Blood Bowl lI Angry Interview

  • Published on Jun 30, 2015
  • AngryJoe Interviews for the Upcoming Blood Bowl II from Cyanide and Games Workshop. What new features and teams can we expect?
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Comments • 500

  • Rod Allford
    Rod Allford Year ago

    Joe the dlc is a rip off I'm in uk and to get all the teams would cost £80 when the game is only £30 so for it all it would cost £120

  • morelli tech
    morelli tech 2 years ago

    this Uhhh game is a great uuuhhhhh Uhhh speaking of uuuhhhhh experience uhh

  • De Mil
    De Mil 2 years ago

    You also posted a video on your channel raging about how terrible BB2 is, yet you seem relatively calm and positive in this video. did you have a change of heart? being nicer in front of developer? hypocrite? I DEMAND AN ANSWER!!!

  • Pooltastic
    Pooltastic 3 years ago

    So, Joe, how come no Blood Bowl II review?

  • lllazyoli
    lllazyoli 3 years ago

    7€ dlc for each team non c'e bon! no, no, mon amie! bb2 is merde grab de cash. qui, qui. you end up as clochard.

  • julian hernandez
    julian hernandez 3 years ago

    he sounds like faze adapt

  • gamecrackTV
    gamecrackTV 3 years ago +1

    a ahhuuuu online liig u ahhh

  • KolPlays
    KolPlays 3 years ago +2

    blood bowl 2 suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks :( and im sad now!

  • Jordan Bissell
    Jordan Bissell 3 years ago

    Um can't think of a comment uhhh

  • MrAdriensourdot
    MrAdriensourdot 3 years ago

    is the community alive in this game?

    • MrAdriensourdot
      MrAdriensourdot 3 years ago +1

      +MrAdriensourdot just got it on steam it's fun. Looking forward to more content.

  • Jack
    Jack 3 years ago

    Joe trying so hard not to laugh in his face

  • VideoGameHelp
    VideoGameHelp 3 years ago

    I find it bull shitty that they removed lizardmen and you had to pre-order. Because the only reason I play blood bowl and Warhammer fantasy battle was for the lizardmen, and they removed them and that pissed me off when I herd that you have to pre-order...

  • aceous99
    aceous99 3 years ago

    F Dota 2 F BB2, BB1!!!

  • TheAkator
    TheAkator 3 years ago

    thats alot of uuuh yeah because uuuuuh life uuuuuuh finds away uuuuuh doctor uuuuuuh grant also uuuuuuuh welcome to uuuuuuuuuh jurrasick parck

  • Ryan Cannady
    Ryan Cannady 3 years ago

    Turn based football.... No thanks..

  • Boss Paw
    Boss Paw 3 years ago

    Uhhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Uhhhh. *Some shit I don't understand* Uhhhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhh.

  • Gaming4ever
    Gaming4ever 3 years ago

    Looks amazing

  • DPeaceful
    DPeaceful 3 years ago

    Then I buy it if it was more like Mutant Legauge or Mortal Kombat

  • DPeaceful
    DPeaceful 3 years ago

    More blood needed for
    This game it should be like Mutant Leguage

  • RJ
    RJ 3 years ago

    i know it's based on the tabletop game which is obviously turn based but i don't like how the players just stand there and watch as you make your move. it looks weird

  • ChildofGod111
    ChildofGod111 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the vine, "You look like a motherf----in uhhhhh."

  • Bainin Red
    Bainin Red 4 years ago

    lol... Yeah to apologize to the players/community we decided to give 2 additional races, and guess what you can choose 1 of them and buy the other later. *claps* Genius! Typical fucking gamesworkshop right there gonna make us pay a rediculus price for every additional race they put out.

  • ᚹᚱᛁᛇᛖ
    ᚹᚱᛁᛇᛖ 4 years ago

    Le French guy should pay some attention to his articulation so someone could actually understand what he's saying.

  • Casey Gaffney
    Casey Gaffney 4 years ago

    I'm pretty good hearing through accents and speak French, but stopped after 30 seconds of not understanding a single word this homme said.

