Saliba Done, Bakayoko & Lemina Eyed By Arsenal | AFTV Transfer Daily

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Saliba Done, Bakayoko & Lemina Eyed By Arsenal | AFTV Transfer Daily.
    Robbie's Blog: 3 defenders Arsenal need to sign this summer:
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  • Tru Brit.
    Tru Brit. 8 days ago

    Done deal

  • Cade Aird
    Cade Aird 8 days ago

    Saliba done 😂

  • A Jon
    A Jon 10 days ago


  • Adeyemi Keleko
    Adeyemi Keleko 10 days ago +1

    Arsenal please go for Samuel chukweze

  • Micalle Isaac
    Micalle Isaac 11 days ago

    Robbie please can Arsenal go for Samuel Chukwueze of Villarreal? He is good on right wing and play better than iwobi. He 'll also be cheap. Look at his game for club and country Nigeria. He is a raw talent

  • Adam Coffey
    Adam Coffey 11 days ago

    Why do arsenal have such a small budget

  • Daniel Mitchell
    Daniel Mitchell 11 days ago

    Glad Robbie and AFTV is here because saves me reading the fake news articles which Robbie seems so fond of

  • McSorley FC
    McSorley FC 11 days ago

    As an arsenal fan, I can say without doubt that we are the biggest joke of a club in the premier league

  • The Wave Producer
    The Wave Producer 11 days ago

    Real talk, you arsenal fans need to give up and stop feed Kroenkes pockets. I'm an LFC fan and it's even annoying me. You guys moan every year and convince yourself it will be different this season. It won't.

  • Gooner Pak
    Gooner Pak 11 days ago

    Buy Malcom instead of Zaha, Tierney, Izzo and Ziyech. Sell Xhaka , Elneny, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan. Promote AMN into the central midfield role use.
    Bellerin Holding Socrates Tierney
    AMN Ozil
    Malcom Ziyech
    Aubameyang/ Lacazette

  • Yew Heng Chiong
    Yew Heng Chiong 11 days ago

    Why is the Arsenal board not support us financially to buy Saha? Next season Arsenal will drop to 10 position in EPL and then Lacca and Auba will leave us because of disappointment. Arsenal is spiralling downward because Arsenal owner is too stingy

  • abdouldmml
    abdouldmml 11 days ago

    This vid bugged me yes we haven't signed anyone but isnt that because we have been waiting on edu to come in??? And Everton, wolves haven't signed anyone they never had already Leicester only have added the kid from Monaco they had on loan already and Perez who is nothing but a squad player and west have have only lost there star player why are we acting like everyone is moving past us?

  • daniel era
    daniel era 11 days ago

    Why are we letting bielek leave from. Under 21s we are crying out for centre backs.. We are useless with development of youth.. How do we know if they can cut it if they don't play.. Crying out for a midfielder we let bennacer go.. Shocking management

  • Rejcon Campbell
    Rejcon Campbell 11 days ago

    We are becoming a laughing stock everyday. It's like we have no ambition. There is solution in the youth squad. Why can't we promote Beliek and Reiss instead of chasing other players that we are not even sure of getting.

  • Louis Curtis
    Louis Curtis 11 days ago

    Robbie what about Nathan Ake? A proven premier league defender, who wouldn't cost too much. Buy him my bro!

  • Acornman Gooner
    Acornman Gooner 11 days ago

    Yes the youngsters who have done well definitely need to be given a chance

  • kamaljit kaur
    kamaljit kaur 11 days ago

    Nelson and esr have been promoted to first team

  • Darren Hulse
    Darren Hulse 11 days ago

    Bielik got to stay!!! Needs a chance he will only go and become a player we regret selling. Bennacer in italy now movin to ac another player i didnt want to sell.

  • jamesrus7
    jamesrus7 11 days ago

    When you do transfer prospects you are at your most optimistic except here it's sounding sparse and depressing and the comments sound like a Samaritan's hotline.

  • martin dragg
    martin dragg 11 days ago

    Our team is a joke in the tranfers window we are gonna spend 27 million and loan him back. Apart from him we wont spend anymore same team trust all these bullshit rumours and we wont get anyone. The board are chatting out there asses i dont trust anything they say.

  • BaneEdits
    BaneEdits 11 days ago

    Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Eddie all promoted to first team. They cover the problems in attack for me, just need to sign a solid defence now.

