• Published on Jan 11, 2020
  • Jose Mourinho reacts to our 1-0 defeat against Liverpool at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
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  • Broski Bro
    Broski Bro 7 days ago +1

    People saying spurs are unlucky look at the chances we had in the first half you were lucky you were not 3-0 down by half time..

  • Pavel Nedved
    Pavel Nedved 8 days ago

    The lucky Liverpool as you said José!!

  • Joana Leong
    Joana Leong 8 days ago

    I am portugueses but Liverpool is just Liverpool

  • awil Suleiman
    awil Suleiman 8 days ago


  • Aaron Adu Frimpong
    Aaron Adu Frimpong 8 days ago

    It took Klopp 4 seasons to build Liverpool, Spurs played well but poor decision from referee for giving that throw in.

  • Aaron Adu Frimpong
    Aaron Adu Frimpong 8 days ago

    It took Klopp 4 seasons to build Liverpool, Spurs played well but poor decision from referee for giving that throw in.

    • fox
      fox 8 days ago +1

      Ok I'll come in 4 years back, please wake me then up

  • Aaron Adu Frimpong
    Aaron Adu Frimpong 8 days ago

    It took Klopp 4 seasons to build Liverpool, Spurs played well but poor decision from referee for giving that throw in.

  • Nitrogliserin Kaskus

    I'm a liverpool fan, and daaang... Tottenham almost got me heart attack watching the game... they fought like a warrior! Just a little bit unlucky. Give Jose the players he needed, and I think Tottenham would be beast next season. Good Luck. Hope you guys get the UCL spot at the end of this season.. Respect.

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 9 days ago +1

    Liverpool are best team in Europe and the world no weaknesses at all since they bought new keeper with a girls name and van bong 😊

  • افلام حصري
    افلام حصري 9 days ago

  • Aov MoonEdy
    Aov MoonEdy 9 days ago

    our defense sucks

    JOHNSON OLPHARM NIG 9 days ago

    Spurs deserve a draw in this match. Significant improvement

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 9 days ago

    Thought Spurs didn’t come alive until 70 mins and then gave Liverpool a few uncomfortable moments. Liverpool overall deserved the points but Spurs need to play 90 minutes like they did against Liverpool in the last 20.

  • Muslim Youth
    Muslim Youth 9 days ago +1

    Worst team in England
    Trophyless, son will leave in the summer
    Harry kane too

    MARINO MANU 9 days ago

    In Mourinho we trust.

  • Niko F.
    Niko F. 9 days ago

    them man there done out here

  • Muhammad Irfan Islami

    If Lo Celso scored, the result could be different

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 9 days ago +1

    Fucking deluded, every time he talks I feel embarrassed..... Liverpool controlled the game for 70 mins and the only reason spurs made a couple of chances was due to Liverpool’s complacency and spurs was Literally punting the ball anywhere. This man can only play one way and that is negative, good luck spurs fans you are going to need it

  • Hans Petrr
    Hans Petrr 9 days ago

    Our Sruw in or their Sruw in...hahhaaha

  • Nithin Neyyan
    Nithin Neyyan 9 days ago +1

    Its Too much already 💁💁💁
    We want Mourinho out 😣😣😣

    TALLY BANCE 9 days ago

    Play victor wanyama

  • Out ???
    Out ??? 9 days ago

    Son should leave

  • Domestic pigeon
    Domestic pigeon 9 days ago

    We NEED a striker in January. Son is not reliable enough. We'll be struggling on goalscoring for 4 months until Kane comes back. This is the first game in a while where the defense was outstanding. Sanchez was amazing in the first half and Tanganga except for that mistake which costed us the goal. But you can't really blame him. On his debut he was tasked with denying the best attack in europe


    Mouuuu...zeru tituli..AHAHAHAHAH

  • DPofEternalnessity
    DPofEternalnessity 9 days ago

    Played quite well in the 2nd half considering no Kane and no Ndombele

  • Kevin Jupiter
    Kevin Jupiter 9 days ago +1

    Jurgen always defeating Mourinho since Borussia.

  • oldnok
    oldnok 9 days ago

    Not today, not tomorrow, not this year.
    It is forever you dreamers

  • Stephen Rice
    Stephen Rice 9 days ago

    Lucky is he having a laugh,,, should of been 4 0 at half time

  • limeyleafsfan
    limeyleafsfan 9 days ago

    With the players he had available to him, Jose got his tactics pretty much spot on. Under Poch - much as I loved him - we’d probably have got beaten by four or five. The key ongoing problem though of course is that Levy is still calling the shots. Until that changes Jose - or whomever is in charge - really doesn’t have a prayer.

