Can White People Say "Wagwan"? | Big Narstie

  • Published on Nov 16, 2016
  • Grime MC Big Narstie is here and ready to put some of the biggest debates to bed. This week he's noticed there's a lot of talk online with people asking can white people say "Wagwan"?
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Comments • 770

  • YunG TiGerZ
    YunG TiGerZ 23 hours ago

    "We are the colour of ghetto" straight truth

  • Миша Вавилонян

    sure I can. Stpd question

  • Chloe Wyatt
    Chloe Wyatt 3 months ago

    "Wagwan" can mean something racist, but also I can be a greeting.

  • Haseeb Habib
    Haseeb Habib 3 months ago +1

    “Ya smell me?”

  • zakii
    zakii 3 months ago

    Wagwaan G

  • Sim Simma
    Sim Simma 4 months ago

    I prefer "Whappin'"

  • Ron M
    Ron M 4 months ago

    This just made me love narstie even more. Big man ting

  • ts.exotics 458
    ts.exotics 458 4 months ago

    I say wagwan and I'm white. It's racist if a black says we can't. ITS A WORD

  • Kara Red
    Kara Red 4 months ago

    Ya'll missin the point.
    He knows its ORIGINALLY a Jamaican thing. But the context is England, where it has become an English thing.
    Culture is adaptive and influenced by other culture. It's been adopted in the UK but most people still know its got Jamaican roots, ain't nobody denying that.

  • Branchy
    Branchy 4 months ago

    wagwan my friend uWu

  • Jake K
    Jake K 4 months ago

    Yes bruv wagwaan big narstir my G

  • happy people
    happy people 4 months ago

    I think it's OK for everyone to use it but because it's associated with black people I don't like when white people use it to black just because that how they think we speak. So basically if u use it everywhere then fine but don't assume that all black people speak like that

  • lockodonis
    lockodonis 4 months ago

    What does it mean....?

  • dapwn3ritswatido
    dapwn3ritswatido 4 months ago

    Can somebody translate what he is saying into English?

  • Mr Legs
    Mr Legs 4 months ago


  • G. R
    G. R 4 months ago

    Dickhead it’s universal still !!!!

  • Noir Lily
    Noir Lily 4 months ago +1

    "Colour of Ghetto"

  • Dave Tech
    Dave Tech 4 months ago

    Big respect to big nasty love this guy's show and what he just said much respect very funny and straight up guy.

  • hayat 92
    hayat 92 5 months ago

    Shout out to fong and vu 😂

  • ying yang
    ying yang 5 months ago

    Thanks @The Big Narstie Show your bang on Narstie💣💥

  • Sammie Lou
    Sammie Lou 5 months ago

    Well said!! Love big narstie

  • palmeristo
    palmeristo 5 months ago

    Doesn't it just mean what's going on?

  • Properly Duct
    Properly Duct 5 months ago

    It’s a Jamaican thing. Wtf?!

  • Benjamin Crump
    Benjamin Crump 5 months ago

    White people don't need permission

  • Pyro-Nexus
    Pyro-Nexus 5 months ago

    It's about being real and true to yourself more than anything. If you don't try to copy somebody else, you're gonna be fine.

  • plushpuppy32
    plushpuppy32 5 months ago

    Big Narstie having a code switching description and discussing class vs race

  • WhySo Instant
    WhySo Instant 5 months ago

    Wagwan is a Jamaican thing but was integrated into England when hundreds of Jamaican immigrants came to Birmingham and London

  • Kaysha Stephenson
    Kaysha Stephenson 5 months ago

    Wagwan isn't an England thing. Wagwan is patois which is Jamaican...

  • Joshaholic SZN
    Joshaholic SZN 5 months ago

    It’s not a London thing it’s a Jamaican thing

  • Laura Nwogu
    Laura Nwogu 5 months ago

    Wagwarn is Carribbean. Simple as. Everyone else copied it because anything black is seen as cool. We do not use any asian words really or white?! Coz it is not cool. No one is entitled to connect. When you go home that "you alright mate" goes away because theres a different culture at home. Get to know. Simple as.

