Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst 13


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  • thejunksynchronhero

    I remember watching the stranger danger video in second grade.

  • libraDoom
    libraDoom 2 days ago

    Mike with the bowling ball at 0.5 speed is so much better

  • Pat Hartl
    Pat Hartl 3 days ago

    OH MY GAAAAHHHHD we were actually shown the bus one in 4th grade. I remember that 60 IQ kid and hoping the egg would just get demolished

  • Oliver Eklund
    Oliver Eklund 7 days ago

    The "I'm dead" segment killed me...


  • chuckster houck
    chuckster houck 17 days ago

    I enjoy a few i like to collect dust around my house..And my favorite past time is watch watch paint dry.

  • Peter Helling
    Peter Helling 22 days ago

    Talkshow Rich Evans is my favourite Rich Evans.

  • Whip antenna
    Whip antenna 24 days ago

    It’s weird that more of you don’t wear glasses.

  • Christopher Lowery
    Christopher Lowery 25 days ago

    The stranger danger was one my dad had, I took it to school in like 1st or 2nd grade and we watched it. I used to love that shit. Can’t believe someone came across it. Now I’ve came many times as well. Thanks RedLetterMedia! (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)💦👍

  • shinji ikari
    shinji ikari 26 days ago

    didn't John Mulaney mention street smarts in his kid gorgeous stand up lmaoo

  • CaptainAkward
    CaptainAkward 27 days ago

    oh my god i remember that just kidding tape! my parents bought 2 of them but i remember that case clearly, i thought it was funny as a kid.

  • Corey G. Ivey
    Corey G. Ivey 29 days ago

    Dr. Misterio...if the Joker and Mr. Sinister had a baby.

  • Nonickelone
    Nonickelone 29 days ago

    I think the problem with the collectables is purely the speculator market.
    If you pay for it, what's it worth to you, then it has this value.
    But the speculator hype the value and convince you tho by it for more than it's worth, in hope it will climb to that worth.
    In my childhood everybody collected the Ü-egg figures.
    At their height, they were "listed" in the thousends.
    The moment the collectors tryed to sell them, the bubble popped.
    You can get them for cents on the internet now.

  • Chris Hipser
    Chris Hipser Month ago

    this one is really a masterpiece

  • Ruggero Smith
    Ruggero Smith Month ago

    Corny's gettin' buttfreaked all over this mug. Dr. Laura uses giraffe semen to style her hair. Fact.

  • Andy Albritton
    Andy Albritton Month ago

    "The artistic decision to go Becky, Becky, Vicky, Steve"
    gets me every time

  • Tristan Foss
    Tristan Foss Month ago

    Rich Evans makes that there is a god, and that god is him.

  • paytoncntrll7
    paytoncntrll7 Month ago

    So Beanie babies are bitcoins of the 90's?

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones Month ago

    Jack's facial expressions during the egg video are fucking killing me :D

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven Simmons Month ago

    Khanyell is my favorite rapper.

  • Patrick Star wearing a gasmask

    Nightmare on death street was actually screened in my high school health class.
    Got to say, you missed the 8 year old black kid smoking crack and immediately having a heart attack which made everyone in my class laugh because how tone deaf it was.

  • Joseph Schultz
    Joseph Schultz Month ago

    I do love watching these guys torture themselves. It almost soothes the excruciating pain that is my own existence. Almost.

  • Bob Sloppy
    Bob Sloppy Month ago

    Who else played with Beanie Babies growing up?

  • William Harrison
    William Harrison Month ago

    wait one tape survived... wait happened to that tape

  • Xenophon122088
    Xenophon122088 Month ago

    I love the Trump impressions. ;)

  • Kaye Faye
    Kaye Faye Month ago

    omfg I thought I hallucinated Corny. I actually *remember* that shit.

  • esotericVideos
    esotericVideos Month ago

    35:40 I just realized mike sounded exactly like plinkett here

  • Saloz94
    Saloz94 Month ago

    one of my favorite best of the worst. Still say the alien molest video should've won.

  • Voxl Valyx
    Voxl Valyx Month ago

    44:34 proof that Jay edited this video.

  • Alex Pohorily
    Alex Pohorily Month ago

    So funny

  • canadiananim8r
    canadiananim8r Month ago

    14:46 a train isnt a railroad you dummy...a train runs ON the railroad

  • Mikko Korhonen
    Mikko Korhonen Month ago

    58:00 This is worthy of being shown on the screens at a bowling alley

  • Jojo Lolo
    Jojo Lolo Month ago

    In the molestation video with Corney the vibrating bed is named "Magic Fingers" brand. Is this a reference to the bed vibrator in Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut? Any literature lovers help? Or is that just a real brand?

