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  • Published on Oct 5, 2010
  • Nightline investigates "food neophobia" -- the fear of food in the case of 7-year-old Erin. Erin is an extremely picky eater. Most kids love pizza, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs and cheese, but the list of foods Erin will eat is brief.
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    Erin Graham refuses to eat meat, vegetables, pasta or salad and is even choosy about desserts.
    Erin is an extremely picky eater. She enjoyed breakfast foods like French toast, some fruit, grilled cheese sandwiches -- only with American cheese -- chips, French fries, crackers and lots of peanut butter, but only a specific kind.
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Comments • 10 350

  • Kimberley Schoonhoven
    Kimberley Schoonhoven 5 hours ago

    If she had a phobia she just wouldn't eat at all..it's just extreme pickiness

  • Shmacked Muffins
    Shmacked Muffins 6 hours ago

    Her parents are enabling her.

  • May Lin
    May Lin 10 hours ago

    I was like this when I was young but my parents locked me up in the washroom to finish my food and can only come out until I finish them (sometimes I’ll be in the toilet from breakfast to lunch, come out for a short while then get locked up for dinner until shower lol). I once got in trouble for trying to flush them down into toilet 😅 (my parents are lovely people, it’s just that in asian households, kids aren’t allowed to be fussy eaters or you get serious beating 😅) hahah anyway things improved after puberty hits but now that my raging hormones are settling down, I start to feel physically sick again just looking at food 🙄

  • BriPlaysRB
    BriPlaysRB 10 hours ago

    I need to try more healthy foods. I’m not picky like that but when it comes to healthy foods then I get picky and I’m 17 lol

  • clcudymccn
    clcudymccn 15 hours ago

    Honestly ive always been picky ab my food being a certain way and being plain and all that i only eat a few certain things and its been this way my whole life im 14 now and idk if ima outgrow this-

  • Spectacular 0456
    Spectacular 0456 17 hours ago

    I ain’t gonna lie I wouldn’t eat a cherry tomato because every time i have tomatoes I’m sick

  • lana ?!
    lana ?! Day ago

    If that was my kid I would shove it down their throat

  • Toxic Unicorn
    Toxic Unicorn Day ago

    I think i have this. I only eat 6 types of fruits and veggies. But i think im also hypersensitive. But idk tbh.

  • veneno 266
    veneno 266 Day ago

    I hate tomato’s I’d react the same way.

  • Your Colors6
    Your Colors6 Day ago +1

    Though if you want her to eat protein, just put chunks of meat in her pancakes.

  • Chicken Head Faerie

    I was exactly like this as a kid. My parents force fed me ice cream at one point. I grew out of throwing up new foods when I was in my early teens but I’m still a picky eater

  • Artemis Fielder
    Artemis Fielder Day ago

    I die a little bit inside whenever this sickness is just called being a "picky eater"

  • Mermaid Brynlee
    Mermaid Brynlee Day ago +1

    I am pretty picky but that’s on a whole other level

  • plot twist tea
    plot twist tea 2 days ago

    my asian parents would never tolerate that.

  • Rachel Kekipi
    Rachel Kekipi 2 days ago

    I have no right to compare my childhood pickiness to hers because she is trully suffering but this brought back so many memories of staring at people eating and dreaming of the day I could eat anxiety free. Sometimes I would listen to their bites and imagine being able to do that will all foods. I wouldnt at all say I was an "extremely" picky eater but later on in life I had a brain scan and was diagnosed with ADD and Anxiety disorder. I discovered over the years that it wasnt taste - it was the texture that gave me anxiety.