  • Graham S
    Graham S 11 days ago +1

    I'd take bakayoko lemina isnt good enough I'd rather keep xhaka

  • MiniMan 7
    MiniMan 7 11 days ago

    Kronke needs to put a load of cash on the table for decent players or we will be amid table team🤔😤

  • Tom Woods
    Tom Woods 11 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the point in buying wingers is, if we play the 5-2-1-2 with laca and Auba up front where does someone like vazquez go, I can see zaha can play CAM but surely we need 3 new defenders as bellerin and holding are the only ones good enough

  • Fade
    Fade 11 days ago

    We need a new manager and a new owner

  • Fade
    Fade 11 days ago

    I’m sorry but why are we going for attackers when our defence is shit

  • Joshua Morrison
    Joshua Morrison 11 days ago +1

    Reiss Nelson needs to start he is like another Sancho

  • marcoalza
    marcoalza 11 days ago

    Losing faith in you man. Click bait bullshit started.

  • Amaan ullah
    Amaan ullah 11 days ago

    maitland niles, joe willock , guendouzi are all fighting for cm position would bringing Mario Lemina (a similar type of player) be a wise decision or all we are hearing are made up stories by newspapers ?

  • Sabin Sovrea
    Sabin Sovrea 11 days ago

    Nelson shouldn’t get more game time, he should be in our Starting 11

  • William Baker
    William Baker 11 days ago

    That being said, bring in Tierney, Lemina, Brahmini, and someone like Upamecano and you'd have a good window

  • Dman
    Dman 11 days ago

    Give the youngsters the opportunity! Last season Robbie and DT kept saying the players lacked passion in critical games. Look at Dortmund implementing youngsters in the squad and they did very well. Arsenal should do the same, the youngsters know the importance of the badge and what it means to play for Arsenal Football club

  • MrM4DD0gg
    MrM4DD0gg 11 days ago

    What these so called big teams need to realise is that the majority of clubs in the premier league can offer big and if not bigger salaries than the likes of Arsenal.

    SLIQVUE MAGAZINE 11 days ago


    SLIQVUE MAGAZINE 11 days ago

    Get Mangala from Man City

  • bdunnigan73
    bdunnigan73 11 days ago

    Arsenal need a defence...when we hear of defenders being signed, we'll know the jokers in charge are actually thinking about football for once and not about what can be milked out of the club...until then, ho hum, top 6 again (if we're lucky)!

  • Ahlan Wasahlan
    Ahlan Wasahlan 11 days ago +1

    So saliba is signing but not coming til 2020???? Okay then lol im done with this club

  • Nicholas Durkin
    Nicholas Durkin 11 days ago +1

    I wish Arsenal had gone for El shaarawy instead of chasing after Zaha. He would have been way cheaper aswell.

  • Mufti Ali
    Mufti Ali 11 days ago

    I am tired of listening to Arsenal transfer saga and Robbie telling us deal done!!! Arsenal will not signing a player that win us trophy. They might sign leftovers to shut our mouth until we got hammered by Wolves 4-1

  • julian Miller
    julian Miller 11 days ago

    I seriously think once bellerin and holding are fit and we sign Tierney we will have a fine back line
    (CB) holding (RB) bellerin.
    And extra cb would be fantastic though

  • Devin Baker
    Devin Baker 11 days ago

    What player would you rather have? Malcom or Vazquez?

  • Henry wright
    Henry wright 11 days ago

    How can arsenal be so bad that we can't even sell any of our players? No one wants them atm.

  • Henry wright
    Henry wright 11 days ago

    Aftv daily nonsense. We are linked with so many players and none seem to be coming. Typical arsenal, every season is the same story. Unless kroenke leaves, arsenal will stay the banter club it is. Such a shame to see my team go from a feared team to a laughing stock. FANS, Boycott the matches and you will see the changes at arsenal. That is the only answer to fix our team. Smh

  • MrLu2nice
    MrLu2nice 12 days ago

    So you guys are linked with Lemina, Malcom and Zaha. What part of defense will they play on? It's amazing how you guys don't seem to understand your own issues. As a Spurs fan I could care less, got more offensive players but common sense can't help me keep my mouth shut. You guys have top notch offensive players thus you shouldn't be linked with offensive players unless you plan on selling any of the current ones.

  • Sam Widge
    Sam Widge 12 days ago

    whats the problem with the arsenal hierarchy that they cant see we can solve these problems with the club easily. reiss - nelson needs to be played, play iwobi and maitland - niles centrally, give bielik, willock, and chambers a chance, sign a decent centre back and bin ozil, mutafi, and elneny. sign tierney and sell kolasinac if we can get a good price for him. simple, done.

  • name last name
    name last name 12 days ago

    The model best suited for Arsenal with the limited budget is going for young talent However I don't think Emery is the best coach for that model although I rate him highly. I think Ralph Hassenhutl is better at guiding and trusting young players which is what Arsenal have right now.