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green 4 years ago

    The annoying thing about the first game was the amount of versions, judging by the the 6 not 8 (+2) teams , we are going down that route again admittedly by DLC this time, so I'll probably save my money till the legendary edition with all DLC in a couple of years time. I seriously hate how companies think prettier graphics is an excuse for less content or features, another example being Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (you had two years EA, what were you doing!).

  • Véronique De Maria
    Véronique De Maria 4 years ago

    @AngryJoeShow can you please give a look at your subtitles?
    Someone had fun writing stuff like nigga,etc.....

  • daniel reed
    daniel reed 4 years ago

    This is the company that owns a game of thrones license and makes shitty game of thrones games ;-;

  • yo
    yo 4 years ago +1

    Too french

  • MostBlunted
    MostBlunted 4 years ago

    Blitz mode is gone? Good! Or did anyone ever played it? Better to focus on the core part than on a gimmick.

  • Riley O'Connor
    Riley O'Connor 4 years ago

    You can ahhh something like ahhh to ahhh cause blood bowl ahhhh but ahh

  • Cody Del
    Cody Del 4 years ago +1

    Go to 0:45 pause then open Subtitiles In english Then Unpause Lel

  • Rjengar de Rover
    Rjengar de Rover 4 years ago +1

    I was so hyped for this game... then they come with this pre order bullshit, I'm not sure I want to buy it at all any more.
    (sidenote: I'm totally okay with getting new races in DLC for a reasonable price, but day 1 DLC behind a pre order wall is just too anti consumer.)

  • Viktor Gabriel
    Viktor Gabriel 4 years ago

    as i watched this video the first time i was so happy to wait for the game and buy it knowing they where going to give us two extra starting factions but when i saw it on the steam sale you firstly need to pre order the game and then you can only get one of the factions only one witch i think is horrible and just makes me not want to buy it witch i wont anymore

  • HeckledMind
    HeckledMind 4 years ago

    He lied to you Joe... HE LIED TO YOU!!!
    ''So what are we getting in the base game?''
    ''The game is coming out with , We have already made 8 teams and the game has been delayed, it was supposed to come out in June, but we are finally coming out in September to make some final polish , and to apology to our community we decided to add to more teams to this'' ''the two last teams are lizard men and the wood elves''
    This gave a very heavy impression and made me expect ,that both of these teams would be coming out as part of the core game. This is very disappointing to find out that only ONE will be free DLC.

  • Ethan Chesser
    Ethan Chesser 4 years ago

    Joe dosent understand a word he is saying

  • crimsonuk1984
    crimsonuk1984 4 years ago

    joe you might want to check out the blood bowl 2 steam page lizardmen and elfs are pre order bonouses not the base game lol you got lied

    • Ludwig von Beethoven
      Ludwig von Beethoven 3 years ago

      @crimsonuk1984 They're pre-order bonuses at first but will later be public.

  • danneltheflannel
    danneltheflannel 4 years ago

    it would be cool if they made a 40k version of this game!

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd 4 years ago

    poor dev Joe knows more about Blood Bowl than he probably dose and he's there trying to give his sales pitch.

  • TenshiNoAkuma -Chan
    TenshiNoAkuma -Chan 4 years ago

    The comic book was better

    SS WAYS 4 years ago

    what the fuck am i watching? alien football?

  • DigitalHawk
    DigitalHawk 4 years ago

    There seems to be mass GW revival in its side games of ages past: Blood Bowl, Space Hulk; Warhammer Total War could be seen as a revival of Warmaster while Eternal Crusade could be compared to Epic 40k in overall scale.

  • Cbct
    Cbct 4 years ago

    Ikr uhhhhh....... Uhhh.....

  • MariusThePaladin
    MariusThePaladin 4 years ago +1

    An idea for cooperate commander: Have a foreign person do PR's job during E3 so that people wouldn't get it even if he's honestly telling the people that your game suck balls.

    • aceous99
      aceous99 3 years ago

      +MariusThePaladin AJ would be banned from all corporate sponsored events like e3 if he showed up as CC

  • Reviewer of Indie Games

    Is nice see this type of interviews

  • frankie borgosano
    frankie borgosano 4 years ago

    Uuhhhhhh bloodbowl Uuhhhhhh angry Joe Uuhhhhhh new stuff Uuhhhhhh Uuhhhhhh

  • PurpleStorm8
    PurpleStorm8 4 years ago

    Can't understand a word he's saying.

