Yes, These Are Virtual Dumplings! 🥟

  • Published on Dec 17, 2021
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Comments • 151

  • orang
    orang 5 months ago +322

    I don't think this is talked about much since the videos are on such interesting topics, but i just want to take a second to appreciate how well put together these videos are made to allow this type of extraoridinary information to be readily available to the public! On behalf of the community, thank you so much, Doctor.

    • Kalder
      Kalder 5 months ago

      @Two Minute Papers What a time to be alive :)

    • ∆
       5 months ago

      That pfp combined with your comment is certainly something

    • Erik van Ravenstein
      Erik van Ravenstein 5 months ago

      @Two Minute Papers is the journey going to end soon? My NI (natural intelligence) predicts it will in a few days. My question to you as a ‘light-researcher’: did you know both the sun and moon are plasma phenomena? If the AI knows this too… hold on to your … life …. Injective deformation properties….. with a booster?

    • Папа
      Папа 5 months ago

      @Two Minute Papers why did you add so many adds for such a simple and short video?

    • Sekir80
      Sekir80 5 months ago +1

      @Two Minute Papers Jó tanár vagy, Dr Károly, nem kérdéses!

  • Rise the drake
    Rise the drake 5 months ago +58

    No self intersection clipping with animated character models will literelly DESTROY the common 3D market with animators. This is beyond insane.

    • Kalder
      Kalder 5 months ago +5

      This is definitely included in the list of things that irritate me in modern games, but it's getting better and better.

  • DiamondSG
    DiamondSG 5 months ago +55

    The shapes on these inflated things remind me of foil balloons or cookie dough spreading out as it cooks, which makes me think. If you were to start out with a shape that's like the "deflated" ones, would you get a more accurate shape when you are done inflating something in the real world? Ex: pre-shaped cookie dough or cookie cutter shapes that, when baked, actually look like what they were supposed to? Or maybe more accurate balloon shapes?

    • Logic Eye
      Logic Eye 5 months ago

      i've always wanted something like this

  • Michael Leue
    Michael Leue 5 months ago +11

    One of relatively few graphical upgrades I can see people really noticing in games. This is completely possible to implement and will make a big difference to how 3d games are built, since collision will stop being such a fiddly issue. You notice how all the animations here look very squooshy - that isn't something you really ever see in current 3d graphics because rigid bodies manage collision much more simply. I can imagine a big push to make squooshier stuff in a few years that will likely define the aesthetic of games in this decade.

  • artman40
    artman40 5 months ago +9

    Some artists are going to have a field day with this one.

  • Creeps
    Creeps 5 months ago +10

    Simply astonishing how technology is moving forward! I cant wait to see this implemented in 3d software available to use for the masses. Indeed what a time to be alive! Amazing as always to watch how people work trough this unsolvable at glance issues and find solutions for them, a bliss to watch every time!

  • jakx2ob
    jakx2ob 5 months ago +5

    This could be a great improvement for game engines.
    In games with character customisation it's just not really possible to make animations that look right with every body type.

  • John Clark
    John Clark 5 months ago +4

    The deformation processing being able to fix a model clipping into itself would be really useful for games like Gmod where your character model can be whatever you want, but the more the model strays away from an average human body type, the more likely the model will clip into itself.

  • RDB
    RDB 5 months ago +7

    These videos are amazing. I move earth for a living, so before discovering this channel I actively thought that simulating the excavation of clay and topsoil would be impossible these days with the zillions of particles, varied moisture, composition, stickiness and elasticity, but with the complexity I see in every video maybe that's something we could see in a future paper. When I think of what we could simulate in games right now is loading trucks with blasted rock, but I think that it would have to take some shortcuts to reduce the amount of fine particles being part of the physics simulation. Am I wrong? I wish games could keep up with these papers. They are so much fun to watch. The people researching this stuff must have more fun than any game developer or gamer. 😎

    • RDB
      RDB 5 months ago +1

      @Bartek Juszczak I like your explanation and I can see what you're saying. It's too much math to do in real time as part of a game. What I am excited about is that these simulations of cloth, absorbing liquids and such require the brilliance that simulating physical dirt requires. It's something I wish these people would tackle and through these videos I can see that some day this will interest them. Furthermore things like cloth simulations are really just some visual splendor when it comes to games, while on the other hand, physical rock and dirt has an infinite potential for deep gameplay value. This excites me because by the time enough research has been done to scale down a dirt/rock simulation for a game engine I'll be quite ready. Right now I'm working on my own racing game with such basic physics while at the same time, I see great developers still not doing much more in that department, so it will take lots of time, but it's so nice to see people working on these things when I had no idea they were.

