Two Touch Shooting Challenge | You Know The Drill - Bolton with Stephen Dobbie

  • Published on Oct 6, 2015
  • This week Jimmy heads to Bolton, where Neil Lennon and Stephen Dobbie are testing his control and one-touch finishing skills -- which is followed by H6Football's take on Graeme Souness' shooting drill:
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Comments • 59

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver 2 months ago

    Bolton got relegated that season despite having Dobbie

  • snape82
    snape82 10 months ago +4

    Here in 2019 after Dobbie scores an absolute THUNDERCUNT against Aberdeen

  • Andrew E
    Andrew E Year ago

    this guy was an england international

  • AlexMc13x
    AlexMc13x 2 years ago

    Get him back with Neil for hibs

  • PreserveBigCats
    PreserveBigCats 2 years ago

    The first kid should have won, if he wasn't so fookin' lackadaisical... Second kid, start hitting 100 left foot shots a day, everyday for a year, and you won't embarrass yourself in front of a 300,000 people. 3rd kid, what's with the robot arms ?

  • Robbie Minto
    Robbie Minto 2 years ago +8

    Scotland are in trouble until they cap Dobbie

  • Alex
    Alex 3 years ago

    0:55 what is Gavin Free from The Slow Mo Guys/Rooster Teeth doing at Bolton?

  • nefeli demosthenous
    nefeli demosthenous 3 years ago


  • AlfieJSLadz 06
    AlfieJSLadz 06 3 years ago

    If he's an awesome finisher then why are Bolton relegated?

  • londo0
    londo0 3 years ago

    I know it is an old video, but what boots is Jimmy wearing?
    They look like Copas or Kaiser 5s with bladed studs.

    • Callum Elsom
      Callum Elsom 3 years ago

      +londo0 pretty sure they are adipures

  • Josh Bond
    Josh Bond 3 years ago

    Shame he couldn't do that at brighton

  • Chearsverton Productions

    I want #YKTD at Everton!

  • kayden townsend.
    kayden townsend. 3 years ago +1

    blackburn rovers are better than bolton

  • Rocco Reilly
    Rocco Reilly 4 years ago +1

    We want Lennon back atceltic

  • Josh Weatherstone
    Josh Weatherstone 4 years ago

    Try with Heskey or akinfenwa

  • Matt Pugh
    Matt Pugh 4 years ago

    Get Jimbo at Wigan Athletics training ground

  • L Dog
    L Dog 4 years ago +5

    Dobbie looks like a poor Claudio marchisio

  • Helen Rodway
    Helen Rodway 4 years ago +2

    look where Jimmy kicked the ball at 2.18

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 4 years ago +10

    Neil Lennon Is A Fenian Fuck.

  • skh93
    skh93 4 years ago +1

    Can't finish, shocking fitness, I'm surprised Lennon didn't sign Bullard there and then!

  • Jack Trewin
    Jack Trewin 4 years ago +26

    these young lads should be seriously working on their weaker foot if that's all they've got. the second and third guys had about as much weak foot prowess as a girl who's never kicked a ball it's embarrassing. my weak foot isn't outstanding but if you get the technique sorted you can drill shots with either foot and have some success

    • Heskey time
      Heskey time 5 months ago

      Jack Trewin doubt theyre trying to be professional

    • Wam Sud
      Wam Sud 4 years ago +5


    • H6Football
      H6Football 4 years ago +1

      The first one was good though!

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion 4 years ago

    Adam must have a common peroneal nerve problem

  • Alex Emery
    Alex Emery 4 years ago

    What a majestic beard.

  • FM Gizzmo
    FM Gizzmo 4 years ago +20

    How the fuck was Jimmy Bullard a pro player?

    • Gameking 49
      Gameking 49 2 years ago

      FM Gizzmo you’re obviously going to lose your touch after retiring otherwise he’d still be playing

    • Mecha Ishida
      Mecha Ishida 3 years ago +29

      Have you seen some of the goals he scored in his career?

    • FM Gizzmo
      FM Gizzmo 3 years ago +1

      He still should be able to shoot, lampard gerrard and scholes could shoot

    • Mecha Ishida
      Mecha Ishida 3 years ago +4

      +Marc Cribbin He was a midfielder. Not a forward. Fuckin' doh.

    • Cynical Lawman
      Cynical Lawman 4 years ago +6

      +Marc Cribbin He got paid to play football :P

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson 4 years ago

    Heskey is injured

  • Ben
    Ben 4 years ago +7

    Anyone else see the ball Jimmy but that got stuck in the pole at the back 😂

    • ll FC
      ll FC 3 years ago +2

      That was the closest he got to the goal but he's still a good player

  • Yas Bwfc
    Yas Bwfc 4 years ago +1

    Start dobbie!

  • Away Fans
    Away Fans 4 years ago +9

    Bolton are the best

  • Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford
    Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford 4 years ago +2

    Why Dobbie should have had Clayton

  • Robbie Moore
    Robbie Moore 4 years ago +1

    Should have done it against heskey

  • H6Football
    H6Football 4 years ago +25

    Thank you for including ours so much!

    • Aidan James Cooper
      Aidan James Cooper 3 years ago

      Bolton are really bad

    • H6Football
      H6Football 4 years ago

      No problem! We shall let you know if we make any more :)

    • Soccer AM
      Soccer AM  4 years ago

      +H6Football you're welcome! Thanks for sending it!

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 4 years ago +121

    that boy Adam has no left foot at all

    • Erik Berg
      Erik Berg Year ago

      Absolute shocker

    • Paul Acheson
      Paul Acheson 4 years ago

      +H6Football true lol

    • H6Football
      H6Football 4 years ago +6

      +Paul Acheson The first guy was the only one with two decent feet!

    • Paul Acheson
      Paul Acheson 4 years ago +1

      The kid at the end had no right foot lol

    • MrMoaliali
      MrMoaliali 4 years ago +9

      looool his left foot was suffering 😂

  • Adam
    Adam 4 years ago +2

    you gotta love bullard he's a legend

  • tiddleswharf
    tiddleswharf 4 years ago +2

    i thought that neil was scholes 😂