10 Creepy Stories of Terrifying Neighbours

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
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Comments • 833

  • JakeR
    JakeR Day ago

    What's up with the blurring? Seems kind of oversensitive...

  • coffeemug190 98
    coffeemug190 98 3 days ago

    Just ignored neighbors and you will just be fine

  • myeh see men
    myeh see men 4 days ago

    (Makes a tik on the wall) yep that’s the threehundreth time there was a story called THE WATCHER

  • logan pollock
    logan pollock 5 days ago

    when my sister started at Bowling Green University in 1978. She began getting phone calls from this 'stalker' who wouldn't identify himself . He would tell her about her movements and he seemed not the least bit disturbed when the Campus Police escorted her to class. Eventually his phone was traced and him and three of his friends that knew what was going on, were arrested. He claimed that he was just trying to meet her!! All four of them were removed from the campus after spending a week in jail.

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry 6 days ago

    Sends chill down my spine 😣😣😣

    ELIAS FARAH 11 days ago

    Hitler isnt evil nazi isnt evil. Judaism is evil islam is evil and allies r evil.

    • ZIG ZAG
      ZIG ZAG 9 days ago

      Christian nationalist?

  • Morse Code Reviews
    Morse Code Reviews 13 days ago

    Oh Matt and your spooky videos. You and the Dyke no longer boys? If you didn't add in the cringy sound affects I'd almost swear it was his channel. LoL

  • Boforótio
    Boforótio 13 days ago

    Naughty, naughty neighbours

  • Cool girl 123
    Cool girl 123 14 days ago

    You never know who your neighbor could be.

  • Rhonda Hicken
    Rhonda Hicken 15 days ago

    As well spoken as you are , you should have been a teacher. xx

  • Journey Welborn
    Journey Welborn 15 days ago

    Woah roses can grow after blood being poured on them? So creepy yet cool and weird 🤔🧐

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 22 days ago

    Nothing wrong with #4. Roses love animal based feed.

  • Vanessa Lue
    Vanessa Lue 22 days ago

    This seems thrown together last minute.

  • The Kawaii penguin
    The Kawaii penguin 27 days ago

    why you gotta make it scary ahhhhhhhh stop the scary musicccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • Tim Kramar
    Tim Kramar 27 days ago

    On the Watcher. There was a case where the homeowner was told in a handwritten note by someone never identified that sarid the author always watched that particular house.

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley 28 days ago

    Sometimes creepy neighbors are pushed to their was creepiness by others bad habits and smells... then they play with intellectual property and stray door handles aboard airplanes and trains to keep them away... sometimes out of context personal recordings can cause weird things to others also.

  • Marcelina Uy
    Marcelina Uy 28 days ago

    The blood one isn't creepy at all. Pretty smart to use blood as fertiliser as it's an organic compound. Like Urine, blood can be used as a good fertiliser.

  • Ramdemann
    Ramdemann Month ago

    So the fact that I collected my grandfather's Hitler speeches on vinyl record collection automatically makes me a Nazi? That sucks...

  • Erin Geee
    Erin Geee Month ago

    My neighbor keeps using MY wheelie bin.

  • Zenny Tube
    Zenny Tube Month ago

    I may not watch all your videos but I absolutely love your channel! You're one of my favorite youtubers! I hope all is well and you're taking care of you! Beat depressions butt👊😉

  • Jeff Boomhauer
    Jeff Boomhauer Month ago

    Nazi posters? How terrifying!

  • sora
    sora Month ago

    The blood thing is normal Incas used to do it with they're sacrifices to water they're crops so they could Bloom and grow better she's doing it in a legal way the cat thing could have just been a cat outside the guys house or something being dumb most of these are just easily explained

  • bouke 123321
    bouke 123321 Month ago

    i hate your lotd sound -_-

  • Wayde Julius
    Wayde Julius Month ago

    hi how are you

  • SissyBlackWidowSpider

    I enjoy your channel. This 1 was really scary good job.👍🏿🦋🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🐞🐞🐞🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🖤

  • Uhhh Kys
    Uhhh Kys Month ago +1

    #4 is just Human blood meal 😂 nothing wrong with saving some money

  • TheBlackdepths915
    TheBlackdepths915 Month ago

    Matt can you plz do 50 scary naked Bitchies

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates Month ago

    This is why I hate having neighbors

  • Jillian Grannon
    Jillian Grannon Month ago

    Y is there a u in neighbors?

  • phantom samurai
    phantom samurai Month ago

    Holy cow my dad said he's neighbour used blood on her plant's that's crazy man

  • LupAD
    LupAD Month ago

    i saw you at the story both

  • Allie
    Allie Month ago

    Human blood is actually super good for plants. It has a lot of nutrients, and sometimes people will even take their period blood and give it to plants. I don’t really think it’s all that weird, especially if the blood was expired. At least then it’s not going to complete waste.

