The Tubes - Don't Want To Wait Anymore (1981)

  • Published on Jun 21, 2014
  • From their 1981 album, The Completion Backward Principle. Written by David Foster & The Tubes.
    RICK ANDERSON: policy, bass
    MICHAEL COTTEN: trend, synthesizers, cover design, blue print design, logo concept
    PRAIRIE PRINCE: systems, drums, cover design
    BILL SPOONER: analysis, guitar, vocals
    ROGER STEEN: development, guitar, vocals
    FEE WAYBILL: motivation, lead vocals
    VINCE WELNICK: accounts, keyboards, vocals
    Bobby Clomby, Bruce Garfield, Keith Olsen, Bill Champlin: additional background vocals and arrangements
    Steve Lukather: guitar
    Stanley Paterson: Completion backward principle
    Humberto Gatica: engineer, mixing
    Paul Lani: additional engineering
    Don Smith: additional engineering
    Roy Kohara: art direction
    Jim McCrary: back cover photos
    Prince-Knotter-Exley-Leach-Leventhal-Cotten Productions: front cover photo
    Jonathan Exley: sleeve photo
    Hanns Kainz: blue print design
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  • S A D
    S A D 25 days ago +1

    Came from mr.sneakman on ig

  • Michael Kerins
    Michael Kerins Month ago

    The Tubes are out there touring THIS ALBUM in it's entirety - I believe there are two sets of Tubes fans - Early album fans and Top 40 fans - 2 different bands - I believe The Tubes peaked with the Live album - "Remote Control" was the last album before the fall. Sure they made some money, I was happy for them, but some of the guys didn't even play on those later albums - Fee could barely sing those notes in the studio and yet the band insists on playing those ballads and other David Foster train wrecks in their original key...why? I saw this tour, this year and it was obvious when Fee began to sing the older tunes - his voice was much better.

  • rolf stamenov
    rolf stamenov Month ago

    ALL PROS.....

  • Klopstockia
    Klopstockia Month ago +1

    Sputnik Spooner breaks the little girl's hearts! Go get 'em dude ha ha!

  • Elskar Love
    Elskar Love 2 months ago

    It brings me back to younger days.Such a moody song.

  • SilentKnight43
    SilentKnight43 3 months ago

    For so many years I always thought Fee sang this. Remarkable similarities between his voice and Spooner. Just a great classic power ballad from one of my favorite albums.

  • joe curtin
    joe curtin 3 months ago

    Funny that the early audience for the Tubes were the same people who'd been into early Genesis, King Crimson, etc. Tubes were regarded as progressive rock up thru their masterpiece Now. Same producer as Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator too.

  • Marcello Rego
    Marcello Rego 4 months ago

    procuro essa bela música há mais de 37 anos . descobri 😰😰😰😝😭😭só hoje 😁😁😁

  • Jose Frederico
    Jose Frederico 5 months ago

    First time that I heard this song I thought it was Chicago

  • dikless222
    dikless222 6 months ago

    One of the truly great rock vocal tracks! Bill 'Sputnik' Spooner...what a singer!

  • Brian London
    Brian London 7 months ago

    Great song AND a great sounding song. Production is perfect.

  • PianoMan 2018
    PianoMan 2018 7 months ago

    Incredible song, rediscovered it in 2015.

  • David Brooksbank
    David Brooksbank 8 months ago +1

    I saw the Tubes at Knebworth in 1978, Frank Zappa was on the same bill, cosmic. I read afterwards that during the White Punks on Dope finale there were over fifty people on stage. Great times

  • Kenneth Futch
    Kenneth Futch 8 months ago +2


  • Philippe Dubois
    Philippe Dubois 8 months ago +4

    Classic Rock'n Roll ! 🎼 😉 I Love Best...

  • Joseph Dugan
    Joseph Dugan 8 months ago +1

    Cold Case brought me here

  • Joseph Dugan
    Joseph Dugan 8 months ago +1

    The PERFECT Senior Prom song.....from the 1980's

  • Philippe Dubois
    Philippe Dubois 8 months ago +2

    All "the Tubes" Songs, are Fantastic !

