Tory leadership contest: Could Boris Johnson become the next prime minister? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Conservative front runner Boris Johnson launches his leadership campaign today.
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    He has gained support from those who were thought to be set against him. So what changed their minds?
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Comments • 313

  • Moussaka Cream
    Moussaka Cream 6 months ago

    Boris is brilliant and will make a great leader!

  • moly mon mole
    moly mon mole 6 months ago

    We want Boris

  • Harry De Montechristo
    Harry De Montechristo 7 months ago

    Please God if you're out there don't let this blithering idiot be the fuckwit that shows us up on the world stage, hes embarrassing

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 7 months ago


  • nikirk101
    nikirk101 7 months ago +1

    if the bbc can stop boris they will latest bbcguardian headlines man has argument with girlfriend really??????

  • I P
    I P 7 months ago +1

    Well America's got Trump and looks like we're going to get Boris!

  • Sam A
    Sam A 7 months ago

    while I'm a remainer all the way and disagree with all the candidates, I was hoping the tories would see sense and go with the most respectable and truly reasonable candidate Rory Stewart who agrees on other key issues like the environment, the fucked up situation that the NHS is in and rising crime. we all know we are gonna leave, at this moment we just need a GOOD leader and not a power hungry man who craves the lime light

  • glareola
    glareola 7 months ago

    Boris!You better get us out of the EU.THEN i might vote tory again.

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans 7 months ago

    The only good I can see to come out from the nonsense that is modern politics, is that future generations will have a less ridiculous system.....I hope!

  • lime187
    lime187 7 months ago +2


  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 7 months ago

    Boris is Doctor Watson of the 1950's Sherlock Holmes movies "re imagined", bumbling along, seemingly unaware of whats happening around him but he knows he wont be sacked because everyone will just love and forgive him LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE. But he is not lovable when you look even a little deeper, He is capable of organized violence, contently lying almost every time he opens his big lovable mouth and cant hold down any Governmental job he has ever been trusted with. {The Mayor of London is not a proper job, he was laughed at all the way through}
    The fact these cretins are trying desperately to cling to power even when they know {and in these debates admit} they have desperately failed in every respect
    apart from the one they always manage to accomplish , the tax cuts for the very wealthy. They have no shame when they see what a laughing stock they have made and CONTINUE to make the UK both in Europe and the rest of the world.

    Now they actually are putting forward this buffoon as the strongest leader they can find?, they should all be in the Tower of London.

  • Herman Auer
    Herman Auer 7 months ago +2

    One clown is enough thank you very much!

  • paul oliver
    paul oliver 7 months ago

    oh my god what a choice johnson or gove is that all we have to offer

  • Fawad and Family videos

    What is happening ? TRUMP, BORIS.... all nut cases... destiny of whole nation at stake!!! OOPS “Sorry got it wrong”

  • theoneoutcast
    theoneoutcast 7 months ago

    A strong brexiteer as pm? Lets get this happening! All politions have their issues but what boris will bring to the table is important.

  • Amenhotep The Third
    Amenhotep The Third 7 months ago +2

    Karisma and Energy now count as qualifications kids. @2:00 "He gave me his word", lol. You should have asked for something of value rather than his word.

  • Cyd Oman
    Cyd Oman 7 months ago

    The EU will not need to deal with Farage if the UK leaves on the 31st without a deal. None of the people, in or out of Farage's party, who were elected to be Ministers in the European Union will have a job at all, and no UK voice will be heard in any part of the EU decisions from October 31st 2019 on. No one will be looking after the UK and there will be staggering legal undertakings to sort out the costs of the UK decision to leave without a deal, including how Farage's pension will be paid, since the responsible party will be the UK government. If Scotland leaves, can they imitate the London behavior and refuse to pay their bills to the UK?. If Northern Ireland chooses to leave and become allied with the Republic of Ireland, can it also welch on its share of the bills? And what will be the tax revenue fall out if the EU decides to toss out the economic rights of the financial services that feed so much revenue into the government? Austerity will be nothing compared to the lost revenues that can be forced on the UK for welching on its bills.
    Leave no matter what....? No matter What the risk? No matter What the damage? What pigheaded fools are running the show now? What idiots are forcing the citizens of the UK into a showdown with its own prosperity? Time for the lot of them, Tories especially, to be kicked out of power. Tighten the tax loop holes. Nationalize the tax haven islands. Wave goodbye to the future. The idiots are convinced they are in charge and can do whatever they want.

  • RawLu
    RawLu 7 months ago

    Right-Wing Money Above All Scum.

    • nikirk101
      nikirk101 7 months ago

      and much better than the antisemite corbyn creature

  • Ejiro Ubas
    Ejiro Ubas 7 months ago

    That clip compilation is hilarious

  • Dommi Davros
    Dommi Davros 7 months ago

    Ffs stop cutting off the sound!!! It’s bloody irritating!!!

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 7 months ago

    I wonder why the establishment hate Boris. ?

