Election 2019: Story of the night - BBC News

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won a clear majority in the general election, with Labour swept aside in its traditional heartlands.
    It was a good night for the SNP, which gained several seats including that of Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.
    Here's a round-up of key events from the night, from the exit poll announcement to the major upsets and speeches.
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  • Tembel WTF
    Tembel WTF 16 days ago

    Libertards and rainbow commies lost? what a surprise ...)))

  • DTM4581
    DTM4581 29 days ago


  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev Month ago

    Nigel and the brexit party helped a lot.

  • Murphster45
    Murphster45 Month ago

    Real shame Lord Buckethead didn’t win

  • Spencer Whiteway
    Spencer Whiteway Month ago

    Look how good the conservatives do, when Sargon isn’t running.

  • k8192
    k8192 Month ago

    If CNN or MSNBC mistakenly called Labor as the winners, then the BBC would report that accordingly. BBC and ALL THEIR REPORTERS are incapable of original thought. The Dunning Kruger effect has permeated the the entire BBC.

  • John Moore
    John Moore Month ago

    Poor BBC nobody likes them

  • CharlesAFK
    CharlesAFK Month ago +1

    I’m American, why am I here?

  • Code95FIN
    Code95FIN Month ago

    This is like 2016 all over again

  • CrackedAmoeba Railfanning

    The UK experiencing the joy we had in America back in 2016 with Trump! Congrats! Take back the UK! 🇬🇧

  • zoompt 1975
    zoompt 1975 Month ago

    Is this election one of those that counts or those that can it be ignored?

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter Month ago +2


    • The Aviationist Khizr
      The Aviationist Khizr Month ago +1

      No, you only knew WHO you were voting for and wanting Brexit. None of you stupid Tories actually knew WHAT they were voting for. And now Britain will fall. This county is a failure.

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago

    It was Brexit, Trump, the Russians, climate change anyone’s fault but the left wing policies and Jeremy Corbyn. 🙄

    DINO VLACHOS Month ago

    Hey I'm a conservative from the US, you guys want some American liberal tears for some British liberal years? I want to taste the difference

  • Smithy
    Smithy Month ago +1

    If history has taught us anything, slogans work! Labour should've had one

  • Gloria Kongolo
    Gloria Kongolo Month ago

    Flat. 17. Sheridan. Court. Ridgewood. Avenue


    Saheed. Soleye.
    Cause. Problems. Harassment. Bullying. ,violating. Noise. Ordinance. Domestic. Abuse. Violence. Harm. People

  • JobeBlogs
    JobeBlogs Month ago

    Just cannot wait for him to put through May's deal this week (which he reworded in places, mildly amended in others)... Then watch the institutions remain in command of the corporatist agendas which are held so dear by the EU Beaurocrats... Watch Brexit make zero change to the corrupt systems in place!!

  • 17 AC
    17 AC Month ago +4

    I love how all of the candidates behind Corbyn smirked when he acknowledged the Labor party's destruction XD


    1:32 💙

  • Ahmad Danial Basaruddin

    On the fence but, Tories won fair and square no?

  • Billie Piper’s Teeth

    Oh what a night!

    RIPZYEE Month ago

    Father Watch / Country poll

  • Jennifer Wilkinson
    Jennifer Wilkinson Month ago

    Hope the BBC is feeling bad you do not know what the people want and you don't care

  • اسامه فهمى

    برنامج سينيمائيات

  • Agcaoiliproductions
    Agcaoiliproductions Month ago +1

    My God, how many chances do you guys need over there? (says the American)

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller Month ago +5

    That first seat victory speech is severely underrated. Shows labour’s mentality

  • Neil Carter
    Neil Carter Month ago

    So many liberal tears!

  • Sikra Sikra
    Sikra Sikra Month ago

    Time to fire out all BBC snowflake "reporters" and all not uk citizens and migrants get ine way ticket to their lovely countries.

  • John Short
    John Short Month ago

    Bet the BBC dont like this result. Will they do the same as CNN did with Trump?

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs Month ago +18

    0:07 That sound wasn't big Ben, it was Hugh's arse falling out.

  • Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter

    Labour Party hates the British people and their heritage. Labour Party wants to replace the citizens with foreigners.
    Odd how that doesn’t get you votes

  • Ikram Chowdhury
    Ikram Chowdhury Month ago

    I don’t understand how it’s a majority of 86

  • Stu Hall
    Stu Hall Month ago

    BBC butt hole is twitching, Boris is coming after you and your licence fees.

  • pj moseley
    pj moseley Month ago +1

    the Silent majority of voters won

  • eugene swayngim
    eugene swayngim Month ago


  • MagicKirin1
    MagicKirin1 Month ago

    Another winner is U.K Jews who fought anti-Semite and terrorist supporter Corbyn and won

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa Month ago +1

    Massive hit for fake news and their EU parents. Go Boris, drain the Swamp.