    • Bartek Juszczak
      Bartek Juszczak 5 months ago +2

      Nice comment.
      On the games keeping up with papers there are a few things but the main thing is processing power - for example in this video these examples took half a second to 12 minutes for a single frame on a super fast machine , so it's a case of clicking "Simulate", waiting for 10 minutes or 10 hours for it to process depending on the scene, and seeing your 5 second video.
      For games it would need to take 16 miliseconds per frame which even if a future paper makes simulating this That insanely quick then you still have to render and process the rest of some game world as intense and complex as any other game, and this simulation is in addition to all that..
      Okay so say they somehow manage to make this 1000 times faster to simulate so that you can run something like this as just a tiny part of the game. And some game studio decided to play with it today! Any new games with it would still take years to develop!

  • AI Spectrum
    AI Spectrum 5 months ago +10

    This would be really helpful in virtual world simulations.

  • Orbital Lizard Studios
    Orbital Lizard Studios 5 months ago +3

    I love all these videos you’ve been doing recently covering physics related papers

  • Dj Jj
    Dj Jj 5 months ago +1

    I just discovered this channel last night, and today I spent the majority of a 5 hour bud ride watching these vids. Thank you for everything you do, and I am holding on to my papers!

    ZJ STUDIOS 5 months ago +2

    when you deflate stuff, it just looks like modern art

  • Hans Milling
    Hans Milling 5 months ago

    Love your content. You have both cool algorithms like this, used for simulations, but also machine learning and AI. I just downloaded some neural network sample code that I want to play with.

  • Георгий Карманов


    • dokerb3d
      dokerb3d 5 months ago

      я думал он говорит в какое время мы живем

    • Георгий Карманов
      Георгий Карманов 5 months ago

      Thanks 😆. But seriously, it's a cool paper

    • I Think in Ink
      I Think in Ink 5 months ago +3

      All hail Slav King KAROLY!!! 🥟🥟🥟🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Ivan Molano
    Ivan Molano 5 months ago +4

    I love the way Mr Károli says "What a time to be alive!"

  • BJ Vynz
    BJ Vynz 5 months ago

    Nice. I like how the technique can have characters body not clipping through itself (muscles/clothes, etc).
    Can't wait to see this in a few years. Maybe in games.

  • jakub bak
    jakub bak 5 months ago +2

    Is there a straightforward (without going into maths&physics) way to insert those formulas into Houdini or Blender and get those results ?
    Basically my question to every video on Your channel :D I think most people are interested in practical use and results, than technical background.

    • jakub bak
      jakub bak 5 months ago

      @Proloy Codes I'm not asking Károly to explain using these papers in 3D software as it's not this channel's goal, but maybe someone has gone through similar process and could share some tips

    • Proloy Codes
      Proloy Codes 5 months ago

      i think he doesn't go into technical info, unless you are calling "it takes half a second to compute" a technical info?

  • nikkmitchell
    nikkmitchell 5 months ago

    Wow. Imagine a full physics cooking game in VR.

  • tomsterBG
    tomsterBG 5 months ago

    The fact that this is so useful, yet it gets barely noticed (50k views isn't enough for such a masterpiece) is just aggravating me!

  • ceazerFin
    ceazerFin 5 months ago +1

    Two Minute Papers deserve more views and subscribers, AI are smart! Thank you Two Minute Papers for letting us know about AI, You deserve more views and subscribers!

  • frootloop edibles
    frootloop edibles 5 months ago

    Is this like a volume isosurface extraction algorithm, a MPM-like technique or a mix of both?

  • Tommy Efreeti
    Tommy Efreeti 4 months ago +1

    Dumplings are great, as are non-self-intersections.

  • Satchboy71
    Satchboy71 5 months ago

    I'm curious to know how much of the time savings the new technique gives is due to better code or better hardware?

    • Michael Leue
      Michael Leue 5 months ago

      Time savings compared to what? This is a new (and a slow) technique, not a faster version of an old technique. Also, it takes less than a minute to scan the paper linked in the details to see it ran on a Intel 8700 CPU, which is ~two generations back, and would run you $300 in theory. The fact that it ran on a CPU and not a GPU means it's ripe for optimization, but also unready for standardized use (as is true for basically all these papers).

  • Le Bro
    Le Bro 5 months ago

    I have seen addons where it uses cloth sim to do retopology using pre existing retopologized base model, kinda interesting of how well this will work if this is the method was used for retopology using pre retopologized base model.

  • Sikku Buro
    Sikku Buro 5 months ago

    Two more papers down the line, and we will be able to eat the virtual meatloaf from Futurama.

  • drizel462
    drizel462 5 months ago

    As someone interested in this stuff, but without the understanding of why these topics are groundbreaking, you do an excellent job of exporting your excitement to me through your commentary. Every video is an instant watch. Thank you for this free, public service!