  • tizintishka
    tizintishka 7 months ago

    I hope this mother fucker wanker laying bastard don't become prime minister . How can we have a clown as prime minister

  • SlyOneMusic
    SlyOneMusic 7 months ago

    holy shit the audio in this video threw me off

  • Eddie Edwards
    Eddie Edwards 7 months ago

    Good old Auntie BBC - never one to lose the opportunity for left wing propaganda - downright smear piece posing as a piece of political reporting!!

  • ROL G Songwriter - No ads in here !

    The audio disappears at 1:27 fix it or remove the video

  • Ste Comer
    Ste Comer 7 months ago

    Its embarrassing to see ester McVey say she's boring for Boris Johnson,talk about trying to advertise yourself for a job,the.women is a joke.

  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 7 months ago +1

    Donald Trump seems honest and brave when compared to this man.

  • Pp Mm
    Pp Mm 7 months ago

    Boris speech after becoming PM
    OB BU BA. HA. OR .OF
    Stoke hair YA YA
    pull ear. She stupid woman ha. Ha should said that
    Anybody for snort
    Scratch head giggle

  • John Hickey
    John Hickey 7 months ago

    Reese mots will supported him he knows he is a clowns moots wants it so Brits kick them out from dublin

  • john smith
    john smith 7 months ago

    oh dear BBC, "an estimated 68 supporters" (he gets 114 votes). Carry on with the slurring and negative slant, it only makes him stronger. Hopefully the 1st thing he will do as PM is defund the disgustingly left wing BBC. Just like MI6 in the 50s and 60s, the BBC is infested with communists top to bottom.

  • Ian Betts
    Ian Betts 7 months ago

    Rory Stewart would make a good Liberal democrat leader, he is not a Tory.

  • Scott Peacock
    Scott Peacock 7 months ago

    I voted Labour in the last General Election and now I've seen Boris Johnson Battling for Conservative leadership, if Boris does win the keys for 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister, I will vote Conserative in the next General Election, I feel he the right man to lead the country.

  • wasupthere
    wasupthere 7 months ago

    a spoiled cunt

  • bill leadbeater
    bill leadbeater 7 months ago

    I didn’t need to see what broadcaster issued this bias report. We all know the Left Wing BBC hate Boris and the Tory Party and The Brexit Party, in fact they hate anyone who isn’t a Socialist.
    Just look how wrong they were. Boris got well over 100 votes, not the 78 they claimed. Their favored candidate who wants to remain in Europe and sell out the majority only gos a couple of dozen votes. The more the Bias Broadcasting Clowns (BBC) try to hurt Boris the more people are attracted to him. Keep it up slime balls, every time you tell lies about Boris the more his popularity grows. The British people obviously trust him a lot more that the bias BBC.

  • Carole Taylor
    Carole Taylor 7 months ago

    Boris DOES things. He was a very successful Mayor of London and did wonderful things for our Capital City. His achievements were great as foreign secretary too - check it out! Promoting LEAVING the EU, If he is elected Prime Minister he automatically gets THE SUPPORT OF MORE THAN HALF THE COUNTRY especially if he takes us out with NO DEAL. He will then be a very popular Prime Minister, will have rescued his Conservative Political Party (Remainers are toxic as far as the Conservative Party is concerned) and would stand a very good chance of governing the Country for a long time.

  • Asc
    Asc 7 months ago +1

    Boris Johnson won't be good for the country next pm.

    • The truth hurts
      The truth hurts 7 months ago

      Anything is better than appeasing may . Or would you rather have a communist leader like China. Or 50 lashes for drinking alcahol and thrown in prison in places like Saudi Arabia.

  • Tom Bowen
    Tom Bowen 7 months ago +3

    Hard to imagine that this is for real and not a Monty Python sketch.

  • alan hunt
    alan hunt 7 months ago

    No sound

  • R33c3s Pices
    R33c3s Pices 7 months ago +1

    Earbud user, your ears are gonna hurt a bit.

  • Macky
    Macky 7 months ago +1

    Why is the audio so messed up for headphones?

  • Morlanius
    Morlanius 7 months ago +1

    The dirty dirty smear merchants can't even get their audio right.

  • William O'Reilly
    William O'Reilly 7 months ago +1

    public school wankers still running the UK. what a time to be alive - Boris as PM and Trump as President.

  • Galland
    Galland 7 months ago

    Boris is soooo NOT what the BBC want or any of the rest of the Liberal media..If the totally useless candidates whom have been part of this terrible cabinet-Gove, Hancock, Hunt ,Javid don't pipe down slating Boris they can well end up with Corbyn in No. 10. Boris is leagues ahead of any of them in terms of ability to lead. Tis is where the Tory MP's destroy there only lifeboat as the HMS Conservative party sinks to the bottom of the ocean....

  • Stephen Dyer
    Stephen Dyer 7 months ago +4

    BBC, C4 et al, the usual suspects trying to push Stewart to keep us in the EU. Not going to happen, it would be the end of the conservative party and more years of Brexit gridlock. Gridlock being the remainers last 'viable' option.

