Joe Rogan on Ancient Aliens


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  • James Fruth
    James Fruth 2 days ago

    Ancient Aliens is a fascinating idea. But the evidence is not there. Maybe someday, but for now its just fun to theorize.

  • Triggered Bitch
    Triggered Bitch Month ago

    Dr Shock is amazing

  • Geo Garcia
    Geo Garcia Month ago

    I'm a bit surprised at Joe's outlook at the start. I mean this guys just a big of a goofball as any & Joe is going right along with him. There are so MANY things that are NOT prooved by mainstream scientists......Yet.....the things they say seems to carry more "weight" to them, just "because". A loy of what they say is not "backed" more speculation than fact....yet.......again.....its viable to them. Silliness.

  • Matt Grillz
    Matt Grillz 2 months ago

    I watch ancient aliens for the architecture view they have, not the aliens, but the advanced-lost technology/techniques. Giorgio Tsoukalos sure does make it funny aswell lol

  • reeser
    reeser 2 months ago

    Why this dude sit at an angle the whole time

  • Christian Rodrigues
    Christian Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Carlos said you were scared as fuck

  • Datanditto
    Datanditto 2 months ago

    Joe youre a spineless shill.
    How does it feel- to know you’ll one day be contemplating your life and you will be reminded how you had lied to your fellow human beings, subverted truth for a nickel?

    • Datanditto
      Datanditto 2 months ago

      All you have to do is ridicule any point and your mind numb ‘fallowers’ will say- ‘Oh- thats my stance too’.
      Shame on you

  • NuffxSaid
    NuffxSaid 2 months ago

    So, there are actually ancient paintings of beings that look exactly how people that have claimed to see aliens look in modern times. Yet, there's absolutely nothing at all to that... Even with the government documents that have been released literally proving it. Based off statements made by some of the most reputable and respectable individuals in leadership positions. But, you dumb twats don't believe it in the slightest... 🤨🤔 seems legit...

  • Konrad McQuilter
    Konrad McQuilter 2 months ago

    Flashback to high school watching an episode on how Bigfoot is an inter dimensional time traveling, teleporting alien #woke

  • dwd ded
    dwd ded 2 months ago

    Alot of ancient aliens is fake, duh, but there's got to be some of it that people truly can't explain away without aliens. And thays my favorite show, I think they did an amazing job with it regardless of how much i believe

  • Simon Peter Abraham
    Simon Peter Abraham 2 months ago

    "Thing is, there are real mysteries-"
    Then call Scooby Doo.

  • GoldenChicken
    GoldenChicken 2 months ago

    Ancient aliens are real.

  • Ninurta Thrice Majestic

    David Wilcox and the like do not give credit to the show they actually make it look stupid.

  • Shinethelight
    Shinethelight 2 months ago

    Wtf Rogan turned into a mainstream sheep pussy. He used to be into the whole alien thing. Look up his segment with Giorgio from AA. He was totally into it. This guy Robert Scoch went on Ancient Aliens himself...sure he might not agree with all of the alien theories but he obviously still saw some worthwhile things in the show

  • Kori Harpoon
    Kori Harpoon 2 months ago

    I believe in aliens but I do not think they did everything.

    HORIZONS 3 months ago

    To deny that life exists elsewhere in all the galaxies is just absurd. We're pretty special, having this time on this rock located just about at a perfect distance from our star, but we're not that goddamn special. There is life out there, and nobody can honestly claim this planet is OURS. Humans, with all of our potential, are still supremely fucking stupid. As for time itself, well it's relative. An alien visitation 'now' is no less valid than one a thousand years ago. Look up into the night sky -that's the past you're looking at, fuckers. :)

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu 3 months ago

    Ancient aliens DOES have some credible ideas that make you go "hmmmm".....but at some point, they cross over into straight up Conspiracy Land...where EVERYTHING is linked to Alien intervention, and it's literally a cult thinking.....and THAT is where you start falling down the rabbit hole of stupidity....and you gotta be like "alright, alright, Wowww, hold UP"........I get it, the show must go on, they gotta keep pumping out episodes and run the train out, as long as possible until they get cancelled, like with Every show.....but c'mon, you GOTTA be able to realize what's "possibility", and what's Bullshit.

