Naomi Campbell's Shades Are Really Entertaining.

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Naomi Campbell's Shades Are Really Entertaining.
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  • Salty Facts
    Salty Facts  5 months ago +300

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    • HTHTV3
      HTHTV3 2 months ago +1

      She's a #Gemini... have y'all studied the *3rd Sign* ... hear #WandahWisdom's video *Gemini Season* .
      ...speaking about Gemini's... Ms. Lauryn Hill... don't they closely resemble? The nose, the lips, the hue... if they traced their lineage, I bet they share some #DNA.

    • valda triegaardt
      valda triegaardt 3 months ago

      Stop shaking your head bitch.. the HAIR hat will come off!!!! Then what...?? Lol

    • Twonneka Owens
      Twonneka Owens 3 months ago

      Salty Fa

  • john paul paita
    john paul paita Day ago


  • Néamh
    Néamh Day ago

    Naomi invented shade

  • AfternoonBaboon
    AfternoonBaboon Day ago

    Being shady is fine; it can be fun.
    Unwillingness to aid in the trial of a *war criminal* as this "is a big inconvenience for me" is not shade.
    It's cowardice at best and complicity at worst.

  • venera melikopoulou

    Sad seen people like her becoming aggressive and disrespectful because of today stupid people and horrible money !

  • Nooni Whoboo
    Nooni Whoboo 3 days ago

    I aspire to be her Lmaoo

  • Sila Kanli
    Sila Kanli 3 days ago

    She's a GEMINI duh

  • X.x.x
    X.x.x 3 days ago +1

    No but the asses are flat like i agree with her😂😂😂😂

  • Davina Cunt
    Davina Cunt 3 days ago

    Naomi is the queen of shade

  • M S
    M S 3 days ago

    If only I had an aunt like her.

  • Sarah Suliman
    Sarah Suliman 4 days ago

    She living in a fantasy. So pathetic auwtch

  • curiouscat1991
    curiouscat1991 4 days ago

    She looks like a fucking lama lol

  • f b
    f b 5 days ago


  • Wake Up
    Wake Up 6 days ago +7

    If she were a man........they would sing a different tune! I like her.

  • Sijan Sen
    Sijan Sen 6 days ago

    I don't why I love her❤.

  • MrzBadaBing
    MrzBadaBing 6 days ago +1

    it would be an honor to be laughed at by queen naomi

  • Raquel Guzmam
    Raquel Guzmam 6 days ago

    Naomi keeping. It. Real.!! Loovvveee herrrr

  • Coco Violet
    Coco Violet 6 days ago

    She is the ultimate 'that bitch'

  • Chicken Queen
    Chicken Queen 6 days ago

    I love that Naomi is herself like she doesn’t care about others opinions, and she’s a badass 🙌🏽❤️

  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 6 days ago


  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 6 days ago

    A level drop

  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 6 days ago

    You don't walk the best too

  • baekhyun eee
    baekhyun eee 6 days ago

    Me everyday at school :

  • Ananditha Rajeev
    Ananditha Rajeev 7 days ago

    I actually liked Naomi.. But after this .. A big NO !

    • Endy
      Endy 3 days ago

      Stfu n kys you ugly ass bitch

  • Ani Vai
    Ani Vai 7 days ago

    Yeah no hunny, you ain't cute, you're just a bitch!

  • Ross Mackenzie
    Ross Mackenzie 7 days ago +2

    She so far up her own arse its unreal

  • Sara Diaz
    Sara Diaz 7 days ago

    "next question 💅🏾"

  • Marcela Verdugo
    Marcela Verdugo 8 days ago

    In my opinion there's better ways to be arrogant without being getto

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A 8 days ago +1

    ok ... she is NEXT LEVEL SAVAGE.

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 5 days ago

      Yes because she belongs in a zoo

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee 8 days ago

    “i had dinner with nelson mandela, thank you very much”

    MULIYE CHUULA 9 days ago

    She is very bitchy granted.... But there is a lesson in there.... Don't be doormats girls but please to be bitchy n arrogant like ms Naomi

  • Jabriel
    Jabriel 9 days ago +1

    She *bold*

  • eunt pet
    eunt pet 9 days ago

    why is she not getting old?

  • twosugas
    twosugas 9 days ago

    off topic but remember when white ppl kept saying pippa middleton had a huge ass. naomi should’ve commented on that 💀

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 11 days ago +1

    “If I’m gonna be remembered for something I’m gonna be remembered for being a bitch but a hard working bitch”

  • Zay Minaj
    Zay Minaj 11 days ago +1


  • Leonardo Datore
    Leonardo Datore 11 days ago +4

    I don't know why any model thinks anything of their success. You are successful because you look good, that is it.