  • Hadowsay019
    Hadowsay019 Month ago

    I love how when Mike is wrong he tries to deny it. I'm positive he thinks he is right but its hilarious after the fact.

  • NoPills 4Jed
    NoPills 4Jed Month ago

    Always makes me sad when they destroy tapes or DVDs. Dunno why.

  • garlicxlr
    garlicxlr Month ago

    Bear Attacks. A film adaptation of the best selling author, Cosmo Kramer. Be on the lookout for future adaptations of "Astounishing Tales of the Sea" and "The Coffeetable Book"

  • Pekka
    Pekka Month ago

    14:40 Colin!?

  • むうむう牛チャン

    That drug video, they showed it in my school, middle school... I remember that shit because it was weird as fuck.

  • Willz __
    Willz __ Month ago

    Lmao, i love you Jay.

  • walqker
    walqker Month ago

    8:13 LMAOOO

  • bronzewand
    bronzewand Month ago

    That music in the intro sounds really familiar..

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads Month ago

    0:52 outmiked mike

  • Daniel Bohatkiewicz

    I'm gonna point this out the kids in the egg videos were slurring their words big time. They drugged those kids. I had to do a sobriety test and I was more articulate. These kids were roofied so they could shoot this vide but shooting the PBA vid wasn't the goal. The goal was So the guy from the previous video could molest them properly. I auditioned for a commercial when I was like 5 and I think now after watching this the memories are coming back and I should be part of the Me Too movement myself now.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 2 months ago

    Jack's wearing a They Might Be Giants shirt from 'Flood'. (in case anyone cares)

  • Ntin
    Ntin 2 months ago +1

    Hey fuck u American couch potato

  • The Dread Parsnip
    The Dread Parsnip 2 months ago

    Rich looks like he's actually dead watching the "Drug Street" car crash; "Patient is unresponsive."
    Off topic--has it been confirmed that Rich is in fact God, truly?

  • romefox
    romefox 2 months ago

    Rich just has an uncanny ability to predict shitty content.

  • Macaroni Tony
    Macaroni Tony 2 months ago

    The alien in the stranger danger video was a costume used on "the amazing live sea monkey show" from the early 90's. It was on saturday morning in north america, lasting less than one season & Howie Mandel was in it.

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton 2 months ago

    Does Corny have labia instead of eyebrows?

  • Soho Joe
    Soho Joe 2 months ago


  • Caffeinated King
    Caffeinated King 2 months ago

    21:03 I really don't know what it is but that little bit with Jack keeps popping into my head as I watch the rest of this, making me laugh all over again.

  • James Rushton
    James Rushton 2 months ago

    When i was in school i watched Nightmare on Drug street

  • Akalion
    Akalion 2 months ago

    21:37 Tor: The Dark Web sounds like an alternate universe sequel to Thor

  • joshua ellery
    joshua ellery 2 months ago

    Basically these vsh tapes are, if TheXvid videos were put in a vsh tape per video.

  • Jake Sorenson
    Jake Sorenson 2 months ago

    Uh oh some idiot may mistake your stranger danger quotes as you being serious a la james gunn lol such b.s

  • Matt Hill From College 🧢

    The egg video is, removed from commentary, the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this show and I don’t know why Jay was the only one who laughed at “looks like he dropped the egg”

  • ddechow
    ddechow 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that was Raymond Cruz (Tuco Salamanca - Breaking Bad), in Nightmare on Drug Street?

  • Dank Hill
    Dank Hill 2 months ago

    *How come we cant get away from 9/11*

  • Koby Dunham
    Koby Dunham 2 months ago

    Five minutes forty five seconds in and we've got 9/11, AIDS, and Star Trek.

  • AlucardaLaCarte
    AlucardaLaCarte 2 months ago

    That guy on the bear attacks video cover must be VERY good at prioritizing if his first reaction to nearly having his scalp ripped off by a bear was "TAKE A PICTURE!"

  • BluJean6692
    BluJean6692 2 months ago

    I love how Rich was on point with the predictions in this one

  • NotQuiteTheBest
    NotQuiteTheBest 2 months ago

    "it's made by two tower productions"
    "this is gonna be a disaster"

  • FlyingShazbot
    FlyingShazbot 2 months ago

    The guy on the left in that Nightmare VHS is in Alien: Resurrection and Training Day.

    PARAGUS 2 months ago

    Hi. I'm dead

  • Robert Paterson
    Robert Paterson 2 months ago

    Just for laughs gags is from Quebec

  • Leamas
    Leamas 3 months ago

    when's subsection wheel of the worst episode 13B coming out?

  • xxSKAGhosTxx
    xxSKAGhosTxx 3 months ago

    bear attack is of the worst???