    • Shinethelight
      Shinethelight 2 months ago

      Mike Fu The episodes are sort of hit or miss they've already covered a lot of the theories so they're running out of material. They are partially relying on new discoveries now.

  • matthew reid
    matthew reid 3 months ago

    lol this guy was in ancient aliens

  • coffeefish
    coffeefish 3 months ago

    The "ancient alien" thing is fun. It's just a style of science fiction.

  • Daniel Leyva
    Daniel Leyva 3 months ago

    Didn’t argue any of the claims merely dismissed it.

  • Rich Davis
    Rich Davis 3 months ago

    The Sumerians and many other ancient cultures speak of being created by star people. Even the the native Americans believe in the star people. They all claim that is why they where even who they where. Was due to these star people. Explain that shit. The hieroglyphs of space like craft flying crafts ect. The depiction and look of these so called star people. But no we will just write it all off as nonsense..........

  • Chewychewy chewy
    Chewychewy chewy 3 months ago

    Talking about aliens isn’t the way to make money or get rich. As to why Joe keeps sticking to that idea is bewildering, knowing there are tons of evidence for ET’s on Earth.

  • Toxic Lunatic
    Toxic Lunatic 3 months ago

    Panspermia; the theory that life on Earth is extraterrestrial in origin is highly credible to me and the fact that this Earth has for millions of years experienced a number of violent, cataclysmic events (pole-shifts, ice-ages, asteroid hits etc) suggests to me that it's entirely plausible that even before the dinosaurs, there could have been numerous civilisations and master race species wiped out. One day the planet will suffer from one of these events again and no doubt will continue to do so until our Sun implodes, and life on Earth will have to begin, evolve and adapt to it's new conditions each time. The ancient alien theory is to me more plausible than any religious book, however lacks any real solid scientific fabric at it's heart.

  • Sheikh Jerbouti
    Sheikh Jerbouti 3 months ago

    I’ve been to chichen-itza Mexico lately a 70-year old guide named victor told us about the ancient alien thing and the theory of von däniken about the depicting of a maya‘n God sitting in some kind of a spaceship with a rebreather on his mouth is all bs referring to this wise guide Victor!
    But he could show us something that almost blew our minds
    Stone carvings of a Chinese dragon
    The Indian goddess shiva and many other carvings of ancient civilization from the other part of the world

  • Foton Icon
    Foton Icon 3 months ago

    A real scientist keeps an open mind. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. When modern physics posits multiple dimensions as its BEST, most RIGOROUS model of the universe to explain observed phenomena, and when the US military is chasing Anomalous Aerial Vehicles it cannot explain nor attribute to any known terrestrial power--then there is absolutely nothing wrong with expanding your hypotheses to include anything you can figure out, and proceed to test your hypotheses. That's not "right" or "wrong" ideas, that's the scientific method. So saying "IT WAS ALIENS" is just as erroneous as saying "IT WASN'T ALIENS" when you don't know, in fact, what it was. You don't know until you know, and even then, you might not know.
    I'm a little leery of people who dismiss others for writing books and making a living as if they also don't need to make a living. I mean, that is the human condition, so why begrudge anyone their business. It's also very easy to paint groups with one brush and we all tend to do that; but invariably upon closer inspection, you find variation within the group, and not all of it is so easily brushed off. Even if all UFOs were military misinformation, you have to ask "Why bother?" and that is a fascinating exploration in itself. You read things like the Brookings Report and that tells you something about the thinking of powers-that-be you can ONLY second guess from the public vantage.
    But to dismiss a whole industry, as it were, as "wishful thinking"--is also intellectually irresponsible. But I get why people would want to distance themselves from the tin hat set. Until you find out that China is actually, factually using sonic weapons on US diplomats and causing neurological damage to them, and then a tin hat doesn't seem so crazy any more. But I digress.
    Here are some real questions that should be concrete enough for respect from the "real" scientific community: how old is the Sphinx? What was the Pyramid used for? Why are the later pyramids of lesser skill than the older one? Why does the Egyptian government conceal the extent of their research? What are the implications of any and all possibilities? What is the real answer? Do you have one that isn't a guess? No. We have data and best guesses, but our data is incomplete and not everyone shares what they know. The really weird part is--the data doesn't completely wash with the official story. And THAT is a whole other mystery. Real scientific theory explains all known data, but the age of the Sphinx does not reflect some observable water erosion patterns. Something ain't right here!
    These are as valid scientific questions as anything else, and the "tin foil hat" set asks them with incredible diligence and global resourcefulness, thanks to the internet and its ability to bypass the official Keepers of the Canon. Anyone who can't find value in that is more concerned with their reputation than "real" scientific truth. In other words, I don't buy the dismissive bluster of "real scientists", it is also a gambit and they know it. Cheers all.