  • Selpyilgen
    Selpyilgen 5 months ago +1

    You could use this to retopologise a mesh from a reference topology, or to generate skeletal blendshapes like those used in Genesis 8 models. Retopologising a mesh might be desirable if your model has a bad topology for the lighting you are trying to achieve, or if you are modding a character into a game that requires a certain topology to work correctly.
    You can do that in Blender, but only on a random basis. You can't select a source topology and deform it in Blender, at least not while obeying the original manifold.
    I noticed that the source code is available and has an alright license (Apache 2.0), so people can use it in their projects.

  • Matías Moreno
    Matías Moreno 5 months ago +2

    Those "dumplings" look more like empanadas 🥟 to me!

  • Mikha'il
    Mikha'il 5 months ago +19

    Oh my god, imagine if they put this in game engines. We'd be solving most physics bugs, downside is we can't laugh at it anymore

    • Proloy Codes
      Proloy Codes 5 months ago +2

      @21EC "Oh, but can't it treat it as a single whole thing..."
      i wish i could help you, but i dont really get what you are talking about here

    • 21EC
      21EC 5 months ago

      @Mikha'il Oh, but can't it treat it as a single whole thing which is all made up of codes..? so then it would fix any bug.

    • Mikha'il
      Mikha'il 5 months ago +5

      @21EC I believe the current technology we have for AI is Narrow AI, which means we'd have to train every scenario we can think of so that the machine can eventually find a solution for every generation that tries to solve that problem. Don't quote me on that though, I'm an App Dev, I don't dabble with Machine Learning.

    • 21EC
      21EC 5 months ago

      Why can't they use deep AI to auto solve any kind of bug in video games and programs...? I'm sure it can be done.

  • PaperStars
    PaperStars 5 months ago

    sometimes I wonder, why do we need inflatable dumplings...

  • SourGummyes
    SourGummyes 5 months ago +1

    surprised i wasn’t told to hold my papers at the time per frame because MAN thats frazy

  • Priangsu Nath
    Priangsu Nath 5 months ago

    Playing a game at 2 frames per second: This is probably worst thing I've ever seen running on my computer
    Seeing something on a paper go at 2 frames per second: DAMN, what did these guys do to get it to run so good

  • Sab Rango
    Sab Rango 5 months ago

    Love it!

  • any wallsocket
    any wallsocket 5 months ago +1

    It just me or them dumplings lookin scrumptious!

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 5 months ago

    What about real dumplings you can actually eat in real life?
    Sign me up!

  • Jhejh poT
    Jhejh poT 5 months ago

    They literally recreated that one "deflated 3D model of Garfield" gif meme but with physics

  • Nathaniel Gibson
    Nathaniel Gibson 5 months ago

    Man, now I totally wanna munch on some momos!

  • Crabby Boi
    Crabby Boi 5 months ago +6

    "and then inflate this cat until it become a bit of a chonker"

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago +2

    Is this that one technology that will allow us to add flesh and cloth deformation when touching objects?...

  • Thomas Goodwin
    Thomas Goodwin 5 months ago

    This is bound to spawn some serious nightmare fuel. Witchcraft!
    1 step closer to leaving this wretched uncanny valley.
    Bit more compute and some cleverness of the part of very smart people and
    gaming will be very much cooler than it was 2 papers ago.

  • Justin Pakarno
    Justin Pakarno 5 months ago

    Only a few more papers and soon we will have the ability to simulate the coveted Won-Ton soup.

  • Kyle Gerald Bagtas
    Kyle Gerald Bagtas 5 months ago


  • Mohammed Tegegne
    Mohammed Tegegne 5 months ago +14

    I wish 2 minute papers were 60 minutes paper!😥

    • Mohammed Tegegne
      Mohammed Tegegne 5 months ago +1

      @Onihikage That's actually a great idea!!

    • Onihikage
      Onihikage 5 months ago +2

      I wonder if the good Doctor would have time for a sister channel called 20 Minute Papers, where he goes into much more detail on a paper than he would in a 2MP episode? Let's hope it happens someday!

  • Hans Milling
    Hans Milling 5 months ago

    Love your content. You have both cool algorithms like this, used for simulations, but also machine learning and AI. I just downloaded some neural network sample code that I want to play with.

  • CDrone
    CDrone 5 months ago +3

    Awesome as always

  • Ruben Moralez
    Ruben Moralez 5 months ago

    What a time to be alive!

    OVIMALTINE 4 months ago

    hahaha the "oooh no" was incredible!

  • R B
    R B 5 months ago

    A meta world requires good dumplings.

  • Liet Sngel
    Liet Sngel 5 months ago

    Always two more papers down the line but not much progress in fact, after all these years. In everyone's prediction from 90s, 2020 is the year that robots are everywhere, and AI intelligence is way better than human intelligence.

  • CY2k CY2k
    CY2k CY2k 5 months ago +1

    At first glance I saw: "Yes, These are Viral Dumplings", so I clicked...