  • name last name
    name last name 12 days ago

    I think Gagliardini and Lucas Tousart are better options than Lemina

  • StrykesV3 StrykesV3
    StrykesV3 StrykesV3 12 days ago +1

    Imagine Arsenal have the same lineup next season, except this season Martinelli is on the bench lmaoo

    JOEY-AFC LARGIE 12 days ago

    Some of our young players going into the first team. maybe that was arsenals plan now we don't need to spend money 😂😂. Good luck to the kids tho pray they take there chances and smash it happy they deserve to be there

  • Allah TheGay
    Allah TheGay 12 days ago

    AFTV is a load of bullshit exploiting the club to benefit from it for cash giving you all lies and not asking questions about Kroenke. This team will flop this season and this tits will be benefit and put the blame towards Emery. Do not listen to this BS 🚫🚫🚫

  • StrykesV3 StrykesV3
    StrykesV3 StrykesV3 12 days ago +1

    Burnley have spent more money than Arsenal lmaooo

    JOEY-AFC LARGIE 12 days ago

    Eveyday i watch aftv and robbie do an amazing job in telling us about transfers..we got Don robbie we don't need sky sports news.🔥aftv🔥

  • Comedy Club Arsenal
    Comedy Club Arsenal 12 days ago +1

    Arsenal is the only club to buy a defender and send him out on loan, even when we have a crisis at the back.

  • Paulo Eden Dybala
    Paulo Eden Dybala 12 days ago

    Imagine arsenal pay 40m for Bakayoko that's Chelsea Marina take a W yet again after she sales floprata for 58m or 60m

  • Johnny Gringo
    Johnny Gringo 12 days ago

    Arsenal are shit.

  • djinn Man
    djinn Man 12 days ago

    Saliba done deal.

    I'll believe it when it happens...but just think we have problems selling on players on exorbitant sums of money.

    This fellow hardly featured for St Ettienne last season let alone France. Plenty of hype.

    If he fails to deliver at 27m (Bc even in installments, we will have to eventually cough up), we are looking at a huge loss.

    ...and another unwanted player stuck n our ranks for years.

  • ShadowAussie101
    ShadowAussie101 12 days ago

    Time for kroneke out protests

  • SparkyArbuckle
    SparkyArbuckle 12 days ago

    What happened to Upamecano?? We were linked with him early in the window and now nothing.

  • x khamis king s
    x khamis king s 12 days ago +1


  • Craig Newport
    Craig Newport 12 days ago

    Get Usain bolt

  • Miguel Melendez
    Miguel Melendez 12 days ago

    Same ol same ol news. Arsenal does nothing man 😪 and hearing west ham, leicester.l, and wolves spending. What we have to spend. 😠

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago

    I agree that our young players should be given more game time, especially if we are not going to spend big money on transfers.

  • Raoul Gooner
    Raoul Gooner 12 days ago

    What happen to the left back from Celtic ?

  • Derrick Njuguna
    Derrick Njuguna 12 days ago

    Bakayako? Robbie, we have a player who can play really well in the CM position... Ainsley Maitland-Niles.
    CB! CB! CB! ASAP

  • southeastseventeen
    southeastseventeen 12 days ago

    We will sign someone tomorrow/today

  • Sunny Ahmed
    Sunny Ahmed 12 days ago

    This is my 1st time commenting on ANY social media... and have a couple of points...
    1. If Kolasinac is decent/good in attack but suspect in defence, why don't we try nurture him into become a Gareth bale?
    2. When we know Arsenal aren't going to sign the quality nor the quantity or players needed, your videos Robbie Mate are just serving up as scouting info for other clubs. W.g. spuds signing Ndombele, Ayoze Perez,

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    Dear Robbi Lee Gunner takes time to text comment back to me Tom Canton and
    Others why not you.
    I say you done video players
    But do a video on players that have joined Arsenal first team and had to leave
    One reason because of fan pressure.
    Bendter scored 40 goals for Arsenal the Ox scored 6.
    The Ox use to run through six players and get chopped down and injured.
    Danny Welbeck treated like shit why.

  • Terry Warner
    Terry Warner 12 days ago

    Things aren’t looking good at all we won’t be fighting for top 6 we will be trying not to get relegated

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    Robbi ask yourself this game require good thinking and some times it may just be the lack of the right skills training at the training ground.

  • SSBFan
    SSBFan 12 days ago

    YES, we need to play the youngsters! There’s such a big gap to overcome to the top, the only chance we have with budgets like these is if we can develop players from a young age

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    On my last comment take an educated view remember
    No fan or majorty of fans did not ever have life as top pro footballer.

  • Ziich
    Ziich 12 days ago

    Salah was a Chelsea flop. Went to Italy then came to be Liverpool's best player
    De bruyne Wasa Chelsea flop went to Germany and look what he has done for city
    Look at what Sturbridge did for Liverpool after he left Chelsea.
    I mean even lukaku when he left to stay at Everton.

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    Robbi I want you and rest of gang that come on Aftv to do a video on players that have come to Arsenal and failed show them some respect.
    Because you need to realise
    all are human beings and you and the rest of speakers including Lee Gunner look over videos of these players and give constructive criticism.