  • MasochistMouse
    MasochistMouse Month ago

    Actually the blood one isn't that creepy- now if she was really murdering people to bury in her garden...
    Blood is actually full of vitamins & nutrients (not safe for humans to drink of course but it would help soil). I was expecting you to say something like people seen her drink it in her garden or seen her give it to her dog or something, but it was blood that needed disposal from a bloodbank dumped onto the ground. 😆
    Probably could draw predators into the garden from the smell, and that would make me not want to try it for fertilizer if I had a garden. I could see the headlines now "Elderly woman ate alive last night attempting to dump outdated blood from a bloodbank into her garden soil, bloodthirsty bear is still loose in the neighborhood somewhere!" or "Woman gardening in a strange manor was bit yesterday by a wolf, the whereabouts of the wolf are still unknown.".

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee Month ago

    You can buy bloodmeal at any garden store.

  • Axolotl Gaming
    Axolotl Gaming Month ago

    well its expired blood not fresh so it a lot better then they think

  • Bianca G
    Bianca G Month ago

    Whew. You pronounced 'macabre' correctly. Now everyone can stop complaining and enjoy the damn video.

  • LordyLucifer
    LordyLucifer Month ago

    Okay for that second one tho, dawg the only time you use a telescope is at night.... Maybe he legit was just lookin at stars and the dude was paranoid

  • Jade Galaxy
    Jade Galaxy Month ago

    This is why you don't talk to your neighbour's.

  • Anime Gamer Spirit
    Anime Gamer Spirit 2 months ago

    Hello Neighbor indie game anyone?

  • Aperture Productions Studios

    Hello Neighbor

  • Youssef Hossam Attia
    Youssef Hossam Attia 2 months ago

    *New Neighborhood*
    Me: *moves in*
    Creepy ass neighbor: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Free Dias and Load
    Free Dias and Load 2 months ago


  • lawannya jadhav
    lawannya jadhav 2 months ago

    Why so serious ....? Why doesn’t he jokes around like in the old videos ....?

  • Kyrian Yao
    Kyrian Yao 2 months ago

    The background music and animations are 200% scarier than the stories themselves

  • John Marston
    John Marston 2 months ago

    I call bs on these stories

  • PatrickkikALT
    PatrickkikALT 2 months ago

    the nazi couple reminds me of that family guy episode with the puppet guy

  • Bethany Robbins
    Bethany Robbins 2 months ago

    I once had a neighbor who would take out two large black trash bags at night to our apartment building's dumpster. Every night. This was during my stoner days with my roommates at the time, so we came up with a bunch of theories on what was in the bags. Our most out there theory was that the neighbor was hired by the Mexican drug cartel to kill and dispose of liabilities. Good times.

  • KaleKaZaM
    KaleKaZaM 2 months ago

    HELLO!!! I'm your neighbor! GOODBYE!!! I'll see you later.
    You may think I'm the Devil, and I wish your life's in peril.

  • Sea Of Screams 302 9
    Sea Of Screams 302 9 2 months ago

    What are Nazi's?

  • electricheadboy
    electricheadboy 2 months ago

    There was when the power cut- goes to ad.

  • Cheri Chesley
    Cheri Chesley 2 months ago

    Our worst neighbors were our landlords. The overweiweight dad walked around in his underwear and yelled at everyone, the busybody wife was always at our house looking for things my brothers may have done to violate the lease, or some damage to the house she could blame us for. She was always in our business. Then there was their son, junior. He'd always be outside working on his car. Say hello to me. Watching me. Always watching me. It got to a point that my mom went over and told him to leave me alone. I was young enough at the time that I didn't understand why. They fostered a girl a few years older than me for a little while, and we were friends even though she had issues. I spent a little time inside their house during that friendship and was always creeped out inside that house.

  • The moonlight tiger
    The moonlight tiger 2 months ago

    All hail the watcher I guess 🤷‍♀️

  • MsDivaJonelle
    MsDivaJonelle 2 months ago

    I love how he says "bags" lmao

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago

    The girl in the last story should buy a gun and get training ASAP.
    When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away!

  • BekcyStar
    BekcyStar 2 months ago

    My uncle had a similar experience to no. 10 when he was fixing some radiators for someone. But the guy was a n e o n a z I and just had this room decked out in memrobilia.

  • Pyronious520
    Pyronious520 2 months ago

    i really love these videos, have you made audio changes lately? it seems really quite quiet.

  • Xombiq
    Xombiq 2 months ago

    i. did. NOT. like the last photo for number 2

  • EloiseRaeCullen
    EloiseRaeCullen 2 months ago

    As gross as pouring blood on roses sounds, I think you can actually purchase a powdered blood supplement specifically for gardening, and I think its like... animal blood. I cant quite remember where I've seen it but its a thing. I guess she just got the "cheap yet premium" version in expired human blood. At least its being put to use. :\

  • The guyver
    The guyver 2 months ago

    If any body else here is a christian then God bless you

  • gavinator
    gavinator 2 months ago +2

    My neighbors owned one of the biggest underground meth labs in Oregon.