  • donandannie4u2
    donandannie4u2 9 months ago +2

    Really wish Bill Sputnik Spooner was still in the current lineup. Sadly, that ship has sailed...

  • Philippe Dubois
    Philippe Dubois 9 months ago +1

    Atomic Power

  • Susan Beverly
    Susan Beverly 10 months ago +2

    I remembered this song when I was a teenager. I loved it but sadly, it never seemed to get as much airplay as it deserved.

  • Jeanie Mattone
    Jeanie Mattone 10 months ago


  • Mark Fairhurst
    Mark Fairhurst 10 months ago +2

    This whole album is a joy from start to finish, including the sleeve design. This song in particular has the power to pop up again at some stage in the future when it’s covered by someone with good pipes, good taste and a producer who can dip into the past and make it a hit all over again.

  • Fibro Diva
    Fibro Diva 11 months ago +1

    I was a sophomore in high school and loved this song!

  • Sabra Zafarano
    Sabra Zafarano 11 months ago +2

    this is one of the
    prettiest songs
    ever written. Fee
    Waybill's voice
    is one-in-a-million.

  • Dan McCarthy
    Dan McCarthy 11 months ago +3

    This sounds a lot like the stuff Chicago was doing 5-10 years after this was recorded. (I mean that in a good way.)

      TheCLOUDFORCE Month ago

      well,there's a reason..the song was written by Foster..who wrote..Hard to say I'm sorry (Chicago),basically just one year later.

  • Sony Last
    Sony Last Year ago +2


  • pappy999
    pappy999 Year ago +1

    19 dumbass idiots don’t want to wait anymore.

  • Oswald Cobblepot
    Oswald Cobblepot Year ago +7

    This whole album is a masterpiece!

  • yester day
    yester day Year ago +3

    "We could be the last two on Earth to start a new world..." oh my gosh,.... seriously...think about that. Can you imagine? How beautiful that sounds.....and sort of scary... poor Adam and Eve....

  • Celacanto abisal
    Celacanto abisal Year ago

    Excelente tema. Muy buena participación de este grupo en la banda sonora de la película Xanadu ( 1980 ) , junto a Olivia Newton John ( y Cliff Richard / y Gene Kelly ) y Electric Light Orchestra.

  • 61guitbox
    61guitbox Year ago +2

    power tools 🔌

  • radioguy1620
    radioguy1620 Year ago +1

    For my 02 the best rock voice ever.

    • Fibro Diva
      Fibro Diva 11 months ago +1

      radioguy1620 this is Bill Spooner, guitar player and founder of The Tubes

  • Domenic Mittiga
    Domenic Mittiga Year ago +1

    Saw them at the old Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh. Fee Waybill was quite the showman.

  • yester day
    yester day Year ago +8

    I can't believe I forgot this. Melodic rock was amazing! This was a REALLY 😄 great song.....not sure why but it reminds me of my favorite art class back in school.

  • 61guitbox
    61guitbox Year ago +5

    1981 was an awesome year !!

    • yester day
      yester day Year ago +1

      Brian Russell
      If it's a two-way trip I would probably spend a substantial amount. If there's no coming back you're looking at giving up everything..... intentionally or not once you're gone everything that you had here... your friends, your relationships ..... your relatives your whole way of life here .....everything is gone. That's a lot to give up to go back and relive the past.

    • yester day
      yester day Year ago +1

      Brain Russell
      That's an interesting question......

    • Brain Russell
      Brain Russell Year ago +1

      Time Machine please! What would you give to go back to '81?

  • julian taylor
    julian taylor Year ago +1

    cool as chips thee guys always more popular in the UK

  • B K
    B K Year ago +4

    1981! 🙋

  • effael
    effael Year ago +8

    Is it me or could this nearly be a Chicago song??

    • Mark Valentine
      Mark Valentine 2 months ago

      All it needs is horns.