  • xBamfo
    xBamfo 4 years ago

    Not to be rude but I really am having a lot of difficulty understanding this guy through his accent. It would be quite a bit of work for Joe, but I feel like it would be very helpful for us to have proper subtitles as an option.

  • Sequiro
    Sequiro 4 years ago +2

    These studios need to hire american spokesmen or translator to represent their company in such intereview stages such as E3 stages. It's annoying to listen to them stumble and stammer over words and phrases, gives me zero hype for the games as I'm too irritated by all the umms and uhhhs to give a crap. Yes I know its not their native language, which is why they need spokesmen. Concentrate on what your good at, making the games. Leave the PR to those that better relay that to the press and gamers.

  • Soul of Death
    Soul of Death 4 years ago

    Dat voice almost made me commit suicide

  • Matthew Lucidi
    Matthew Lucidi 4 years ago

    Joe, are you going to review gears of war: UE?

  • Steve Harrison
    Steve Harrison 4 years ago

    Loved the board game, still love the original PC game + expansions: stoked about this one.

  • I I
    I I 4 years ago

    This guy says "uhhhh" WAY too many times.

    Whoever paid this guy to be a spokesperson for the game is probably kicking themselves now,

    Seeing as I know more about the noise "uhhhh" rather than the game.

  • MR GTO1992
    MR GTO1992 4 years ago

    Its ok

  • Soto85
    Soto85 4 years ago

    Sounds like he said crush into the bitch at 7:18

  • NightToRemember
    NightToRemember 4 years ago +9

    Uhhhhhhhhhh Uhhh Uhhhhhhhh something about Blood Bowl Uhhhhhhh Features Uhhhh Uhhh Uhhhhhh Online Leagues Uhhhhh.....That's as far into this as i got

  • Evil Teddy
    Evil Teddy 4 years ago

    Seems interesting.

  • Dawns Curse
    Dawns Curse 4 years ago

    Blood Bowl was honestly terrible on the 360. But I did have a blast on the Pc with it. I hope this next version will be even better!

  • Gaming guy
    Gaming guy 4 years ago

    I was kinda hoping to beat the shit out of my opponents in the game while playing a fantasy football!!!! NOT A 3D BOARD GAME! WTF HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!??! WELP, guess im cancelling my preorder

  • Kosma Chałas
    Kosma Chałas 4 years ago

    The most important question for me is: can I play match with someone on one machine, as it was with the first Blood Bowl. i'd love to play it on my ps4 with my gf.

  • Alpharius Omegon
    Alpharius Omegon 4 years ago

    Well... i don't understand him either... because he is speaking money! Sure. it looks nice and shiny, but i won't buy the same game several times again to get all races. I'm also quite disapointed, Joes didn't at least mention this ripoff!

  • Grumpy Catterman
    Grumpy Catterman 4 years ago

    I'm kind of excited for this but I will wait until more races are added. The console version of Blood Bowl got zero support after launch so I'm not going to just buy the game and trust them to add races later on. This is the only kind of way that I'll buy a "sports" game besides a well done Mutant League game.

  • Ashujo
    Ashujo 4 years ago

    This game looks badass :)
    I've been a long-time fan of the old NFL Blitz, so I like anything that's an alternative style of football.
    It's a little different, but Blitzball in FFX is one of my all-time favorites.

  • Dwarfman01
    Dwarfman01 4 years ago

    Looks great! Will buy when available.
    Also. English is my native language. I understood this guy perfectly. What's the problem with everyone else? All got shit in your ears or something.

  • madinsomaniac
    madinsomaniac 4 years ago

    Dudes you guys are dumb to think if this is as unclear as the guy, no disrespect, doing it for space hulk, be grateful you can even extract info

  • Kaufi
    Kaufi 4 years ago +1

    Please don't tell me I'm being a dick when I write that someone who is fluent in english should have done the interview.
    I'm danish yet fluent in english, in my humble opinion it's not that hard to achieve. Like everything else practise makes master.
    E3 should be about the games and the fact is that his lacking proficiency with the english language is diverting focus from the presentation of the game. You wouldn't select a public speaker with a masters in english to develop a game if he had no experiance in the field of gamedevelopment either.

