NERD PLAYS SOCCER (football) *ankles broken*

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • NERD PLAYS SOCCER!!! aka football...
    I dress up as a Nerd and troll Ohio State's Band, play in some pickup games, and crack some jokes.
    Shoutout to DC Heat and BigDawsTv for the vid inspiration
    Insta @MCEW
    filmed/edited: Robert Pizzuco and Andrew McEwen
    music produced by: Andrew McEwen
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  • MCEW
    MCEW  5 months ago +2937

    Watch until the end to see me school them 😂😂😂 & make sure you're SUBBED!!! Penalty or Pie To The Face COMING SATURDAY!!!!!! LESSSS GET IT!

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Day ago

      You need to have more awareness. You run constantly with your head down . It’s important when you take possession to know where ppl are on the pitch .

    • Darren Payyne
      Darren Payyne 19 days ago

      Where is the ankle breakage? Or is that clickbait?

    • Landon Lees
      Landon Lees 24 days ago

      honestly i thought it was gonna be better....

    • TheOneAndOnlyAiden 1
      TheOneAndOnlyAiden 1 26 days ago


    • TheOneAndOnlyAiden 1
      TheOneAndOnlyAiden 1 26 days ago

      @ZoRzaL 123 well buddy, hate to break it to ya but.. you just said english words.

  • La muñeca de Aramí
    La muñeca de Aramí 7 hours ago

    wtf is this

  • pablo 23
    pablo 23 9 hours ago +1

    6:24 naruto activated

  • Luis Eduardo Salto Avila

    A nerd with GG sure 🤔😂

  • ラッパーPUNPEE
    ラッパーPUNPEE 14 hours ago

    Arsenal needs you

  • Just Progressive
    Just Progressive 15 hours ago

    Like por la camiseta de Perú

  • Fraser Reid
    Fraser Reid 21 hour ago

    This is Farr beyond cringeworthhy

  • Höü 98
    Höü 98 Day ago

    He's actually a nerd fr

  • Ben Nunn
    Ben Nunn Day ago

    I have a Pacman frog he is cool

  • Some argentinian guy

    You made it too obvious...

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi Day ago

    Well i understand that for the US audience this guys seems to play a good "Soccer". But for the rest of the world this is not even a 14years old boy skill level

  • die roze
    die roze Day ago

    This guy needs to go to Amsterdam play some football on the streets he will be murdered

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 2 days ago

    "your good your"✋🤛

  • Luis Miguel Pineda Carias

    Actually you don't look like a nerd tho, it's more like an asshole but plays better than the rest

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero 2 days ago

    Well this was a waste of time...

  • Zach D
    Zach D 2 days ago

    All these players are absolute garbage.

  • fa wer
    fa wer 2 days ago +1

    nerd with strong body looks lol,not real

  • Daily Dog
    Daily Dog 2 days ago

    Fights happen in my school because of soccer

  • Esteban com
    Esteban com 3 days ago

    Que buena actuación, se vistió como nerd y jugo como nerd.

  • x 9
    x 9 3 days ago

    Achei que no USA so faziam guerra e futebol americano kkkkkk
    Esse cara num durava um rachão no brasil kkkk

  • Muhammet Çağrı İstif

    Wtf americans think this guy good at ''football"?

  • Sebastian Peralta
    Sebastian Peralta 3 days ago

    At the end of the day good or bad player he still got the views tho lol... btw I don’t think football is a sport u can easily do these types of videos like youtubers do with basketball. There’s too many different types of players... not everyone is a dribbler. He certainly isn’t one.

  • VNM ImpailedYT
    VNM ImpailedYT 3 days ago

    This guy thinks he’s god but if he goes to a ueropean country he will get eaten by 6 yr olds

  • Dave Whatever
    Dave Whatever 3 days ago

    Your playing is as bad as your acting,go to a country where Football is predominant and they’d make you play in a skirt..

  • Diovani Elguy
    Diovani Elguy 4 days ago

    Que porra de vídeo é esse

  • Benjamin Bravo Yáñez


  • Gabriel Ayala
    Gabriel Ayala 4 days ago

    ¿En serio eso es jugar bien?
    Se nota que no han visto jugar a los latinos en la calle

  • GM Production
    GM Production 4 days ago

    Its a fooking bodybuilder with nerd clothes...

