about the decaf project! ☕️

  • Alex Blocker
    Alex Blocker 8 months ago +2

    On home roasting, I’ve found it pretty low key to engage with at a rewarding level. Behmor 2000, single origin green beans from a good supplier (Sweet Marias for me), few rounds of practice to get rather nice results. I definitely destroyed a few pounds at first (yeah, brewing with under-roasted coffee is unpleasant, as I learned). Pretty quick learning curve overall, though, and high reward to effort ratio in my experience.

  • Bruce Gordon
    Bruce Gordon 8 months ago +11

    Blending the few leftover beans is the most exciting method because you only get one shot.

  • Ryan Daugherty
    Ryan Daugherty 8 months ago +1

    Hey James! I’m wondering if you’ve experimented at all with the Oxo pour over coffee maker. It’s an attempt at an easier method of pour-over by having a measured water tank on top. It’s my daily driver and I have been experimenting with a perfect recipe, as there is some variation with how you swirl the water tank above the cup. Cheers!

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    Thebular 8 months ago +11

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    Paul Walker 8 months ago +4

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    Robert Hill 8 months ago +18

    4:00 interesting fact about the Dum-Dum: They have a "mystery flavor" that is essentially two flavors mixed. They don't want to waste the first flavor so they just throw the second flavor into the machine and the first few that squirt out are the "mystery flavors"! No need to waste

    • Brandon Prichard
      Brandon Prichard 8 months ago

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    • Andrew Fox
      Andrew Fox 8 months ago +3

      AirHeads also do this! The white mystery flavor is just a run to clear out the dyes and flavors between two regular flavors.

  • Davis Davis
    Davis Davis 8 months ago +1

    I love the Q &A episodes. In my experience I do save money by roasting my own beans. In the USA I pay $5-$9 per pound of green beans. It only takes around 15 minutes to roast a batch which is not even $.50 worth of electricity. When I buy from professional roasters I pay $15-$30 for 3/4 of a pound of coffee. My home roasted coffee isn't always as good as the professional roasters but it's close, and much cheaper. It does take some practice and learning to properly roast beans tho.

  • Kyle Wheat
    Kyle Wheat 8 months ago +1

    Hey James, I love all your videos that I've seen, my first was the bripe video which made the regular format a bit of a shock lol. Anyway I'm a home roaster and have been roasting for quite a few years now. I used to be part of a community on Facebook with other people who use the same roaster, and I think at least with my machine (fresh roast SR series) it's as complicated as you make it. Some people feel the need to drill holes to put a temperature probe into the roasting chamber even though their model tells you the temp on the computer screen as it connects via USB. I don't worry about all the things they do, I just roast coffee with the program settings I have set previously or just roast with last USB settings and get a consistent roast which is always delicious. The only thing is that it only roasts small amounts at a time, but also I think that small batch aspect makes it better overall. Anyway my point is that home roasting for the most part seems to be as complicated as you make it depending on what machine you use, what your ultimate goal is. If you're roasting to sell you might need to get crazy about temperatures, absolute consistency of roasts etc., But just roasting for yourself and friends and family all that doesn't matter in my opinion. If it's delicious it's delicious, and everyone loves it whether you obsessed over the batch or just turned it on and didn't really pay attention to it other than making sure you're getting your desired roast level (light, med, dark). Don't be hesitant about roasting coffee because it's complicated, it's not as involved as people make it out to be, in my experience anyway.

  • Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman
    Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman 3 months ago +1

    Coffee needs an Anthony Bourdain who seeks out the uncool, working class, poor people's versions more than the hipster, trendy, expensive versions.
    I feel like that's definitely something you could do when the world is safe again.

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    Cassie 7 months ago +1

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    When that video comes out mentioned @10:01 comes out, could you share it with us here if possible?

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    A K 8 months ago +1

    I used to treat coffee as purely utilitarian - when I needed that pick me up that a cup of tea wouldn't reliably do. Changing jobs during the pandemic and now working full time remote out of a different timezone has brought me back to that utilitarian need, but James has also shown me some interesting ways of exploring, understanding, and connecting with others as well over coffee that I glossed over for most of my life. Thank you so much for being what I've needed during a time like this.

