THE TRUTH! Cobra SpeedZone Vs Cobra F9 Driver!

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
    In this video Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional reviews the brand new Cobra Golf SZ (SpeedZone) driver.
    In 2019 Cobra Golf released the very popular Cobra King F9 driver and this is currently the driver that Rick Shiels has in the golf bag. In this video Rick gets out to the Clitheroe Golf Club to try the Cobra SZ driver on the golf course to test it for sound, feel, distance, looks and workability.
    Rick then heads to Prairie sports village to test the SZ driver on his Foresight GC Quad with Titleist Pro V1 golf balls to see if the driver is actually any better performing than the Cobra F9 driver.
    Will this be the best golf driver of 2020? Will this driver win on The PGA Tour & The European Tour? Will Rick Shiels put this driver in the golf bag? Watch until the end to find out if he does!
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Comments • 830

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf  Month ago +49

    Q.) Who do you think is going to make the *BEST* driver in 2020? Cobra, TaylorMade, Callaway or someone else?

    • BillMcGirr
      BillMcGirr 13 days ago

      I know it ain’t going to be my girlfriend.
      I’m petrified to get in a car with her.
      She can’t drive to save her soul.😁👍

    • Andreas Beschorner
      Andreas Beschorner 13 days ago

      Cobra. F9 was and is a crusher.

    • scubasteve0187
      scubasteve0187 21 day ago

      I would like to see Mizuno do something special with their drivers. But being as I played an R11 until last year when I bought a used F8 I don’t see myself getting into a new driver for quite a few years.

    • Ronald Yeckel
      Ronald Yeckel 27 days ago


    • tom stephens
      tom stephens Month ago


  • William Burgon
    William Burgon 4 hours ago

    It would be good see the cobra sz against the callaway. Maverick driver ??

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner 7 hours ago

    Hi Rick, I went to test out a few drivers and got fitted and bought a cobra speedback F9 (in avalanche, not good enough to step up to the tee with bright yellow! 😂) based on your review....and in just under a month I have cut 3 shots off my handicap and I am consistently breaking 90, the extra 30m is a game changer! Thanks so much for the review.

  • Andrew Fallon
    Andrew Fallon 2 days ago

    This just means I can get a F9 for cheaper :)

  • Leland Hopkins
    Leland Hopkins 2 days ago

    Great, Great review........So if the f9 is last year model, .....Wonder if will see them go on sell

  • Robert Berardy
    Robert Berardy 3 days ago

    Ryoma Maxima II. Beats anything out there.

  • Tyler Fox
    Tyler Fox 5 days ago

    Rick can you please do a review on the new hybrid that cobra came out with

  • John Ternieden
    John Ternieden 5 days ago

    Hey Rick (someone might have already posted this) but if you have an Apple Watch, you don’t need to keep the phone in your pocket. Your watch can register shots. What’s also nice is you can turn on the haptic and the watch will vibrate when the shot is properly registered. Cheers.

  • justin S
    justin S 6 days ago

    The new model looks far better on the crown, that’s the main reason I didn’t buy the F9 it’s ugly. I’ll be grabbing the speed zone now that they improved the looks and went a bit more “traditional” looking at address.

  • donnfl
    donnfl 6 days ago

    I can't figure out how Micheal Newtons club head speed is that much faster than yours. I think his GC is out of Calibration.

  • tom
    tom 6 days ago

    best equipment reviews on youtube

  • MissingInAction
    MissingInAction 7 days ago

    Have they continued the white colour scheme through to the fairway woods ?

  • jergernice1
    jergernice1 9 days ago

    hit about 30 balls each with sim driver and speezone. sz felt better. honestly my mishits much better with sz... hzrdous yellow spin was 2000-2200. 275 carry 295 total...i switched to the av blue shaft -1" with the sz and my spin went to 2400-2600 and distance went to 270-290 much straighter though.. honestly its hard for me to even consider brands that dont offer demo in my 44.5 length.... sz the the winner and of course straighter.....i might consider the sim max but they didnt have one in a 9 deg demo....

  • Paul-Edouard Royer
    Paul-Edouard Royer 11 days ago

    Hello Rick, I am from France. Congrats for your vidéos I love them! It’s a shame we don’t have someone like you in my country!
    I heard that new technology on SZ Cobra driver is more about forgiveness and particularly on miss-toe shots.. As they increased a lot MOI especially on the Xtreme version.
    So do you think there is any chance to test this?