  • Joao Gatto
    Joao Gatto 12 days ago

    Love this gurl! OMG KAKAKKAKAKKA

  • Hannah Catherraine Beldia

    Queen of all time👑💯👌

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 11 days ago

      Queen of the black lives matter movement.

  • Bailey110489
    Bailey110489 12 days ago

    Who was her boyfriend

  • Keren C
    Keren C 12 days ago +1


  • mode saddiq
    mode saddiq 12 days ago

    The must overrated bitch in the world

  • f quint
    f quint 12 days ago +1

    “It looks flat and it looks woobbly”

  • Mischa Hardy
    Mischa Hardy 13 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says...I FUCKIN LOVE NAOMI!!!!💓💓💓

  • Angelique Oren
    Angelique Oren 13 days ago

    WOW what a cunt! This bitch is boring as fuck. I am so sorry I watched this.

  • Daniel Ordinola
    Daniel Ordinola 13 days ago +3

    The real life Tahani Agamel from The Good Place lol

  • MeeloMellow
    MeeloMellow 13 days ago

    I‘m surprised how influential she is. If it’s true how is it possible that one model gets the designer to cut another model?!

  • King Beef
    King Beef 13 days ago +1

    That Jamaican blood! Lmao

  • TwistedTKD91
    TwistedTKD91 13 days ago

    My fav is the crying laughing at the catwalk and the way she just looks off camera to someone during the diamond questions like "why is this bitch still in my presence?" LOL

  • Lalain Mashood
    Lalain Mashood 13 days ago +3

    she’s very shady but just super mean like it wouldn’t hurt to be kind.

  • Tsarah August
    Tsarah August 13 days ago +52

    "Kendall Jenner being the highest paid model while saying that she cherrypicked her jobs and could never do 30 shows in a season."
    Naomi: "Next Question."
    Never not funny to me😂

  • Thequeenandskinnylegend Peppa

    “You will never be on my level.”

  • Noah CoC
    Noah CoC 14 days ago

    she’s such a bitch lmao

  • BF TE
    BF TE 14 days ago

    Wot a Troll

  • Alisky
    Alisky 15 days ago

    "I MAKE them famous"... WOW

  • steve beard
    steve beard 15 days ago

    Cee Uou Next Tuesday!!!!

  • Samuel  Pereira
    Samuel Pereira 15 days ago

    4:54 GUURLLLLL!!! You know you could've just politely asked for my wig! BALD

  • Cruz Lane
    Cruz Lane 15 days ago

    I LOVE SHADE!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 15 days ago

    Naomi is most beautiful model of all time and has a million dollar one better.

  • Mafalda S
    Mafalda S 15 days ago

    Ok so I looked at this and thought: “she totally has to be a Gemini.”
    Guess who was right.

  • Andi Jayy
    Andi Jayy 15 days ago

    an icon to us all

  • Katie Baby
    Katie Baby 15 days ago

    I fucking hate her

  • Katie Baby
    Katie Baby 15 days ago


  • Kerri T
    Kerri T 15 days ago

    Do you even Know Giani Versace?😂💀

  • Ava5180
    Ava5180 15 days ago

    the reason why she's a b*tch because she's not a pussy. She's very direct and open with her opinions

  • Hayl 2000
    Hayl 2000 15 days ago +4

    4:32 me at work

  • Little Giraffe
    Little Giraffe 15 days ago +2

    I live for her personality but at the same time....
    I don't

  • Aimey Fraz
    Aimey Fraz 16 days ago

    Naomi Campbell is not beautiful
    Your character is sooooo ugly and that just cancel out the beauty on the outside
    All that negative karma just scored out her blessings
    Your appearance on the outside is always evolving
    Make sure your not shock when dramatic change happen in life
    Life treat you the same way you treat it's creation

    • Aimey Fraz
      Aimey Fraz 4 days ago

      +demetre nadiradze
      In reality there is no good or bad, only consequences
      If she came up to you and slap you on the face, are you gonna say "it doesn't matter she was the few original black super model in history"
      Apparently, you have great admiration for this woman
      The next generation look up to our history and if there is a little girl out there that has the same dream as she did and the girl came across Ms. Campbell stating " you will never be on my level, so don't compare yourself to me" to another model that is in the begin of her career.
      How do you think that little girl will feel ?

      This is only a few outburst

      Research about her to have a clear understanding

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze 4 days ago

      +Aimey Fraz you said that you analyzed her actions towards people. Which of her actions stood out as bad to you?

    • Aimey Fraz
      Aimey Fraz 4 days ago

      +demetre nadiradze
      I don't think you read what I wrote
      Never stated anything about being offended by her
      My comments analyzed
      Please, if you want to reply and have a conversation
      I'm willing to
      I advise you to read what I wrote
      To my understanding, defending her without researching her is pointless

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze 4 days ago

      +Aimey Fraz then what actions offended you?