  • Bitch Weed
    Bitch Weed 2 days ago

    Id make the picky brat eat the stuff anyway. Whiny little bitch. She needs to learn that her parents are paying money for that food and slaving in the kitchen and they arent doing just so she can be a rebellious little shit and refuse to eat. Stop enabling and spoiling your child you stupid fucking parents you guys are fucking useless

  • karina gentzler
    karina gentzler 2 days ago

    My mom believes in finish your plate or go to bed hungry so my mom would get mad at me if i had this disorder I would just end up going to bed hungry a lot and since on weekends we don't get lunch or breakfast a lot of times I would end up dead :/

  • My Mick
    My Mick 2 days ago

    My son has this. He’s 19 now and still only eats about a dozen different foods. I wish I New it was an actual thing years ago. My son only ate popcorn, popcorn chicken, chocolate milk, fries and that’s about it. He hates being so picky. My Dr told me that he’ll grow out of it. Never did. Still will not eat fruit or veggies. At all.

  • Hannah Nemo
    Hannah Nemo 2 days ago

    This kinda sounds like me.... I’m 13 and eat
    Pizza (cheese only)
    Grilled cheese (American cheese)
    Some cereals
    Mac and Cheese (Kraft)
    Chicken nuggets
    Peanut butter
    Mandarin oranges
    French fries
    White bread

    I haven’t had a vegetable since I was 2, I’m starting to wonder if I have this

  • park chim chim
    park chim chim 2 days ago +1

    in asian parents like mine ... You cant be picky with food

  • Gacha_wolfie 2
    Gacha_wolfie 2 2 days ago


  • Candice Hogg
    Candice Hogg 3 days ago

    I would feed her what she wanted.

  • Lindsay Mkk
    Lindsay Mkk 3 days ago

    Does anybody know what she looks like now?

  • Морген Bogomolov

    She takes laxatives... I really hope she doesn’t anymore because I have anorexia and was extremely addicted to laxatives even if you aren’t eating enough laxatives are not the way to go they are addictive

  • Leyla Asik
    Leyla Asik 3 days ago

    If you wanna see what she looks like now look on Instagram erin.grahamm

  • Meme18
    Meme18 3 days ago

    Bro I think I have this I-

  • Lola johnson
    Lola johnson 3 days ago +1

    In black house household it's called "you must not be hungry then" or " you gon sit there until you eat it" 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Daniek K.
    Daniek K. 4 days ago

    aka this bitch just wants sweet foods

  • Kaleb Bautista
    Kaleb Bautista 4 days ago +3

    my parents when i don’t eat one piece of broccoli:

  • Pineapple Bubble
    Pineapple Bubble 4 days ago

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  • bat the cat :D
    bat the cat :D 4 days ago +1

    O god... So glad she ate enough so she at least didn't need a feeding tube ! I have had one and it's really traumatizing nothing no child should experience! She is so strong

  • Read with Chasity
    Read with Chasity 4 days ago

    Even infants can experience this. My son has aspiration and gerd and when he was 2 months old he flat out refused to eat anymore. Hes 2 now and is eating more by mouth but he still has his gtube for supplementing.

  • Blueian Rider
    Blueian Rider 4 days ago +2

    If I had her condition I would be dead cause the only food we got in most of my foster homes was old pizza and leftovers

  • dUsTjUnKy2000
    dUsTjUnKy2000 5 days ago

    Weird how food neophobia doesn't exist where people are starving.

  • Kary Babii
    Kary Babii 5 days ago

    Lol I have always been a “picky eater”. But I eat a lot of nutritional food, so I guess that’s why I get by. Also, vitamins seem to be good supplements. I think it’s good to liken a food type to something else that they like. For instance, I’ve always loved fries 🍟 but didn’t like mushy looking potatoes, however once I was told it tastes the same, I was won over! Yummy!! Sooo a tip for parents....

  • Haecrs Dad
    Haecrs Dad 5 days ago

    Ok but like why is she me

  • Natalie's World
    Natalie's World 5 days ago +1

    im glad i dont have this kind of phobia

  • Green Tiger
    Green Tiger 5 days ago

    It’s in my recommend after 9 years wtf

  • SLiM M
    SLiM M 6 days ago

    Ruby Bridges, the first Black student of a NOLA school in 1960, was afraid to eat most foods for a while because a racist woman threatened to poison her.