    • The Great Dominion
      The Great Dominion 5 months ago

      @thekeymaster Foster wanted Champlin to sing lead vocals on this, but he declined, saying that Bill Spooner could sing anything he could sing.

    • thekeymaster
      thekeymaster 10 months ago +2

      Well, Bill Champlin is on backing vocals, so there's some Chicago flavor in there!

    • Brain Russell
      Brain Russell Year ago +2

      Almost... David Foster had the sense to let the Tubes record this one.

    • Jeff Smith
      Jeff Smith Year ago +2

      That was my thought, as well.

  • dave everhart
    dave everhart Year ago +1

    How funny... believe it or not, I never knew Foster wrote this, until just now.
    I should have, given that I can usually pick one of his songs out of any song lineup, this is quite embarrassing; now that I know this, though, it is •total• Foster... I could hear Champlain singing this with Chicago, for example. Crazy.
    Foster's a god.

  • Simone white
    Simone white Year ago +8

    They are some nice guys also..Prairie was A drum Mentor to me..Such a great band..

  • Hilton Donaldson
    Hilton Donaldson Year ago +3

    I'm obviously the only one who cares. Great song. Long live...

  • Hilton Donaldson
    Hilton Donaldson Year ago +1

    this bloke didn't realise how good his voice was/is not dead yet mate. You can hold a note like Midge.....

  • Sabra Zafarano
    Sabra Zafarano Year ago +1

    unequalled to this
    day. love you, Fee!!

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas Year ago +2

    David foster is a stud. I still like this 25 years on, great work.

  • Hilton Donaldson
    Hilton Donaldson Year ago +4

    What a great song and a brilliant voice. and only 19,000 listens. I'm getting old.

  • classicjukebox
    classicjukebox Year ago +7

    The Tubes, forget their videos, listen to their songs!!! Tons of legendary songs!!

    • Cindy Imhoff
      Cindy Imhoff Year ago +1

      But the sushi girl video is hilarious!

  • classicjukebox
    classicjukebox Year ago +40

    The Tubes! The most underrated band ever!!

    • David Hubbert
      David Hubbert 5 months ago

      Your not wrong their my friend superb track terrific band .

  • classicjukebox
    classicjukebox Year ago +32

    The Tubes belong in the rock and roll hall of fame!!

    • Michael Kerins
      Michael Kerins Month ago +1

      Fuck the RnR HOF - one must define RnR BEFORE one opens a Hall of Fame - the hall is a jumbled mess.

    • JokerSins 27
      JokerSins 27 Month ago +1

      classicjukebox Ignore that place, they have a ton of people who don’t belong in there and a nice amount of them aren’t even rockers.

  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop Year ago +28

    This is what power ballads of the 80's SHOULD have sounded like. Sadly, they generally did NOT. This is far more complex and beautiful in chord structure and melody than what we had to endure from all the popular bands of that era.

  • D man
    D man Year ago +4

    wow that's a sad song. Amazing I never once heard it on the radio since the 80s. Even then rarely. Goes to show you what crap the radio only plays today and the same damn tracks from the same artists. This is beautiful music.

    • Jeff Smith
      Jeff Smith Year ago +1

      Yes, I stumbled across this one this evening, and had forgotten about it since the '80s. Even then I barely ever heard it and was wishing I knew the title and artist. At last, I know. Great chords!

  • Stuart Cutmore
    Stuart Cutmore Year ago +1

    I want this played at my funeral, just one last chance to hear it but if heaven really exists of course I’ll hear it as I arrive - taking no chances!

    • Tracy Roadarmel
      Tracy Roadarmel Year ago

      Stuart Cutmore I’m playing it at my friends funeral, he is 50 and this was a favorite of his

  • Stuart Cutmore
    Stuart Cutmore 2 years ago +1

    This has to be my favourite song, ever! Bought it on 45 when it was first released, since acquired well over 3000 albums and nothing ever comes close to how this makes me feel - if I die listening to this I’ll be happy!