  • dirk diggler
    dirk diggler 3 months ago

    egyptologist and he didn't mention Thoth once or did I miss it? Thoth created all of that stuff. read the emerald tablets of Thoth

  • whateverman555556565
    whateverman555556565 3 months ago

    WHO PAID ROB! How much?? F^%$&NG SELLOUT! Both of em! they F*&#&^%G Know! they have been told and paid to lie! Watch ALL of their earlier stuff, READ!!! READ Rob's books! "PUBLISHED" books! they have both been paid off, why do you think Rob and Graham don't work together anymore! Joe now makes me want to puke! towing the stupidest party lines of absolute bullsh$t!. I used to love him until he told the cia he would lie to his own mom for fame,,,while here ya go! This bullsh!t!!... If Rob didn't have such great info on exactly what he is saying here isn't real I would burn his books! SOMEBODY PAID HIM OR THREATENED HIS LIFE JUST LIKE JOE! RIP Tony!

  • customer service
    customer service 3 months ago

    white run the show and they dont want to admit they had nothing to do with it

  • Roger That
    Roger That 3 months ago

    This video is brought to you by aliens. -mitch hedberg

  • Joshua Loveless
    Joshua Loveless 3 months ago

    Well you know shit is going down hill when "The History Channel" shows B.S. like Ancient Aliens.

  • billyd2008
    billyd2008 3 months ago +1

    I agree with so much what you say Mr. Rogan. But there is so much evidence from stories and structures. They always put ridiculous people on the show to keep most people unconfident. Look more into it. I think the show goes psycho saying almost everything is aliens. I say some of it was, others not. Emerald Tablets of Thoth!

  • billyd2008
    billyd2008 3 months ago +1

    check out the emerald tablets of thoth. Tablet 4. Spaceborn Joe!

  • ramrodnj
    ramrodnj 3 months ago

    Was t he on the show though?

    CRYPTO KONG 3 months ago

    What real eveidence is he talking about that can be confirmed for sure that his THEORIES are correct and everyone eleses are not?

  • Michael Stefanou
    Michael Stefanou 3 months ago

    Hey Joe. $$$$$ on your knees bitch 🤖

  • mike
    mike 3 months ago

    This guys speech impediment is too anoying to listen to

  • Neurotripsicks
    Neurotripsicks 3 months ago

    Joe "I've been to the Crab Nebula" Rogan

  • dr dree
    dr dree 3 months ago +1

    Joe I'm and addict in denial rogan

  • michael williams
    michael williams 3 months ago

    Ye joe goes along with whatever guest is on most of the time, problems is with alot of theorys on how some of the structures is we really have no idea how they were made. With the level of accuracy the alligment and the precision of cuts with sometimes hundreds of tons of hard rock its no wonder people jump on the alien theory when we can barely do some of these things with 21st century tech!!!

  • Leonard Gilice
    Leonard Gilice 3 months ago

    Joe "It's fascinating" Rogan

  • Mike Cell
    Mike Cell 3 months ago +1

    You guys have not done enough research or your just here to deny for the govenment.

  • Plainglasswindows
    Plainglasswindows 3 months ago

    People should be able to see “I don’t really believe any of this, but dammit it’s entertaining and provocative. I enjoy it!”

