Ideas from people with BIG BRAINS #42 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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Comments • 34 659

  • Rizky Bhimantara
    Rizky Bhimantara 4 hours ago

    The fact in that split second after WHAT felix just scratching his stomach fits perfectly with the edit and the bgm as well

  • Tsundere Loli Waifu
    Tsundere Loli Waifu 18 hours ago


  • -jolis_Boris Scrupulumilous

    Epic 2020

  • Floozok -
    Floozok - Day ago


  • Apple
    Apple 2 days ago

    1:05 then how did they have you if they didn’t have any kids?

  • Moona A
    Moona A 2 days ago


  • Lasse Jensen
    Lasse Jensen 3 days ago

    At 3:05 "bünyaminTV" is self-advertising in the English subtitles 👀

  • Arait Check
    Arait Check 4 days ago +1

    Я же не одна русская,которая учит английский?

  • Aviral
    Aviral 5 days ago

    5:46 that's me

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 5 days ago

    It's been a while since I last heard your voice, we miss you pewds

  • Hayden Dempsey
    Hayden Dempsey 5 days ago

    Sub to hayden dempsey

    MRSTR 5 days ago

    A bannana is just an edible turtle/ a burb is just a fart that comes out of your mouth🧠

  • Abey Dawg
    Abey Dawg 6 days ago

    I’m poor so I stole merch from a online merch store.

    Big brain

  • Tracy Faour
    Tracy Faour 6 days ago

    Hey man, you know what they say. Big brain=small peen but small/tiny brain=big peen. And i sure as hell aren’t a big brain,

  • Lhana Siron
    Lhana Siron 7 days ago

    what is the meaning of pp?!?!?

  • Roy Zhang
    Roy Zhang 7 days ago +3

    It is scientifically proven that 100% of deaths is caused by dying

  • Gabriel Rubio
    Gabriel Rubio 7 days ago

    1:53 also, advert is kinda like pervert right? Per(ad)vert+ti(ts)+semen+(ti)ts= advertisements!

  • Gabriel Rubio
    Gabriel Rubio 7 days ago

    Since you are a brain piloting your bones in meat amour.... when you say you are big brain.... your technically saying you are big. Hmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • ReadandRow
    ReadandRow 7 days ago

    I haven’t laughed so hard in almost 6 months 👍👍👍👍👍

  • bipolar jazz
    bipolar jazz 7 days ago +3

    the person behind pewdiepie is copying him:( small brain

  • Alicia Bolton
    Alicia Bolton 7 days ago

    I am something that smells nice but didn't taste as well a flower

  • Cody Krohn
    Cody Krohn 8 days ago

    Omg the big brain had me rooooolling!!! So frekin funny!

  • Dalton Long
    Dalton Long 9 days ago

    Are we gonna skip over the fact that Wildcat got a shoutout on this video

  • Bolt
    Bolt 9 days ago

    The answer is coffee. Smells delicious, tastes like sht

  • Mrs.Neetu Mavi
    Mrs.Neetu Mavi 9 days ago

    If u are adopted then hmm
    Big brain😎😎😎

  • Omar Safwan
    Omar Safwan 9 days ago


  • Sheppik
    Sheppik 9 days ago

    I think I posted that first comment, I can't remember.

  • Ayush Hiremani
    Ayush Hiremani 10 days ago

    Come back soon

  • Ty Holcomb
    Ty Holcomb 10 days ago

    Can someone explain 7:36? I don’t get it. Small 🧠, 😭.

  • Hjj Joshua Pollitt
    Hjj Joshua Pollitt 10 days ago

    3:42 I like that one y dose his pedo impression remind me of I dubbbz

  • Rito Sho
    Rito Sho 11 days ago

    I wonder how many hours Brad spent his time editing the big brain

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 11 days ago

    Im literally chewing on toilet paper richt now.

  • Mohamedshaik Nps
    Mohamedshaik Nps 12 days ago

    Humans cant digest corn completely. So just eat tons of corn and recycle them and there you go unlimited food supply 😂

  • roselie pough
    roselie pough 12 days ago

    Lenny Retacchi i cannot post ☹💩

  • Jackinthebox TV
    Jackinthebox TV 13 days ago +1

    this vid is the first result when you type "small pp" in the search bar

  • L_0 Leo Rapper
    L_0 Leo Rapper 13 days ago

    "Im having a shit" ahahaha

  • Ana Ribeiro
    Ana Ribeiro 13 days ago

    6.9 mil likes

    DEVILNOIR 14 days ago

    They all had large P- heads
    lol quick save 2:23

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 14 days ago +1

    Post: 4:40
    PewDiePie: Raises eyebrow nonstop.
    *_BIG BRAIN_*

  • Itsame
    Itsame 14 days ago +2

    8:44 the post at the bottom of the screen😂😂

  • Mariana
    Mariana 15 days ago +1

    6:55 i've done this with a friend of mine and she bites my finger...

  • Giacomo Bechini
    Giacomo Bechini 15 days ago +2

    Einstein had a ‘lighter’ brain because he converted the mass to big brain energy.

  • Thatcher LeBlanc
    Thatcher LeBlanc 16 days ago

    Scientifically it's not big brain that makes you smart, it is dence brain

  • East of Eden
    East of Eden 16 days ago

    1:38 my dumbass said wood... small brain energy here, boiiiiiis

  • Matthew Porter
    Matthew Porter 16 days ago

    The best way to download a TheXvid video is to youse ytmp3

  • Wesley Duckett
    Wesley Duckett 17 days ago


    keep it going

  • Indawoods
    Indawoods 17 days ago +11

    What smells better than it tastes
    Noses, gasoline, most candles

  • Fluffer Puffer13
    Fluffer Puffer13 18 days ago +1

    You know the wipes they say they kill 99.99% of germs? Well what if you just use two? Then you will kill all the germs.

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango 19 days ago

    Einstein may had a small brain, but he had a huge PP.

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 19 days ago +15

    Since he did not mention the subreddit he went to, here it is:

  • Luna Studios
    Luna Studios 19 days ago

    I did this and my cat came out and gave me a heart attack.(the one where u say”u can come out now “

  • Evolve \
    Evolve \ 21 day ago +1

    4:50: I have a natural frown so it takes 0 muscles to frown but 10 to smile so I get ripped when I’m happy

  • BurningTrashcan
    BurningTrashcan 21 day ago +1

    What smells better? A nose? Don't u know u can smell nose but not ur own cuz ur brain ignores it. And booger doesn't have taste and to know how bad does nose smells, just smell ur friends nose

  • blah
    blah 23 days ago

    what's with the captions!!!

  • kim 4565
    kim 4565 23 days ago

    Big brain Tumor

  • rochadicc
    rochadicc 23 days ago

    What smells better than it tastes... an air freshener (trust me I know)

  • The Holy Bean
    The Holy Bean 24 days ago

    WHY DOES YOURE CHAIR HAVE TO BE 5 704,81 South African Rand

  • BaddCamden
    BaddCamden 24 days ago

    1:29, a nose actually tastes better than it smells. A nose is actually used for taste, your tongue is just the receiver, or so I have been told... Just wanted to criticize Pewds for something in a really hypocritical way. Hope I succeeded.

  • ɖıąɱơŋɖ
    ɖıąɱơŋɖ 24 days ago +3

    People who stand still tend to nothing than doing.