  • Adrian Gorosito
    Adrian Gorosito 4 days ago

    From Argentina i need to tell you, you all are horrible at fútbol. Please dont do it.

  • PraesFX
    PraesFX 4 days ago

    Brasileiros vendo esses vídeos não ficam muito impressionados...

  • LynxTgen
    LynxTgen 4 days ago +1

    He literally has a Gucci belt, he's just using this vid to flex, he's not even that good almost everyone that I know (Those who play football) are better than him

    RDZIXN FF 5 days ago

    Where you live, there are only bad players playing soccer, here in Brazil, 13 year olds play twice that, Brazil and an example in the sport Soccer!

  • Skuld SC
    Skuld SC 5 days ago

    "c0jud0 plays soccer"

  • Starbomb 27
    Starbomb 27 5 days ago

    This are played acters

  • Simon Lundblad Roth
    Simon Lundblad Roth 5 days ago

    Why does one person have footballshoes and one person is barefooted. Thats just stupid. Remove the shoes so no one gets injured, just common sense.

  • 汽車鐵匠出生
    汽車鐵匠出生 5 days ago

    now i know why the usa doesn't play in the world cup

  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina 6 days ago

    He aint that good tbh

  • Bruno Gomes
    Bruno Gomes 6 days ago

    Kkkkkkkkkk Meu Deus, se esse maluco vem jogar aqui no Brasil ele tá no sal kkkkkkkkkkkk não sai do bobo

  • Why were still here
    Why were still here 6 days ago +9

    I swear even us goalkeepers are better than him here in europe

  • Vybz_load TV channel

    can you subscriber to my channel

  • Antoine Aguerre
    Antoine Aguerre 6 days ago

    Hes not a real nerd

  • Kalai Selvan
    Kalai Selvan 6 days ago

    It's not soccer its called football

  • Bat YOK
    Bat YOK 6 days ago

    Don't never ever call it soccer pls! It gives me goose bumps

  • JonasArts 20002
    JonasArts 20002 6 days ago

    In Germany every guy can play football like this :D

  • GIBO 26
    GIBO 26 7 days ago +1

    The man of the picture looks like a childiest gambino in this is america

  • Alberto Ledezma
    Alberto Ledezma 7 days ago

    eso no impreciona

  • Ander Andy
    Ander Andy 7 days ago

    Ughhh 3:12

  • Brayan Quintana
    Brayan Quintana 7 days ago

    duraso no le vi magia

  • Edward Mãos de Tesoura

    Brota aqui na quadra do bairro não arruma nada. Kkkk

  • Max Decker
    Max Decker 7 days ago

    The Gucci belt is killing it😂 Bruh dude

  • Giau Animazion
    Giau Animazion 7 days ago +1

    Guys, Americans are not that suck at football(soccer). But, this dude is playing with some random players whom never really play b4. And he is not even good compare to average High school's soccer player. Especially, if you live in southern states, we better than this!

  • J Ketcham
    J Ketcham 7 days ago

    So the stereotype now is nerds are cool right. So they fulfilled stereotype.

  • Lengors
    Lengors 7 days ago

    I play terrible for Europe standards, but somehow everyone in this video manages to play worse lmao

  • david scz
    david scz 7 days ago

    Even by asian standard, this level of skill and speed wont get past many defenders who plays in serious competition.

  • DP28 OP
    DP28 OP 8 days ago

    They play like bots

  • darktermi1993
    darktermi1993 8 days ago

    Trying to outschool 12 years old guys with no soccer culture and even falling at it? Nice, come to south américa

  • CPG95
    CPG95 8 days ago

    People in USA doesn't know what playing ''soccer'' is. If you go to Brasil or come to Spain a simple kid could humiliate all that guys

  • Jonas Patzlaff
    Jonas Patzlaff 8 days ago

    “oh,so thats fred”

  • Pablo Villeda
    Pablo Villeda 8 days ago


  • Pablo Villeda
    Pablo Villeda 8 days ago

    you actually suck