WHY did so many of you BACK THIS??


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  • nazsoryu
    nazsoryu 6 hours ago

    I like it

  • Blaze O'Glory
    Blaze O'Glory 8 hours ago

    I need this in my life.

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B 18 hours ago

    brings back memories of my old nokia 9000?

  • David Henri
    David Henri 20 hours ago

    Unsubscribed for wasting my time

  • John Leitch
    John Leitch Day ago

    Reminds me of a Nokia N97. No need for a design like this, just make a detachable keyboard for people that need it

  • lostaerie
    lostaerie Day ago

    this will be great for games

  • Mastufaqu
    Mastufaqu Day ago

    I dont have issue with the titles, Linus been doing this forever, BUT they do make knowing what the device is harder, and they make searching for the video a lot harder in the future.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Day ago


  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause Day ago

    With this product I feel like they designed it poorly. 1st ok it has stereo sound, BUT ITS SHOOTING OUT THE SIDE... WHY?!? It has huge bezels why is it on the sides do they not realize sound is directional especially higher tones?
    Second, I feel like they missed an opportunity to make it a gaming device because they could fit on that keyboard a Lenovo style solution that would act as joysticks and they could add on atleast 2 bumpers for triggers.
    A large phone that's designed like that might be something a gamer would put up with as it has a large battery and full keyboard as well.

  • Feels
    Feels Day ago

    Wow I want that

  • Lanka Cajan
    Lanka Cajan Day ago

    At my second or third "smart phone" now. Frankly I still hate typing on touch screen. Without the guestimation of what I'm typing I'd never touch another phone. So I can see why people would like to have actual things to press to make the device produce letters. Form of that thing is hideous, but then again one of my previous phones was the Motorola one with visible screws etc.. In any case I'm happy that people keep the idea of phone with sliding keyboard a thing until I can afford one, and there'll in future be something that doesn't look shite. ^^

  • GOGOgomes
    GOGOgomes Day ago

    Why TheXvid keeps resuggesting vídeos that i allready Saw It

  • Mathew DiGennaro

    Downvoted for title, not content

  • MaX Falstein
    MaX Falstein Day ago

    That looks like something I need to put the Android Open Pwn Project on.

  • n00baTr00pa
    n00baTr00pa Day ago

    It looks so 2004 though.

  • Dan Gingerich
    Dan Gingerich 2 days ago

    I'd love a real keyboard. My fingers are too thick for onscreen keyboards. The stupid thing keeps detecting the wrong keys. I wind up having to type with my pinkies sometimes, but most of the time I type with my index finger. My thumbs are completely out of the question. With a keyboard like that, I'd be set.

  • Vampyr Gaming
    Vampyr Gaming 2 days ago

    This isnt linus

  • K F
    K F 2 days ago

    Good video, but I think the title went too far towards the clickbait side of the spectrum. Maybe I missed it but was this even crowd sourced? Doesn't make sense.

  • Via Moon
    Via Moon 2 days ago

    I actually want this.... Nostalgia i guess

  • Duffimus Prime
    Duffimus Prime 2 days ago

    I'd buy it!

  • Simon Klein
    Simon Klein 2 days ago

    never heard of GPD WIn 2?

  • OutmatchedOutlaw
    OutmatchedOutlaw 2 days ago

    Play pubg mobile on this with a USB-C mouse

  • Eric Roberts
    Eric Roberts 2 days ago

    Clickbait titles when Linus isn't hosting.... Bring this sh*t back in line!!

  • siclucealucks
    siclucealucks 2 days ago

    WHY did so many of you CLICK ON THIS???

  • Berton
    Berton 2 days ago

    Clickbait titles are becoming annoying

  • Mario Brian Vallecer

    Reminds me of my old phone the Nokia Communicator.

  • kedwardsTWO
    kedwardsTWO 2 days ago

    Downvote for clickbait title

  • ninjaman5j5
    ninjaman5j5 2 days ago

    I see a fair few complaints about click bait titles, and this one is certianly not good but you have to realise, how many other people are releasing videos about CES right now. LTT does need to maintain a certain amount of views to keep the sponsors coming in and the money to support the editing staff to do this kind of stuff. and honestly, I would like to see you come up with a better title.

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid 2 days ago

    It reminds me of a pairing of the first smart phone "Simon" and a PalmTop class sub-note computer. But with a helluva lot more oomph :)
    Running windows on this would be crazy cool. Next Windows "phone"?

  • dont make me change my name

    More clickbait

  • George Indestructible

    "Linus proof impact protection" oahahahahha xD xD xD

  • hartmeyer01
    hartmeyer01 3 days ago

    THESE pretzels are MAKING me THIRSTY

  • bepis
    bepis 3 days ago +1

    LTT out here thinking I HAVE MONEY

  • Chris Marlo
    Chris Marlo 3 days ago

    Your not Linus

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 3 days ago

    WHY did so many of your videos GET LETTERBOXED??

