Making a Game in ONE HOUR

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • Can I make a game in 1 hour gamers? Let's find out!
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    Ludum Dare 44 was my very first gamejam, which is where you create a game, and everything else in 48 hours! That includes code, music, art, sound effect, no sleep, loads of coffee, oof. It was a lot of fun, and I've always enjoyed watching other people's "Making a game in 48 hours" video, so I wanted to try it out myself. The game I made in 2 days is called Fair n Square, and is an action shooter, with squares! Then I made a game in 12 hours! And finally today it's time to do it in just one hour! Turned out better than expected. Obviously I did some planning, but didn't start making anything before the time started.
    Hey! If you're new here, welcome! I'm an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I'll try uploading every week, but I'm pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won't have time every week. But I'll do my best!
    GTX 1060
    32GB RAM
    Laptop / tablet
    Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage
    My Equipment:
    Keyboard - Steelseries 6Gv2
    Mouse - Steelseries Rival 100
    Mic - AT2020+
    Screen - ViewSonic 24" LED Curved VX2458
    Headset - Steelseries Arctis 3
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  • Dani
    Dani  2 years ago +6

    SMASH subscribe or i kick you into space

  • Sykoo
    Sykoo 2 years ago +4

    Casually making one game in one hour... here I am after 5 years still thinking if I should start on my game idea lol

  • Nicholas Mathenia
    Nicholas Mathenia 2 years ago +1

    can you make a game in 1 minute? Dani: Yes, exactly what I need right now.

  • DDcreep
    DDcreep Year ago +509

    It’s weird hearing him say “unity’s particle system” without the iconic music

  • iam
    iam 2 years ago +234

    lets go the other way round. make the simplest game you can make in exactly 2 weeks. you're not allowed to purposely do things slow, and you have to keep coding for three weeks (you're allowed to do other stuff) but keep the game simple.

  • Colonel Clanny

    You'd probably manage to even make the most simplistic game within 10 minutes... I hope I didn't just trigger the development sensor.

  • Sky Ravs
    Sky Ravs Year ago +1


  • Skyarmygeneral
    Skyarmygeneral 2 years ago +585

    Dani: creates an entire game in an hour

  • EQUINOX 134
    EQUINOX 134 2 years ago +511

    Him in 1 hour : makes a functioning game

  • sellpetCs

    The progress this boy went through is incredible

  • DerpyRitzer
    DerpyRitzer 2 years ago +916

    Dani: Makes game in one hour

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda  +147

    Dani: makes a game in one hour.

  • Mare_
    Mare_ 2 years ago +159

    1 year later : making a game in 1 second

  • CA Shark Hunters
    CA Shark Hunters 2 years ago +4

    Sound track ✅

  • Michal Atlas
    Michal Atlas Year ago +133

    Make a playable game in 30 minutes, then improve it for am hour, then improve it for a day, compare. It'll be like those, draw in 10 minutes then 10 second challenges.

  • Sebastian Berg

    thanks for the amazeing content, and the TRELLO organizer, its really helping me keep my head attached and my marbles collected <3

  • Spioder
    Spioder Year ago +212

    Dani in 2020: “Making a Game in 1 hour”

  • Domedin
    Domedin  +1

    Well the way I accurately displayed my score in my flappy bird game was I made 7 different “pipes” which were actually logs and then I had them loop forever and if they pasted the player then I added one point and set a bool to false and then when they teleported back to the beginning I set the bool to true and repeat easy enough :)

  • Idiris Muumin
    Idiris Muumin 2 years ago +104

    Dani: Making a game in one hour= accomplishment