Top 10 Hated Movie Characters

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Haters unite. For this list, we’re looking at movie characters that audiences most hate - from villains such as Percy Wetmore in “The Green Mile” (1999) and Mrs. Carmody in “The Mist” (2007) to characters who failed to strike a chord with audiences - including Jar Jar Binks from the “Star Wars” franchise (1977-) and Bella Swan from the “Twilight” franchise (2008-12). Which character do YOU hate the most? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 2 317

  • The Imperfectly Perfect One

    Ani in 13 reasons why
    p.s. i know its a webseries character

  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope Day ago

    Umbridge is cool

  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson 2 days ago

    I thought lex was the best part of the movie

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 2 days ago

    Where's Joffery Baratheon?!?! King Joffery is way more hated than grandpa Joe

  • Melissa Atkinson
    Melissa Atkinson 2 days ago

    I think im the only one who likes Jar Jar

  • MadamPluto
    MadamPluto 3 days ago

    I hate Snape more than Umbridge and you who hype over him are disgusting, cancerous subcreatures who clearly haven't read the books. You're all walking arguments for murder.

  • Matthew Schmiemann
    Matthew Schmiemann 3 days ago

    I nominate Sid from Toy Story

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 days ago

    I like jar jar binks!

  • Maggie Lyon
    Maggie Lyon 5 days ago

    jar jar binks yo

  • daniel taylor
    daniel taylor 7 days ago

    Veruca Salt is worse than Grandpa Joe.

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 7 days ago

    Rose... Tico

  • Adam Gillen
    Adam Gillen 7 days ago

    Albert and Anna from A Million Ways to Die in the West

  • Mari Flores
    Mari Flores 8 days ago +1

    Why isn't Captain Marvel in this list??🤔

  • Srijay Sarkar
    Srijay Sarkar 9 days ago +1

    Well I liked Lex Luger the way he acted

  • Daniel Keller
    Daniel Keller 9 days ago +1

    The twins on Transformers aren't that bad. They were just troublesome funny bots.

  • brainey001
    brainey001 9 days ago +1

    Chris Hargensen from the 2013 Carrie remake (the bully girl).
    I swear i wanted to reach thru the screen and choke her so badly and when Carrie was finally killing her at the end i was jumping and screaming with satisfaction

  • Hermione Young
    Hermione Young 10 days ago +1

    Bella Swan was my personal *Number One* ☝️
    She is so stupid and pathetic in my opinion and dramatic and she is so negative and mean if you new what she was thinking in the books 📚

  • Hodaya
    Hodaya 10 days ago

    Twilight is a 'girly' trashy movie- the mob hate it with passion! Countless other 'manly' trashy movies- *crickets*.... yeah, real equal treatment people, real equal (hypocrites)....

  • Eggplant Carmasan
    Eggplant Carmasan 12 days ago

    I feel as though Lord Denethor should’ve been on that list because well obviously, I HATE HIM. He is an a**hole and he took his son for granted

  • Nikolas Tsiampalis
    Nikolas Tsiampalis 12 days ago


  • the black owl
    the black owl 14 days ago

    Does anybody sort of think that Matilda's parents and the dursley's act sort of the same

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 14 days ago

    Umbridge was supposed to be hated so thats a good job on the actress' part. The others however like Jarjar and Bella are supposed to be liked but ended up being hated because of how annoying they are. So YES there should be 2 separate list here.

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 14 days ago

    Jared Leto's Joker and Jessie Eisenberg's Lex Luthor are TERRIBLE. Acting, looks, dialogues, everything!

  • Hamza Mustafa
    Hamza Mustafa 14 days ago

    Where the hell is Corporal Upham that guy should be legit number 1!!!

  • rraannnnoowww
    rraannnnoowww 14 days ago

    I have to admit it really annoys me when Bella is included in lists like this. Equally ones where Kristen Stewart’s acting is belittled/criticised (also happens in this video). She portrays Bella incredibly well, and she brought her to life perfectly from how she’s written in the books. She isn’t a ‘relatable every teen’, she isn’t supposed to be. She IS bland, that’s her character! That’s exactly how she’s written. She’s whiny and annoying. Criticism of the characters in the films or the performance of the actors is nothing more than a lack of understanding of the source material. I’m not saying they’re not somewhat irritating, but they are incredibly accurate.

  • Hollander 160
    Hollander 160 14 days ago

    I dont understand why ppl does hate jar jar ??

  • joyful & bubbly
    joyful & bubbly 15 days ago +1

    I knew Umbridge was going to be the most hated movie character ever XD

  • Joshua Desautels
    Joshua Desautels 15 days ago

    I like Jar Jar.

  • Joshua Desautels
    Joshua Desautels 15 days ago

    Grandpa Joe?!

