10 Times Football Daily Got It WRONG

  • Published on May 6, 2019
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    We may have got a few things wrong recently 🤭, What was our worst shout?
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  8 months ago +572

    What was our worst shout? Can you think of any more? 😂🤔

    • feverxdream
      feverxdream 5 months ago

      Calling Messi the GOAT when Ronaldo is the GOAT

    • Andros Townsend
      Andros Townsend 5 months ago


    • Dylan Munro
      Dylan Munro 5 months ago

      Fan’s choice

    • amro tchi
      amro tchi 6 months ago

      two things you need to do are: change the best player in history status after this Copa America. And sack joe, please.

    • DJD 123
      DJD 123 6 months ago

      Football Daily every transfer rumour report

  • Shyler Fernandes

    Check Ronaldo’s stats now

  • valente Aispuro
    valente Aispuro 3 days ago

    Ya cr7 has gotten old

  • Jad Ghanem
    Jad Ghanem 4 days ago

    Keita’s season wasn’t bad , I think he will just adapt and get better

  • DrAlfieG
    DrAlfieG 7 days ago

    Iheanacho isn’t a flop he’s brilliant

  • KingGabe 69
    KingGabe 69 12 days ago

    Yall think ronaldo can score as often as he takes a shit like jesus mans is 34 don't expect him to be scoring like 50 goals a match

  • Ethan Payne
    Ethan Payne 14 days ago

    *history of football video*

  • Jordan Stewart
    Jordan Stewart 15 days ago

    You couldn’t think of one for number 6

  • I am a mighty pen
    I am a mighty pen 18 days ago

    The problem with player coming into Premiere league are these players are not developed or equipped to deal with low blocks that are constantly put up in this league. So either they adapt taking some time or they fail. Other leagues are far too open in play and so these players from (Germany and France )assist numbers are biased. With Italian leagues the pace is slow and players from these come here they are in for culture shock because of the pace on display here (Premiere League). So it is quite difficult to predict how modern players adapt here.

  • Leandro Martins
    Leandro Martins 21 day ago

    I dont know if Im the only one who thinks this but in my opinion Naby Keita doesnt have the skill to play for liverpool.
    He´s just bad man, pay attencion when he plays

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 24 days ago

    this is my chant 4 when chelsea play mufc

    "he can't kick a ball,he can't kick a ball, Alvie Morata ,he can't kick a ball!"

  • Madan Jallow-Baro
    Madan Jallow-Baro Month ago


  • Jango Man
    Jango Man Month ago +1

    Round 2 of this video where you apologise for talking shit of Keita.

  • Ben Cookies
    Ben Cookies 2 months ago

    Just 10??

  • Ahoy ツ
    Ahoy ツ 2 months ago

    Pele didn’t play against Juventus in Italy they played the one in Brazil

  • Beau Sampson
    Beau Sampson 2 months ago

    Saying Kane wouldn’t get more goals than ronaldo or messi in 2018 World Cup

  • 200 subs for My cute profile picture

    Ronaldo isn’t a flop at Juve he’s just 35

  • Maverick
    Maverick 2 months ago

    Without his penalty, Penal'Do goals would be much lower no doubt

  • Unknown_
    Unknown_ 2 months ago

    I honestly do think kelechi is a good player he just doesn’t suit the way leceister play

  • Supreme Saiyan
    Supreme Saiyan 2 months ago +1

    Don't feel good about yourselves. You've made way more mistakes than 10

  •  2 months ago

    I'm the 900th coment

  • Ben Schmitz
    Ben Schmitz 2 months ago

    You underrated ronaldo for Sure one year later you will make the same Video

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago

    Pelé scored 8 goals against Juve, I think. It wasn't even the real juve.

  • Xxx Xmn
    Xxx Xmn 3 months ago +1

    Add Mahrez to your list 😏

  • Scuffed Pickles
    Scuffed Pickles 3 months ago +1

    Ronaldo was incorrect. He was the carry is the champions league and he is doing really good for his first season in a new tuff league. Gotta laugh at these Messi fans begging for clout 😂

  • Bayern Inter Milan Barca

    WTF the s wrong with those Ronaldo fans
    He wasn’t one of the top 10 scorers in Europe or even the top 3 in the league or the champions league

  • Glen Reddin
    Glen Reddin 3 months ago

    0:40 VVD in his Southampton days

  • aron abraha
    aron abraha 3 months ago +2

    ronaldo played one season in italy. One strong season but judging after only a season is compleatly wrong he‘s still insane and does it well in everything. Haters every where😒

  • LavaDestroyer
    LavaDestroyer 3 months ago

    Messi better than pele what a joke

  • Hajime Saitou
    Hajime Saitou 4 months ago +1

    Things you got wrong in this video:
    1. Pele played against Atletico Juventus, a Brazilian club, not Juventus the Serie A club.
    2. It's Atletico Madrid, not Athletico Madrid.