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 3 days ago

    Holy shit, it's a modern LG nV. I think I want this.

  • Alex Wendler
    Alex Wendler 3 days ago

    > OLED
    > battery drain

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 3 days ago +2

    As it annoys everybody else, more clickbait titles pretty please guys :)

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp 3 days ago

    I think this title was meant to go to a video about LTT... ;-P

  • Bolling Holt
    Bolling Holt 3 days ago


  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach 3 days ago

    yet another сrар-droid which will be unsupported in a few years.

  • henry the ounce
    henry the ounce 3 days ago

    Looks errrr... Good.

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy 3 days ago

    The iPad Pro 11 inch can replace a laptop
    Check out my review on this subject

  • User100
    User100 3 days ago

    Great job James! :)

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp 3 days ago

    Nobody cares how "irked" you are...

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp 3 days ago

    Actually, it's an on-call IT tech support person's dream device...

  • Dan Outdoors
    Dan Outdoors 3 days ago

    I know retro is in but my god it's ugly

  • lvcsslacker
    lvcsslacker 3 days ago

    neat... i like this idea

  • Zayfod
    Zayfod 3 days ago

    Because we remember Psion PDAs from back in the 90s, and Planet Computers are made up of former Psion engineers.

  • Slider-Slider
    Slider-Slider 3 days ago

    So many greasy screens at CES, yuck!

  • BexSpector
    BexSpector 3 days ago

    I'm around for quite a while Linus & Team: but! The advertising has gotten out of hand. So much, that I DEFINETLY will never buy anything from DBRAND or whatnot, because I'm annoyed as fuck.
    Sure, you need to do this to pay your team - I get that + you're not the only channel annoying ppl like that - BUT... you post so many videos and it's safe to say that I'm not the only one watching multiple vids of yours and hearing at the START as well as in the END some blaring advert like: "HEY WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW IS... FUCK UP HAS YOU COVERED!!!!!!!!' 'YOU KNWO WHAT'S COOL?! THIS THING HERE!!!!!!!' and stuff like 'YOU KNOW SQUAREFUCK HAS AAAAAALLL THE THINGS YOU NEED' plus 'LEAR NEW WAYS TO ANNOY PPL AT SKILLSHARE!!!'
    Stuff like that. It's PITA to watch videos at the moment. Be creative about it, god dammmit! -_-

    • BexSpector
      BexSpector 3 days ago

      While you're doing so many vids, I bet there are better ways than scream out of my speakers at the beginning AND the end of EVERY vid!
      I try to skip those sections, but since - like this vid - the ad cries out loud from the get go, I had no chance to avoid it.

    KOTYAR0 3 days ago

    Honestly, I'm tired af of all these bezelless glass not reliable toys smartphones.
    What I want is amicrocontroller (as powerful as a PC of the mid-90s), with a mechanical keyboard, a small screen, a lens from a full-fledged camera, on which one you are not afraid to accidentally sit on, with cozy community writing modules for thia thing. The inter-nerd thing.
    Not to like cancerous vidos with falling cats, to tuck up your pants and go to Starbucks for a smoothie, but to read the work mail and answer it with a big keyboard, check work schedules sometimes, stick a flash drive with openstreetmap in it to see maps.
    And the battery which lasts more than a freaking day.
    I'm tired of all these stupid marketology innovations. I hope to see first Mototrola Milestone brought back, and it's not gonna happen.

  • Wip3ou7
    Wip3ou7 3 days ago

    Whoa the keys are like keyboard keys not little cellphone buttons... best. Palmtop computing making a comeback?

  • Djayk
    Djayk 3 days ago

    It has linus proof "what they actually wrote this lol"

  • TheNickH3X
    TheNickH3X 4 days ago

    fire whoever is posting with clickbait titles plz

  • nicholas walters
    nicholas walters 4 days ago

    Sooo Where is the Windows Version? it would be so cool it it was running windows. A windows version would be a proper work phone.

  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith 4 days ago

    It might be a silly concept but... it’s kind of a very appealing one! I looked at the original and it just seems a bit pricey.. but it is something I would look into.

  • Lemon :0
    Lemon :0 4 days ago

    whats wrong with people backing this? it looks pretty neat?

  • That guy Jayce
    That guy Jayce 4 days ago

    How much will the phone be?

  • Elias Penkkimäki
    Elias Penkkimäki 4 days ago

    Your title could be a lot better for this.

  • cyphre
    cyphre 4 days ago

    All that space and they put the speakers on the side. Even if they couldn't use the bezel space inside, they still should've added stereo speakers pointing towards the person when its open.

  • TheFirstNobody
    TheFirstNobody 4 days ago

    I would rather have my old Samsung Character R640

  • atomiclemon77
    atomiclemon77 4 days ago

    That is mega ugly. lmao.

  • shawnieyang
    shawnieyang 4 days ago

    too bad actual bricks look better

  • my name jeff
    my name jeff 4 days ago

    Amazing video

  • gameflux
    gameflux 4 days ago

    No thank you !