  • Teacher Advice Hanoi
    Teacher Advice Hanoi 7 months ago

    God, why?

  • Dan Jakmel
    Dan Jakmel 7 months ago

    Uk will understand the pain we in the US going thru.

    • EpicJohnCenaFan
      EpicJohnCenaFan 7 months ago

      And what pain are you going through? I think you forget that half of your country support Trump, and even still, every election model predicts Trump will win in 2020.

  • brian beveridge
    brian beveridge 7 months ago

    You can't trust a man who smiles constantly

  • brian beveridge
    brian beveridge 7 months ago +1

    Boris johnson is more suitable to be a comedian..he will not gain world respect

  • scouse sonata
    scouse sonata 7 months ago

    One of the… big faults at the moment, in this whole debate, is the lack of scrutiny of Boris Johnson… Why aren’t we asking - does he still think that gay people should be called ‘bum boys’? Does he still think that equal marriage should be compared to… three men marrying a dog?
    Does he still believe that black people should be called piccaninnies with watermelon smiles? Does he still think that it’s acceptable to compare Muslim women to bank robbers and to letterboxes?
    Why should we trust somebody who was sacked twice for dishonesty, once by his newspaper and once by a Conservative leader? Is somebody who once conspired with a criminal friend to beat up a journalist fit for high office? Is somebody who wrote one column supporting Remain and another column supporting Leave, is that somebody who is driven by anything else other than his own career?
    Johnson or otherwise, the Conservatives have no mandate to simply impose another prime minister on the country. We need a general election now.

  • George T
    George T 7 months ago

    it's good that he's going to be prime minister so that he can be held responsible for the mess he created...

  • Peace O
    Peace O 7 months ago +1

    Same insults.

  • Peace O
    Peace O 7 months ago

    Just like Trump.

    • EpicJohnCenaFan
      EpicJohnCenaFan 7 months ago

      Peace O
      Yeah. Just looking at the EU election result where 59% of people voted for pro-leave parties makes me believe that leave has only gotten stronger support. I hope we leave and I hope the US and the UK can have a strong relationship

    • Peace O
      Peace O 7 months ago

      @EpicJohnCenaFan I think more people than you know are rooting for the UK to leave the EU and regain her greatness, of course, maybe not as great as th US. But together, America and UK can stand as a beacon of greatness, freedom, and what's great about the West.

    • EpicJohnCenaFan
      EpicJohnCenaFan 7 months ago

      Peace O Yeah. I hope that Boris wins. I just want to get out of the EU and a Prime Minister who isn't politically correct.

    • Peace O
      Peace O 7 months ago

      @EpicJohnCenaFan exactly my point

    • EpicJohnCenaFan
      EpicJohnCenaFan 7 months ago

      And Trump won. Seems like a good strategy.

  • Mike Walton
    Mike Walton 7 months ago +1

    Tory leadership battle ? Looks more like a Z list from the X Factor...when will the British people learn that there is no future for them or their families in voting for this bunch of political pygmies. They should all be consigned to the dustbin of history, together with Labour, Liberal & Greens etc...but then again, given the electorates predilection for things up, I doubt it very much...

  • Gareth Ifan
    Gareth Ifan 7 months ago

    Will the last person to leave the country please turn off the lights.

  • Tony Love
    Tony Love 7 months ago +1

    ..a total idiot interbred,a foolish bafoon,who represents no one but the rich..every single politician is the same..they are mental in the head,all they do is steal our money and make a mockery of all the great working class people out there...there all traitors,liar's and thieves EVERY SINGLE ONE OFF THEM..THERE ALL PART OF THE..IM FANTASTIC AND GREAT MENTALLY RETARDED CLUB...PURE FILTH AND WORM LIKE THEY ARE...BORIS YOUR AN ARSE,LIKE THE REST OF YOUR SCUM CHUMS.....

  • mjt1658
    mjt1658 7 months ago

    Rory is an idiot do you want him like Corbyn to be sat there saying I won't press the button time he joined the Lib Dems he is as wet as them

  • i Think
    i Think 7 months ago

    they're all a bunch of Wally's and that stupid daft looking idiot, Gove wouldn't ever be taken seriously by heads of states, looking like a Mr. Bean!

  • Maciu Vatu
    Maciu Vatu 7 months ago

    Let's go in a different direction. No more Tory in Downing St. Let's have Corbyn instead !!

  • goharik jones
    goharik jones 7 months ago +1

    I rather have Boris best of bad bunch than Corbyn any day. Will see if he's a man of his word... remember May saying to P Trump know I'm a woman of my word Trump... well, we all know how she kept her word didn't we, time will tell with Boris. If not then Brexit party will get us out.

  • goharik jones
    goharik jones 7 months ago

    Don't care who becomes conservative PM, as long as we LEAVE this cancer... EU so people can get on with their lives .