  • steve Smith
    steve Smith 3 months ago

    we know that not all the theories are true but some of them are very intriguing

  • Mang Led McGee
    Mang Led McGee 3 months ago

    Ancient aliens porn is still ahead of its time

  • Jonathan Bush
    Jonathan Bush 3 months ago

    They get mad because of its a belief, when you challenge that it goes past thier intellect down to their ego.

  • John Secret
    John Secret 3 months ago

    Personally I’m finding the Ancient Aliens show boring, they are going over material they’ve already covered. What I’m finding very fascinating is the translations from the ancient Sumerians, there is no speculation in the translations, deniers argue over the meaning of an ancient word, but if you bother to research into what they are arguing about, one finds that the original translator is capable of translating way better than those seeking to be relevant. The ancient scripts talk about DNA, space travel, astrology and historical facts. When one puts the translations into context with sculptures and drawings from the same time period, from all over the globe, it seems ludicrous to deny what’s been spelt out for us.

  • Steve Kifer
    Steve Kifer 3 months ago

    I wanna know how this guys music career is going? Not Joe, or dude....Whoever plays that song at the end.

  • Napalmbrain
    Napalmbrain 3 months ago

    Robert Schoch " They want to sell their books and TheXvid videos."
    You mean like the same way you want to sell your book? So sick of hypocritical bullshit.

  • Napalmbrain
    Napalmbrain 3 months ago

    This type of logic is asinine. They love to make fun of people who claim aliens had a hand in the construction, while offering up ZERO evidence of the methods humans supposedly used to construct them.
    They don't know either way and claiming that they do know for sure that it is not aliens shows how ignorant they are. Joe, what the fuck happened to your brain? Zero evidence for aliens? There is TONS of evidence and you know it.

  • Brad Lee
    Brad Lee 3 months ago

    When you can show me how they transported those big rocks from mountain top to mountain top and cut it with precision that we can't even do now, then I will leave the aliens out of it but up until then everything's up for grabs!

  • Ninurta Thrice Majestic

    Joe “I rub my dick” Rogan

  • Aaron Judd
    Aaron Judd 3 months ago

    believe ets were involved with a lot of difficult structures, as with crop circles. Proof is there, caught on video, and et channelling disclosure. They are not actually ancient though, but another alternate parallel Earth' reality. As past and future are also illusions. Only the present moment exists.

  • thelordofhellaz
    thelordofhellaz 3 months ago +1

    Ancient Aliens is the best Comedy show on TV.......

  • Porkswordsman541
    Porkswordsman541 3 months ago +1

    it would be funny if someone pooped on joe rogans head and he wore it like it was hair

  • James Stuard
    James Stuard 3 months ago

    The only one that I say isn’t in it for the money is that Erik van dannigan that started the whole ancient aliens. He really believes it and he wanted to get his theory out. Everyone else on that show is business.

  • Peter Moygannon
    Peter Moygannon 3 months ago

    there is plenty of everdense of aliens visiting us ..all the sightings cant be bullshit its only one out of a thousand thats true.. its true in saying that im on the 50/50 side that aliens helped in lifting and cutting those rocks ..unless this guy can come up with an answer to how...but he can't he should be on the fence like me and all who will give me a thumbs up...untill you can tell me how they lifted 1000 ton rock 12000 years ago done

  • Aaron Lane
    Aaron Lane 3 months ago

    Hot Garbage..............

  • JWPeña
    JWPeña 3 months ago +1

    Aliens are real and Joe has been brainwashed already.

  • Sacredservants
    Sacredservants 3 months ago

    it's a guilty pleasure of my to watch ancient aliens but it's just to laugh at people

  • vervegrande
    vervegrande 3 months ago

    It's racist, not a cop-out!

  • Rob Crutcher
    Rob Crutcher 3 months ago +1

    Guys every culture on Earth claims contact with those of other worlds . Go read all the myths ...then in a couple of years you'll say ...hey there are repeating themes here ... and you'll be right ...and Robert your discovery of melted limestone at Giza is more profound a discovery than you know ...and it's ALL tied together ...No BS ...No book ..just a word to the wise .

