Tiny bird takes down most expensive fighter jet ever built - BBC

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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    The most advanced fighter jet in the world, the F-35B, takes on an unlikely foe during landing. Don't be fooled, this tiny terror causes a massive worry for the team.
    HMS Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s biggest ever warship. It took nine years to build her at a cost of £3.5 billion. Nearly 1,500 sailors, marines and aviators have left for a make-or-break four-month deployment on the high seas. This is to forge the brand new ship’s company into an effective fighting force, but their main mission is to test the top secret F-35B Lightning Stealth Fighter - the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world that will give the ship its lethal sting.
    Britain's Biggest Warship | Episode 2 | BBC
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Comments • 2 451

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 16 hours ago

    See this will make iran win against the US, just breed a whole lot of god damn birds and watch their planes go down lol

  • Richard Beese
    Richard Beese 20 hours ago

    It's a wonder the BBC didn't say it was a drone!

  • Dramaturgy
    Dramaturgy 21 hour ago +1

    The DARPA wants to know the location of this bird

  • Huy Trần xuân

    I don't care about aircraft
    I am worried about the bird

  • abdirahman bashir seed

    the bird is made in iran

  • xlane t
    xlane t Day ago

    (This is a joke)
    Why don't the government just turn off the bird cameras near jets

  • Kelvin Matingo
    Kelvin Matingo 2 days ago

    Pathetic reporting

  • 888TopGear888
    888TopGear888 2 days ago

    I thought the US wasnt selling the F35 to other countries...

  • Dank
    Dank 2 days ago

    The most important,
    Is the bird. :(

  • David Ehm
    David Ehm 2 days ago


  • Rio Aditiyono
    Rio Aditiyono 2 days ago

    Spoiler alert, the bird is not ok.

  • id104335409
    id104335409 3 days ago

    Well that deserves a thumbs down!

  • nabeelmohammedca
    nabeelmohammedca 3 days ago

    Clickbait, what the f*** BBC.

  • CFKK
    CFKK 3 days ago

    Simple-minded people: ItS ClCIKBaiT It ObVIouSly LandeD

    Also simple-minded people: Forget that FOD and Birds are the number one reason why engines receive compressor damage, writing off the entire engine
    "MuH BBC BulSHittin" lmao - If any of you watched the full documentary you would know full well that the aircraft had to go inspection ;)

  • aaalenTV
    aaalenTV 3 days ago


  • Celest
    Celest 3 days ago

    Fighter jet: Time for take off!

  • Nøkk
    Nøkk 3 days ago

    Rip bird

  • Ven Haris
    Ven Haris 3 days ago

    These "Brits" are pathetic. 40 years of politically correct indoctrination... They are trying to do the same with our armed forces...


  • Red stone Pickaxe
    Red stone Pickaxe 3 days ago

    Come fly with me in real life

  • B Nizzle
    B Nizzle 3 days ago +5

    The birds were actually recruited by ISIS, It's there last type of anti-aircraft weaponry. Foiled again, next they are sending seagulls then eagles if all else fails.

  • Matt Sanocki
    Matt Sanocki 3 days ago

    Cant they just use some sort of filter or screen so nothing will actually get sucked in.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 3 days ago

      Nope. Chokes the engine and creates turbulent air flow.

  • Gideon Okun
    Gideon Okun 3 days ago

    A better clickbait title would be "Royal Navy acquires Fighting Falcon for F35 HAVCAP mission - ALREADY PASSING CARRIER QUALIFICATIONS!!!"

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 4 days ago

    So have a trained falcon on board..save 100 million..cheap dad solution.

  • Sukhdeep Singh
    Sukhdeep Singh 4 days ago

    Wtf even bbc do shit

  • Zed 9659903
    Zed 9659903 4 days ago

    What if it suddenly rains?

  • Ryanqube
    Ryanqube 4 days ago

    F35 is just an over-priced bird slushy machine

  • prasad chandi
    prasad chandi 4 days ago

    Bird now will be recruited for our new squadron,depend on budget

  • Stephan Gildenhuys
    Stephan Gildenhuys 4 days ago

    Really, haven't you heard about FMEA. SO China only need to release same birds around the carriers....... Laughable

  • Jesusandbible
    Jesusandbible 4 days ago

    yeah.... except it never.