  • Edson Tayoro
    Edson Tayoro 4 months ago

    It's good and very rare that a media recognizes their mistakes. Great Football Daily, Great.

  • Such Grind
    Such Grind 4 months ago +1

    Who else thinks football daily are so stupid and are just rude when they can’t even kick a ball straight

  • lokat4 ci
    lokat4 ci 4 months ago

    Number 1 everything

  • Thomas
    Thomas 4 months ago

    You forgot about the time you said PSG will win the Champions League 2016/17, ohh no wait you didn't never mind.. 😂🙄🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  • Daniel Dodds
    Daniel Dodds 4 months ago

    Hammil hair was shocking

  • Agung Setiadarma
    Agung Setiadarma 4 months ago

    Still waiting for watchmojo making compilations about their own video

  • Multiyapples
    Multiyapples 5 months ago


  • The real mexican-jedi
    The real mexican-jedi 5 months ago

    The video we've been waiting for

  • Shadow Samuel
    Shadow Samuel 5 months ago

    888th comment

  • National Health Institute
    National Health Institute 5 months ago +1

    Pukki lol joe.

  • Joseph Clarke
    Joseph Clarke 5 months ago

    FD do get it wrong a lot but making predictions is hard especially with foreign players coming to our league. Also all this players may improve next season. Cr7 had a good season as well.

  • game time
    game time 5 months ago +1

    Iheanacho was only good at city because city have the best midfielders

  • Castor Troy
    Castor Troy 5 months ago +1

    Come on you put Ronaldo on this list!?Really...smh

  • BG 9
    BG 9 5 months ago

    Missed this video when it came out. I am glad to have found it now. Fair play by you lot! You should do this every season in my opinion.

  • Chaz gaming
    Chaz gaming 5 months ago

    Next video: 10 times Football daily has hated on Andre Gomes

  • T3KKANッ
    T3KKANッ 5 months ago

    How could yo get Bernardo Silva wrong you must be blind. EPL is overrated

  • Konstantinos Anagn
    Konstantinos Anagn 5 months ago +1

    Fair play for creating this video not many would do it...💯

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais 5 months ago

    Jesus if it was only 10 times...you get it wrong all the time.

  • Prithivi Raj
    Prithivi Raj 5 months ago

    Pele is still a fraud period

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali 5 months ago

    Your always long

  • naga gaming
    naga gaming 5 months ago

    Ronaldo is wrong

  • Ryan Lokay
    Ryan Lokay 5 months ago

    Sarri did everything chelsea told him to do.....

  • Josef Ludvigsson
    Josef Ludvigsson 5 months ago

    The time you all predicted the breakthrough stars two seasons ago was nothing short of disaster. Dani Ceballos at Real Madrid, Ademola look man at Everton and Solanke at Liverpool, really guys? I’m pretty confident most people agreed with you at the time but you turned out pretty far off.

  • Nkumbi_TS
    Nkumbi_TS 6 months ago

    Pele is a fraud 😂, he counted goals scored in training

  • Sean-E-Boy
    Sean-E-Boy 6 months ago

    I mean ronaldo was robbed this CL . That Red card he got in the group stage was BS everyone knows it he missed a game where he could have padded his stats and boosted his confidence for Juve early in the season. That was a big set back in his overall season. Also the league is highly highly defensive and anyone who knows anything about football can see why Ronaldo didnt score much this season. Hes in a new team adjusting his life, his new team, new manager, new teammates, new culture of football and new league and new tactics on top of caring for 4 children (3 of them babies). He also got rested many times in the league during the season in games the team could have clearly used him as they either tied lost of barely won the game

  • CMTY T
    CMTY T 6 months ago

    At least u were honest

  • Joshua Vincent
    Joshua Vincent 6 months ago

    Goals were not favouring ronaldo this season. He still save juves ass with that hattrick comeback against atletico. This was his debut season. It takes time getting used to the new club and new team.

  • Nahian Hasan
    Nahian Hasan 6 months ago +1

    The best to ever play the sport 😂😂

  • Ways To Play
    Ways To Play 6 months ago

    This is false advertising we all know your whole channel is bullshit after bullshit

  • Xd KingJon
    Xd KingJon 6 months ago

    Ronaldo just needs to get used to Italy and know how to crush his opponents