  • No Here Kruger
    No Here Kruger 12 days ago

    Drivers are a joke anymore. The tech changes are so small its stupid to get a new driver every year, which is why I use a driver for no less than 3 years each. Then when I get a new one, I get it $200 cheaper because its "already been out for 6 months"........

  • omega con4
    omega con4 12 days ago

    Just discovered your TheXvid channel (and subscribed to it). Your informative reviews put all the major golf magainzes to shame.

  • Pranay Reddy
    Pranay Reddy 12 days ago

    What driver is in the bag this year?

  • Derek M
    Derek M 13 days ago

    The only driver I’ve ever bought was a 60 dollar titleist 909 in 2010 I found in a used club bin. I’m pretty sure it’s dead now. So I’ve been watching lots of reviews lately. And I keep coming back to the Cobra F9. Going to be pulling the trigger on one in the next few days!

  • Ian
    Ian 13 days ago

    Cricky you are here talking about the new Cobra sz driver and last years f9 and i have only just brought the Cobra f7 driver from your 2017 review.

  • Andreas Beschorner
    Andreas Beschorner 13 days ago

    If you consider getting rid of the SZ -- I might take it :-)

  • Jae K
    Jae K 15 days ago

    one year later then i will get f9. can't wait!

  • Frazer20
    Frazer20 15 days ago

    Why does the CT test clamp the driver somewhere up on the shaft? Surely this brings in the characteristics of the shaft and doesn’t isolate the driver head?
    You would think the varying stiffnesses of the shafts would have an effect on this test?!
    Surely the idea of a test is to isolate and remove variables ?!

  • ZCH31R
    ZCH31R 16 days ago

    Awesome vids man. Compared to other youtubers, I really feel that you are putting in the effort to get your followers to understand the crucial points of the videos!

  • Neil Gardner
    Neil Gardner 17 days ago

    Swinging the driver well in this vid Rick. Think your swing is looking better than Finchy's currently...he's looks too short with the driver, whereas you are giving a proper rip!

  • Sean Hearne
    Sean Hearne 17 days ago

    Who won the prize

  • Gratton White
    Gratton White 17 days ago

    The only change is the name.... gullible the new drivers are the same as the f9 with a different name.....lmao....f9 looks better too....

  • Gratton White
    Gratton White 17 days ago

    So there u go...don't chase...keep what works

  • jc51373
    jc51373 22 days ago

    Killer swing! great coverage on the driver.

  • Allah Ali Baba
    Allah Ali Baba 23 days ago

    I agree the Cobra F 9 is a great driver and a little better then the F 8 I had...Cobra new driver SZ if more for people who don't already own a F 8 or F 9...Thanks for the review....

  • Gunnar L.
    Gunnar L. 23 days ago

    I tested the SZ today and I was averaging 9 yards further with the F9, feel wise they feel identical... disappointed...

  • david Cockcroft
    david Cockcroft 24 days ago

    Do you think the lack of increased head speed is due to your level of golf? As a pro, you've topped out at super fast clubhead speed! But perhaps the "increase" will be more noticeable in amateur golfers?

  • peter guildford
    peter guildford 24 days ago

    Hey Rick , merry christmas. Could you do a review on the new wilson launch pad hybrid irons, maybe against other like the cleveland turbo and the cobra d rail? Please. Maybe test at the swing speeds an average high handicapper would swing at.

  • Ben maclellan
    Ben maclellan 26 days ago

    Does that mean you’ll keep the F9 in your bag?

  • Hamster Cupcake
    Hamster Cupcake 28 days ago


  • Kevin Montgomery
    Kevin Montgomery 28 days ago

    Rick, I love what you do but consider some reality here. The 2 biggest factors determining club head speed are 1) muscles, and 2) swing technique (probably 90%). I believe #3-5 are shaft length, club head weight and aerodynamics (in that order). I'm thinking only in terms of real club head shaft lengths (44.5 - 45.5") and club head weights. Milling the face, movable weights, Arcoss tracking, forgiveness, lower spin all have nothing to do increasing club head speed. Ignore all those factors. Club makers can't impact the first 2 factors at all. They can set the length of the stock shaft but that is easily customized (and you always say get fit which includes the shaft length). Also, we're at the limit of golf shaft lengths and most golfers know a longer shaft also brings less accurate strikes. When it comes to club head weight more carbon = lighter club head but the weight saved is usually offset by adding more weight back into the head somewhere else. That really only leaves tinkering with aerodynamics to influence club head speed. So, it's no surprise to me that club head speed is nearly identical.