  • xxSKAGhosTxx
    xxSKAGhosTxx 3 months ago

    amAIDSzing! things

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    It would’ve been great if when holding the bowling ball Mike said “you know what happens next” and he just started punching the tapes

  • Michael Marple
    Michael Marple 3 months ago

    Who would have thought JoJo's and redlettermedia had so much overlap in their audiences? I can't wait for a stand to be called "Flip System".

  • karma bad
    karma bad 3 months ago

    We interrupt the broadcast to bring you this breaking news: Police today discovered the violated and decayed remains of a retarded alien with 4 assholes. Homicide detectives at the scene later confirmed the identity of the victim was that of rumoured idiot, Corny the alien who reportedly vanished from molestown in December 2016.

  • bruinflight
    bruinflight 3 months ago

    Why do you always have a child abduction video?

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 3 months ago

    you see even the cops are molesters but to balance things out the cops molest other molesters... it's a entire ecosystem

  • Senyuno
    Senyuno 3 months ago

    "Let's start at the beginning... if we WHEEL" ;o

  • chromeinox
    chromeinox 3 months ago

    Mike never pays any attention to the videos, and that fish memory of his doesn't help either.
    These guys are hack frauds!!!

  • chris burns
    chris burns 3 months ago +1

    I actually remember seeing the crossing video in like kindergarten. Good to see it hasn’t aged well.

  • Refined Wood Designs
    Refined Wood Designs 3 months ago

    The school bus kid looks amazingly like Mike... hmmmm.

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 3 months ago

    lol Timothy Treadwell jokes are always welcome.

  • Kiko Rex
    Kiko Rex 3 months ago

    I remember the weird commercials for those "Just Kidding" videos, like "Just Kidding, Censored in America!" I could tell even back then it was some weird foreign thing because they dubbed random noises over the people talking and some of the "pranks" were Eurotrash crap like women walking topless in a mall. Thanks (?) for reviewing it, brought me back to '97. *shaves head, dyes hair blonde*

  • Muros
    Muros 3 months ago

    I was surprised that at 14;15 nobody joke "Wow, the new Star Trek looks great!" :D.

  • tschak909
    tschak909 3 months ago +3

    I love how basically none of these videos even made it to IMDB.

  • An Actual Chad
    An Actual Chad 3 months ago

    The male alien is Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents

  • Kyle Frank
    Kyle Frank 3 months ago

    The boy in Safe Crossing: An Egg-cellent Idea! is about as lifelike as the kids in The Christmas Tree animated special.

  • Grimoire Weiss
    Grimoire Weiss 3 months ago +1

    Will the Slow Burn Child Molester be part of the MCU?

  • shohmyoh
    shohmyoh 3 months ago

    I think "the best of Just Kidding" became "Just for laughs gags" in the mid 90s.

  • Sean McGowan
    Sean McGowan 3 months ago

    My grandparents had a dozen bins full of beanie babies. What a waste. I think my grandma ended up tossing most out when they realized it was a scam lol.

  • Dusty L
    Dusty L 3 months ago

    "Now you're just fucking with me." "No... I would never say anything.. in front of a camera." I fucking laughed out loud.

  • Dusty L
    Dusty L 3 months ago

    *folds one dollar bill* Mmmhmmmm

  • Patrick Hanlon
    Patrick Hanlon 3 months ago

    "they wore their heart on their sleeve... just like Ty Beanie Babies." That man is a poet.

  • Julian
    Julian 3 months ago

    put more ads in!

  • James Stinedurf
    James Stinedurf 4 months ago

    the Mac and Me alien grew up

  • muller morel
    muller morel 4 months ago

    Could you review Roger Corman's Great Alien ripoffs, Galaxy of Terror & Forbidden World aka Mutant??? I would appreciate it, Thanks!!!!

  • Sky Towing
    Sky Towing 4 months ago


  • top kek
    top kek 4 months ago

    I love this series and im glad i have 3 days worth of content to watch

  • Zoinkee
    Zoinkee 4 months ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the mustache man from the Beanie Babies video, being the same guy from the dog sitter video?

  • Suparsonik
    Suparsonik 4 months ago +1

    The "Slow Burn" Molester part gets me every time.

  • Perseus Bear
    Perseus Bear 4 months ago

    Nightmare on drug street features the delivery man from gremlins 2

  • Ben Clarkson
    Ben Clarkson 4 months ago

    They accidentally stumble on marx's theory of value.

    PHOEBE NORMAN 4 months ago +1

    omg we watched nightmare on drug street in my health class... not joking

    • Mary Bergquist
      Mary Bergquist 4 months ago

      dear fucking christ me too, that was an...experience.

  • Breandan Downey
    Breandan Downey 4 months ago

    I had a bus driver that looked exactly like the one in safecrossing

  • NashPhil
    NashPhil 4 months ago

    the drain at the end is for all the blood, i’m spozin’.