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    p kruez 4 months ago

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    David 8 months ago +1

    James, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for making my lockdown that bit better. My business is on hold, haven't seen my wife in 14 months and I just rebuilt a house. Through all that I bought a cheap espresso machine and stumbled onto your videos. I've throughly enjoyed and learned a lot from them. I'm generally not into TheXvid vloggers etc, but you seem to be the exception with your relaxed, intelligent, expressive, to the point and honest videos. I can even watch the sponsorship parts and not mute them! So we'll done for that alone.
    My question is perhaps not for the connoisseurs out there 😇 I enjoy espresso, can you do a video on espresso cups?
    I've found it very hard to get good ones. I bought one of those duel layer glass cups and well it still doesn't keep things warm long enough. Have settled on a standard espresso glass cup which I came across by chance. Any reviews would be great, better yet with links on where to get them. Sorry to say, but the current times have not been so great for me. So if you could review a few budget espresso style cups it would be appreciated too.
    Again, thanks for making things enjoyable and educational for me, and I'm sure many others, during the lockdowns etc

  • Fionnuala Hussey McCarthy
    Fionnuala Hussey McCarthy 8 months ago +9

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    • a muslim
      a muslim 8 months ago

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  • OllieHarris95
    OllieHarris95 8 months ago +1

    Hey James, have you heard of Cafflano Klassic? It’s an all in one pouring spout, ceramic grinder, filter and flask which is pretty cool, might be worth checking out.
    They also have a “Kompresso” which is essentially an Aeropress with a metal filter / screen that makes espresso on the road in quite an impressive way.

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    Sean Rea 8 months ago +1

    Shout-out to whoever does the closed captions for these videos, and the (speaks quickly) at about 2:00
    Also just generally a big thanks for doing subtitles for all of the videos, they're super helpful for all kinds of people and really important.

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    Adam Griss 8 months ago

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  • Trea Bailey
    Trea Bailey Day ago

    Hey James! Did I understand correctly that you said making a cap at home is cheaper than going to a shop? Since Covid, I’ve been making espresso drinks at home, and I have a hard time justifying going out for coffee alone due to the cost (some local spots are nearly $6 for a cappuccino)

  • Gianluca Fiore
    Gianluca Fiore 8 months ago +1

    Would love a 'guide on how to get into light roasts as a dark roast drinker' video.
    Personally I was grown as a dark roast drinker but learnt to appreciate light ones as well now. The thing is, it was never about acidity. I love fruity, juicy, super-acidic coffee. I had one from Nicaragua that was unbelievably acidic and I cherish as one of the best ones I ever drunk. The main issue for me is lack of body. A dark roast has to me all the default characteristics of coffee, but not always of good coffee. A light roast with a thin body can be as flavorful as it gets, to me it will always feel like a good tea. Yeah, nice, but I am not going to drink it when I want a coffee. It is just not what I look for, albeit it may taste very nicely.

  • Ace Carolino
    Ace Carolino 8 months ago

    James I have a suggestion: can you do an experiment on the photosensitivity of roasted coffee beans, if there is a tastable difference? Thank you for taking notice

  • Ruben De Smet
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  • Acceleronics
    Acceleronics 8 months ago

    Regarding over-complicating espresso brewing and the urge to upgrade, my experience is that significantly reducing channeling is what turned my garbage espresso into a drink that is slightly sweet and very tasty. No change in beans, grinder, or brewer, and no spinny spinny thing. Just a wine cork with 6 acupuncture needles zip tied around it.

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    See at what point you can tell the difference between coffee ground right then and grinding hours or days in advance

  • Franklin Nash
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    I was told once that the decafinating process of coffee involved chemicals (although I know there is also a water based process.) Do you have any thoughts on this?

      BIGFOOOOOT 8 months ago

      I buy decaf where CO2 is used. Cheaper one's may use chemicals.
      EDIT: CO2 is also a chemical.... I mean harmful chemicals :-)

  • Canadian Reef Master
    Canadian Reef Master 8 months ago

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  • Tin G.
    Tin G. 8 months ago

    Thank you so much James for answering those questions and sharing your thoughts on the exact things I got in my head for weeks now since Im new to coffee. Blends, how to like light roasts, motivation for upgrading, Decaf and Singular best.
    Im also glad you are willing to discuss Decaf not like my trainer who brushed me off when I raised it like its only for the weak. Uh! I really wanna learn thats why I asked him.

  • neuroflare
    neuroflare 8 months ago +3

    Roasting your own coffee is only as deep of a rabbit hole as you make it to be. Start with a fluid bed popcorn popper (an air popper) and see how you like it from there. You don't have to chart every roast you make and mark every phase unless you really want to be a specialty coffee pervert. It's obvious when the coffee is about a light/medium roast, it cracks kinda like popcorn too.
    Edit - on the other end it may also lead to buying bags of green coffee by the 10s of pounds once you realize "I really like this and I won't see it for another year, I need to stock up!"