  • Katie Lemmon
    Katie Lemmon 17 days ago +1

    I agree with a few of the especially Umbrage from Harry Potter and Purcy from The Green Mile. I like Jar jar so I don't agree with it....but I can kind of understand way. I haven't seen either One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or the Superman one so I don't know how I think about them although the way the Nurse was described I have a feeling I would agree.

  • Rebel Rocker
    Rebel Rocker 17 days ago

    Percy is a prick. I hated him in The Green Mile.

  • shadow king
    shadow king 17 days ago +3

    Umbrige is a great character because she is soo evil

  • TheHiddenOne
    TheHiddenOne 18 days ago

    The little blonde girl from Jurassic World

    • TheHiddenOne
      TheHiddenOne 15 days ago

      @Joshua Desautels Yeah meant lex from Jurassic Park i am sorry

    • Joshua Desautels
      Joshua Desautels 15 days ago

      Or did you mean Lex? Either way you're wrong.

    • Joshua Desautels
      Joshua Desautels 15 days ago

      There WASN'T a blonde girl in Jurassic World. There were the two boys.

  • Dark.Angel
    Dark.Angel 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who loves twilight and Bella? :|

  • N L
    N L 18 days ago +1

    Number One:Stepmother from Cinderella

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 20 days ago

    I would've loved to see Nikki from Save the Last Dance on this list too because her attitude was so rude she dumped Derek, she & Sara got into a fist fight in gym class & didn't even care about Derek until he & Sara started dating & was so jealous & racist as well

  • James Estelle
    James Estelle 20 days ago +1

    John Kreese from Karate Kid. Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest. Miss Hannigan from Annie. Jack Woltz from the Godfather. The "Soldier" in Saving Private Ryan. These are way worse than anyone on this list.

  • James Estelle
    James Estelle 20 days ago

    Watch Mojo: Matilda's parents and principle are the worst caretakers of children there is no one worse....
    Miss Hannigan: Hold my beer.

  • Losers Club
    Losers Club 20 days ago

    Cal ?

  • santiago carreño
    santiago carreño 21 day ago

    7:10 I initially undertood "like most police... cowards" and I was like, WatchMojo liberal agenda all over again...

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    Don't forget the Warden, Mr. Sir AKA Marion Sevillo & Pendanski from Holes also

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago +1

    Meredith Blake should've been on there too mainly because she wanted to marry Nick Parker just for his money & if she and Nick got married she would ship Annie & Hallie off to Switzerland

    • Joshua Desautels
      Joshua Desautels 15 days ago

      I read where some people actually now SYMPATHIZE with Meredith?! Go figure.

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    Bittleman from Like Mike because he wanted to cash in on Calvin Cambridge's fame & fortune

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    Tina Shenk from Cheaper by the Dozen should've been on there because she was so rude to the Bakers & was very judgmental to Kate & the rest of the family because the Bakers had 12 kids

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    Don't forget Diana Ditka in Kicking & Screaming because she had a bad attitude & she was rude & arrogant in the movie

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    They also left out Nikki from Save the Last Dance mainly because she dumped Derek, hated Sara & never even made apologized to them

  • Adub nostalicking
    Adub nostalicking 21 day ago

    They left out Sonny from You Got Served because what he did to Elgin & David's crew was wrong very wrong

  • Ouija Silverstar
    Ouija Silverstar 21 day ago +1

    I feel like one of the very few who liked JarJar Binks.

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 21 day ago

    Bella was a drag in twilight... But then I realized that I had no business watching that glittery, bloodless, teen movie anyway. TRUE HORROR FANS UNDERSTAND.

  • Frank TIelemans
    Frank TIelemans 21 day ago

    Michael Pitt in Funny games US.
    Those anoying murderous bullies in Eden lake.

  • dani williams
    dani williams 22 days ago

    what about Lord Dargis from Garfield 2 : a tale of two kitties

  • Jouwel14
    Jouwel14 23 days ago +3

    Why no one is talking about Gally, from the maze runner. I think he is very irritating

  • Demie Martens
    Demie Martens 23 days ago

    Why doesn’t umbridge surprise me 😠

  • smita parab
    smita parab 23 days ago +2

    Bella Swann🤢🤢🤢

  • Ack
    Ack 24 days ago

    *I only watch twilight just for Micheal sheen*

  • Kitteniss1300 vwv
    Kitteniss1300 vwv 24 days ago +1

    What about the mayor from Jaws??
    Or even the crazy guy trying to control the Raptors in Jarassic world?!
    I. Need. Answers

  • Nicolas Karageorgos
    Nicolas Karageorgos 25 days ago

    Fuck you bella swan is the best and the twilight franchise is one of the best series of movies created you should give credits to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

  • Graviti Eddings
    Graviti Eddings 25 days ago +1

    Mrs. Carmody is a character we all love to hate.

  • farhana yasmin
    farhana yasmin 25 days ago

    Where is joffrey baratheon?!!!

  • shelley babydriver
    shelley babydriver 25 days ago