  • Pasha Defragzor
    Pasha Defragzor 4 days ago

    Keyboard looks horrible, bad taste

  • Jeroen Lodder
    Jeroen Lodder 4 days ago

    Psion comes to mind

  • Shrutesh -
    Shrutesh - 4 days ago

    Price ?$$$

  • Syncrossus BAR
    Syncrossus BAR 4 days ago

    As a massive fan of the Galaxy 551, I prefer having a small keyboard in a drawer. In fact, if anyone working for a phone manufacturer is reading this : I would pay full flagship price for it if you could make a replica of the 551 but with adequate performance and thinner bezels. I'm not asking to make it thinner, or bigger, or have flagship performance. The form factor is fine, all I want is to be able to run the latest version of Android comfortably.

  • Joseph Boyd
    Joseph Boyd 4 days ago

    I get the need to clickbait these days, but could you at least give us a vague idea of what is in the video? You can't spot a phone review from a rant about an industry practice on this channel.

  • Robi Dawn
    Robi Dawn 4 days ago

    Finally physical keyboard phones coming back

  • magicalfeyfenny
    magicalfeyfenny 4 days ago

    the ultraportable is back!
    IBM bring back the butterfly keyboard pls

  • Sajber Sfera
    Sajber Sfera 4 days ago

    who's editing the audio ? they all sound grown up now :D

  • xorkatoss
    xorkatoss 4 days ago

    meh the concept is not that bad I guess? we just have to wait until china makes this but cheaper lol..

  • Jacob Gardner
    Jacob Gardner 4 days ago

    Anyone else notice the people in the background realize they were on camera and moved out of the way at 0:34 ?

  • Inferno_Spud
    Inferno_Spud 4 days ago

    I want this but the full screen on the outside and slide up for full keyboard

  • Alejandro Cárdenas Carrillo

    Worse gatget I've ever seen!

  • W C
    W C 4 days ago +1

    If you drop this on your face while you're laying down, you now have CTE

  • exturkconner
    exturkconner 4 days ago

    I dig this. I used an HTC g2 for the longest time. Have missed a full qwerty keyboard forever. I don't love the form factor here. But I do like the idea of it.

  • Alny
    Alny 4 days ago

    Giveee meww pccc

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor 4 days ago

    I could rock this. Hopefully it's not stupidly priced.

  • Bacender
    Bacender 4 days ago

    Oh my, this looks awful, lol.

  • EvilCerealBoX
    EvilCerealBoX 4 days ago

    I would love to have an actual keyboard flipphone. Just like the LG Xpression had. That was perfect for me. Can't stand these key-less keyboards on phones these days.

  • Sir Anon
    Sir Anon 4 days ago

    How this guy was ever hired is beyond me

  • Arch3r666
    Arch3r666 4 days ago

    I'm currently looking for a qwerty phone that isn't absolute rubbish, decent size and accessible in Australia..... It isn't because of the screen response when writing messages, it is the autocorrect bugging the hell out of me, especially when writing things down that autocorrect tells me that I'm stupid

  • Gabriel Nilo
    Gabriel Nilo 4 days ago

    Nokia E 90 !!!!
    it's back from 2007!
    Google it.

  • Yvan
    Yvan 4 days ago

    I don't hate, just try to do it better.

  • Kevin Surjanto
    Kevin Surjanto 4 days ago

    Wth does the title of this video have to do with the video??? Sounded like they were going to bash on it (which honestly they should have) but just ended up giving a run down of all its features

  • zilla
    zilla 4 days ago

    reminds me of the nokia 9300 i had years ago

  • numberyellow
    numberyellow 5 days ago

    i'd have one of those..

  • SomeRandomGuy
    SomeRandomGuy 5 days ago

    Now Linus can get the better version of his first phone

  • SuperWolfkin
    SuperWolfkin 5 days ago

    wow sexy it looks like a phone you could hold without fear of dropping it sans case. A phone that could fit in my hand comfortably. I hope to see more phones like this.

  • Andy Stewart - AndySpawn

    Makes me nostalgic for my old Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

  • Ahmed Zahid
    Ahmed Zahid 5 days ago

    S T O P C L I C K B A I T

  • Teaddict
    Teaddict 5 days ago

    Yooooo, if I hadn't just recently gotten a new phone I would 10/10 get this thing. I miss my old Nokia Communicators of old.

  • William Moyers
    William Moyers 5 days ago

    So you end up liking this but you pan it in your title?

  • Da Fuq
    Da Fuq 5 days ago

    Why not just add the keyboard as a slider, like the Blackberry Priv?

  • CptFuzzball
    CptFuzzball 5 days ago

    The clickbait titles have made me decide to unsub to the channel.
    For whatever that's worth.
    You guys clearly KNOW why SO many of YOU backed THIS!!!

  • Ben Plante
    Ben Plante 5 days ago

    I just want another blackberry priv