  • Michelle Bachellet
    Michelle Bachellet Month ago +4

    Cry Soros Cry 😢

    • Kathryn Bell
      Kathryn Bell 17 days ago

      Michelle Bachellet More like Die Soros, die!

  • coelo physis
    coelo physis Month ago +1

    I impressed UK. After all the media BS and FUD about Brexit the people have put the country on a clear path.

  • Astrology Loka {Gina Lyhane }

    I keep on watching this...again and again....I just LOVE the look on the presenters face.......trying to hide their horror. Only thing I have looked at on BBC for YEARS. 😆😆😆

  • ImGiodarex
    ImGiodarex Month ago

    Feels bad man

  • Andy Wheeldon
    Andy Wheeldon Month ago

    all the bias the bbc showed towards the leave candidates has now failed and lets hope boris takes his revenge on them and cuts off theyre funding license and puts em on the dole.its what they deserve horrible people

  • Martin Orbidans
    Martin Orbidans Month ago

    Interesting to believe that Russia helped the tories get in. And that the people of the U.K. listen to the Russians and not the Labour Party...

  • Steve Doughty
    Steve Doughty Month ago +3

    Absolute perfection.

  • Gary Poole
    Gary Poole Month ago +1

    Corbyn = toxic

  • Gary Poole
    Gary Poole Month ago +1

    Pritti by name pretty by nature

  • jamesdond1
    jamesdond1 Month ago +1

    California is watching to see what Scotland does next...

    • mjjveritas
      mjjveritas Month ago +1

      Scotland is going to remain in the UK as the Conservative party is a UNIONIST party, and the Conservative party just won a majority. The Conservative party in Scotland campaigned in this election as a Unionist party. Scotland had an Independence Referendum in 2014 where the majority of voters voted to REMAIN in the UK.

  • Marcus Payne
    Marcus Payne Month ago +1

    Video of the year. I don't hate BBC any more ( Just John Sweeney) is that a hate crime oops?

  • Ved Prakash Sharma
    Ved Prakash Sharma Month ago

    Thank you Result Conservative but sorry Antonia Maino,Raul &Biyanka have placed order for best quality Preservatives to Jeremy Corbyn to Preserve Anti Hindu/Anti Jew scattered Congress Party .

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK Month ago +28

    BBC must of cried all night giving that result. However they can still blame Russia. CNN have showed them the truth is irrelevant.

  • Mick Killeen
    Mick Killeen Month ago

    I don't think people understood what they were voting for. Did they really read the Tory manifesto. Boris told lies. I want a peoples vote . Or maybe we could revoke this somehow. Il get onto the Supreme Court to see if they can give me a dig out.

  • national interest
    national interest Month ago

    Hopefully now BoJo will scrap the tax (licence fee) for the British Biased Corporation and close down this left wing biased channel.

  • yukonjeffimagery
    yukonjeffimagery Month ago +6

    Too bad BBC. Your propaganda did not work on the voters.

    • Stoichi21
      Stoichi21 Month ago

      The Tories won so it clearly did

    KEVIN HESKETH Month ago +1

    Giving manufactured artificial schizophrenia to a human being without consent is torture practice,brain rape and life theft.Where is the rapist hiding,who is collaborator with the brain rapist.Frequencies to inflict schizophrenia a human creation not the disease is ill treatment torture and I demand it stopped.Its the British not Russia or North Korea or China.Evil despot regime the British The stinking hypocrites who talk human rights.Face your rape victim in court.

  • Casual Fox
    Casual Fox Month ago +2

    Just remember... students think they rule this land but the tax payer will always have the final say. We are the English, you'll do as you're told.

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger Month ago

    All the reports here up to the final results were saying it was on a Razor's Edge. I guess meaning it could go either way. But from what I seen there was no Razors Edge it was a pretty darn big lead. Congratulations to the people that voted for this man I'm glad that you got what you wanted now let's all just keep our fingers crossed that it all works out. God bless.

  • Leonard Pattison
    Leonard Pattison Month ago +1

    Bollocks to swinson

  • We The People
    We The People Month ago +2

    BBC is screwed. Nobody listens to them anymore.

  • America Awesome
    America Awesome Month ago

    Brexit = Freedom !

  • Jim Elliott
    Jim Elliott Month ago +2

    Pay attention foolish Democrats of the USA b/c as Great Britain goes so does (usually) the USA! hehehehe The biggest difference being UK Labour, Lib Dems et al don't behave like sproglers and try to riot and destroy San Francisco! I hope.