We Recorded Too Much Slow Motion Footage So Here's a Bonus Video

  • Published on Dec 19, 2021
  • Make sure to watch our "Microbes In Slow Motion" video:
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Comments • 298

  • Bernard Thongvanh

    I'd love a video where james explain how he prepares the slide/stained the specimen if he did/setup the microcospe with the results each time.

  • evilcanofdrpepper

    about two minutes in and just started recognizing the constantly evolving lines of notes in the music. the way it flows and changes like generations of organisms that we are watching through the microscope.

  • fugithegreat

    I would love a ten-hour version of just the microbes and the music to leave on my TV all day. 😁

  • oKOMAPo
    oKOMAPo  +80

    This is possibly the best background video for a meeting with friends. Ever. Chill music and epic visualizer. Thank you

  • lily roberts

    The video of my DREAMS from this channel! This channel offers basically every positive thing: knowledge, beautiful footage, gorgeous music, and the best narration ever! Thanks so much for this utterly sublime content.

  • Robert McGarry (mansion)

    I, a human being, am sitting here, all seven trillion cells, watching this in complete astonishment of what I, the human being, am seeing. Suddenly, I realize the whole process it takes for me to see, and my shoulder itches. I scratch... And still, I'm in awe!

  • Haapa Raptor

    Watching these slowed down, to me, makes it more real how the water is viscid to these animals even though I know it's just a slow motion illusion.

  • Penny Lane

    There is no such thing as "too much slow motion footage" of the microcosmos!

  • ybuntu
    ybuntu  +15

    Thank you!!

  • Splint Meow

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long. 🥺

  • lily roberts

    Wishing all the little tardigrades, all the little microbes, and all of the little wigglers have a happy Christmas! <3

  • Dustin Cyr

    Hey guys! Appreciate all the beautiful footage! I have a question, and google hasn't been much help...but I'm wondering: how deep is the space between the top and bottom of the slide? Thanks again!

  • Mathew Tizard

    This was beautiful and fascinating. I watched it twice through with my newborn baby girl, and it chilled the pair of us right out. Gorgeous footage and sublime music. Thank you.

  • will
    will  +3

    I'm currently taking a Zoology course and honestly I'd LOVE for james to capture a trochophore larva from a snail or annelid, or other kinds of animal larvae

  • nuclearfrog306

    Please, we want MORE slow motion footage! It makes the motions of the microbes much easier to view

  • Viridian

    The motion makes so much more sense in slow motion. At speed it just looks like they just vibrate their way around, or flail noodles at random directions and it somehow propels them.

  • Megatron Yeets

    Ooo I love how with the paramecium footage, you can actually see how the cilia grab at the surrounding water to move the organism forward

  • Jack Skrlec

    I remember when I did LSD a year ago and decided to watch some of these videos. Incredible experience. The detail under these microscopes are amazing.

  • *MisS* *TriNiDaD*

    Thank you JTTM Team! This is quite soothing and fascinating!

  • MaryANytowl

    I could listen to your voice for hours, though, so I wish you hadn't "shut up." 😒 Your voice is so calming and peaceful, what my destroyed life needs right now. In fact, I think you are one of the few things that have managed to keep me going during the worst 14 months of my life.