  • Joanne Poole
    Joanne Poole 2 years ago +7

    truly great song.

  • doodleedledoo
    doodleedledoo 2 years ago +2

    "Could be the last two on earth" plosive making microphone diaphragm pop with vocal on the word "two" 0:11 and also "see" at 0:24....not that it matters and it obviously didn't bother David Foster but it jumps out to recording geeks like me.

    • VoiceOfGood
      VoiceOfGood Year ago

      you deserve some praise my friend .. most people would fire back with insults .. I grew up doing work in the studios in L.A./Hollywood/Burbank and a little of what I learned in all my travels is that "sound" and the "creative process" are a very "subjective" thing .. there are as many roads to the promised land as there are minds. Carry On my Wayward Son :-)

    • doodleedledoo
      doodleedledoo 2 years ago

      OK maybe you're correct, you probably are. I'd have to listen, as you say to the CD or LP and that's not likely to happen so I'll just shut up.

    • TruthSurge
      TruthSurge 2 years ago

      Put your hand 6 inches in front of your mouth and say "see". Then ask yourself why non of the other "see"s or "s" words in the song have a plunk sound. It's not the vocal track. :( Later.

    • doodleedledoo
      doodleedledoo 2 years ago

      I don't have the CD or the LP but I found another clean sounding version uploaded on youtube and it has the same noises in the same places. I think it's air. There is air emitted on both those words, especially if you're pushing a little as singers do. If you put your hand or a candle in front of your mouth when you say or sing those words you can feel it or see it. And I can hear it.

    • TruthSurge
      TruthSurge 2 years ago

      There is no deep boom on the CD at :24 when he says "see". You obviously don't know which consonants or sounds make those quick bursts of air. "see" is not one of them. "T" isn't usually that bad but it could make a little air flow.
      And, if you are a reasonable person, you'll go back and RElisten (not a real word hehe) to "two" in THIS vid and notice that the bump sound does NOT coincide with the T but is a little late. It's something other than the vocal, imo.
      Put the LP on or listen directly from the CD. This vid has amplified any bumps and there isn't one at all on "see" on the CD.

  • ODog McGee
    ODog McGee 2 years ago +6

    if you are here because of mr sneakman then you are a fucking legend

    • Superior Fry
      Superior Fry 2 years ago


    • Jose Maldonado
      Jose Maldonado 2 years ago

      what about me

    • ODog McGee
      ODog McGee 2 years ago

      you are a fucking legend!

    • Fazers
      Fazers 2 years ago +1

      O-Dog McGee lol here. I knew the tubes before I saw the meme but it reminded me that I need to start listening again lol

  • BlueEyes 1970
    BlueEyes 1970 2 years ago +9

    Glad that Foster let The Tubes do this one instead of throwing it on a Chicago album. Spooner has a lot of raw emotion in his voice here. Fee would have sung it well but without the same feeling.

    • Lamarr Avery
      Lamarr Avery 4 months ago

      Yeah, I heard Foster worked with the Tubes, but who hadn't he worked with in the 80s. He was all over the place. Chicago could've done this song, sounds a lot like what they were doing then. But it wouldn't have been a hit, it's a good song but not great.

    • Jeff Smith
      Jeff Smith Year ago +2

      Interesting! So it's David Foster's work? Not a surprise (that's a compliment). I was thinking to myself, "Wow, come to think of it, this song sounds a lot like Chicago's songs in the early '80s."

  • Chance Watkins
    Chance Watkins 2 years ago +3

    Turn the Vaccum off please

  • Derek Harvey
    Derek Harvey 2 years ago +6

    started the chainsaw today and said to myself lets make some noise .....holy shit flashback straight on here to listen to this classic does that make sense to anybody

    • Gene Smith
      Gene Smith 2 years ago

      Derek Harvey Fall Qtr. Frosh Yr College. You don't forget.

  • Emmanuel Dunk
    Emmanuel Dunk 3 years ago +6