  • Kelsey Jones
    Kelsey Jones 6 days ago

    I’m pretty sure I have this, my mom stopped trying when I was 4. she was really starting to crack down on me. One night not letting me leave the table until I took a bite of peas, hours went by of me sitting there. she forced them into my mouth and made me swallow just to have me projectile vomit into her face. She never forced anything on me after and I grew up with a diet of plain spaghetti noodles, spongebob Mac and chicken ramen but I had to tie the noodles into knots. Kinda ironic but I was later diagnosed with celiac at 14 lol that diet really took a tole on my health.

  • MmeganN E.
    MmeganN E. 6 days ago


  • xBubblesシ
    xBubblesシ 7 days ago

    It’s 2:30 am and I’m here just refluxing over and over I even sometimes stay awake 7:00 am with this I know how it feels..

  • xBubblesシ
    xBubblesシ 7 days ago

    I have acid reflux and I also only eat one meal a day or even nothing .-. I also get stomach pain and it’s terrible ._.

  • Ioana Maria
    Ioana Maria 7 days ago

    I don’t like pizza either.

  • xxix
    xxix 7 days ago

    you know what just become a damn vegetarian

  • Missy
    Missy 7 days ago

    This child is a brat!!

  • Wisidth Wisedprasidth

    In Thailand we have nothingtoeatphobia 5555

  • Xxx24genxxX
    Xxx24genxxX 7 days ago

    I had the same issue when I was young I have acid reflux and it affects me when I’m sick I have to go to the hospital every time I puke

  • Banana Jones
    Banana Jones 7 days ago +1

    that pizza looks DISGUSTING no wonder she doesn’t want to eat it!!

    • Banana Jones
      Banana Jones 7 days ago

      nightmare firedragon no I know that I’m just saying the pizza looks nasty to me :)

    • nightmare firedragon
      nightmare firedragon 7 days ago

      She has acid reflux-

  • xo.miyaa
    xo.miyaa 7 days ago

    anybody hear in 2020 ?

  • Izus Liar
    Izus Liar 7 days ago +1

    I'm sorry for mentioning but did yall see the doctor's huge ear 👂

  • MAKLYA LV BILLY Bickerbottoms

    Omg I have to edit the shit cause none of your God dam comments are even valid I was I repeat for the 4th time it was a God dam joke read all comment before acting as if I'd really starve a brat kid !!! Totally kidding !Fuck her let her go without guess what 3 days without she will eat a fucking half ofbag if dog food come on slap her up side the head 3 days without food bet your ass she will eat hell yeah only give yet what she wants bullshit if that where my mom she get the apple upside her head!!!! And a again it's a joke COMMENT HUMMOR

  • Morgan Reece
    Morgan Reece 8 days ago

    I believe my son has this same problem sadly.

  • Simply Sweet
    Simply Sweet 8 days ago +1

    Just feed her breakfsst foods then

  • Lazyme
    Lazyme 8 days ago +1

    I hate pizza even though I tried it it taste terrible I don't have people eat it.🤢🤢🤮🤮

    • Yumiva
      Yumiva 5 days ago +1

      Lazyme same

  • Emma Kimball
    Emma Kimball 8 days ago

    even I don’t like cherry tomatoes those shits are nasty

  • mst3kanita
    mst3kanita 8 days ago +2

    7:21: oh snap they're at Farm Fresh. RIP farm fresh

  • Allison Dunnagan
    Allison Dunnagan 9 days ago +1

    So basically her diet is bread and wheat

  • Just Saira 27
    Just Saira 27 9 days ago

    Oh my god i think now i understand my 9 year old brother he also doesn't eat anything he also have Neophobia..!!

  • Destiney Montgomery
    Destiney Montgomery 9 days ago +1

    Ugh why cherry tomatoes gross... 🤣 I feel bad for her tho