  • lovelyeids X
    lovelyeids X 5 months ago


  • ayeone 1503
    ayeone 1503 5 months ago

    Wa gwan is a Caribbean ting same way

  • Ross Well
    Ross Well 5 months ago

    I swear this guy was on big fat quiz or something once and the entire of Britain just adopted him without question 💕

  • J O
    J O 5 months ago

    Ali G

  • Melissa Marshman
    Melissa Marshman 5 months ago

    I say wagwan and I'd be offended if someone said I "couldn't" use. It's a none offensive word and use it to say hi with people I know 🙋🏻‍♀️Wagwan everyone 😁

  • Denis Kondas
    Denis Kondas 5 months ago

    Yes narstie reals g out here

  • Laurence Skepple
    Laurence Skepple 5 months ago

    wagwarn is a Caribbean thing!

  • Ephhs
    Ephhs 5 months ago

    Honestly such a stupid question, it’s like saying “Can black people say the word ‘Unemployed’?”

  • Arabella Gayle
    Arabella Gayle 5 months ago +51

    I managed to get my Uni lecturer to use this video as part of our degree

    • Askar Khan
      Askar Khan 4 months ago

      Need more information please

  • Femmefatale32000
    Femmefatale32000 5 months ago

    Is is not wagwan - it is Waa gwan!! it means any of the following: What is happening? What is going on? How are you?

  • Niki Mitchell
    Niki Mitchell 6 months ago

    Can black people talk a white language?

    • Tevon Calvin
      Tevon Calvin 5 months ago

      Niki Mitchell did a black person force you to say wagwan?

  • Ninja
    Ninja 6 months ago

    whats going on= wagwan

  • Delroy Manderson
    Delroy Manderson 7 months ago +2

    Its a jamaican thing wtf not england

  • younes rahimi
    younes rahimi 7 months ago

    Issa Jamaican ting, get ur hompty dompty head ass outta here.bambaclat

  • julie ling
    julie ling 7 months ago

    Love u show whan u going to be on TV agine

  • Jacob Mackenzie
    Jacob Mackenzie 8 months ago

    Big narsties has one of the most level views on life ive ever seen. He is a role model for the youth of today. Big up yourself!

  • Jay trizzy
    Jay trizzy 8 months ago

    still makes me crease up to this day

  • A 1
    A 1 9 months ago +1

    if your from the hood you say it like if your from Kent saying mate it’s the same meaning different worlds

  • Jank Man
    Jank Man 10 months ago

    Is this a problem now?
    By this theory only white people should be allowed to use English along with every other group to there own languages. Patois is just a broken down form of English which in turn uses French Latin and many more words. I can understand if someone uses it as a kind of patronising trigger word but other then that language is to spoken.

  • Bryn Robbins
    Bryn Robbins 11 months ago


  • Mario Portillo
    Mario Portillo 11 months ago

    Im from the us wtf does wagwan mean

    • Tevon Calvin
      Tevon Calvin 5 months ago

      Mario Portillo stay in your lane 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Why You Coming Fast?

    A white dog saying wag1? Okayyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • geneiuspower
    geneiuspower Year ago


  • Tania S
    Tania S Year ago

    I need big narstie and joey diaz together on a podcast

  • wildwideweb
    wildwideweb Year ago

    all toronto hood mans say wagwan

  • A Bobble
    A Bobble Year ago

    Who gives a fuck who says what? It’s words, nothing more. Words are claimed, given meaning and abused by people, but at the end of it all, they are just words. Let’s get over who says what and whether they are “allowed” to say’s just words, noises that we make with our mouths that we assign meaning to....far bigger things to get worried about than what someone says

  • lon don
    lon don Year ago


  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Year ago

    This is why I like the man he thinks logically

  • 123456789
    123456789 Year ago

    If whites can't use it then Nigeria na can't say it either

  • Jordan Naish
    Jordan Naish Year ago

    Used to say wagwan all the time, big up Narstie!