  • Kyler Wortham
    Kyler Wortham 4 years ago

    Seems like Joe only likes interviewing hardcore French speakers lol.

  • Bruno Dutra
    Bruno Dutra 4 years ago

    Oh boy it's difficult to understand what he's saying.

  • Ben DeGorro
    Ben DeGorro 4 years ago

    Please Blood Bowl's developer. If you want to promote your game in US, send someone who had good english speaking. I know this guys had details info about the game, but if he speak slow so I got confuse, everything is fail. I don't hate french, but I come watch this expect a good promoting of the games. Luckily, the in-game cutscenes are proven better explaining the game enough, then the promoter's explain.
    I have real story of business meeting between 2 big company near fail to secure future partnership just because the other can't speak english for 1 simple word.
    A = Japanese ; B = English.
    When they near conclude their discussion, the japanese said that they don't like the product's wrapper color. But because the japanese tongue are so rigid, when they said Color, they said Ka-Ra. "Wi don lak de Kara". People confuse, what is Kara. And the meeting were in pain for half hours until someone can guess or describe what Ka-Ra meant for.
    So if you want serious to promote your things, do basic job by speak very well. This is different if we met french on other normal place. Like in tourist area or beaches, we had to tolerance their speaking. But if business, do your homework.

  • Universum
    Universum 4 years ago

    Great, another frenchman.

  • Ixnatifual
    Ixnatifual 4 years ago

    I fkn want this fkn game.

  • Kojak0
    Kojak0 4 years ago

    Good lord - I really wanted to see this interview, but that guys long uuuhhh's were just... annoying. Plain fucking annoying - if you don't speak the language well enough, send someone out who can, alternatively keep the fuck quiet while finding the words!

  • barbernator
    barbernator 4 years ago

    meh first blood bowl was ass, im surprised they got a budget to make another one

  • MyHabits
    MyHabits 4 years ago

    People who can't understand him just need to git gud.

  • Carlos Navarrete
    Carlos Navarrete 4 years ago +1

    Ok, it's official. French developers need translators.

  • joey Lattarulo
    joey Lattarulo 4 years ago +1

    Go to 3:30 angry joe secretly laughs

    • BOOM! idc Tv
      BOOM! idc Tv 4 years ago +1

      Also at 3:21 I think. As soon as I heard the first ughhhh my first thought was how long is joe gonna last

    • Danny
      Danny 4 years ago +1

      Lmao he was laughing in his chest so to try and hide it

    • Dehumanize
      Dehumanize 4 years ago

      @joey Lattarulo He did :x

  • Thor Madsen
    Thor Madsen 4 years ago

    All i want i being able to change the rules for a turnement. So it is possible to do normalt turnement plays. (players dont earn SSP but get them along the way, also no Cas move over)

  • Joško Grebenar
    Joško Grebenar 4 years ago +1

    First FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GGs
    GGs 4 years ago

    i am by no means a game developer and have no industry experience but wouldnt it be a good idea to give everyone access to the new race dlc s BUT just in singleplayer and let them play with them but once they feel comfortable with a new race they can purchase them for online league play? You would give all players the chance to play the race of choice( deliver to your playerbase), have less of a dlc buy barrier ( players can play the race before buying them for the online system), people wouldnt talk bad about your company locking additional content away( less hate).
    I think its too harsh to ask for money for a race ppl new to the series (like me) dont know. I couldnt really tell how the sale figures went as I m not a buisness man but I would suggest that they would be pretty much the same as players have less of a barrier and probably will only play online once they are through with the singleplayer campaign.

    • Ludwig von Beethoven
      Ludwig von Beethoven 3 years ago

      @Niyazi Kul That's basically what he said. He said you couldn't MAKE a team with the new race so it seems you can only use the pre -built teams in exhibition mode like in the previous game.

  • ThrashCommand
    ThrashCommand 4 years ago

    Can't wait to buy this incomplete game! Pre-ordering right now!