  • Emy Emyik
    Emy Emyik 9 days ago +1

    In Jose we 😍 believe

  • Steven Dickinson
    Steven Dickinson 9 days ago

    Was he watching the same game as me, we dominated for 75 minutes of the game and they tried there best to spoil the game. Typically Jose comes out and says they played well and should have won. What a joke he is....YNWA

  • Chima Chinda
    Chima Chinda 9 days ago +2

    Had Tottenham taken their chances they could have won.
    The substitutes changed the game. Proud of the team.

    • james rawl
      james rawl 9 days ago

      Chima Chinda If Liverpool took all their chances we would of won by more.😂

    • Tajudeen Balogun
      Tajudeen Balogun 9 days ago

      Weldone spurs

  • MG Gedeon
    MG Gedeon 9 days ago

    Tottenham don't have fantastic player like Barca Juve Liverpool psg Bayern......

    • kim dav
      kim dav 9 days ago +2

      MG Gedeon we do have fantastic player some are better then barca juve liverpool psg and bayern

  • Jules Melgaard
    Jules Melgaard 9 days ago +3

    Mourinho is starting to effect

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 9 days ago +3

    Two Words

    *Aurier pass* 🙈

  • Fullmetal Alkami
    Fullmetal Alkami 10 days ago +1

    In fine with this loss coz we pushed til the very end. That is all we ask for as fans of course we want to win every week but the reality is Liverpool are a better team and we couldn't have tried harder and were extremely unlucky to not grab a point

  • Manickavelan Manickam
    Manickavelan Manickam 10 days ago

    The interview bodoh

  • ash unknown
    ash unknown 10 days ago

    Spurs,go n win the fa cup and finish top4

  • M J Pes player
    M J Pes player 10 days ago

    Klopp is not seems happy in his interview that says all

  • Marky The Game
    Marky The Game 10 days ago +1

    I’m a Liverpool fan.. Lucas played really well ..tough game tho

  • tyc771
    tyc771 10 days ago +1

    spurs were superb especially with the defending, despite with the loss

  • Bharati Potnis
    Bharati Potnis 10 days ago

    the boys gave absolutely everythink

  • Jaonweiz
    Jaonweiz 10 days ago

    We are seeing the effect of parking the bus, if we train this tactic more, we gonna succeed next time!

  • John Lyons
    John Lyons 10 days ago

    Reality is a game is 90 mins not 20 you can’t play well for 20 at home and sulk you got beaten, moaning Maureen no checkbook to buy your way outa this the sack is coming

  • Peter Francis
    Peter Francis 10 days ago

    Jose Propaganda . You lost, jackass. Consider yourself lucky that Liverpool did not score 2 or 3.

  • Daniel Iskandar
    Daniel Iskandar 10 days ago

    Liverpool is the best team in the world right now. But, Spurs is in bad condition with some injuries. I think 1-0 is just a normal and Liverpool deserved won.

  • Gunspecialist
    Gunspecialist 10 days ago


  • owenlee
    owenlee 10 days ago

    tis game awesome

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    We need to build a midfield around Ndombele and ló Celso. Also lamela should be starting ahead of alli.

  • R3o
    R3o 10 days ago +1

    Liverpool fan here.. massive respect for Jose, I have been liking him a lot since he took over Tottenham, I think Tottenham suits him more than United, I do hope the club give him the time he needs to put his philosophy in place. And unlucky to Spurs, you made some good chances!

  • El sole
    El sole 10 days ago

    It wasn't the special one
    Less the T in "it"

  • Dream BöY
    Dream BöY 10 days ago

    Tottenham need tactics 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 I think that good tactics for Tottenham

  • peter konto
    peter konto 10 days ago +2

    Us spurs fans are in denial...Spurs are in decline since we didn't replenish our squad under pocchetino..Joe louis and Daniel levy are hoping for miracles with insufficient players at this moment of time...Spurs were just as good as liverpool a few years ago now spurs are in decline big time ...Joe louis and Daniel levy cant compete with big successful clubs in Europe because they are tight fisted ARSEHOLES..

  • Dipankar Kundu
    Dipankar Kundu 10 days ago

    We need a striker bro. Please

  • Angelica Granados
    Angelica Granados 10 days ago +5

    Liverpool are the best

  • Karl Omatsola
    Karl Omatsola 10 days ago

    How does var allow a wrong throw in to lead to a goal ?... How?

    • james rawl
      james rawl 9 days ago

      Karl Omatsola it came off a spurs player.

  • ALEX 4eva
    ALEX 4eva 10 days ago +1

    Spurs should swap bale for eriksen and play lo celso

  • tarik supic
    tarik supic 10 days ago

    What is the point playing eriksen who is leaving spurs for sure and who doesn't care at all over lo celso who always plays good when he gets the chance???

  • yuzo0602
    yuzo0602 10 days ago

    Only Son suck. No colleague trusts him.

  • J. M.S.
    J. M.S. 10 days ago

    Embarrassing. Parking The Bus is back.