• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • We try to make Thanksgiving Dinner!
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Comments • 26 846

  • ItsFunneh
    ItsFunneh  Month ago +8915

    Well that went great... Leave a like for more COOKING with KREW! 😋
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  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Hour ago

    draco/alan: U kNoW u CaN bE lAzY
    **everyone laughs**
    draco/Alen: OH NO ITS HER RE CORDING *laughs*

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 2 hours ago

    7:08-7:09 when you realise you have salmonella on you chlothes
    (edit) the peepler isn't peeling because the potato was flat on the side

  • Farzana alam
    Farzana alam 2 hours ago

    Not "krew" its Crew

  • Awesome Siblings Omg
    Awesome Siblings Omg 2 hours ago +1

    Mhm i love garlic 🤤

  • Astroangelo Hipolito
    Astroangelo Hipolito 3 hours ago

    lunar wish came true but its so long

  • Xahlia Omoso
    Xahlia Omoso 3 hours ago

    Milk: Lactantia
    Funneh: Lactina

  • Marian Sanchez
    Marian Sanchez 4 hours ago

    What is your country please tell i am your number one fan i watch every video you post

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson 4 hours ago

    You should have named Denbey Theodore and rine heart idk the other chick munk lol

  • Sulwan Hash
    Sulwan Hash 4 hours ago

    Draco is a brat cuz he said eek

  • Mohamed eyad
    Mohamed eyad 5 hours ago +1

    Funneh: eats potato

    Luna:. Werido..

  • Sweet Star
    Sweet Star 5 hours ago +1

    *"My favorite part of thanksgiving is stuffing, how to stuff a turkey is stuff it, how to eat stuffing? You eat it"*
    --- Allen (Draco) 2019

    Btw Lunar's wish came true

  • Chloe Hwu
    Chloe Hwu 6 hours ago +1

    I like the kitty hello she’s so cute aww

  • Charm White
    Charm White 6 hours ago

    It past Thanksgiving!But I like it.💯

  • Meidina Frishi
    Meidina Frishi 6 hours ago

    Kiaria is like my cat olive she's cute like Kiaria (not a roast)

  • Dong yun Li
    Dong yun Li 6 hours ago

    The orange thingy my maid has but idk what is it sorry

  • not okay
    not okay 6 hours ago


  • not okay
    not okay 6 hours ago


  • ButterFly Vaj
    ButterFly Vaj 6 hours ago

    1And 2

  • Halle Wilhelmsen
    Halle Wilhelmsen 7 hours ago

    Even though pie one looks uhh... alve I guess. I would still eat pie two because you guys are the best. 😁

  • Jaybug B
    Jaybug B 7 hours ago

    Funneh:*saying butter 20 times*

    Funneh:ew ew ew ew

    TOXIC PLAYER 8 hours ago

    Me:*eats something of the floor or something dirty.*
    Kay: *also does the same thing but with the potato.* So? I already put it in my mouth lol

  • Bernice Lee
    Bernice Lee 8 hours ago

    who wan"s the paun I love the krew

  • Bernice Lee
    Bernice Lee 8 hours ago

    ewwwwwww pankin

  • FishWithFeather TR
    FishWithFeather TR 8 hours ago

    That’s what it looked like when I baked the turkey 😆

  • Jonah Does Everything
    Jonah Does Everything 9 hours ago

    Draco: gimme your butter
    Funnel: NO MORE BUTTER

  • XXXgachakiwi Lol
    XXXgachakiwi Lol 10 hours ago

    you left the wraping on the butter

  • Build a boat Video with tint

    Draco is drinking coke well I was drinking the same thing too 7:38

  • Gacha Sachin
    Gacha Sachin 10 hours ago

    At 5:01 funnehs sream

  • SG Squad whitaker
    SG Squad whitaker 10 hours ago

    Dracula is weird

  • Amalissa Lamothe
    Amalissa Lamothe 10 hours ago

    Lunar is better than u kat

  • Dani &Jake together forever

    Draco: NO YOU CAN'T BE LAZY while holding a sick of BUTTER

  • XxPotatoQueenxX :P
    XxPotatoQueenxX :P 11 hours ago +1

    If salmonella comes from chicken..does salmon have chicken-Ella?

  • bebas lopez
    bebas lopez 11 hours ago

    I love kat and the crew ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🎉🎊

  • ROGRR Annette
    ROGRR Annette 11 hours ago


  • djinn Raymond
    djinn Raymond 11 hours ago

    do more coking

  • Rex Catimbang
    Rex Catimbang 12 hours ago

    Yo funneh and wenny had a same face when they smile adorable

  • Charmaine Quiambao
    Charmaine Quiambao 13 hours ago

    What are they cooking

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May 13 hours ago +1

    When Kat was making the crust Draco sayed "it raked it....hmmmm raiped?

  • Creeper Cat
    Creeper Cat 14 hours ago


  • Creeper Cat
    Creeper Cat 14 hours ago


  • Creeper Cat
    Creeper Cat 14 hours ago

    I don’t care if you did that because my body does it all the time😂😂😂

  • Sue Naidoo
    Sue Naidoo 14 hours ago

    I am Sarah and I am in bed I am getting so hungry now whoever is watching this who agrees with me like

  • tasniem kasiem
    tasniem kasiem 15 hours ago +1

    Like als je van itsfunneh houd

  • tasniem kasiem
    tasniem kasiem 15 hours ago +1

    Like als je niks weet

  • driss bekkali
    driss bekkali 15 hours ago

    It looks leuke captin crunch

    ITS SARIEEE 16 hours ago

    Kat what r u making a pie?

  • K•T•M Gacha Life
    K•T•M Gacha Life 16 hours ago

    one time my friend fall in the school in sport it was funny

  • K•T•M Gacha Life
    K•T•M Gacha Life 16 hours ago

    U mean Garlic pie?
    in bloxburg i have a mansion plz PLAYY ROBLOX!

    SS AZAM 18 hours ago +1


  • Ariella’s Channel
    Ariella’s Channel 19 hours ago

    2035 likes and 20,000 likes

  • Ariella’s Channel
    Ariella’s Channel 19 hours ago

    10,000 likes for funneh

  • Zinneerah Coovadia
    Zinneerah Coovadia 19 hours ago

    Little Tip: Unrap The Butter And Then Cut Blocks Love Y'all

  • dean halles
    dean halles 20 hours ago +1

    We're did you get that good looking turkey

  • RedG_LovesMcDonalds!
    RedG_LovesMcDonalds! 21 hour ago

    Your pets so cute!!!

  • Mishel Azzalea
    Mishel Azzalea 21 hour ago

    Rainbow what you duo

  • Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze 22 hours ago

    11:11 Draco is soo funny

  • Ender Gacha355
    Ender Gacha355 22 hours ago

    The Face Of Regret Moments From Krew Of 2019

  • Ahnlev’s Pro’s
    Ahnlev’s Pro’s 22 hours ago

    I’m a pleb

  • Janine Calatrava
    Janine Calatrava 22 hours ago +1