  • Jok3r
    Jok3r 4 days ago


  • I’m That Fieryy Guy
    I’m That Fieryy Guy 4 days ago +4

    So you’re telling me that America can destabilize an entire country, but a BIRD can stop a fighter jet?

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 3 days ago

      Yes. A single, though typically multi-bird strike can seriously damage an aircraft...

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 5 days ago

    Instead of Sam system, use birds system

  • Cacac Wywyw
    Cacac Wywyw 5 days ago

    The F35 was moving so slowly the bird did not perceive any danger. Solution: Paint a photo of a falcon on the underside of the intake cover! ;-)

  • Kyle Young
    Kyle Young 5 days ago

    Anti aircraft guns: takes notes furiously

  • Capt Fahad
    Capt Fahad 5 days ago

    Birds are the natural enemy for aircraft!? Or aircrafts are the natural enemy for birds. Birds are here long before aircraft were. In reality we are invading their home. Birds are meant to sore in skies freely jux like humans on ground...

  • Big Dawggg
    Big Dawggg 5 days ago

    Great now our enemies know how to take down a f35b . toss a stick up and let it get sucked into the engine

  • Ridz
    Ridz 5 days ago +1

    Millions dollar military aircraft: **exists**
    Bird: *im about to end this mans whole career*

  • TaZ101SAGA
    TaZ101SAGA 6 days ago

    What a load of bollocks from the BBC as usual

    JACKIE MOON 6 days ago

    So if they make I dont know 10,000 bird drones, that's enough to take down and airffleet ?

  • a mystery
    a mystery 6 days ago +6

    See, ww3 comes around, imma be a pigeon farmer nobody getting close to my house

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza 6 days ago

    Russian jets have already solved this problem that makes their combat jets operable on even the worst airfield there is

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 6 days ago

    I reckon I can sell a load of these birds to North Korea.

  • commocionador 18
    commocionador 18 6 days ago

    F por el pajaro

  • CartoonHead 101
    CartoonHead 101 7 days ago

    Click bait bullshit

  • Brendan D
    Brendan D 7 days ago

    But the lift fan worked fine? Brought to its knees my ass.

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 7 days ago

    This goes for any aircraft not only F35

  • MySt_ChriSThiS Fortnite

    So if theres 100 jets just putting 1000robot birds can take down all 100 jets?

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain 8 days ago +2

    A bird's life is more than a fuckin' $100M killer machine..

  • Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff 8 days ago

    Conclusion: F-35 is hard on birds.
    What a stupid report.
    A flock of geese perhaps.
    Ask Capt. Sully.

  • Phantom Pixels
    Phantom Pixels 8 days ago

    Ww3 be like :US sending millions of birds to destroy jets

  • CFC Beanz
    CFC Beanz 8 days ago

    Most expensive fighter jet in the world? I don’t think so! F22 for the win there

    MANNY NAVA 8 days ago +1

    Why not load the ship with anti bird lasers?

  • Arslan Treen
    Arslan Treen 9 days ago

    Shouldn't have bought Vstol variant .

  • Zero
    Zero 9 days ago

    A fighter jet meant to withstand military fire and aerial fights...
    *"It doesn't take much to damage an aircraft"*

    • Zero
      Zero 8 days ago

      @Nathan Peterson r/woooosh

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 9 days ago

      Your point being? Bird strikes brought down a Russian Air Force _Su-30SK_ over the Mediterranean killing both pilot and weaponry officer.

  • M K
    M K 9 days ago

    WTF. Even BBC is using misleading title to get views?

    Now BBC stands for : Big Bullshit Crap.

  • Chengiz G
    Chengiz G 10 days ago

    Dislikers are the birds.. 🕊️

  • Cranky Guy
    Cranky Guy 10 days ago

    BBC, aren't you embarrassed? You're supposed to be news. Resorting to clickbait is kind of sad and pathetic, but what's even worse is you're inaccurate.

  • Sada Yukinaga
    Sada Yukinaga 10 days ago

    looks like the Royal navy needs to hire ted's HoldOver

  • Reindeer911
    Reindeer911 10 days ago

    It doesn't take much for a gas turbine engine to grenade. I've seen an Allison T56 suck up a shop rag and totally destroy the engine along with the test bed.
    That said, this video is definitely clickbait. Shame on you BBC!

  • the real dave dave
    the real dave dave 11 days ago

    One shot on a tiny hole....like the deathstar