LAGANJA ESTRANJA | Travel Vlog | Bogota, Colombia

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
  • Laganja Estranja visits Bogota, Colombia as the first RuPaul's Drag Race Queen to perform professional drag. Oh My Drag! brings drag to Colombia with passion for the art and the party.
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    Jay Jackson (Laganja Estranja), is a choreographer, drag queen, and activist based in Los Angeles, CA. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance and choreography from the California Institute of the Arts, Jay appeared as a contestant on LogoTV's Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race.
    Laganja’s choreography credits include commercial artists Miley Cyrus and Brooke Candy. In 2016 #LaganjasDanceSchool was founded, an international high-heels masterclass and confidence workshop which has been held in dozens of cities across Europe, Central America, South America, and the United States. Laganja also appeared as a contortionist along side Christina Aguilera for the American Music Awards, in VICE's "Bong Appetite," and in Gareth Pugh's fashion film "PITTI."
    Do You Dance? Laganja teaches class world wide! For our class offerings, please visit our Eventbrite:
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Comments • 30

  • Luana Assis
    Luana Assis 9 months ago

    You really look like a daughter of Alyssa I mean like true family resemblence is it strage?

  • Tasha Adolph
    Tasha Adolph 10 months ago


  • Eduard Brodka
    Eduard Brodka 11 months ago +1

    Does she knows that is Bogotá and not botoga?

    • LaganjaEstranja
      LaganjaEstranja  11 months ago

      Eduard Brodka thank you!! I fixed it, so sorry!!

  • Santiago Velásquez

    @01:41 Yo can see the Family Resemblance! Love you gurl, please come back soon Colombia will always be your home.

  • astaria rex
    astaria rex Year ago

    I miss you with Jeffree. Gave me so much happy.

  • #Alyssa Was The Real Winner of AS2

    Hey Mawma I love you sooo much also in the thumbnail I thought you were Alyssa but she’s your mom (drag mom) so I guess you should look like her I guess that’s where you get you Gorgeousness from. Love ya Gurl.

  • Ginger Rose
    Ginger Rose Year ago +2

    Awesome! Miss Lagunja! Absolutely gorge!

  • viktor p
    viktor p Year ago

    come on videochat with detox

  • jaaaaannnnee
    jaaaaannnnee Year ago

    Provehito in Altum, I like.

  • Abrajam
    Abrajam Year ago +2

    wooahhh! I love your work, thank you so much for share your art with us, :*

  • J Tavenner
    J Tavenner Year ago

    Fucking stunning!

  • Aylen Fernandez
    Aylen Fernandez Year ago

    Argentina miss you! Te amo i see that video and my hearttttt

  • Carlsbad
    Carlsbad Year ago +2

    Gorgeous, but please eat something!

  • Yoshi K.
    Yoshi K. Year ago +1

    Ab-solute gor-geous Oooookuuurrr Tongue PoP! Come through swarovski feirce crystals yaaass hunnay yaaass... I wish I had your nothing is never to big Lagunja cigajuana right about now oookuuurrrr... oops my mouth just got so wet like how Jeffree Star gets wet with her setting spray lol. She cracks me up when she sprays more. I live for her gorgeous ways. Your loving drag sista always Miss. Yoshi.

  • Christopher Hayes
    Christopher Hayes Year ago +3

    She is so cute

  • Aidisme
    Aidisme Year ago +1

    Now this is a bitch that’s shown PROGRESS! Ya girl is on TOP of her game!

  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn Year ago +1

  • Nani Lopez
    Nani Lopez Year ago +13

    Is she gorg?! OH YES MAWMA!!!!

  • Tiffani Houston
    Tiffani Houston Year ago


  • Christina Schwermer

    Why are you seriously so perfect! Like seriously tho I fucking live and die for you!

  • T. Jackson
    T. Jackson Year ago +6

    A full on Alyssa impersonation Kinda creepy. Lol u could totally off her and steal them gigs.

  • MEL F
    MEL F Year ago +2

    Pretty La Ganja.

  • Lee SantaRosa
    Lee SantaRosa Year ago +20

    @01:42 serving ALYSSA EDWARDS REALNESS

  • jeni150023
    jeni150023 Year ago +8

    Love Love Love❤❤❤ .... love it love it love it😍😍😍
    What perfume was that? I want to smell like Laganja

  • GlamAndGaming
    GlamAndGaming Year ago +2

    I love the editing 😍

  • PG 1҉8
    PG 1҉8 Year ago

    you meant *gawd* ?

  • Christine _Believe70


  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Year ago +2

    Woooow 😍😍😍

  • 2009MrsJones
    2009MrsJones Year ago

    Love This 😍