  • therelaxedone
    therelaxedone 4 years ago

    Sorry for the people defending this guy, but if you are going to do interviews for your company, you should be able to talk about it a little bit better.
    I know it's hard to speak an other language and that's fine, but when it's your job to talk about your game......he just should have done better.

  • Bryce Coley
    Bryce Coley 4 years ago

    I've never heard of this game, but what I saw looks worthy of paying attention to in the future. Thank you Joe for bringing his game to my attention.

  • jabbathehutton
    jabbathehutton 4 years ago


  • DeathToCockroaches
    DeathToCockroaches 4 years ago

    He was a bit nervous

  • Furluge
    Furluge 4 years ago

    3:47 You can just hear Joe write this game off there but he still has to remain professional and finish the interview. Game looks nice but until it has the different races that give the game it's depth it isn't worth touching.

  • YuukiRus Games
    YuukiRus Games 4 years ago

    I wish just once more than 50% of the game devs doing interviews would know english enough for most of their words to be words

  • Killyox
    Killyox 4 years ago

    Joe is likle "what the fuck dude? I don't understand you!". I got to 1:05 before I turned it off. Couldn't stand the uuuhuhuhuuhuhu uhuhhhhhh huhhhhhu uuuhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhh.

  • franek19891989
    franek19891989 4 years ago bullshit telling us giving 2 races and now its only one as dlc and other what 5 $ or more... gona w8 for seals for that game

  • Mr. Frete
    Mr. Frete 4 years ago

    french accent am i right ?

  • mark valenzo
    mark valenzo 4 years ago

    Uhhhhh, duuhhh.....hmmm "french gibberish" ooooaaahh, uhhhh. Gold star for effort. Next time maybe they can just send someone who cant speak at all to save us the trouble of deciphering this.

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 4 years ago

    Question is...will the computer cheat again in single player? sure anyone who has played the first felt the same about the bullshit dice rolls

  • mark cook
    mark cook 4 years ago

    Love you Joe your our boy but that interview was rough Hard to understand what that frog was saying ..

  • 2veki
    2veki 4 years ago

    This guy literally said or explained nothing but the basics that I am sure everybody expected of the game as it is. :/

  • Zackary Anderson
    Zackary Anderson 4 years ago

    I don't care what anyone says, I love their company and the guy seems really nice and it isn't his first language anyways. Good interview Joe !

  • Wreqt
    Wreqt 4 years ago +19

    "Nerf the Lizardman so Krendor cannot win anymore... just for our league."
    I love you Joe.

    • blackvial
      blackvial 4 years ago +4

      Lil Skittles was a boss

    • SacrificingSound
      SacrificingSound 4 years ago +2

      @Nummi You mean Little Skittles!!!

    • Nummi
      Nummi 4 years ago +6

      To be fair, Crendor minmaxed the fuck out of the game. ;)
      Also, Leeeroooyyyy Jenkiiiiiins.

  • Scott
    Scott 4 years ago

    looks like an older generation game

  • Such Fallout4
    Such Fallout4 4 years ago

    The fuck is Blood Bowl? Didn't even know a first one existed

    • Ludwig von Beethoven
      Ludwig von Beethoven 3 years ago +1

      @Such Fallout4 Just look up Blood Bowl TGS league and you'll find it.

    • Such Fallout4
      Such Fallout4 4 years ago

      @RokuroCarisu I don't know what that is. Link?

    • RokuroCarisu
      RokuroCarisu 4 years ago

      @Such Fallout4 You should totally watch the two leagues the Polaris guys played. ;)

  • Scott
    Scott 4 years ago


  • fireyoyo
    fireyoyo 4 years ago

    stop being dicks guys , he's french , french and English are incredibly different and hard to speak , come on , you guys had the time where you kept saying "uhhhhh" when you had to speak in your class

    • Dehumanize
      Dehumanize 4 years ago

      @fireyoyo No uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I haven't

  • Nocure92
    Nocure92 4 years ago

    When someone leaves an online league aaaauueeuuhh aaauhh uuuhhhh

  • luffyzero13
    luffyzero13 4 years ago

    not enough teams on release i agree but really i always end up playing just a few teams anyways so i dont mind. just leagues wont have as much variety