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    Too much concentration on Elneny verging on hate and dislike give the guy a brake he has not caused half as much trouble as Kocshelny
    ,Mustafi and Xhaka we can get money for these players they have been sent of or gone of injured.

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 12 days ago

    Dear Robbi listen to me.
    This adminstration at Emrites is what you and this platform should be directing voice of Arsenal fans should concentrate on
    direct questions at everyday of the transfer window.

  • Marrow
    Marrow 12 days ago

    Yay we finally signed a defender we can’t even play this whole season (:

  • SE Gaming
    SE Gaming 12 days ago

    What happened on being on the verge of tannin carrasco

  • simon
    simon 12 days ago

    Why not go for Jerome Boateng, might be 30 yrs old but Bayern are willing to let him go for 15m maybe even less.

  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley 12 days ago

    We got more chance of signing a Brexit deal before we sign a player - Our club is a joke when it comes to signings.

  • Centurion 100
    Centurion 100 12 days ago +1

    Arsenal new midfield Lemina, Delph and Malcom. Leicester will be quaking in their boots

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins 12 days ago

    Yes give the youngsters game time. At least fill the bench with them, with a chance to prove themselves, and sell the crap to make room.

  • Aussie Gooner
    Aussie Gooner 12 days ago

    Why cant we get Malcom? Riess is our only Right Winger if we signed Malcom we would have 2 players fighting for the position which will only elevate both players plus he would be cheap because it would be a loan deal and we can focus our money on defence and possibly midfield. i think this deal makes sense. However we do need to start moving players on

  • bradley hurley
    bradley hurley 12 days ago

    Don’t Worry About Attackers Get 3 Players LB CB CB Fill The Rest With Youth Players P.s Zaha Isn’t Worth The Fee 40 Million Was A Fair Offer

  • Aussie Gooner
    Aussie Gooner 12 days ago

    Dunk would be perfect, a great defender at prime age 27 and we bring back Saliba next season if he has devolped to the level Emery is happy with then we have 3 class CBs
    Holding, Dunk, Saliba with Sokratis coming to the end of his career at top level as back up. Suddenly our CB crisis would seem to be avoided that way.

  • Raj S
    Raj S 12 days ago

    Arsenal fans were slating Matt Target before but at this rate that would be a good transfer for you haha

  • sara zouity
    sara zouity 12 days ago

    i think that arsenal shoud take a lok at nordin amrabat he is an marockon player he is a winger he fighits and givs his all he has good dribblings and a very good pacer has good speed

  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho 12 days ago

    The youngsters promoted into the first team have no fear so I have no doubt that they will produce when called upon

  • clayton mars
    clayton mars 12 days ago

    Arsenal aren't being run properly and until we are it's all pointless. I'm so upset about it, the Hill woods ran it well and I know times have changed but, this lot ain't worth a shit................. need new owners

  • Senay Measho
    Senay Measho 12 days ago

    I thought Saliba plays first team

  • Ramjet164
    Ramjet164 12 days ago

    It’s not done, stop using clickbait tactics. You’ll be back to hundreds of thousands of views when the season starts and arsenal start losing.

  • Ezenwata Damian
    Ezenwata Damian 12 days ago

    Robbie's optimism is beyond measures.
    Can make someone really believe Shane Long is prime Aguero.
    Imagine painting up all these mediocre players as possible good signings.

  • saj hell
    saj hell 12 days ago

    If Lamina is not a week in week out player then that's our player

  • jeff
    jeff 12 days ago +1

    Tottenham have bought much better players than these rubbish players. Not one goner scum player could even get on the bench at Tottenham COYS

  • kirubel musema
    kirubel musema 12 days ago

    Not monico robbie it's pronounced Monaco 🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😂

  • hicm 1of12
    hicm 1of12 12 days ago

    PLEASE! NO CHELSKI REJECTS!!! I totally agree Robbie! We should be in for Dunk! We should also be in for Umtiti!!

  • brunes23
    brunes23 12 days ago

    Robbie: ‘Hmmm what lies shall I say today’ 🤔

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald 12 days ago

    I like that Emery has one eye on the future. Saliba could prove to be a great bit of business for the future.

  • Thato Matseba
    Thato Matseba 12 days ago

    Is Dunk a British player?

  • anurag rao
    anurag rao 12 days ago

    Can someone please tell me why Zaha is priced over Savic from Lazio , we could so much better with quality like his especially after Ramsey left..Like it or not Ramsey was the key in so many matches, our midfield is gonna be a dud without any box to box player, bring wingers on loan or give Ries Nelson a chance but rather go for M.Savic

    • Inside Out
      Inside Out 12 days ago

      Savic is priced at 120 million

  • Ethan Silver17
    Ethan Silver17 12 days ago

    If this deal is done we have spent 32 million of our 45m budget don't think the budget is accurate