    • Rob Crutcher
      Rob Crutcher 2 months ago

      Yeah right're a real researcher .... you just dismissed every culture on the planet ...brilliant .

    • Brutus Judas
      Brutus Judas 2 months ago

      Rob Crutcher , similarities in myths because humans really aren’t all that different and have similar experiences living in ancient times. Ok, yeah, aliens is more likely. :/

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 3 months ago

    This guy talks a lot but says very little. Dude, Stop talking about websites and oracul, and get to the bloody point. People like this make me wish for a time machine so we can see: how they were built, why they were build, and who the hell built them. At this point I'd rather go watch an old Sci/Fi Kurt Russell movie Or 2 rather than listen to this dude ramble on about his website...At least alien theorists do fill a few gaps... Maybe the old dude should clear the cobwebs out of his own hollow head before he speaks into a microphone...

  • FT4Freedom
    FT4Freedom 3 months ago

    P.S. there is no objective evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth. But the search has some merit.

  • FT4Freedom
    FT4Freedom 3 months ago

    Joe leads his conversation with interest. His agreement or disagreement is beside the point. He is leading conversation. The truth is itself. Joe doesn't need to make statements on the truth. We are responsible to find the truth ourselves. The issue of him changing viewpoints is a non issue. His goal is to get the conversation out there for consideration. Listen to the views. There is the value. Then make your own investigation.

  • Axiom
    Axiom 3 months ago

    LoL Those profiting off of the Truth. When the Truth doesn't pay the bills they fabricate the Truth to make money off of it.

  • tasty britches
    tasty britches 3 months ago

    Aliens didn't do shit, and giving them credit for what the human race accomplished is retarded. Anyone who believes aliens had any part in how we got here is willingly retarded and completely not worth listening to.

    • tasty britches
      tasty britches 2 months ago

      Shinethelight but aliens makes perfect sense, right? You do know many things that we know to be true are actually theories right? Gravity is a theory.
      we can see it happening, we know it's there, yet can't prove what it is or what causes it. Many truths took years to prove. Many things that are agreed upon in the scientific have been proven wrong decades later. You are a kid right? You have to be a kid.

    • Shinethelight
      Shinethelight 2 months ago

      tasty britches. Wtf that's not what they do at all, otherwise, Scoch wouldn't have to argue with Egyptologists every day. Anyone can use the hypothesis line of bullshit. Academia is full of it, they've been lying for 500 years just like the churches. Why do Egyptologists argue with geology then? According to geology, Scoch is correct...the Sphinx has too much erosion for the supposed age of the structure. Theres your science for you. Politically motivated or agenda driven. Fact. You're a's just like the stones at Puma Punku .they lie. Just like the Great Pyramid, all lies...tried to say it was a tomb, no mummy ever found in it...tried to say they knew how it was built...could never prove it. Yet still try and claim these things as "facts". All lies.

    • tasty britches
      tasty britches 2 months ago

      Shinethelight no...because that is how science old are you? Have you not gone through the third grade yet? Scientist sets up a hypothesis, then proves or disproves it to the best of their ability. Scientist proposes how it's built, it is proven wrong, goes back to the drawing board. Use your brain please. God, that hurt my brain a little.

    • Shinethelight
      Shinethelight 2 months ago

      tasty britches Ok then why do the traditional academics need to lie about Puma Punku then ? Every theory they have has been debunked by engineering. Guess they are scared of the truth.

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 3 months ago

    Mostly an attempt to not give our melanated ancestors their respects.
    HAVE ANTHONY BROWDER OR Dr James Smalls on your show if your ready for Truth that can be proven from multiple approaches. Your life will change.

  • M Pit
    M Pit 3 months ago

    Ancient Aliens makes more sense to me than any other theory

  • M Pit
    M Pit 3 months ago

    Whats the difference between your youtube video and Ancient Aliens?

  • Stuart Newell
    Stuart Newell 3 months ago +1

    I don't watch every episode but this one contained the most ammount of plug shoutouts that I've ever seen on a JRE Podcast.
    Robert "go to my website and buy my book" Schoch

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 3 months ago

    Where is the Proof that the Bible is True.....

