NERD PLAYS SOCCER (football) *ankles broken*

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • NERD PLAYS SOCCER!!! aka football...
    I dress up as a Nerd and troll Ohio State's Band, play in some pickup games, and crack some jokes.
    Shoutout to DC Heat and BigDawsTv for the vid inspiration
    Insta @MCEW
    filmed/edited: Robert Pizzuco and Andrew McEwen
    music produced by: Andrew McEwen
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  • MCEW
    MCEW  3 months ago +2759

    Watch until the end to see me school them 😂😂😂 & make sure you're SUBBED!!! Penalty or Pie To The Face COMING SATURDAY!!!!!! LESSSS GET IT!

  • Ji Ji Ji
    Ji Ji Ji 6 hours ago

    Pff es malísimo jugando. Yo pensando que era algún jugador profesional encubierto. En realidad en ese video eran todos muy malos jugando, por lo menos los que se vieron.

  • Meliodas Zeldirs
    Meliodas Zeldirs 13 hours ago +1

    He was Mexican isn’t Mexicans supposed to be really good?

  • Federico Cascarano
    Federico Cascarano 17 hours ago


  • daniel nabor
    daniel nabor 20 hours ago

    Verga en Estados Unidos no tienen nada de nivel, el nivel del "nerd" es igual a algún jugador promedio de cualquier cancha en México

  • Cadeira do Dragão
    Cadeira do Dragão 22 hours ago +1

    Sou brasileiro e passei pra lembrar que o PALMEIRAS NÃO TEM MUNDIAL HUEAHUEAHUEAHUEAHUEA

  • Nyakas Andrew
    Nyakas Andrew Day ago

    Boy , in Europe you would be destroyed with these skills...

  • Riel Time
    Riel Time Day ago

    Vid was a let down

  • Alex Mertz
    Alex Mertz Day ago

    this is fake

  • Tahir Atta
    Tahir Atta Day ago

    I bet you 200$ I'm better than you

    DR.Z01DBERG 2 days ago +1

    1:50 is it just me or were there guys in the background running with trumpets

  • 4uk1
    4uk1 2 days ago +1

    Aguante Argentina papa jsjs

  • Romario 11
    Romario 11 2 days ago +2

    Imagine being in the uk and playing like this😂😂

  • O King B
    O King B 2 days ago +1

    in Brazil I couldn't even play right,

  • K4ROL
    K4ROL 2 days ago

    In Europe everybody plays like this on normal P.E lesson

  • 알랄랄라
    알랄랄라 3 days ago

    범생이 컨셉으로 다 찌바르는거 하려는거 같은데 잘 못하는데

  • 実況チャンネルジョーズの


  • Shashi Soni
    Shashi Soni 3 days ago +1

    Wasted my Precious MB in this video 😞

  • Mrs. Beast
    Mrs. Beast 3 days ago

    Nerd has a Gucci belt

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals 3 days ago

    Who else is watching in 2020?

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals 3 days ago +3

    Who else was expecting him to be a better player?

  • Sergio Marrero Jiménez

    so fast for ankles but not good player one of one million

  • Donavan Simmons
    Donavan Simmons 5 days ago

    He just had the stench of the soccer skill on him.

  • ItsVortex?
    ItsVortex? 5 days ago

    You kinda look like Marcos Rojo after his fresh trim

  • KAJATEGUH KTconstructions

    Im only 14 and even got more skill than this guy

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme 2 days ago

      Major showoff

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme 2 days ago

      Who told you to open your mouth?!🖕

  • mnguyen Pham
    mnguyen Pham 5 days ago

    Football isnt all about dribbling and skills

  • CJ
    CJ 6 days ago

    Lmao I literally made a similar beat to that on launchpad

  • Mega Videos
    Mega Videos 6 days ago

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  • Symond Henry Lungtiawia

    Now we see this 🤜🤚


    12 year olds from countries that produce tin pot players commenting here like they know anything about the sport other than fifa stats

  • rafael suarez
    rafael suarez 6 days ago

    2 partee

  • T4FSEER 93
    T4FSEER 93 7 days ago

    No wonder usa couldn't beat Trinidad and Tobago

  • faysal ando
    faysal ando 7 days ago

    Wtf this nigga is trash

  • I'm Awesome
    I'm Awesome 7 days ago

    The nerd like to shout right?

  • balu senthamilarasu
    balu senthamilarasu 8 days ago

    Ur video is with altleast standard players...not with noob...

  • Dolly do Baile
    Dolly do Baile 8 days ago +1

    puta maluco ruim de bola kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Iago Colliin
    Iago Colliin 8 days ago

    muleke aqui no Brasil tu ia tomar tanto dibre que ia se perder por umas 5 gerações!! kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Samurai TWITCH
    Samurai TWITCH 8 days ago +1

    "Soccer"Football please, FOOTBALLF O O T B A L L

  • Mark Scorr
    Mark Scorr 8 days ago

    I train better 8 year olds. That was such a waste of time.

  • Ouamar Ilies
    Ouamar Ilies 8 days ago

    At first i tought he was trolling, he wasn't, he is really bad!

  • nappa FF
    nappa FF 8 days ago


  • biird person
    biird person 9 days ago

    Very obnoxious guy plays football plays football should be the title of the video 😒

  • GalaxyFighter212 Gaming

    How many times did he say sure press this to be blue

  • Jeremy Danks
    Jeremy Danks 9 days ago

    Song at the end?

  • giuli '
    giuli ' 9 days ago

    los que juegan estan mas duros que maradona despues de 3 lineas de merca

  • Gabriel Papa de Layla

    the worst thing I've seen playing

  • Rodrigo Teixeira
    Rodrigo Teixeira 9 days ago

    Igual Brasileiro não tem, aqui já nasce com o gingado. Mas valeu a tentativa.

  • Bonolo Dinawane
    Bonolo Dinawane 9 days ago

    i am from South Africa 🇿🇦if he played here the way he played in this video he would be banished

  • Xavier Vinueza
    Xavier Vinueza 9 days ago +3


  • Joe Van Den Berg
    Joe Van Den Berg 10 days ago

    thay got schoold

  • lesa lol
    lesa lol 10 days ago

    USA suck in soccer u all so bed beter spek autistik!!

  • Daniel Budik
    Daniel Budik 10 days ago

    Ok but why are you so thicc 2:27 🍑 ?

  • กินยา ชา


  • luis21
    luis21 10 days ago +1

    por qué shit siguen haciendo estoy vídeos
    y lo peor es que youtube lo recomienda lpm

  • allan sazo
    allan sazo 10 days ago

    Eres igual de tronco como un verdadero nerd

  • Tomas G.
    Tomas G. 10 days ago

    Es joda este video? En Argentina lo agarran los pibes de 13 años que juegan en la plaza y lo dejan en ridiculo.

  • F Novaes
    F Novaes 10 days ago

    Pra quem é br isso não é nada demais cara joga razoável mas para os iniciantes americanos ta baum

  • Francisco Alvarez
    Francisco Alvarez 10 days ago +2

    Very stereotyped

  • Tay - Gamer
    Tay - Gamer 10 days ago

    Man eu fico imaginando
    A gente do Brasil, daria um pau nesses americanos Vey