10 Creepy Stories of Terrifying Neighbours

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
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Comments • 742

  • Fugi Mugi
    Fugi Mugi 7 hours ago

    I used to have a neighbour who had a window and like almost every night it would be red

  • TwistedBarbie
    TwistedBarbie 19 hours ago

    Nazis?? That’s the “scary neighbour”? They keep it behind closed doors and that scares him how??

  • Shannon Burn in hell

    Hay. Matt. U. Suck

  • RJK Films
    RJK Films 9 days ago +1

    There was when the power cut... *ad*

  • Ivy Dex
    Ivy Dex 10 days ago

    My mom buries our cats near the trees when they die. It helps the trees grow.

  • John Fahlsing
    John Fahlsing 12 days ago

    if your stepping down, i guess we un-subscribe?

  • John Fahlsing
    John Fahlsing 12 days ago

    if your stepping down, i guess we un-subscribe?

  • Donut Hoel
    Donut Hoel 13 days ago

    Why is Matthew less loud then his other videos

  • Armedpatriot 86
    Armedpatriot 86 15 days ago

    My neighbors house is probably full of pro choice memorabilia and drag queen costumes. I prefer closet nazis myself.

  • Jason Holmes
    Jason Holmes 16 days ago

    These all seem kinda fake, but who knows? Creepy...

  • Wednie Philoxy
    Wednie Philoxy 18 days ago

    No offense but you see. That old couple could have seem so nice to other people. But they were a whole Nazi loving couple. Im scared of white people. 😓

  • Damon Sanchez
    Damon Sanchez 18 days ago

    2:14 i have the same telescope! I got it from dollor tree or dollor general for $20

  • Patricia Jankey
    Patricia Jankey 19 days ago

    In the next to last video "The Watcher" the guy sounds like he might have been schizophrenic or had some type of mental disability.

  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra 20 days ago

    What about Flanders?

  • Mirka Mendoza
    Mirka Mendoza 20 days ago

    The music too extra

  • Jonathan Kacala
    Jonathan Kacala 21 day ago

    A note telling you to feed your cats when you don't have any....oh no! Couldn't come up with something better? Besides the note not being creepy or scary, totally logical some stray cats could be around.

  • Tara Koski
    Tara Koski 23 days ago

    I moved to a small town from a fairly large city. These small town neighbors scare me far more than any part of the city ever did.

  • Gentlemen #rEkCaH01 Plays

    Number six happened to my family.

  • Michael Gable Colvin
    Michael Gable Colvin 26 days ago

    UR such a dork but I can't stop binge-watching ... Thanks for the nightmares !!! 😆

  • Jonah Lafountain
    Jonah Lafountain 27 days ago

    My neighbor is nothing serious just likes to criticizes me and my sister because we don’t have a lot of experience in the job force

  • Fabian Tabb
    Fabian Tabb 27 days ago

    Matt your one of the best narrators

  • Evie Elliot Gerzio
    Evie Elliot Gerzio 29 days ago

    You can buy dry blood for your plants, it's actually pretty good for them. Using stale blood that was going to be tossed away anyway is quite a good idea.

  • 夭assdrew
    夭assdrew Month ago

    I wish Matthew was my neighbor

  • TheAssasinHamster
    TheAssasinHamster Month ago +4

    I dont see anything wrong with number 4! The old lady was making great use of useless blood! She is probably single handedly saving the damn earth XD

  • Darkshadow5566
    Darkshadow5566 Month ago +1

    I mean the gardener one wasn’t that creepy after all it’s kind of wasteful not to use a donation I mean imagine if a shelter through away food that had been donated people don’t really think about it but every body would naturally become fertilizer if not interfered with

  • Jonah Lafountain
    Jonah Lafountain Month ago +2

    I feel like if I had a neighbor like the watcher I’d get blinds on all my windows and install security cameras plus locks and motion sensors

  • Idkkdiidk
    Idkkdiidk Month ago

    Bruh my neighbours are in a cult, they rarely leave their house

  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma Month ago

    Well for the last one I wouldn't concider buying flowers creepy lol

  • Xboxone videos
    Xboxone videos Month ago

    This list looks familiar

  • Cloverfalll
    Cloverfalll Month ago

    Ew I got the chills on the last one when you said "Lexi" because that's what everybody in my life calls me (besides a few teachers)

  • Theodore Irelan
    Theodore Irelan Month ago

    I enjoy the titles to each number

  • SwimPlane 1
    SwimPlane 1 Month ago +1

    I was laughing the whole video because a state farm comercial came on right before it

  • GoldenFox
    GoldenFox Month ago

    My neighbors are nosy af

  • Luis Anthony Serrano

    The transition music is scary than the actual content

  • your dad
    your dad Month ago

    0:33 ITS SANS

  • Elijah Mikaelson
    Elijah Mikaelson Month ago +7

    My neighbors would find me creepy and unusual, because I rarely come out, and I always ware a ring, there probably going to find out I’m a vampire.

  • Kenny Quach
    Kenny Quach Month ago

    I have no balls to do these stuff on TheXvid

  • Molly McGuire
    Molly McGuire Month ago

    The blood in the garden is actually a very good idea, it was expired from a blood bank. They cant use it on humans anymore so why not give it back to the earth in ways that will help the ground flourish with new life. It's got so many nutrients that the plants need to thrive.