  • Leonardo SA
    Leonardo SA 5 months ago

    Finally our boing boing simulation is here, people are anxious to put it to good use

  • IceGold
    IceGold 5 months ago

    Those inflated text examples are so pretty

  • Stephen P. Bonk
    Stephen P. Bonk 5 months ago +1

    That cat is eating well I see

  • no1Liikeglenn
    no1Liikeglenn 5 months ago +1

    Just finished a plate of real dumplings hahahahahahha

  • Yorzen Gaming
    Yorzen Gaming 5 months ago

    I didn't know *graphics* could make you hungry

  • -KP-
    -KP- 5 months ago

    what a time to be alive~

  • Adam Kalwasiński
    Adam Kalwasiński 5 months ago +1

    Hey, these are pierogi, not just dumplings

  • mopododo
    mopododo 5 months ago

    The future of 3D furry inflation porn is bright!

  • Potato Face
    Potato Face 5 months ago +1

    Disturbingly Satisfying 😌

  • bitnukl
    bitnukl 5 months ago

    I love that 🐈

  • Siki Rebirth
    Siki Rebirth 5 months ago

    "we're going to inflate this cat"
    Oh no
    Oh god no

  • Andrés Isaza
    Andrés Isaza 5 months ago

    What about spring rolls?

  • Pmarnoze
    Pmarnoze 5 months ago

    These clips look like album covers

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice 5 months ago I want to eat pierogi.

  • Erik Žiak
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  • Ed Leszczynski
    Ed Leszczynski 5 months ago

    makes me hungry

  • TheAmazingDanamoli
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  • MuntyScruntFundle
    MuntyScruntFundle 5 months ago

    Those are pasties, not dumplings!

  • J D
    J D 5 months ago

    That is indeed quite the chonker.

  • Jared B.
    Jared B. 5 months ago

    Hmm interesting, and I have just started(watching).

  • Manam Setty
    Manam Setty 5 months ago

    Welcome to the metaverse

  • Георгий Карманов


  • Secret Tutorials
    Secret Tutorials 5 months ago

    0:9 Me, when I get stung by a bee

    IDK IDK 5 months ago


  • musikdoktor
    musikdoktor 5 months ago

    Dumplings??? Empanadas Carajo!!

  • Praecantetia
    Praecantetia 5 months ago


  • Xenon
    Xenon 5 months ago +1


  • DontLetsPlay
    DontLetsPlay 5 months ago

    Doesnt even looks real. Looks like PS1 lol

  • Mac Cyborg
    Mac Cyborg 5 months ago

    Empanadas, que dumpling ni que dumpling

  • Ion Ymous
    Ion Ymous 5 months ago

    2:17 what?! geez! ... Oh, that's his tail!!

  • Steven Medina
    Steven Medina 5 months ago


  • 12 34
    12 34 5 months ago

    Armadillo is new nightmare fuel.

  • Leif Erikson
    Leif Erikson 5 months ago

    Virtual empanadas.

  • Kapixar
    Kapixar 5 months ago

    Ah yes... pierogi

  • Lasek
    Lasek 5 months ago +1

    Virtual pierogi the best

  • Matt Rommel
    Matt Rommel 4 months ago

    I am now a scholar of dabbing and chunkers

  • oåooåo ipip
    oåooåo ipip 5 months ago +1

    Whoever came up with the name dumplings has bad taste. It does not sound like something you'd want to eat.

  • Erstwhile Grubstake
    Erstwhile Grubstake 5 months ago

    Squash and wrap and pinch and squeeze! Again!
    Squash and wrap and pinch and squeeze!
    Now lemme smash!

  • Ariahhhh
    Ariahhhh 5 months ago

    Damn, haven't been this early for a whiiiiile. Excited to see what this is about!

  • Adelar Scheidt
    Adelar Scheidt 5 months ago

    1:37 oh no 😂🎶

  • I Think in Ink
    I Think in Ink 5 months ago

    Introducing, the ePelmeni.
    Slav King KAROLY. Thank you.

  • Commentah
    Commentah 5 months ago

    My squeezed paper overlaps

  • Saint Burnsy
    Saint Burnsy 5 months ago +5

    DeviantArt inflationists rejoice

    • srjskam
      srjskam 5 months ago

      This isn't the first time a paper sounds like it was made to enable better furry inflation... uh... art. I bet these guys are happy to puff up and render a dragon or two... Why beg for grants when furries are made of money.

  • Brandon Neer
    Brandon Neer 5 months ago

    Anyone else think of the FatBoy mutator in Unreal Tournament??

  • Brett Zolstick
    Brett Zolstick 5 months ago

    3:05 Cat - INFLATE

  • eTon
    eTon 5 months ago

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  • kaaaaaa
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    It's not hard to tell to be honest.