    • Aimey Fraz
      Aimey Fraz 4 days ago

      +demetre nadiradze
      Lol what word offended me?
      My comment wasn't to summarize this video.
      The comment analyzed her actions toward people.

  • Kenneth Councillor
    Kenneth Councillor 16 days ago

    Is this that crazy bitch from empire

  • caleb morrison
    caleb morrison 16 days ago

    tyra looks like shrek compared to naomi

  • smaran sardar
    smaran sardar 16 days ago

    I love her and hate her at the same time. I need her as my personality development coach

  • kevan garner
    kevan garner 16 days ago

    shes smoking

  • Semira Yt
    Semira Yt 16 days ago +3

    Why does she act like she invented atomic science? She’s just a model

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze 5 days ago

      +Ice Queen walking doesn't make you successful? Sure,but walking is a bit important in runway modeling.

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 5 days ago

      +demetre nadiradze walking doesn't make you successful. Wake up.

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze 6 days ago

      No she's a supermodel who has an actually good walk.

    • TarantulaCandy
      TarantulaCandy 15 days ago +1

      she's insecure pretty easy to tell.

    RAIINE MILLO 17 days ago +1

    That laugh when those two models were modeling that big ass hat was the funniest clip! LoL

  • Lieebliee
    Lieebliee 17 days ago


  • rainandsnowandsorrow
    rainandsnowandsorrow 17 days ago

    “Did you ever know Gianni Versace?”

  • Kaffrin Honey
    Kaffrin Honey 17 days ago

    Her and ruu❣❣💙

  • Emmalouisefivefive
    Emmalouisefivefive 17 days ago

    She was so incredibly beautiful when she was younger

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 5 days ago

      She's not Beautiful either way

  • Tia Michael
    Tia Michael 17 days ago

    I love it. I’m here for the shade 😂

  • Orkia Diallo
    Orkia Diallo 17 days ago

    She looks like Beyoncé ( a tiny bit )

  • Primis Tv
    Primis Tv 18 days ago

    PleaSe check out my channel would mean a lot and subscribe

    OBVIOUSLY IMRIGHT 18 days ago +1

    Not surprised at all, I know other Africans (not models) who behave like this
    It's their culture and for other cultures this comes off as extremely bitchy
    But like she said, she's a hard working bitch

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze 6 days ago

      Unless you haven't noticed she's one of the original supermodels, and comes from an era when you only needed one black model for a show. She judges today's supermodels cause they aren't really supermodels.

  • Laís Alves
    Laís Alves 18 days ago

    "that is not True, I make them famous" OMG YEEEEES QUEEN

  • Jenesis B
    Jenesis B 18 days ago


  • Manila Luzon AS4 Winner

    *"Everything's fine...* of course it's fine..."

  • Hélio Santos
    Hélio Santos 18 days ago

    "but a hardworking bitch"- Naomi Campbell.

  • ClaraMP // 羊 Subliminals

    03:38 "I'm not gonna speak about that and I'm not here for that."
    This wonderful woman , she is so right!!!!

  • Maximus McLean
    Maximus McLean 18 days ago

    2:58 I’m crying

  • Lili Cskov
    Lili Cskov 18 days ago


  • Wee Chatt
    Wee Chatt 19 days ago

    Love her😍😍😍😍

  • Amélie Castle
    Amélie Castle 19 days ago

    Why do I get a Samantha Jones vibe here?

  • Neli neli
    Neli neli 19 days ago

    Modeling the Gold years of fashion industry among other successful models of that era . Fashion was high , models were working high standards .. everything was Elite .. nowadays every bitch who is 45 kgs and put on 4 kgs of make up think they can be successful they dont have class , ethics or qualifications .. im not fan of Naomi but ill go with what she said . " it was an icon party , but there were no icons " ..the tragic true of our time

  • Chris
    Chris 19 days ago

    3:01 to 3:11 had me ded🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • De'Vil T'Soni
    De'Vil T'Soni 19 days ago

    neither! - what a question....

  • the gummy bear
    the gummy bear 19 days ago


  • Fleurs Sv
    Fleurs Sv 19 days ago

    I’m in two minds. One half is like yaaas, truth telling black queen! The other is like, why not just be nice?

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 19 days ago

      An actual queen is always nice and not shading on others just to be admired.

  • Rita Samuels
    Rita Samuels 20 days ago

    NAOMI’S CRY LAUGH 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t.

  • Jade C
    Jade C 20 days ago +21

    3:02 my last two brain cells during a test

  • Mason
    Mason 20 days ago

    Andy is smoking onggg

  • gladys100011
    gladys100011 20 days ago

    That feathered hairstyle is everything on her.