  • I.M.H 1111
    I.M.H 1111 3 months ago

    Just admit they were Peruvians (Machu Picchu), Africans (Egypt/Nubia/Kush), and Teotihuacan Olmecs (Mexico/Central America)!? It seems as though if it can’t be whitewashed by western academia or religious dogmas, then the only thing they will say to discredit it’s creation is that “Aliens did it.”
    Pay homage and give credit where it’s due...

  • Julio Ocasio Albino
    Julio Ocasio Albino 3 months ago

    Yea to think they do that to sell books like the bible the must sold books in history

  • m2cheese Cheese
    m2cheese Cheese 3 months ago

    Every time I look down in my pants I see a big old alien

    JOE DIRT 3 months ago


  • james crown
    james crown 3 months ago

    Candace Owens destroyed Joe Rogan

  • Atypical
    Atypical 3 months ago

    wasn't this guy on several episodes of AA...???

  • dlmcc1987
    dlmcc1987 3 months ago

    And not about this alien shit, about your Rosanne bullshit

  • dlmcc1987
    dlmcc1987 3 months ago +1

    Joe Rogan you just lost a fan, I don't care what anyone thinks, unsubscribing

  • kali The Destroyer of world's

    ancient aliens is a fraud

    • Shinethelight
      Shinethelight 2 months ago

      kali The Destroyer of world's Nope academia and the churches are both frauds. They both have been lying for 500 years or more.

  • Rolls_Royce_818
    Rolls_Royce_818 3 months ago

    Everybody is wrong but joe

  • f22 mass
    f22 mass 3 months ago

    Notice they don't ever mention the perrakis long gated skulls not cradle boarding the hundreds of skulls they've tested with evidence DNA evidence they never bring that up notice these mainstream guys

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams 3 months ago

    They expect us to believe aliens had the technology to travel the stars but needed ancient humans to build them landing pads out of giant granite blocks or draw pictures in the desert so they knew where to land.

  • paul relvas
    paul relvas 3 months ago +1

    Tying these explanations to Aliens is called Occam’s Razor, which I believe as true

  • J K
    J K 3 months ago

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists say YES !

  • Ac B
    Ac B 3 months ago

    Tyler from secureteam10!!! Get on the show. Get Tyler on here

  • 1danvivaldi
    1danvivaldi 3 months ago

    Sorry I guess I should trust the opinions of a disheveled old man, and a DMT using moron lol 😂

  • Whomp
    Whomp 3 months ago

    Robert Schoch is the guy who does the GEICO Cavemen commercials, right??

  • Sem
    Sem 3 months ago +1

    heh complains about people wanting to sell their stuff... goes on to give all his stuff a plug

  • Ganke One
    Ganke One 3 months ago

    Aliens took me into their spaceship and abused me... Sexually.

  • Johnny Patterson
    Johnny Patterson 3 months ago

    Ancient Joe Rogan theorist suggest what?

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez 3 months ago

    It wasn't us so who was it. This guy wants to open u up to his view not the unbound. First hand knowledge here so those structure and there locations are way older than they propose so that shatters the idea of no people before 5000 years ago.

  • toffleur18
    toffleur18 3 months ago

    I'll admit Ancient aliens has been shitting the bed lately, that's not to say they are wrong. It's just people working together trying to get answers.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    “Mentally masturbate together” way to accidentally describe the entirety of your podcast joe 😂😂😂

  • dude im baaaked
    dude im baaaked 3 months ago

    Aliens fart too

  • laratta
    laratta 3 months ago +1

    Oviously, Joe and Robert havent "look into it" yet.

  • ricky161834
    ricky161834 3 months ago

    Ok, if Joe Rohan doesn’t agree with it , then is not truth. All everything that he says or believes according to him is something that it can be proof.

  • M Steefins
    M Steefins 3 months ago

    You seen a alien? No me neither mean they are fake

  • JohnnyGotHisGun
    JohnnyGotHisGun 3 months ago

    Is he talking about Karl Sanders of the band Nile? I love Nike and that just sounds like Karl. They're very influenced by ancient Egypt.