    For me the real deal is ball speed. Every club maker does well on center strikes. The key is off-center strikes. Wtih Cobra's new wrap-around infinity face I would expect a larger sweet spot and much more consistency of ball speed on a bigger part of the face. Please measure ball speed on heel, toe, high and low shots. Did this improve significantly?

  • Paul McGee
    Paul McGee Month ago

    TheXvid poor English is putting me off these golf videos

  • martin otoole
    martin otoole Month ago


  • Steve Novak
    Steve Novak Month ago

    Save your money lads! I Love my F8 driver and 3 wood. I believe they’re much better looking and you can get Great deals on them now. For the price difference and performance....I would not go F9. Just my 2 cents.
    Thanks for the Great Videos Rick!!!!

  • ryan trepal
    ryan trepal Month ago

    Rick thank you for the honest review. I play with the F8+ and I was considering moving to the F9. Since I heard the new cobra driver was coming out I wanted to wait and see the reviews. I'll probably just stick with getting the F9. Thank you again for the great content.

  • Burnzy 378
    Burnzy 378 Month ago

    Rick! I dont expect a reply as i know you cant read all comments but if anyone could help? Im a beginner and if i tee off with a 4 iron its much more reliable, lots of my friends leave their drivers in the car so they dont use them. I am of the thinking to stick at it as its such a vital part of the game once you can hit it properly. So as a beginner do i stick with Driver and potentially score higher, or do i play it safe and stick to irons? We all have different opinions? Id love this to be addressed.

  • Bob McGivern
    Bob McGivern Month ago

    Great review from Rick as always. Becoming a national treasure

  • christian yarbrough

    Cobra SZ, 10 degree, aldila rogue black x-stiff

  • John Brennan
    John Brennan Month ago

    RH, 9.5 stiff F9 black & white

  • Rico Sandoval
    Rico Sandoval Month ago

    Awesome review! I would love to get that sz extreme in white. I could use a more forgiving club!

  • Yobani landaverde
    Yobani landaverde Month ago

    Would love the SZ driver to give to a friend in need of a new driver, cheers rick!

  • Sean Cameron
    Sean Cameron Month ago

    The SZ Xtreme

  • Jeremy Laboe
    Jeremy Laboe Month ago

    Cobra SZ! Hopefully can deck it out color wise too!

  • Donatellodavinci
    Donatellodavinci Month ago

    I mean rick in all fairness they did increase club head speed so they didn’t lie, it just didn’t amount to anything😂😂

  • Jaxon Terrell
    Jaxon Terrell Month ago

    Ughg 😍😍

  • Stephen Duggan
    Stephen Duggan Month ago


  • CapnCrunch359
    CapnCrunch359 Month ago

    Cobra SZ Left Handed 10.5 loft x stiff shaft black and white

  • Colin Blom
    Colin Blom Month ago

    Cobra SZ ladies 8.5 loft

  • Aarush Tripathi
    Aarush Tripathi Month ago

    I like cobra i have cobra irons and driver

  • Ben Speer
    Ben Speer Month ago

    Ask all the F9 owners that hit high toe if it’s worth an upgrade. The new face is supposed to increase ball speeds across the face because the F9 was known for having dead spots.

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert Month ago

    It's literally the same driver layout and weighting scheme but with subtle variances to the aerodynamics and finishing processes aka the glossy finish vs matte, company logo alignment, etc... Unless a company is drastically differing the internals of the head to produce a different feel or ball flight you are better off hitting a model at a demo day getting the specs and waiting a year or two for the price to come down.
    Also it seems every company is honing in a common design, which I personally don't like BTW
    I like heel weight, no offset, square-open face set up, and a smaller cc head I hit 400cc right now 460 looks like a balloon

  • Gordon McLeod
    Gordon McLeod Month ago

    You have gave me everything I need to know thank you!! F9 it is then

  • Brandon Gavin
    Brandon Gavin Month ago

    Your swing looks great Ricky boy!

  • Jeff Platt
    Jeff Platt Month ago

    S “zed” please Mr Shiels. You’re not American 🤪

  • Scott Manthey
    Scott Manthey Month ago

    Not a huge surprise really... How much farther can they take a driver in today's limited spec rules? We are truly splitting hairs at this point.

  • M Lee
    M Lee Month ago

    Cobra SZ Look good in white with mat black.