    • GloLoolYa
      GloLoolYa Month ago

      That’s what I also thought, I was like “if it’s expired blood and no one can use it, why is it exactly terrifying if she uses it to make her garden?”

  • Dechantaya Beaver
    Dechantaya Beaver Month ago

    666 comment

  • Bob Charles
    Bob Charles Month ago

    Stop with scary stuff ok

  • Hey there
    Hey there Month ago

    Those kids in my neighborhood! Most scary

  • Amy Graham
    Amy Graham Month ago

    Interestingly spooky😨

  • sugarcane*12
    sugarcane*12 Month ago

    Well all I have to say is that in my opinion the 1 that deal with the woman that is planting flowers 🌺🌸💐🌹is indeed pretty creepy, but is not as creepy as it could have been 🐝. Sure I wouldn’t recommend that someone would plant there flowers🐞🥀🌷by using blood & it kind-of gives me a different way of looking at flowers. It looks like flowers can be little vampires 🧛‍♀️ sometimes. But on the bright side it could have been worse. At least she wasn’t going around murdering people to get the blood.

  • Lucifer Alpha
    Lucifer Alpha Month ago

    Number 4 was not as creepy. Human blood actually has the important components and minerals good for plants.

  • Lucifer Alpha
    Lucifer Alpha Month ago

    People are just weird

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 Month ago

    1:38 I've had three of these neighbors

  • Dominica Witt
    Dominica Witt Month ago

    That blood one isn't creepy, it makes good fertilizer and was expired anyways. Instead of tossing it she reused it for some beautiful flowers.

    RASH2GO Month ago +1


  • Jeremy Beyer
    Jeremy Beyer Month ago

    Love your channel Matt.
    I'm pretty much watching today because I got put in FB jail for a picture of Hitler that says "How many likes can this WWII veteran get", so I needed something to do.
    But know yours is the channel I go to every time that happens.

  • Cubbi Soriano
    Cubbi Soriano Month ago

    The blood with the flowers actually makes sense!! Everybody knows that animals may be herbivores or omnivores and so on, but not many are aware of what Flowers enjoy. Sure, they love water and sunlight, but flowers actually have a great desire for meat and blood. Blood has plentiful iron in it, and the iron can be sucked into the roots and refurbish them. Sort of how people use Conditioner to keep their hair healthy and sleek. So when the lady fed the flowers expired blood, it's because the blood is very useful to let them grow. It's a little bit creepy, but nothing biology can't explain!

  • kaybelle 06
    kaybelle 06 Month ago

    aye pete you can call the police on that dude

  • soshiangel90
    soshiangel90 Month ago

    All Hail the Watcher!

  • Neil Kelly
    Neil Kelly Month ago


  • Neonic246
    Neonic246 Month ago

    Good to see you uploading again mate, just happy to look at your videos while chillin. Hope you doin well.

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias Month ago

    Man, the ghostly meowing Cat thing really scared the hell out of me

  • thenipplerenaissance

    my neighbors were very hardcore christians and homeschooled all 3 of their kids and wouldnt let them into our yard to play, we had to go to them. when they werent playing with us they were watching my brother and i have fun in the backyard from their upstairs window. its both creepy and really really sad.

  • NightOwl
    NightOwl Month ago


  • Proxy King gold
    Proxy King gold Month ago

    6:51 honestly wth Matthew

  • Geek Philosophy
    Geek Philosophy Month ago

    Hey matthew why don't you go explore some haunted places irl

  • eg
    eg Month ago

    I hope you realise how addictive your videos are

  • Kredenc
    Kredenc Month ago

    Honestly, I find it very cool how that woman used expired blood as fertiliser. It was expired blood after all and instead of just discard it, she found a purpose for it. Very neat!

  • Anthony Hologounis
    Anthony Hologounis Month ago

    this was terrifying hey matt

  • Eat Me
    Eat Me Month ago

    Dang mat that's a spoopy sound

  • Eat Me
    Eat Me Month ago

    Scary sound effect They were nazis oh ok that's quiet common sadly

  • Christine B Phelan
    Christine B Phelan Month ago +1

    You are such a good narrator! Love listening to these videos audible-style when I'm doing chores 🧡

  • Itsjustaprankbro
    Itsjustaprankbro Month ago

    You would make a terrific clown

  • William Byrd
    William Byrd Month ago

    One night while staying with my mother in Kentucky after she had a knee replacement we hear someone hammering desperately at the door...our neighbor is outside having been stabbed several times by his crazed GF......Mom was a nurse, and he knew I was an armed guard and had a gun...guess he figured we would be able to help...while I am doing my best not to let the guy bleed out with my hands over several wounds, and my mother is on the phone to 911...The GF shows up demanding to be let in....My mother who is by the door picks p HER pistol and informs the girl if she comes into her house she will NEVER leave it alive....30 minutes later the police show up..yeah we lived that far out in the boonies...and some people wonder why we both had guns....we have the bleeding stopped...mostly, the guy is still alive...mostly, and the girl has wisely not attempted entry....I'm nearly six foot tall, worked private security and have helped put three felons in prison, my father was an 82nd airborne division Veteran ......., and my mother was the one ya should be scared of.

  • Anne Good
    Anne Good Month ago

    I can so see you presenting a new season of 'beyond belief, fact or fiction?'

  • Sly3n
    Sly3n Month ago

    Someone using a telescope at night??? Shocker?! LOL

  • Dreaming of_ You tonight

    I’m scared now 😭😭