• Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Soo hello everyone. The last few days been tough. Millie a few days ago when she woke up and tried to stand would yelp a bit. It was only now and again so I thought she may of banged it. Over 24 hours it got worse. She wouldn’t stand up for food or to go for a wee etc. So I took her vets 2 days ago and on the journey she was fine. Happy to be out. They give her some anti inflamotary to help her but it’s got worse. For 24 hours she wouldn’t stand at all. When I tried to get the lead to take her for a walk and she stood she screamed the house down. Flopped to the floor shaking and I had to call the vets. First they said they would come I was scared of moving her but they said even if they come out she needs to be checked at the vets so it’s easier to take her. So we did! As it stands she seemed okay in the vets until she tried turning one way and did the same. Flopped to the ground screaming. Until this point I was debating taking her home to keep an eye on her but now they want to put her to sleep to X-ray her. They think it would be a many things. Maybe she has pulled a bone and she needs surgery. Maybe she just twisted her leg a little and may get better. Maybe her legs are getting weaker with age and she’s getting some form of condition there are many factors and I’m so worried. People may think it’s due to weight but honestly she’s same age as Rupert eats less food less treats she goes on more walks so I think maybe she does have some form of medical condition which makes me worry more. I should be getting a phone call in the next couple of hours. I know you all love millie just as much as I do so I will try keep you all updated. Love you all. Pray for millie!

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